Geert Wilders: The Mohammed Cartoons Will Be Shown on Dutch TV Tomorrow

The Garland Motoons will be displayed on Dutch state TV tomorrow. Below is the press release sent out today by the PVV:

Tomorrow, Saturday, June 20, at 12:49pm [6:49am EDT], Geert Wilders will, following the terror attack on a cartoon exhibition in Garland, Texas last month, show a selection of Muhammad cartoons on Dutch public television (NPO 2) during the broadcasting slot allotted to political parties.

Geert Wilders: “Freedom of speech must always prevail over violence and terror!”

The cartoons will also be shown on Wednesday, 24 June, at 5:55pm on NPO 1, and on Friday, July 3, at 12:53pm on NPO 2.

Below are excerpts from an interview with Geert Wilders published by Breitbart London:

Breitbart London: The Dutch parliament has recently blocked an art exhibition you proposed to show a selection of cartoons featuring Mohammad. You are now due to show these cartoons on Dutch television this weekend — will the state broadcaster try to stop you too? And if you succeed in showing the cartoons this weekend, what format will the programme take?

Geert Wilders: Dutch television cannot stop us from showing the cartoons. Every party that is present in parliament has time to show themselves on national TV, and by law they cannot be prevented from broadcasting. Anyone can oppose the programme, but only afterwards but not before.

It will be like a walk though a museum — I will present the viewer a selection of the cartoons myself — first I will explain why I want to show the cartoons, because of what happened in Garland, Texas, and explain that it is not a provocation. We should do exactly what it is terrorists want to stop us from doing — otherwise the message we send to terrorists is that violence and the threat of violence can be effective. And this cannot be the case

We should protect freedom of speech, and we should not give in to terrorists. We should use the paper and pencil to win over those who use guns.

One of the many cartoons of Mohammad that have been blocked from publication in many Western countries by self-censorship among media editors.

You were present at the Draw Mohammad competition hosted by Pamela Geller in Garland, Texas which was attacked by Islamist would-be-terrorists. Should every western country have a draw Mohammed competition?

Yes they should — and not as a provocation, either — but because we cannot allow violent terrorists to win. Every time they threaten or attack us because we use freedom of speech, we should make cartoons 100 times more. This can be the only reaction — terrorists must get the message that attacking us is just counter effective.

Unfortunately if we don’t, like all the appeasers in the Dutch parliament and many other places, the signal is violence and the threat of violence will win — so we should show these cartoons all over the world. Sadly, not all are willing — but we are willing to show that freedom of speech in indisputable”.

Many staff at the satirical paper Charlie Hebdo were murdered by Islamists for their portrayals, and satirical attacks on Islam and their prophet. Do you identify with them?

I am not a journalist, I am not a cartoonist, I am not a satirist, but I am a politician — and I support freedom of speech. So I support their idea to make cartoons — and I’m sure if there was a cartoon of Jesus, or of any other real religion, there would be no trouble. So I believe yes, you should be able to depict Mohammad without a death sentence. We live in the West, not Saudi Arabia or Pakistan.

All those leaders, even my own prime minister, all of these political leader appeasers from all over the Western world walked in Paris for freedom of speech, but they aren’t willing to show the cartoons. They have enormous double standards, they are weak. We need to take responsibility.

Looking at the past ten years, in terms of the rise of right wing anti-extremist and Euro-sceptic parties measured against increasing Islamisation, in your view is the situation in Europe getting better or worse?

Islamisation certainly is becoming a lot worse in Europe. I see a change for the better in the Vox Populi, the normal people on the street on any European country, but sadly the political elite is still appeasing, and multiculturalist at heart.

However, if you look at the facts despite it only being a minority of Muslims committing those terroristic crimes, unfortunately there is a big group supporting them. I already made these points once in a debate with our Dutch prime minister in parliament that 73 per cent of the Islamic Population think that Dutch Muslims who fight Jihad in Syria are heroes. That is 73 per cent of one million Muslims in Holland.

