Saudis Say: Put Geert Wilders on Trial!

The following notice just came in from the PVV:

Saudi Crown Prince Wanted to Bring Geert Wilders to Court

This week, Wikileaks published a number of documents from the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The documents reveal that the Saudi embassy in The Hague keeps a close eye on the Dutch MP Geert Wilders, leader of the Party for Freedom (PVV).

A document from the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) also reveals that, in 2010, the Saudi authorities were planning to bring Geert Wilders to court. Permission to do so had already been obtained from the then Saudi Crown Prince.

Today, PVV parliamentarians Geert Wilders and Raymond de Roon asked Bert Koenders, the Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs, for more information.

Below are the parliamentary questions of the PVV and the translation of an article, published today (June 25, 2015) in the Dutch newspaper NRC-Handelsblad.

Questions by Mr Wilders and Mr De Roon (both PVV) to the Minister of Foreign Affairs:

(1)   Have you seen the article, “Saudis Kept a Close Eye on Wilders” in NRC-Handelsblad of 25 June?
(2)   Were the Dutch authorities informed that the Saudis in 2010 (or at any other time) wanted to bring PVV leader Geert Wilders to court?
(3)   Is it true that the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) was aware of this fact or possibly even involved in these plans?
(4)   Is it true that the then Saudi Crown Prince gave permission to initiate such a court case?
(5)   Is it true that Ron Strikker, the then Dutch ambassador in Riyadh, told the Saudis in April 2012 that the statements of Mr. Wilders did not represent the views of the Dutch government? What were these specific statements?
(6)   Do you share our view that it is a disgrace that a dictatorship like Saudi Arabia, a country that has condemned Saudi blogger Raif Badawi to be whipped with 1,000 lashed, attempts to intimidate Dutch citizens and parliamentarians who use their right to free speech ?
(7)   Do you share our view that we have to break off diplomatic relations with the Saudi dictatorship?

Saudis Kept a Close Eye on Wilders

NRC-Handelsblad, June 25, 2015

Last night, the controversial Muhammad cartoons of the PVV were finally shown on television. The cartoons, which early May led to commotion at a meeting in Garland (Texas) where Geert Wilders was one of the speakers, attracted a relatively large number of viewers for the broadcast of a political party. But they have not led to disturbances in the Netherlands.

Nevertheless, Dutch diplomats in the Saudi capital Riyadh can again brace themselves for difficult conversations. When, last year, Wilders distributed stickers with the Saudi flag and the text “Muhammad is a crook”, this led to a de facto trade boycott by Saudi Arabia.

Wilders regularly figures in reports of the Saudi embassy in The Hague. Sometimes, the Saudi Ministry explicitly requests reports about his actions: for example, in 2012, when the Saudis had heard that he was about launch an anti-Islamic book in the US. A report — obviously the answer to this request — describes Wilders’ opinions and actions. It also mentions that he is controversial in the Netherlands for his links with Israel and his “extremist” views.

According to a document of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC), in 2010, the Saudis wanted to bring Wilders to court. The document reports that, at an earlier stage, approval had been obtained from the then Saudi Crown Prince to press charges against Wilders for showing his movie Fitna in the British House of Lords. The document refers to a document from the Saudi intelligence chief, who is said to have informed “friendly Dutch intelligence services” about the Saudi view and the possible negative consequences of Wilders’ “unlawful aggression”. It is not clear what happened next.

The Dutch embassy in Riyadh always tries to limit the damage. When Dutch Ambassador Ron Strikker met a high ranking Saudi official in April 2012, he reiterated the government’s position that Wilders’ statements do not represent the government views, but that the Dutch Constitution guarantees both freedom of expression and freedom of religion.

His interlocutor rejected Strikker’s “freedom of speech” argument, because, according to him, Wilders’ statements lead to hatred and lack of understanding, and complicate the relations between religions and peoples. His country, however, is making huge efforts to promote religious dialogue and understanding. He gives the Dutch government the advice speak out in public against Wilders’ statements, “also towards Dutch Muslims who are the victims of this kind of actions.”

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  1. Wouldn’t it be more appropriate to bring charges against the saudi regime for crimes against humanity, slavery, sponsoring terrorism and probably many more crimes. If the Dutch government take the side of the enemy rather than their own citizens then they are truly lost as a free nation.

  2. Geert don’t take no Arab feces from nobody..Strange (not!) that the majority of it comes from that anusoidal /anusaudal qpart of the world.

  3. Nobody has the testicular fortitude to call a spade a spade. I don’t understand why given our history of standing up to our own deeply entrenched belief systems and getting to the point where we stood with our heads raised before Islam invaded the West to dumb us down. I wonder why there’s a race to the bottom. Why are we committing mass suicide and letting Islam in, on our knees, without a fight? Things are not so bad, and every other religion has been hurt by Muslims: Sikhism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Zoroastrianism, Judaism . You name it, and you can capitalize on their grievance towards Islam. Those people are way more in number than the so-called 1.6 billion Mohammadlings. Why can we not rally them behind us?

  4. One day, and that day will surely come, somebody will explode a weapon of mass destruction on the satanic saudi entity.

  5. Perhaps Saudi Arabia and its kings and princes need to be put on trial.

  6. There are 50+ other countries that need to be blow up too! not just Saudis.

  7. Geert Wilders never ordered the flogging of anyone for criticizing Islam. The Saudis did.

    Geert Wilders never allowed a prominent imam to get away with raping his seven year old daughter to death with a mere fine. The Saudis did.

    Geert Wilders never proclaimed a death sentence on women who are raped. The Saudis do.

    Geert Wilders never tried to bankrupt entire oil producing countries by lowering the selling price of oil. The Saudis did.

    So who is the more worthy of death, a man who defends western values or a theocratic regime which is mired in the Dark Ages and wishes for the world to revert to that same state of ignorance and babarism?

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