“We shall now proceed to construct the Islamic order”

Everybody knows the iconic guy in the little red picture. But just in case you’ve been in cryogenic stasis for the past sixty years, he’s Ernesto “Che” Guevara, the murderous Argentinean communist revolutionary and darling of the progressive Left since 1967.

Vlad Tepes and I decided it was time to update the Che iconography to the 21st century and the hip new revolution being waged by the Islamic State. Those ISIS mujahideen are the role models for disaffected young men and the heartthrobs of impressionable young ladies all across the Western world.

Vlad and I collaborated on a new icon for the revolutionary Ummah. It features a guy that progressives the world over can embrace:

Meet Mehmet “Mahmoud” bin Mohammed, the rough-ridin’ AK-carryin’ Jew-killin’ slave-takin’ infidel-beheadin’ warrior of the Islamic State.

His favorite song? “Tomorrow Belongs To Me”.

6 thoughts on ““We shall now proceed to construct the Islamic order”

  1. The Koran is like a cosmic Clown Car- it’s amazing how many buffoons can issue from it.

  2. Pretty soon the same leftists with the Che shirts will be wearing this on their shirts.

    • There is a section of the community for whom killing is fun, and tomorrow always belongs to them if we don’t look after today.

      Today you can choose to support Geller and Spencer, or you can choose to justify those who choose to shoot at them because its fun, and because a political religion removes their inhibitions and they become predatory animals, with zookeepers to feed them….

      They were foiled by an off duty cop with a good line in sharpshooting.

      lucky hey!

      Local police had 3 hours warning from the FBI that THEY were on their way, but did not pass on the information to the security guards at the site, could it be that the authorities too wanted a massacre? No of course not.

      “the FBI says it sent a bulletin with photographs of Simpson, 31, and a license plate to local police in Garland. But a Garland Police Department spokesperson told CBS News it had “no information” that Simpson and accomplice Nadir Soofi were headed their way.”

      curiouser and curiouser.

      Might does not have to be right, we have a choice.

      • P.S When I watched “Cabaret” Probably 35 to 40 years ago, I missed the relevance of this sequence because I failed to identify the young Nazi vocalist with the growing leftist Fascism that was beginning to hold sway in the 70’s.

        I think I will re-watch it, it is a sad but prescient tale of amorality and unhappiness.

        • You should, MC. One of my two favourite filmed musicals (with “West Side Story”). The principal characters are flawed but likeable (unlike in Ebb and Kandar’s later “Chicago”). And “Tomorrow Belongs to Me”, like the Stones’ “Gimmie Shelter” or Wagner’s Pilgrims’ Hymn from “Tannhauser”, is sheer concentrated horror, visceral and oddly arousing in ways I’d prefer not to think about.

  3. From the viewpoint of graphic art, the chartreuse crescent and star (why is the star so small?) make a nice color contrast with the washed-out red of the rest of the image. But why the darkness at top and bottom? At first I thought the slogan at the top must be “VOLU[N]T[EER FOR THE] UMMAH”, or possibly a reference to Tennessee Muslims in the Volunteer State. The man seems to be wearing a political button, but it’s too dark to read. (Is it maybe the “alll Jews Dog” logo seen on the ISIS flag?) The Arapaho hairstyle is a nice Native American touch, but the face looks nothing like the familiar image of Che. Is it perhaps the face of one of our favorite prophets, in clean-shaven taqiyya-inspired disguise?

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