A Leftist Celebrates the Extinction of the German Race

The video below features Gregor Gysi, formerly of the Stasi and now a leader of Die Linke (The Left) in Germany. He refers to Germans who oppose mass immigration to Germany as “Nazis”. He celebrates their dying out, and calls for more migration into Germany.

If I recall correctly, Gysi is a Hungarian name. The person who posted this video refers to Mr. Gysi as “Jewish”, but according to my source in Germany, he has one Jewish great-grandparent on his father’s side. In other words, the YouTube channel’s owner is applying more stringent criteria for assigning “Jewishness” than those used by Adolf Hitler, as codified in the Nuremberg Laws.

In any case, this fellow is appalling and frightening. It was hard for me to believe that the subtitles represent an accurate translation, but my source assures me that they do:

17 thoughts on “A Leftist Celebrates the Extinction of the German Race

    • If tis Jewish on his father’s side, its not Jewish at all. Refugees from the former soviet Union who made it to Israel under the law of upending the Nurnberg laws, that is one of the grand-parents was Jewish, are not legally jewish in Israel. They are legal residents, and as law-abiding citizens their rights are fully protected as are Druze Circassians and Christians who are not Jewish but who are law-abiding citizens of the Jewish State. i excluded the Muslims because by and large they identifiy with the Muslims who wish to invade Israel and obliterate the Jewish State. Anyway, this guy is a racist idiot because inviting a horde of balefull hateful invaders in will not lead to diversity but to chaos and bloodshed.

    • 2 x Parents
      4 x Grand parents
      8 x Great grand parents
      1 great grand parent on the father’s side = 1/8 Jewish, not 3/8 Jewish by my count.

  1. Rejoicing in or encouraging the end of a race is actually a crime against Humanity…
    These “Progressives” are sick……

    So everybody in Germany of German origin is a “Nazi” so we must change the Electorate. Just like Comrade Kamerov in UK telling people they must think only what he and the Toriski Party tolerate otherwise we are guilty of being “Terrorists’. The only countries that thought and said thing like this were the real Nazis and Soviets- only the latter are now in the EU.

    These people really are exceeding even the Nazis in their determination to erase Western Civilisation.

  2. Gysi is a fool with a death wish. I could easily see John Stewart supporting his view as well.

    The problem with Leftists is that they think they will be left alone to prosper after the rest of their people are eradicated. On the contrary, he and others like him will be put down like all the others.

    They are like the cool kids in school who think the rules don’t apply to them, eventually they do get nailed and do time. Gysi and his ilk are like that. Since they think they are at the vanguard they will remain untouchable. They won’t, it will catch up to them and they’ll bleed out.

    See Muslims look at his ilk and don’t see progressives, they see filthy, degenerates that prove everything the Muslims see wrong with Westerners. Heck the Left goes out of it’s way everyday to prove they have no morals, ethics, conscience and self-restraint. And this excites Muslims like nothing else into Jihad.

    Muslims see a people who deserve the wrath of Allah.

    The next few years will be very interesting in a number of ways. Italy is rapidly descending to Greek levels of debt, while Greece has ceased to be a country and has become a province of Germany. Neither will end well.

    And then there is the Muzzie element. It’s just a matter of time before they start gunning down Merkel’s minions – it should get interesting then.

  3. Love the logic here – Germany has to take refugees because of the events of 1933-1945. Poland? Ummm… Maybye they weren’t nazis, but they should do the same anyway.

    The point being that everyone has to engage in the same stupidity, no matter if and how the left finds a stupid reason for them to do it.

  4. Gysis’s uncle was married to Jewish author Doris Lessing, so it certainly appears as if the family identifies as Jewish as far as I can see.

  5. The word Nazism has been redefined, it once described a hard left socialist political party which also believed in private ownership. Much like the more activist elements in modern day ‘Labour’ parties. The newly redefined Nazis however are anybody and everybody with whom this same ‘loony’ left disagrees.

    What is a real shame is that by failing to expose the deceit, the so called ‘Conservative’ parties have reinforced the dogma and become part of the problem..

  6. Hitler used gas chambers, Gisi uses mass migration; both, in their time, salivating at the thought of elminating a race.

