“Drawing Mohammed Doesn’t Carry the Death Penalty”

Geert Wilders was interviewed recently by Zoomin.tv about his upcoming broadcast of the Garland Mohammed cartoons on Dutch state television. Many thanks to H. Numan for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:01   Mr. Wilders, almost half a year after Charlie Hebdo you are forced
0:07   to hold an exposition about Mohammed cartoons on TV. Why do you feel forced?
0:11   Why in the month of fasting? Well, I was in Garland Texas a little while back
0:17   where a terrorist attack happened,
0:20   by Muslim terrorists who wanted to prevent people who with paper and pencils
0:24   exercise their right of free speech.
0:26   People who use violence,
0:30   use axes, use pistols,
0:32   should never be able to win
0:34   against people who use their freedom of speech,
0:36   people who only use pen and paper.
0:39   We must send a signal.
0:41   We shouldn’t capitulate to people who say, ‘You are not allowed to draw cartoons.’
0:46   That’s too nuts for words! In The Netherlands this is allowed.
0:50   I believe that a group of mosques made a cartoon about me.
0:55   That’s fine by me. You won’t hear me complain about it.
1:00   However, you should also be allowed to draw Mohammed. That doesn’t carry the death penalty.
1:03   You shouldn’t be shot death for that, or beheaded.
1:06   That’s how we do things in the West. Freedom of speech, which I support, may be exercised
1:14   by all those people who use paper and pencils.  
1:19   We’ll never bow to Islamic terrorism. For that reason the foreign ministry issued notices and letters stating
1:23   that this is Geert Wilders, it isn’t us.
1:30   It’s bad enough that this is necessary.
1:34   You know, if I — well, not me personally — people drew cartoons about Jesus Christ,
1:39   or when people drew something about Catholicism or Judaism,
1:42   one way or another, then all this was not necessary.
1:47   Then there were no terrorist attacks,
1:52   no warnings from the ministry. That doesn’t come about because of the cartoonists.
1:55   That isn’t because of Geert Wilders. That’s because, regrettably,
2:00   within Islam many people find freedom of speech cannot be used to draw a professed prophet.
2:05   Again, we don’t live in Saudi Arabia. Freedom of speech is a great thing.
2:10   We should do what we have to do, when that means —
2:15   because here in the parliament it won’t be permitted.
2:17   And in Garland, Texas people almost got murdered in a terrorist attack.
2:21   For no more than drawing cartoons. Here in The Netherlands we should
2:26   show those cartoons on TV.

4 thoughts on ““Drawing Mohammed Doesn’t Carry the Death Penalty”

  1. Who tells the West what they are allowed to draw?
    A muslim with a gun?

    • No, but Muslims with guns apparently tell broadcasters what they can broadcast.

  2. that was an interesting cartoon – the one with the picture of mohamhead standing astride a map of the world – anyone know where i may obtain one?

  3. The Religion-that-tells-everyone-what-and-what-not-to-do has an encyclopedic and divinely unending list of required and proscribed behaviors. If we know what’s good for us and our families, we’ll spend our remaining days in unquestioning obedience.

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