Geert Wilders: Broadcast of Mohammed Cartoons Sabotaged

The Dutch state television broadcaster has sabotaged today’s scheduled broadcast of the Mohammed Cartoons from last month’s event in Garland, Texas. NPO, the public TV service, apparently showed a different tape in the assigned time slot, and claims not to understand what happened.

Below is the recording that would have aired today. It features Geert Wilders, the leader of the Party for Freedom (Partij voor de Vrijheid, PVV):

The PVV just sent out this statement:

Dutch public television sabotaged broadcast of Muhammad cartoons

Today, it looks like the Dutch public television sabotaged the political broadcast by the Party for Freedom.

In this broadcast, PVV leader Geert Wilders wanted to show a selection of Muhammad cartoons from the Garland exhibition, which was attacked by terrorists last month.

Geert Wilders: “It is an absolute disgrace, if the public television censored a broadcast by a political party. Freedom of speech has been violated. This is scandalous in a democratic country!”

Now, we will show the cartoons on June 24 at 17.55 pm on NPO1.

The broadcast can be seen here:

Update: Another press release from the PVV:

Dutch public television did not broadcast Muhammad cartoons due to “misunderstanding”, now broadcast sheduled for Wednesday June 24, 5.55pm.


The Dutch public television (NPO) did not broadcast the Muhammad cartoons today. According to NPO director Hagoort there was a “misunderstanding”.

Geert Wilders: “This is truly unbelievable! We provided them with the tape and they confirmed receiving it. How is this possible? NPO director Hagoort has now assured me that our programm will be broadcasted, including the Muhammad cartoons, on 24th June at 5:55 pm on NPO1.”

Machine translations of articles from NRC and may shed further light on today’s events. And here’s a brief English-language report from Dutch News:

Wilders blames sabotage for failure to broadcast Mohammed cartoons

The national public broadcasting company NPO is investigating why a party political broadcast by the PVV showing anti-Mohammed drawings was not transmitted as planned.

PVV leader Geert Wilders pledged to show the drawings during the broadcast but instead an old item was aired instead.

Wilders has accused the public broadcaster of sabotage and has now placed the item featuring the cartoons, which is 2.45 minutes long, on YouTube.

The video is due to be broadcast twice more later this month.

18 thoughts on “Geert Wilders: Broadcast of Mohammed Cartoons Sabotaged

  1. I hate to say I told you so, weeks ago, after Geert announced this intention.

  2. Shall we guess the excuse for why the transmission on the 24th will not be shown?

    My guess is:-

    The tape has been accidentally erased/lost

  3. Quote from: Lebanon Daily Star: Dutch anti-Islam MP says state TV ‘sabotaged’ Mohammad cartoons

    “Dutch Muslims have been steadfastly ignoring Wilders.
    Even if the cartoons were broadcast, “absolutely nothing would have happened,” said Aissa Zanzen, spokesman of the Council of Moroccan Mosques in The Netherlands.
    “Besides, we are busy with our preparations for Ramadan, including making food,” he said.
    “He is simply being ignored,” Zanzen told AFP.

    Sure, that is why Geert Wilders has been living with and continues to need 24/7/365 personal security for over a decade.
    The only thing being ignored is reality/uncomfortable truths.

    • Actually, the same thing happened at the cartoon exposition in Garland. There were no picketers or protests. The two jihadis intending to shoot up the place had the field entirely to themselves.

      In the case of Geert Wilders, the Dutch prosecutors are doing the job of the Muslims by prosecuting him for making anti-Islamic statements. Whatever Islamic influence there is has been exerted behind closed doors…except for the ever-present threat of assassination by Muslims acting individually.

      Muslims do understand a strategic retreat. It shows the power of a principled stand such as Wilders, but it is a tactical, not a strategic victory. The ticking bomb is still immigration, and any European country that does not stop Muslim immigrants from entering is giving up its civilization anyway. The culture of the European countries is definitely worth saving. If they can pull out of their nosedive, they will have individuals such as Wilders to thank for it.

  4. I was always apprehensive that the cartoons of the Pirate PEDOPHILE beheader would not be broadcast in the Europe of today: Europe of abject cowardice, of zero values, of submission to islam, of no direction, of stupidity, of hostility to its own people and culture, of worshipers of islam and islam of allah.

    If Lent is irrelevant, why so much excitement and hoopla , hype, ballyhoo, shown by useful idiots non-worshipers of pedophile for ramadan. Cameron get a muslim friend and fast along with her and it will knock some sense in your empty head.

