“We Are on the Brink of a Great Catastrophe”

Haim Dynovisz is a French-speaking rabbi who now lives in Israel. He recorded the following video back in January, a few days after the Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris. In it he advises the people of the West, especially Western Jews, to stop being lulled to sleep by the lies of their political leaders. He maintains that the nature of Islam and Muslims is radically misunderstood in the West, whose leaders believe that Muslims think and reason the same way they do.

Rabbi Dynovisz has a dire message for the rabbis and Jewish communities of France: “Leave before it’s too late.”

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

The above clip is a lengthy excerpt from the original video. A shorter excerpt will be available later.

Transcript (times are from the original longer video):

00:00   Today is Thursday
00:04   24 (Tevet)? and
00:08   15 January 2015
09:22   France continues.
09:26   France who is porte-parole,
09:30   (aware or not ) for Europe
09:34   and more widely of the West or for a
09:38   certain part of the West. France continues to absolutely deny
09:42   the evidence and wants to re-name things
09:46   and not give them their real names.
09:50   Those who run their cars into people are “mental”,
09:54   and look at how France,
09:58   the word is perhaps strong, abjectly
10:02   in the sense that they hold hostage
10:06   inside a net of lies, 50 million,
10:10   60 million people in doing everything
10:14   so that they don’t wake up,
10:18   how they disarm them in the face of
10:22   what is happening.
10:27   How France holds her own population
10:31   hostage by this refusal
10:35   to call things by their names. Let’s take one example,
10:39   so clear and so enormous that
10:43   no-one sees it any longer. The manner
10:47   in which those who massacred the journalists
10:51   of Charlie Hebdo are described.
10:55   The word was: we will not allow
10:59   an attack on the supreme value
11:03   of France: Freedom of speech
11:07   these wicked persons have attacked freedom
11:11   of speech, which is the soul, the essence,
11:15   the flag of France. Indeed France,
11:19   as one knows, shines by its freedom of speech
11:23   of a certain kind, but that’s not the subject,
11:27   however superficially it’s true. So the meme:
11:31   We will not permit an attack our freedom
11:35   of speech. Look how
11:39   the intellectual horror is not even ashamed any longer
11:43   to show itself and to speak.
11:47   Yes this was a terror attack against the freedom of
11:51   speech. Only the “freedom of speech”?
11:55   French people, they lie to you,
11:59   and you are lied to with such malice,
12:03   with such chutzpa that I don’t understand how you did not take to the streets
12:07   by the millions
12:11   to revolt against the lies that they spew into your faces.
12:15   Against freedom of speech only?
12:19   Do you understand what I am trying to say?
12:23   Against freedom of speech. But that’s nothing;
12:27   in reality they lie to you and hide the real problem.
12:31   It is not against freedom of speech,
12:35   the problem. It’s against the freedom to exist.
12:39   It is your existence itself which is attacked.
12:43   Not only your right to express yourselves.
12:47   By choosing to present these terrorists
12:51   as those who attack freedom of speech, the
12:55   French leaders have deliberately
12:59   chosen to lie, to minimise to the extremity
13:03   of the real problem. Because one can well survive without
13:07   expressing oneself. But here it’s much more serious.
13:11   What is targetted
13:15   is simply the right to exist.
13:19   The right of the West
13:23   the right of the Westerner, the right of the Christian
13:27   or the secular to exist.
13:31   This is what it is about, and they don’t want to tell you the truth.
13:35   Let’s go a little further.
13:39   Of course the immediate official reaction
13:43   was: we must not
13:47   confuse the issue; we must not sink into
13:51   confusion and fanaticism; they are not all like this; the great majority
13:55   are not like that. But do you
13:59   understand the criminal significance
14:03   of this affirmation, which in itself is correct,
14:07   which does not diminish in any way
14:11   its criminal dimension? Why criminal?
14:15   But of course, and we all agree, and I tell you
14:19   most sincerely, we are all agreed
14:23   that the majority of Muslims have nothing
14:27   to do with the monsters who act in their name.
14:31   But it’s obvious, it’s more than evident
14:36   one has to be a total idiot to feel the need to say it,
14:40   because one has to be fully (sorry about the rude word)
14:44   cretinous and worse to imagine that they are all
14:48   like that. But why do I say that it’s criminal
14:52   to say it? Because, French people, once more
14:56   they put you to sleep, they prevent you from waking up.
15:00   They do not tell you the truth.
15:04   They do not remind you of obvious historical facts which an 8-year-old
15:08   should know about and understand.
15:12   What do I mean?
15:16   I mean that evidently the great majority has nothing to do with
15:20   these terrorists. But the problem, my friends, is that history
15:24   was never made – neither good nor
15:28   bad – with or thanks to the majority.
15:32   It was never the majority who
15:36   made history. The majority did not create the world and
