Marine Le Pen: Restore Our Borders!

In her first public reaction to the recent terror attack in Lyon, Marine Le Pen had some choice words to say about the fecklessness of French political leaders in the face of the Islamic invasion. The occasion was a meeting of the “Movement for a Europe of Nations and Freedoms”, the new group in the European Parliament formed by Ms. Le Pen, Geert Wilders, and other leaders of immigration-critical parties in Europe.

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

The poster at the beginning of the video reads:

Movement for a Europe of Nations and Freedoms
1 Year Action in the European Parliament
Speech by Marine Le Pen
Saturday 27 June — 5 pm
Palais des Congres de Perpignan


00:04   1 Year of Action in the EU Congress, Palace of Perpignan 27 June 2015
00:08   For the first time this macabre mise-en-scene,
00:12   which happens daily in Syria or in Iraq, has taken place
00:16   on our soil, in our France.
00:20   Of course, like all of you I’m thinking of the victims’ families, and I reserve
00:24   my anger for this government which has descended into inaction and passivity,
00:28   hiding behind the sacrosanct spirit of the 11th of January
00:32   since the terror attacks on Charlie Hebdo and the Kosher supermarket.
00:37   (unclear)
00:46   We must take back our national borders by leaving that sieve of Schengen,
00:50   which allows all terrorists to enter our country without any difficulties.
00:54   We must immediately expel from our national territory
00:58   any foreigners suspected of Islamic fundamentalism.
01:02   We must, as Egypt and
01:06   as Tunisia announced this morning,
01:12   close all Salafist mosques in France.

7 thoughts on “Marine Le Pen: Restore Our Borders!

  1. Thank goodness Marine Lepin says the truth, uncommon for anyone who love the EU.

  2. Well it is hard to have hope for thus world but with Le Pen, Wilders, Geller, this website and other brave souls just maybe we may survive. At least I know in my heart that somebody took a stand in the last says of our civilization.

  3. There are a great deal more people who are standing, albeit silently, but standing firm nonetheless. We may have been marginalized but we haven’t been exterminated, yet. We will continue to stand for righteousness until the Righteous One comes or we are taken to Him.

  4. It is refreshing to read what Marine Le Pen said. Most of what she says is pure common sense. Whatever can be said against her, she seems to be much more connected to reality than the ruling elite of Europe and North America.

  5. I hope and I pray that she will be the first woman president of France. AND SOON!

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