Destructivism and Pathocracy

The work of the German author Roland Woldag has appeared here previously (“After the Enabling Act: Overcoming Socialism”, translated by Rembrandt Clancy).

The following essay was originally published in the national-conservative students’ magazine Blaue Narzisse and in the libertarian ef-magazin. It has been translated by the author.

Destructivism and Pathocracy

by Roland Woldag

What has led the West into the current silent disaster?

Already as a child playing in the sandbox I experienced the difference between creative-constructive and insidious-destructive people. There are always children who build sand castles, and those who jump into them as soon as the builder turns away.

The sand castle builders later go into constructive occupations in which they become builders of wisely-designed structures. The most ambitious of the sand castle destroyers become politicians. They are obsessed with “changing” all structures work traditionally work. They radically “renew” and trample everything that’s natural. That’s what they call “making policy”.

Destruction as “mainstreaming of the society”

For destructive people, creating and destroying is the same. Except that destroying is more spectacular and leads to “success” in less time. All “Century Reforms” of recent decades have destroyed functioning systems and replaced them with oppressive power structures and bureaucracy. Nothing was really improved: The monetary system, education system and social system have been “reformed” into dysfunctionality. Marriage, family, nation, religion, country, culture, and not least our self-image as men and women were dismantled. Crushing someone by telling him that he finally forgets whether he is a man or a woman was the greatest threat in my youth. The devastation of these most basic biological human self-understanding today left-green politicians propagandize as “the main issue of social transformation” in the form of “Gender Mainstreaming”. Not even the murderous red-brown culture-destroyers of the 20th century came up with the idea of doubting natural gender.

From the “death instinct in history”

The protest against this systematic, political rape of the natural human order is now the issue at the Monday demonstrations (PEGIDA = Patriot Europeans against the Islamisation of the West). The PEGIDA “Monday walkers” fight back against the wanton decomposition of all that gives mankind honor, support and position. The steerable — because vulnerable — and purchased, destructive politicians play the role of Cerberus in that game. Cerberus is this “demon of the Underworld” from Greek mythology, the hell-hound that guards the entrance to the underground, so that no dead man comes out and no living man can enter.

The “death instinct in history” has its home in international/national socialist parties and organizations. It is accompanied by the totalitarian urge to tear down everything that’s outside the average and re-educate anyone who does not follow. Communism and counterfeit-money imperialism are two sides of the same coin. Communism centralizes the market economy under oligarchy order to destroy the natural manner of trade. Fiat money imperialism destroys the market economy to centralize it under an oligarchic order, which just takes longer and gives more time to the pathocrats for destruction and sadistic tortures to “modernize” society. The destructivism has no goal except destruction, power and self-satisfaction. Therefore the attempt to point out to these people the consequences of their actions is not only futile, no, it even leads them to terrible new ideas.

The revenge of the psychopaths

This defect is the innate trait in the soul of the psychopaths. Therefore these people are the ideal candidates for positions of power into which they themselves are again hoisted by other psychopaths. Psychopaths recognize each other, because they are always in a minority compared to normal and decent people — by whom they are shunned. This instinctively correct discrimination by mentally healthy persons makes psychopaths seek revenge on the society from their childhood on. They politically cultivate their hate against the common structures which exclude them and try to equalize everybody at their pathological level. That’s why they go into politics. That’s easy for them, as psychopaths lack empathy and conscience. Mentally healthy people would hesitate inflict upon society such treachery and ruthless plans.

Pathocracy: Constructive and reasonable people fail

When psychopaths finally became politicians and develop into to pathocrats, they surprise everyone with their mere average intelligence. Many decent people make the wrong interpretation in thinking that the power position of these people is based on a particular acumen or knowledge of domination. No, it is only their unscrupulousness and ability to lie without blushing. Even repentance is unknown to them. If the proportion of constructive people at decision-making levels of government decreased to the current level, the psychopaths determine the issues, and the reasonableness falls silent, we have arrived at the pathocracy — the political order of the psychopaths.