  7. What it looks like on the inside of those who advocate a Camp of the Saints future for Europe. (aka Europe Commits Cultural Suicide)

  8. Speaking fluent german myself – I listened to this idiot and his sarcastic but serious comments a couple of times because he talks so fast.
    Yes – it was correctly translated – but his demeanor is that of a man very afraid that Nazi’s are rising again – causing him to make that gleeful statement of more germans dying without being replaced by newborn babies.
    In Germany – I have read it a couple of times now – a Nazi type political movement is making waves simply because of the flooding of muslims in very high numbers.

    The thousands of protesters in Germany loudly speak out against the continuous illegal immigration and being fed up demanding a ‘stop’. Merkel is not also not willing to allow that to continue and is working behind the scenes to re-open the border and stop the influx of illegals. Other countries have also done so – Poland and Hungary among others have also done so.

    Again – this video was done more out of angst of the ever rising Germany – enabled due to their powerhouse ‘finances’ and stable economy with and enormous GDP – the only country in all of Europe – being able also to call ‘all’ shots when it comes to baling out of countries such as Greece – the latest – controlling ever more what goes and not goes.

    The rising power of this financial and stable Germany is this ‘idiots’ angst; he uses this video to warn others in a subtle undertone supporting illegal immigration hoping to stop the ever rising and influential Germany!

    This is the gist of this video; his body language shows a man in fear of germans while he uses sarcasm attempting to hide it!

    • I kind of disagree with this, I don’t think he’s afraid of the rise of Nazis, that’s a stick that’s constantly used to advocate the policies of more mass invasion from the outside to dilute and ultimately destroy Western and Germanic Culture. He’s the head of the far left party in Germany “Die Linke” (literally “The Left”) and was part of the DDR/East German government I believe. He might well be afraid, but I sense more disgust. Notice how he sticks his tongue out on 33 seconds before he happily reports that Germans are dying out. That’s a sign of disgust, I suspect for the idea of Germans or Nazis or Germans being Nazis possibly. Also I get the sense that the little Kommissar seems very pleased with himself.

      He certainly puts butterflies in my stomach and makes my blood run cold. How can someone be so evil? But then that question is almost daft itself when looking at all the crimes that have been committed against whole peoples for the sake of amoral idealogies that have sprouted in recent centuries.

      Incidentally, and I always find this bears repeating, the ultimate and simple problem with the Nazi’s or National Socialist Workers Party, was not the Nationalism aspect but the Socialism one. The people today who are concerned about their countries and are painted as Nazis, are nationalists yes, but caring about your country is not evil. Your country or nation is simply where your society lives in interdependency and mutual cooperation. Where you share common values and a shared history: a culture. And in essence an extended family. Wishing to protect and preserve that is not evil. A pox upon this man.

  9. This guy hates Germans and supports the extinction of Germans. And he uses muslims. So he feeds the muslim crocodile.

    He may think that he is safe but he forgets a few things:

    France loves treason but hates traitors. Napoleon Bonaparte (I think he said this)
    Nobody trusts a traitor because if you haved betrayed once, what should stop you from betraying again?
    And the one who was betrayed will try to kill you. But the other side will kill you too, because they cannot trust you. Just to be sure they will kill you. And the traitor will die in much pain to teach everyone on the second side the Price of treason.

    And even if this does not happen: Once your Country has been taken over you are expendable. You will be replaced by someone from the winning Country.
    You will feed the crocodile.

    Right now Mr Gysi is protected by german Police but once the muslims rule Germany the former german Police has no power whatsoever and the power will rest in the hands of the muslims. And why should the members of the former german Police protect Mr Gysi then? They will have their Hands full protecting their own families and friends.

    In muslim countries you are only so much protected as your Family / clan has strength and power. If your Family is too small and has no strong allies you are in a world of hurt.

    Maybe we will see this happening to Mr Gysi.

    According to Martin Gillo, former Represantative of Foreigners in Saxonia, in 2035 the native Born Germans will be less than 50% of the People living in Germany.

    I hope Mr Gysi lives at least this long if not a lot longer…

  10. “Das liegt zum Glück daran, dass die Nazis sich auch nicht besonders vervielfältigen…”

    There is a nuance here that was not translated: He says “That’s because the Nazis also don’t reproduce much…”

    So he’s saying both non-Nazi and Nazi Germans aren’t reproducing enough, which is why (supposedly) Germany needs its “immigrants”.

    odd, coming from someone I would say is “Ur-deutch” (as German as German can be) with the exception of not being able to think logically.

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