Gates of Vienna is well! (The weather and phone less so)

Dear readers of Gates of Vienna

Nothing to fear and no problems with the site. The good Baron simply lost internet access temporarily due, likely to storms and weather in the area. All should be restored soon!

Be back soon! Check in again tonight

Be back soon! Check in again tonight

5 thoughts on “Gates of Vienna is well! (The weather and phone less so)

  1. That is without a doubt the most ominous cloud photo I’ve ever seen. Finally the weather has caught up with my mood!

  2. Fabulous photograph! Anyone who has lived in tornado alley recognizes those clouds as foretelling danger. Hope all is repaired soon.

    • The B figured out the hours of outage our phone company owes us. Sure they do.

      This internet connection (sadly) the best so far but it can sometimes go out for nuthin’. It has variations: Call the landline A and the internet B. Sometimes A is gonzo, B running fine. Other times they trade places and B is deader ‘n a doornail while we can easily call out to give the phone company what for. This time they both went out.

      C is the back-up. Our cellphone. We live in a cell tower-free zone. If I stand next to the pear tree and move slowly in a random direction, I may get three fluttering bars – enough to call kith or kin to ask them to report our outage. If that doesn’t work, we drive out to find a patch of surer connection somewhere down the road nearer civilization …BUT…but in this catastrophic failure (to borrow Steve COughlin’s phrase) the car failed before the rest of the dominoes fell. All our Plans B and C failed…

      The B did the pear tree boogie — voila! three bars fluttering on the screen…He managed to reach my middle son & give him the info for the phone company. Middle son is an expert at telling big orgs what they need to do and hang their regs about whether he’s “authorized” to report our problem.

      M.S. even managed to return a call to our cell phone (2nd return call evah: my daughter made the first one years before she died, tickled that we’d caught up with reality in the form of a cell phone). The verdict? We would have to wait until 2 p.m. today…

      ….they were two hours early.

      Now you know the whole thing…I’ll skip my internet withdrawal and the marathon Kindle reading…we all get through life’s crises in our own way. However, I will say the virtuous Baron did a whole slew of catching up on items in his GoV “To Do” box.

      Being less sanguine (catastrophic failures make me feel helpless) I escaped to the stored electronic page on Kindle. But it was healthy reading…e.g., what would you like to know about homocysteine and heart disease?? How about the effects of early childhood “adverse experiences” on adult physical health? The biography of a well-born Pakistani woman who converted to Christianity in the 1960s?

      Ah, but it’s lovely to be back online.

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