The financial crash of 2008 was the chess move of the pathocrats to establish their regime in the form of the imperial New World Order. The vengeful psychopaths, driven by their auto-racist sentiment, turn against the European race. Politicians swear to avert damage to the nation, but immediately after taking the oath, they turn round against us. For this purpose, they use all means of propaganda and perversion of justice to support Islam as opposition to the traditional culture, to infiltrate the West.

With the security of the experience of one and a half millennia, Islam lies at right angles to our culture. That’s not a problem as long you accept different cultures in different countries. But the multicultural dogma tries to destroy the cultural homogeneity of nations, and provokes civil wars in the long-term view. Non-Muslim foreigners become indistinguishable from Europeans after one generation. Too many in the second generation of followers and friends of the Muslim subjugation project are less integrable than the parents.

No general verdict against Muslims

Now and in the future Muslims will distinguish between “WE” and “YOU”. We learned by experience that in accordance with their increasing population the separatist efforts increase with every subsequent generation. The goal of the New World Order protagonists seems to be the achieve to a critical mass of Muslims in every Western country, to keep their governments under control by extortion. The extortion is the threat to bring them into position against us by targeted propaganda and hate speech, if it is profitable.

I have traveled a lot through Muslim countries and have had only good experiences with my Muslim colleagues. I appreciate their kindness and the sense for the natural order which is perverted in the West. Talking with a Muslim believer about the holy order higher than us makes a Muslim much more familiar to me than most atheists. Therefore, I am far from making a general verdict. However, I also know what havoc is wrought by instrumentalized group dynamics. I have experienced it again just in the relationship between my Ukrainian and Russian colleagues. People who were friends before suddenly became zealous in their hatred of each other.

Psychopaths push peoples against each other

This process is always set in motion by powerful psychopaths and ice-cold calculating criminals who dominate politics and the mass media. The process is never started by common people who had come to terms with each other. Therefore, the culture clash against the backers inside the mainstream media and the government broadcasts has the highest priority. When they begin to rouse us against each other to provoke civil war, we should be ready to understand the game they play with us and thwart their plans.

The goal of the insertion of foreign cultural groups into homogeneous populations, by economically and politically powerful actors, is the destruction of culture and the marginalization of the natives in their own country. The Romans called it “Divide and rule”. All western nations are affected in the same way by this “Ponerogenesis”, which means the rise of evil. But the people are beginning to resist the false reality of the dominating pathocrats. The pathocrats are blind to the fact that they will eventually extinguish themselves, because they are driven by the blind desire for revenge against the respectable people who have shunned them since childhood by reason in the sandbox. They are keen only on destruction, diabolical power and hatred.

This makes them the perfect tools in the hands of an empire, whose plans for world domination nothing stands in the way of but uncontrollable, self-confidence homogeneous, civilized nations. They set Muslims against Muslims, Muslims against Christians, atheists against Christians, Albanians against Serbs, Ukrainians against Russians — and each vice versa. Each group that can be instrumentalized for a civil war is welcomed by them. After years of intellectual impotence and mental paralysis there is a growing desire among people all over the world to confront the destroyers and warmongers and get rid of them.


Andrew M. Lobaczewski: Political Ponerology: A Science on the Nature of Evil Adjusted for Political Purposes

Roland Woldag operates the website, dedicated to the defense of the family. He was active in the anti-socialist resistance against the Stalinist regime in the DDR and was under Stasi detention in 1988, following which he emigrated to West Germany.

18 thoughts on “Destructivism and Pathocracy

  1. a rather accurate portrayal of those who have sold their souls to the devil for the temporary privilege of being his minions with all the trappings that come with it. I have experienced first-hand the betrayal of trust that was written of here. When your god is power you will do anything to serve him.
    For some reason the scene in Hobbit part 3 where Gandalf, Saruman and Galadriel are fighting with Sauron and his nine Nazgul, men who were hungry for power and sold their souls for the rings of power that Sauron then dominated them with.
    The personality types of the Nazgul aren’t really all that much different from those who desire high office. I must be one of the common-sense builders as I question why I would want all that responsibility and stress that comes from trying to govern others.

