An Emergent Change of State

Summer Fundraiser 2015, Day Five

Here we are at the fifth day of the fundraiser, and this has been an eventful week so far. Yesterday I took care of the resource problem posed by our car — I spent most of the afternoon at the repair place, but the problem is fixed, and it didn’t break the bank, thank the Lord.

Then last night I got a nasty case of the trots (or, as they say in Bradford, “Mohammed’s Revenge”). That put me out of action for a while, but I woke up this morning feeling normal again, ready to get back in the traces.

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The theme of the current bleg is “Resources”, and this week’s whimsy of circumstance has provide ample food for thought on the topic. Not just the car, and the phone, and the internet connection, but the attempt by the Red-Green alliance of the British establishment to bring legal force to bear against us.

It made me think about the Soviet Union during the days of Stalin’s rule. As is now well-known, accurate information was generally hard to come by for the leadership of the U.S.S.R. The system they designed and built did not encourage or reward the propagation of accurate information. Quite the contrary, in fact: it encouraged the propagation of falsehoods, provided that they supported the Narrative. And the Narrative, of course, was dictated at any given moment by the Central Committee of the Politburo.

When Comrade Stalin requested, say, the latest statistics for iron ore production, it was not at all in the interests of the Commissar for Mineral Resources or his subordinates to provide figures that showed their output was well under the target set by the Five-Year Plan. They all knew that to do so would put them on the next train to the gulag, or get them dragged out of their beds in the middle of the night and shot. Thus there were enormous incentives at every level of the system for them to fudge production statistics and tell the Leader what he wished to hear. And if the managers of the tank factories were unable to acquire enough ore to meet their own quotas — why, that was their problem. Let them fudge their own statistics!

Such is the nature of totalitarian rule. Pursuit and dissemination of accurate information is not encouraged. The truth is not highly regarded. What matters is not what is true, but what reinforces the Narrative.

“But, Baron,” you say, “what does that have to do with Britain or America in 2015? We don’t live under totalitarian rule.”

Ah, well — that’s the interesting part. The oligarchs who rule us under a veneer of democratic choice have gone one better that Stalin: they have devised a system to keep their citizens under tight control without jackboots or neck-shots or slave labor camps. Control is exercised primarily through financial means. The system generates a level of wealth upon which ordinary people become dependent, so that its withdrawal is to be avoided by any means. The dreaded IRS and Inland Revenue, rather than the KGB and the Stasi, act as the enforcement arm of the system. Even when the authorities resort to legal action against dissidents, the purpose of the procedure is not to obtain a conviction — although that is always to be welcomed — but to impoverish the target. Just ask Geert Wilders how much his two acquittals cost him.

The threat of losing one’s job — or, in the case of media people, to lose one’s prominent and privileged position in the hierarchy of the Narrative-reinforcement industry — is usually enough to keep would-be dissenters in line. The guy who burned pages from the Koran at Ground Zero on the tenth anniversary of 9-11 was fired from his state job immediately by Governor Christie (a Republican, I might add). The fact that a court reinstated him later is neither here nor there — other state employees received the message, loud and clear: Islam is off-limits.

To coercive financial incentives are added the effects of the total surveillance state that has descended upon us over the last two decades. Everybody understands by now that there is no longer any such thing as a private conversation. Any electronic signal generated by a keyboard or spoken into a microphone must be assumed to have been recorded by government eavesdropping software and stored an enormous database, where it can be retrieved later when needed. People’s movements are tracked and passed on by the GPS devices in their cell phones. Their retinas and license plates are scanned. Their faces are recognized by electronic devices in public places. There is no longer any hope of escaping the ever-present scrutiny of the State.

Meanwhile, the ascendancy of Cultural Marxism has exterminated the last vestiges of the Christian religion from our public institutions. When God departed, so did any belief in objective truth or moral goodness. It no longer matters what is true or good — Truth and Goodness are atavisms, to be cast upon the dung heap of history. They have been replaced by the Narrative, which is arbitrary and mutable. It is adapted whenever necessary to serve the purposes of those who wield power over us.

Anything that does not serve the Narrative must be firmly discouraged, and ruthlessly suppressed when required. Messages on all screens must conform with and reinforce it. No one who wants to live well and be well-thought of will deviate from the Narrative.

The confluence of all these trends means that public opinion is now hard to track. The post-modern savants who rule us have decreed what our opinions should be, and woe betide anyone who strays off the permitted track. Why would anyone dare to tell the truth about his opinions to a pollster over a telephone line? Every citizen knows that when he exercises his democratic franchise, the government has an electronic record of his vote, and may well have matched it with a facial scan, even in the privacy of the voting booth. You’d better vote for the right candidate! But don’t worry — the screens will tell you who that is.

That’s why it’s not a good idea to trust the polls on, say, gay marriage. The talking heads on the screens have made it clear what the correct opinion is, and provided numerous examples of what happens to those who are unfortunate or foolish enough to express their dissent.

