Taking the Kids to Syria

Three culture-enriching “British” sisters have decamped from Albion for the sunny sands of Syria. Given that it is in the throes of a particularly bloody civil war, Syria is not currently the most popular holiday destination, so we must assume that the lure of the Islamic State is what drew the Dawood sisters to contract with people smugglers to get them across the border from Turkey. And one of the sisters indicated as much to other members of her family: she was fed up with the filthy, impure infidel environment of Modern Multicultural Britain, and longed to make hijra to the Caliphate.

What makes their situation out of the ordinary is that the Dawood sisters took their children along with them, nine of them, based on the account given in the news video below. This is big news in Britain at the moment, the most sensational tear-jerker to hit the media in recent months.

Och! The wee bairns!

Interestingly, in some reports the Islamic State is said to have “confirmed” the arrival of the Dawood sisters in its territory, as if it had a press office and media spokesmen. As a matter of fact, in this case the BBC seems to be functioning as a de-facto ISIS press office:

Bradford Dawood Family ‘Split to Cross Syria Border’

Three Bradford sisters and their nine children split into two groups to cross the border into Syria, an Islamic State smuggler has told the BBC.

The smuggler in charge of some of IS’s border operations said the first group went early on Wednesday and the second on Thursday.

Sisters Khadija, Sugra and Zohra Dawood and their children went missing after travelling to Saudi Arabia.

On Tuesday, two of their husbands made an emotional appeal for them to return.

Akhtar Iqbal and Mohammed Shoaib said they “could not live” without their families and begged them to come home.

Their lawyer Balaal Khan said they were shocked to hear that the women had entered Syria and urged the police to corroborate the smuggler’s information.

BBC Middle East correspondent Paul Wood, who is on the Turkish-Syrian border, said he had spoken to the smuggler who confirmed the crossing.

Hat tip for the video: Vlad Tepes.

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  1. At least the husbands stayed behind to sue the British government for jizyah

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