80 per cent of the Turkish youth in Holland, one of the biggest minority groups here say that violence against Christians and Jews is not a bad thing. In addition to that, a poll by the leftist-liberal University of Amsterdam found 11 per cent of Muslims in Holland — over 100,000 people — are prepared to use violence for the sake of Islam is Holland. Unfortunately, these figures are far worse now than they were five or ten years ago.

Everybody is talking about the minority — of course it is a minority that uses the violence, but unfortunately there is a majority of these people who support the idea, and think they are heroes. This is a Trojan horse we have imported, people who are not even willing to assimilate to our society and adhere to our values and constitution. We have a problem.

The good news is, the ordinary people are waking up. With the Islamic State happening, with Jihadis going and returning from Northern Africa and Syria, it is causing people to wake up to the reality of what is happening. The good news is that parties like mine are getting stronger all over Europe. Islam is getting worse, but there is a change coming because the people are fed up.

You have this week been part of establishing a new political group in the European Parliament with Marine Le Pen of the French Front National, and other parties like the Austrian Freedom Party and Italy’s Northern League. What are your main objectives for the Europe of Nations and Freedom?

We should get out of the Eurozone and out of the European Union. This is what we all have in common in the group — we are all very critical of Europe. I personally believe in the Swiss model — in the heart of Europe, but not part of the European Union. Access to internal markets, but able to free trade with China, Japan, the booming markets of South East Asia.

The European Union is robbing us of our national identities, our nation states. I believe a real democracy can only flourish when you have your own nation state, your own identity, even your own flag you can rally around. You need to be in charge of your own borders, money, immigration policy — this is lacking.

Read the rest at Breitbart.

7 thoughts on “Geert Wilders: The Mohammed Cartoons Will Be Shown on Dutch TV Tomorrow

  1. I agree with Mr. Wilders support of free speech. I only wonder if drawing Mohammed
    is the best way to win an argument. For instance, in more than one place in the Bible
    it is stated that the return of Jesus and God’s intervention against murder in the world
    are related to a need for technology to improve in the world. These Biblical statements
    show an ultimate victory for Christianity is related to technological advancement. There
    are no similar statements in the Qu’ran which show a foreknowledge of great future
    technological advancement. This is a significant point in support for Christianity against
    its detractors.

    • Argument is not currently allowed in Islam. This is the point of the cartoons. Until argument is allowed, “blasphemous” drawings are the only way to point out that argument is not allowed. This must continue to be pointed out until people realize that argument is not allowed and that this is the problem, after which maybe an argument could actually take place.

  2. Geert has unwittingly revealed one of the things I hate about Europe: you don’t have free speech unless you’re elected to a national legislature, and as his own trials have shown, even that isn’t all that secure.

    In that Old Continent and, increasingly, on our own side of the pond, if you stick a Bible in the crapper, you’re an avant garde, sensitive, bold, pioneering artist; but do the same with the Qur’an, and you’re guilty of hate speech.

    • Chapter and verse?
      Matthew 16:18 And I tell you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not overcome it.

      Drawing muhammetique sketches won’t achieve much in the way of saving the west from slavery and submission. The jinni is out of the bottle. It was the western “democracies” that let it out by their perverted decisions: inviting invaders.

      The jinni were confined in their 57 usurped countries. No similar thing has ever happened in history: invaders used to be opposed not invited. Those who colluded with invaders … Traitors . . . were staked or hanged by their testicles.

  3. In reply to Zipper asking for verses in the Bible which are about a need for technological inventions which were not around at the time the Bible as written: Joel 2.30 talks of a time when people will die in the air. This was not possible at the time the Bible was written. This type of event is used by Joel as a way of telling when an intervention by God will take place against murder. So until this event is possible it is not even possible for God to intervene according to the standards given in the Bible.
    When Paul was asked about when the return of Jesus would take place, he spoke of the need for new ways of killing people in the form of counterfeit miracles to be invented. His way of telling time of the return of Jesus also had a technological angle to it, as do the words of Joel. Paul threatened those who get excited about these counterfeit miracles which shed innocent blood instead of honoring the true miracles of Jesus with extinction.

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