As a result, the political and cultural mandarins who control our lives now face the same dilemma that Stalin did in 1943: they are operating with a dearth of accurate information, only this time the missing data concern the true opinions, preferences, and sentiments of the serfs they rule, rather than agricultural or industrial production. Their system discourages truth and promotes the Lie, so the Lie is what is returned to it. Based on the latest polls, they probably assume that everything is on track for the bright dawn of the New World Order.

But they may be in for a surprise. By suppressing and controlling opinion as much as possible, they have created the ideal conditions for emergent change. Despite the effort to devise perfect control mechanisms, the system remains complex, chaotic, stochastic, and unpredictable. It will continue to function in what seems to be a state of equilibrium, but all the while the suppressed impulses for change are emerging and gathering unseen beneath the surface. They cannot be easily detected or measured, because an unintended consequence of the system’s design is the inability to measure authentic popular sentiment.

I have often compared the current sociopolitical situation to the formation of ice on the surface of a pond. As the temperature drops overnight, the pond remains liquid. Invisible internal currents distribute the change of temperature evenly through the water as it approaches the freezing point. Then an ice crystal is seeded on a reed or floating stick, and suddenly frozen zigzags are spreading rapidly across the surface. In little more than the blink of an eye it becomes a solid sheet, and by dawn wild animals are walking across it.

This, then, is the time we find ourselves in. An emergent change of state is imminent and inevitable. However, a (mathematically) chaotic system is by nature unpredictable. As Jesus said, “Therefore stay awake, because you do not know the day or the hour.” (Matthew 25:13)

And better clean the rust off your ice skates — they’ll be your most important resource.

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8 thoughts on “An Emergent Change of State

  1. The same is totally applicable to South Africa , only , the majority dont know better and few can see through the wool over their eyes .

  2. Before y’all ask: not being a mathematician or physicist, I cannot keep the definition for “stochastic” nailed down…though when the B patiently goes through it again, I do like to contemplate the term:

    Here are some antonyms that don’t appear congruent:

    As I was doing my due diligence google search, a fair number of top-of-the-page hits led to leftist sites talking about stochastic terrorism. Strange…they seem to be concerned mostly with the outcomes of extremerightwingnuts being weaponized and set loose. And all seem to emerge in 2011.

    Here’s one:

    A commenter took him to task for this mis-use of the word in teaming it up with violence. I didn’t open the others but iirc, 2011 was a prime year for lots of randomly imposed violence in academia as they began booting up their BDS demonology.

  3. Growing up in California, I often heard the term “Montezuma’s Revenge,” probably because of our proximity to May-hee-co.

    • Flossie — Even before the onslaught of immigrants most folks knew the stories of living to regret eating in Mexico.

      The latest FDA warning is about cilantro, from this liability lawyer’s website:

      FDA Investigators found:

      *Human feces and toilet paper found in growing fields and around facilities; Inadequately maintained and supplied toilet and hand washing facilities (no soap, no toilet paper, no running water, no paper towels) or a complete lack of toilet and hand washing facilities;

      *Food-contact surfaces (such as plastic crates used to transport cilantro or tables where cilantro was cut and bundled) visibly dirty and not washed;
      Water used for purposes such as washing cilantro vulnerable to contamination from sewage/septic systems;

      *In addition, at one such firm, water in a holding tank used to provide water to employees to wash their hands at the bathrooms was found to be positive for Cyclospora cayetanensis.
      The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and state public health officials have identified annually recurring outbreaks (in 2012, 2013, and 2014) of cyclosporiasis in the United States, which have been associated with fresh cilantro from the state of Puebla, Mexico. There is currently (in July 2015) another ongoing outbreak of cyclosporiasis in the United States in which both the Texas Department of State Health Services and the Wisconsin Department of Health Services and the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection have identified cilantro from the Mexican state of Puebla as a suspect vehicle with respect to separate illness clusters.

      It’s a choice:

      *grow your own,

      *check the origin of the food (3rd world countries have 3rd world practices – the peons aren’t in charge

      *go without.

      There may be a way to clean leafy vegetables sufficiently enough to eat but I don’t know what it is. Would a very dilute iodine soak do it??

      This is one reason we hardly ever eat “out”. I don’t know where the food has been. Besides, I can usually make it better myself, as can many people.

      • Reminds me of Pakistan. I ended up having to survive on a diet of fried rice. I was glad to get to Nepal where I was served food I could eat.

      • We grow our own cilantro (even here in the mountains of SW Montana), but I believe washing/dipping leafy greens in a mild bleach solution (which is then rinsed off with clean water) is a viable technique. Greens such as lettuce, parsley, and cilantro should be safe to consume after that.

        • The only reason I suggested iodine is that it is a substance already in the body. Chlorine and fluorine (and bromine, often added to commercial bread) take up the receptors in the thyroid meant for some forms of iodine…

  4. The old practitioners of Samizdat in the Soviet Union were often punished by the authorities with extended incarcerations in psychiatric facilities.

    The difficulty with the digital version of Samizdat is that it coincides with our current situation in which all involved are already inmates within an overarching program attempting to treat our national schizophrenia. It will be interesting to eventually discover which of the inmates are the healers and which are those requiring treatment.

    My hope is that those still in possession of a vestigial soul will win out, but that is by no means a given.

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