  2. Good piece.

    As A. Camus said: “None of the evils that totalitarianism claims to remedy is worse than totalitarianism itself..”

  3. Multiculturalism is a product of indecency. It is corrupt, vicious, and inherently mendacious. Only people with a bitter, festering hatred of decent people and of their own kin would justify and implement this satanic policy. They are the destroyers indeed and likely for the reasons Mr. Woldag reveals.

    Were aristocracies effective in neutralizing such insubstantial men, whereas more egalitarian polities fail to do so? Even if the latter are not more susceptible, modern times have been unique in that modern weaponry, organizational methods, and communications have presented unparalled opportunities to the diseased to play out their revenge fantasies. That said, it must still be that there is a large number of psychopaths.

    A book on the Winter War related that the Soviets at some point just decided it was ridiculous that such an insignificant country was tying them up in knots, and then went after the Finns with a vengeance. There are glimmerings of such a transformation in opinion on multiculturalism now.

    It is being helped along by the realization by many that multiculturalism and the sick gender confusion campaigns have their source in something depraved. Men turning themselves into women are the real-life phenomenological equivalent of the underground rivers encountered by Bill Murray and his crew in those two documentaries about New York City.

    • I’m getting so [redacted to]-> annoyed with reading this ordure (saved you a redaction, Dymphna!)

      If people are gay or transexual, it’s because their foetuses got too little or too much testosterone at a critical stage of development. IT’S NOT THEIR BLOODY FAULT!

      Which is not to excuse the extreme attitudes of some of them, ok?

      • It’s not a matter of blame; it’s about taking responsibility for one’s behavior in the larger group. Homosexuality is a given: all cultures have homosexual individuals and in general, they make up about 2% of the population. Why is this tiny minority of people getting so much attention one way or another?

        About 2% of the population is schizophrenic; no one has yet figured out why, but it doesn’t vary from culture to culture. When will they get their turn to cavort on the stage reserved for special people??

        Both variations are glitches in our DNA; to make either glitch the norm is rather bizarre. The pc/mc crowd has tried very hard to normalize same sex relationships. But they’re not the norm and never will be; neither will schizophrenia. If we let the latter loose upon the general public many people would be in danger from the actions which derive from their bizarre thought patterns. We let “loose” homosexual behaviors with the witless “as long as it doesn’t do anyone else harm”. As if. The rate of STDs is skyrocketing; HIV is being transmitted to hetero-normal partners by those who play bi-sexual Russian roulette and by the unwitting partners of HIV-drug users.

        One of the saddest children I had to help find a home for was the orphaned daughter of a bisexual male drug addict who infected his wife, eventually leaving the daughter an orphan. I have seldom met such a desolated child. Haven’t seen her in 15 years and she still comes to mind at odd moments.

        YOU may have met some cautious, responsible homosexuals who are careful whom they infect, but that hasn’t been my experience. They’re either in denial that it could ever happen to them or very bitter about their illness – it is never their fault that the HIV fairy kissed them on the lips while they were innocently sleeping.

        We all have burdens to bear; in my experience most homosexuals and other sexual deviants are the least likely to take responsibility for their actions, which include bullying and projecting blame on others, not to mention a certain sniffy moral superiority toward those who don’t share their affliction. Perhaps that attitude is due to their terror of the fact that 98% of other human beings are so profoundly different from them. That existential fact causes a deep estrangement.

        Much of their predicament is indeed their “fault” if you assign fault to less-than-seemly behavior toward others. But the soul-shaking loneliness arising from the center of who they are? That’s not in the arena of “fault” or blame. Which is why their suffering is so sad, especially in old age.

