“Islamophobia” Rising Among Czechs and Slovaks

Last October Takuan Seiyo wrote about the push to stop the growth of Islam in the Czech Republic. Our Czech correspondent Gemini just sent this brief update about the situation in both Czechia and Slovakia:

I wish I could write more to you about what has recently been happening in the Czech Republic when it comes to citizens’ anti-Islamic activities. It looks very optimistic over here. A strictly anti-Islamic block has been established.

In Slovakia, things have suddenly started to get into motion, too! An anti-Islamic and anti-immigration rally, backed by no political groups, has been announced. So far more than 6,000 people have signed up on the Facebook page to attend it (a week before). It will be something to remember, I expect!

Right now I am somehow too exhausted to translate articles, but I wanted to drop you at least a few lines…

10 thoughts on ““Islamophobia” Rising Among Czechs and Slovaks

  1. I wonder how long it will be before the communists start to interfere in the running of these two states. In the dystopian world of today, I’m not sure that belief in nationhood and protection of one’s own culture will be tolerated.

  2. The Czechs and Slovaks are leading the free world in discovering the solution: stopping the importation of the social and political problems caused by Islam.

    • I agree but just wait and see what happens after a period of Saudi and Qatari “investment.”.

      • Slovaks are very aware of the corruption amongst their politicians, there is one party whose whole stance centers on anti-corruption.

        There is no naivety here when it comes to things communist/socialist and there is no glamor associated with being ‘progressive’, the country is run for Slovaks, take it or leave it!

  3. I predict that one day soon there will commence the flow of a steady stream of Western and Northern Europeans making their way to Czechia to live in a sane society with a sane government. Lovely architecture, lovely rural landscapes and lovely looking women too! And the people escaping to Czechia will be well educated, highly skilled, law-abiding contributors.

  4. Well done Czechs and Slovaks. Now time for Poland, and the rest of the former Eastern Bloc, to follow their lead… given that in Poland Oriana Fallaci’s books are bestsellers at the front of bookshops, and that on any Religion of Peace-related topic on news websites (even liberal-leftist ones), there are endless pages of comments almost uniformly critical of the Religion of Peace (moreover – informed comments which wouldn’t look out of place on this blog), imo it shouldn’t be too difficult for Pegida-style movements to spring up all over Eastern Europe. They could even make Pegida look small by comparison…

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