    • The point about Lent is really interesting. Much is said about Mardi Gras but nothing really about the holy time of Lent. No one is asked to do anything differently and, until Easter, not much is said about Christianity.
      Yet, when it comes to muslim fasting we are scolded to “observe sensibilities” toward muslims.
      Why the double standard?
      Thanks for bringing this up.

  5. At some point in the future it will be ‘Great that you are saying that now. A bit late. Do you remember when you…….

  6. This is what has become of the Netherlands. No commitment to respecting the law even with regard to the political system. Perhaps they are going to need observers from each party in the TV station to make sure the broadcast engineers do their jobs.

    Extralegal censorship by a bureaucracy is disturbingly similar to election tampering. Someone should be arrested over this, otherwise it will just get worse.

    • Bingo!!!

      The law isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on when the establishment does at it pleases.

    • “Extralegal censorship by a bureaucracy is disturbingly similar to election tampering. ”

      The problem is actually inherent when the government or cartel controls the media, or a major part of it. Fascists have a way of working themselves into bureaucracies, and have no scruples about using their positions to sabotage information they don’t like.

      When there is competition in media, and the media is privately owned by reasonably-sized companies, a station would simply not tolerate the sabotage of its broadcasts, and the attendant publicity for its rivals.

      Government is always trying to regulate and control information. One of the indirect ways is to make any media outlet so expensive in terms of petty regulations and requirements, that the smaller outlets are driven out of business. The near-monopolies that remain understand that it will be very expensive for them to overtly displease the fascists who oversee their sector of the economy. This is one of the objectives of the “net neutrality” doctrine.

      • Don’t bet on it, even in the U.S. the networks will censor or prevent from airing material it doesn’t like. During the NAFTA debate in the early 90’s, Ross Perot tried to buy a lot of air time to air his ads against NAFTA, he was only allowed to buy airtime around 3-4 AM in the morning.

        Why? Because the media is part of big business and they wanted NAFTA to pass. It’s why to this day trade deals get very little time if at all on news networks.

      • I understand the media cartelism problem, but in this situation we have a government mandated broadcast time slot that was no doubt created in an attempt to prevent cartel self-censorship and provide a minimum guaranteed ability to broadcast. Now, even this minimum guarantee is being subverted which should be treated as a well-defined criminal act. What do you want to bet that this will not be investigated as a suspected crime even with the probable cause that is obvious given the situation?

        What it comes down to is that even with legal guarantees if the media cartel won’t broadcast something and a government bureaucracy won’t broadcast something then it can’t get broadcast if law enforcement won’t do its job.

        I wish the U.S. had minimum guaranteed political party time slots on PBS, as PBS might actually be worth funding if it did. But it wouldn’t do any good if the law weren’t enforced. Most likely it would result in nothing but more leftist propaganda on TV since the PBS bureaucracy is leftist/statist as their pay checks come from the state.

  7. Europe is full of [cowardly types] they are just going to roll over an let Moslems be there overloards,the European Ancestors who fought the Moslems centuries ago to keep Europe Christian are rolling over in there graves an the Moslems are taking over with out a fight,this is sickening,every European should be in the fight to throw out of Europe all Moslems or if you come to Europe you must conform to European standards an that is to renounce Islam just like what would happen if Europeans went to Saudi Arabia or Pakistan or any filthy Islamic Country,there will be a few European Countrys who will fight Islam but not many an the wrath of Islam will be on the continent.

  8. I notice the comments were disabled for YouTube. Probably a wise move, WWIII would have broken out!

    I am glad this was pulled. Because it will be shown anyway. And the Dutch are very free-thinking and will not like the look of this sabotage of a legitimate political ad slot. The more the Elites play these tricks and try to fool THE PEOPLE – the more they expose their own crassness and hypocrisy. The next time it is show – all the more drama and curiosity about it.

    The message was succinct, powerful and TRUTH. Fingers crossed the next one is aired.

  9. Next time they’ll “accidentally” show cartoons of “Crusader Rabbit” by mistake.

    And after that an excerpt from the stage production of “5 Guys Named Moe“.

    With a little deftness the Dutch dhimmis could delay it indefinitely.

  10. As a Canadian,I am well aware of the sacrifices made by Canadian soldiers in the second world war, freeing Holland from the Nazis. This denial of freedom of speech is an insult to their memories.

  11. The tape was accidentally misplaced in the same sense as Mr. Fred Teeven’s tape got accidentally erased or Ivo Opstelten’s phone tap was hit by an accidental power outage.

    In Holland there are no (as in: none, zip, nada) broadcasters who sympathize with the PVV. They all – no exceptions – hate them. But some hate more than others. The NOS hates the PVV most, PowNews least.

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