          • Occasional Dionysian revels don’t compare, way I see it. It’s what people do when sober that’s amazing. Dressing like chickens in high heels comes to mind.

  4. An interesting essay. Looking at what is going on in modern Europe and America I also often get the impression that the dominant ideology in that part of the world is developed and imposed by psychopaths who hate their own civilisation. A war against Christian faith and morality, traditional family, propaganda of feminism, “gender theory”, multiculturalism and other suicidal ideas – all these things are definitely pathological.

    The question arises: why does Western public so readily accept this ideology? Why do Europeans and Americans accept abnormality as the new norm and reject normality as something old-fashioned, reactionary and oppressive? Why are pathocrats so successful?

    • Don’t forget, violence can be emotional as well as physical. The taunts ‘racist’, ‘Fascist’ etc, are very emotionally violent and it takes a certain type of emotional courage to run this gauntlet of hate.

  5. Why does Woldag write he has no general verdict against Muslims, who adhere to a doctrine of evil, when he indicts all pathocrats as evil? In a sense, psychopaths are less evil than Muslims because Muslims choose evil; psychopaths may be genetic or hormonal accidents, making them victims.

    • Most muslims are born into the creed, and to get out they must abandon everything dear to them. This is not ‘a decision making’ process, this is an emotional concentration camp.

      The problem with Islam is that the Pathocrats have always held the reins of power within Islam, and thus to rise in the hierarchy, one must join the ‘party’ and wear the badge.

      Look at the adulation the likes of Arafat and Abbas get from Western Leaders. It takes one to know one……

  6. I wonder if a large part of history can be explained by the somewhat masochistic tendency on the part of normal folks to put psychopaths in power? It does seem as if we constantly elect psychopaths. I remember a few in school and they were usually popular and sort of wild seductive people.
    Perhaps this is a reason to re-think patrilineal kings and queens, etc., wherein we necessarily find some luck and end up with normal leaders by chance once in awhile.

    Do you think we are becoming–over thousands of years–kinder and more gentle to one another? i.e. we are progressing?, or has history left us about the same as we were in the Tigris valley in 8000 BC?

    Looking at the twentieth century causes some question here, I’m afraid.

    • A masochistic streak implies awareness of the mistake one is making and I can’t say I’ve been able to detect psychopaths, either overt or covert ones. If psychopath = jerk then who hasn’t seen one though the troublesome ones are the seductive ones.

      The original American scheme was that even psychopaths would oppose each other in the halls of government and check each other. Extreme growth of the distant federal government combined with enormous tax revenues and a corrupt press have insulated disgraceful politicians from voter wrath, such as it is.

      A limiting of the franchise would do wonders, such as limiting it to high school grads, literates, non-felons, and seconds generation immigrants, inter alia. But monarchy doesn’t look bad at all either.

      I’d say we’re much the same now as then. Confucius thought one of the attributes of a refined man was “human heartedness” and that was along time ago. The bohdisatva (sp?) in Buddhism felt an obligation to suffering mankind in the blizzard of earthly sensations and pain. Those philosophies were enormously influential.

  7. Great essay except for one statement:
    “I have experienced it again just in the relationship between my Ukrainian and Russian colleagues. People who were friends before suddenly became zealous in their hatred of each other.”
    In history Ukrainians and Russians were never really friends. It is a myth. The relationship was always of a big bully “brother” ( if you can call him a brother) over his smaller but distinctly different sibling, not unlike the relationship between dominant Muslim rulers and the dhimmi who had to pay jizyah and were in effect second class citizens.

    • The etymology of “Ukraine” is uncertain, but the likeliest meaning is “borderlands”. So when the Soviets (and the rest of us, by default) used to call it “The Ukraine” it was a way of diminishing its status.

    • The Ukraine has been in a constant state of terror for almost the whole of history. In modern times both the Austro-Hungarians and the Russians committed atrocities in Galicia (western Ukraine) in WW1, and it has never really stopped since. That is a hundred years of hell……

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