Asia Bibi: A Death Sentence, And a Mob Hit to Make Sure

Asia Bibi is a Christian woman and mother of five who has been imprisoned in Pakistan for more than five years. Her “crime” was to drink water out of a cup reserved exclusively for the use of Muslims. Now, after five years of unspeakable treatment in confinement, she has finally been sentenced to death.

In the following video, a Pakistani Christian discusses Asia Bibi’s plight with Greta Van Susteren on Fox News:

In a related Fox News story, Ms. Bibi’s husband reports that devout Pakistani clerics have ordered a mob hit on her to make certain that the death sentence is carried out:

Pakistani Christian Facing Execution Now Has Mob Bounty on Head, Husband Claims

The husband of a Pakistani Christian woman sentenced to death for blasphemy after drinking from a vessel used by Muslim women claims a lynch mob has been offered a bounty to kill her, reported the MailOnline.

In 2009, a group of Muslim women accused Asia Bibi, 50, of insulting the Prophet Muhammad after she attempted to drink from the same water bowl as them. A court found her guilty of blasphemy and sentenced her to death by hanging. Her husband, Ashiq Masih, 54, has been fighting for her freedom, but now fears that even if she is acquitted at an upcoming hearing in July, she will not be safe because clerics have put a bounty on her head.

“The Maulvis (clerics) want her dead,” he told the MailOnline. “They have announced a prize of (98 to $4,915) for anyone who kills Asia. They have even declared that if the court acquits her they will ensure the death sentence stands.”

Despite the amount of people accused of blasphemy and sentenced to death in Pakistan, the Center for Research and Security Studies reported that between 1990 and July 2012, most executions were carried out by mobs, not the government.

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8 thoughts on “Asia Bibi: A Death Sentence, And a Mob Hit to Make Sure

  1. Baron, Asia Bibi was sentenced to death in 2010 – 5 years ago. The high court in Lahore upheld her death sentence in October 2014, and she has appealed to the Pakistan Supreme Court – her final recourse. The details are conflicting but I remember reading that her case will be heard later this month, but I can’t find the link now. The urgency and increased publicity we are now seeing is due both to the nearness of the appeal and to her failing health.

    “Asia Bibi: Christian Outrage Needed”

  2. I imagine that in today’s corrupted western set-up the same thing would happen to Pakistani Christians here as there. Easy to imagine considering how the children of indigenous Christians are raped, molested and discarded with abandon across the Euro Muslim infidel divide. I feel about Muslims as I feel about Hitler and the Nazis before during and after WW2. All that remembering and commerating – is that just bluster?

  3. Why the hell isn’t Pakistan treated as a rogue state in the same way as N Korea or Iran?
    The civilised world should be applying sanctions to them until they join the rest of the world in the 21st century.
    and living in the UK I really don’t understand why this miserable, despotic, religious [redacted]-> deep latrine gets such an easy ride off the UK govt when we should be treating them as the backward inbred savages that they are.

    • They were excluded from the British Commonwealth at one stage but were subsequently reinstated – as indeed was South Africa.

  4. Baron, as you know I have long taken an interest in the Asia Bibi case. What shows the hypocrisy and moral bankrupcy of Western politicians very clearly is that they quietly make it law that we give a set percentage of our gdp away in foreign aid but (despite the best efforts of people like Edward Leigh) do not make receipt of that money contingent upon freeing religious prisoners like Asia Bibi.

  5. I too have taken an interest in this case and tried earlier to raise a petition asking the Prime Minister of the UK, the head of the EU and the President of the USA to cease further foreign aid payments to Pakistan. Unfortunately there has not been much interest. The prime mover in Asia Bibi’s conviction was the islamic mob, whipped up by rogue clerics to enforce their own influence. They have already killed two politicians who tried to speak up for Asia and this has caused anyone else who might feel disposed to speak up to reconsider.

    I encountered the islamic mob the first time I visited Pakistan in Lahore in 1994 when they were baying for the blood of one Salamat Masih, a young Christian boy who was wrongly accused of blasphemy, writing slogans on a mosque. The charge was ridiculous as as Salamat and his three co-accused were completely illiterate and could not have written anything anywhere.

    When the three were acquitted, the mob descended on them outside the court, shot and severely wounded Salamat and one other and murdered the third. The two survivors were given asylum in Germany under assumed names.

    Unfortunately, the judge who acquitted to them was subsequently shot dead on the court house steps.

    All of this brings us back to the question of how best to help Asia Bibi. Her health is bad. If she is executed, the rest of the world will turn on Pakistan and they will probably lose the foreign aid that helps fund the good life enjoyed by the ruling oligarchs. If they do nothing, Asia’s health is deteriorating and she could well die in custody which would get the Pakistani oligarchs off the hook and appease the clerics and their mob. What is needed is low key diplomacy to quietly whisk Asia and her family away to one of the countries that has agreed to take them. The question is, will any country in the post-Christian west agree to do anything?

  6. So where are the protests against this atrocity?


    Islam needs to be put in it’s place once more. The British took over Pakistan once, the free world could do the same if western leaders had any courage.

    There can be no negotiating with terrorists as President Obama once proclaimed. Why doesn’t he stop all aid to Pakistan, one of the world’s worst terrorist countries? After all, it wasn’t as if they didn’t know where Osama Bin Laden was since it was inside Pakistani information which led the US strike team to his door.

    Time to pull the plug on Islam once and for all.

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