15:40   the majority has never destroyed the world, the majority has never changed the world,
15:44   and the majority has never prevented the world from changing.
15:48   It’s not the majority who brought us freedom;
15:52   it’s never the majority who takes away freedom;
15:56   it’s never the majority who kills, who massacres or who commits genocide.
16:00   Never! It’s always the minority.
16:04   It’s only the minority who makes history, in good as in evil,
16:08   and unfortunately mostly in evil.
16:12   It was always the majority who made history.
16:16   Even as a Jew, a child of parents who escaped the Holocaust,
16:20   I affirm that it was not the majority of Germans
16:24   who were Nazis, but it was the majority
16:28   of Germans who did not prevent the Nazis
16:32   from ruling Germany.
16:36   It’s the minority who makes history.
16:40   It’s not the majority.
16:44   What does a minority need? A cowardly and silent majority,
16:48   a majority that does not dare
16:52   to expose itself to danger and face a minority
16:56   that is mad, vicious and dangerous.
17:00   And when the minority faces a majority
17:04   that’s silent, lazy and cowardly,
17:08   the minority drags along the majority
17:12   and forces it to accept what the minority wants.
17:16   That was the case in Germany.
17:20   It was like this in history; all dictatorships used
17:24   a cowardly and silent majority to impose their will.
17:28   The dictatorship of the minority.
17:32   It is absolutely evident,
17:36   even more evident
17:41   than what we are saying,
17:45   when we affirm that the majority of Muslims have nothing
17:49   to do with terrorism. It’s absolute evidence.
17:53   But equally absolute evidence is
17:57   to say that this majority does not
18:01   oppose, and will never oppose the
18:05   minority that
18:09   if it manages to impose itself,
18:13   will take with them without any difficulty
18:17   the majority, if only by their silence.
18:21   And one of the millions of proofs
18:25   until today, including
18:29   the march which gathered 1 or 2 or 3
18:33   million people some days ago.
18:37   Up to now have you seen the Muslim majority
18:41   protest in all the countries of the world
18:45   by the million, by the billion,
18:49   because they are hundreds of millions,
18:53   the Muslim majority protest, even if only
18:57   to shout their indignation in the face of
19:01   what is happening in Syria or in Iraq?
19:05   Have you seen this majority protest, speak up
19:09   by hundreds of millions in the street: “that’s not Islam”?
19:13   No. And even in this march
19:17   which took place a few days ago, it was not a protest,
19:21   thanks to the initiative of
19:25   the Muslim population. It’s the French government.
19:29   In a way it’s France
19:33   that protested. It’s not Islam.
19:37   Even if there were among them probably
19:41   some thousands of Muslims, but it was as citizens of France,
19:45   not as representatives of Islam.
19:49   So we still wait for this protest march,
19:53   which should attract several thousand millions of Muslim
19:57   in the world. But where are you? Protest! Get into the streets!
20:01   Raise up the honour of Allah of Mohammed your prophet,
20:05   whom we respect sincerely; we have nothing
20:09   against Allah, nor Mohammed nor
20:13   the Koran. Nothing.
20:17   We have nothing against you. But where are you?
20:21   Why don’t you protest? Why
20:25   don’t you distance yourselves, officially, openly
20:29   from the monsters who use your god, your prophet
20:33   and your Koran to smear the image
20:37   of Muslims all over the entire world. Why don’t you do something?
20:41   Until there is proof to the contrary, I have the answer:
20:45   because you are not different from the others.
20:49   You are just like all the others, in the whole world; you are
20:53   the silent majority who allow
20:57   and will allow the mad minority
21:01   to perhaps take power one day,
21:05   and to massacre down to the very last Frenchman in France,
21:09   the last non-Muslim European in Europe,
21:13   and who knows how far this will go? And in a certain way,
21:17   knowingly or not, you prepare the extinction
21:21   of Europe. Once more, let’s return
21:25   to that so-called “evidence”
21:29   proclaimed highly by all the world’s governments
21:33   and recently by France: No conflation! But who talks about “amalgame”
21:38   who apart from a raging mad racist
21:42   would recognise themselves
21:46   in an accusation “they are ALL like this”. Obviously
21:50   they are not ALL like this. I, who today suffer
21:54   so much as a Jew because of Islam,
21:58   I make no conflation, and I affirm loud and clear
22:02   that they are not all like this and that the majority
22:06   is not like this. But what has that to do with the historical reality!
22:10   It’s not the majority who will commit genocide
22:14   against the world; it’s the minority surfing on a majority
22:18   that’s cowardly, lazy and silent.
22:22   Just like all majorities.
22:26   So in the end: they lie, they lie, they lie
22:30   and they continue to lie. Whatever you do, French people, don’t wake up.
22:34   Remain asleep. Put your trust
22:38   in the Republic which, of course, will take care of your future,
22:42   and will do everything to save you from extinction. Continue to trust
22:46   all those liars who lie to you and who don’t call things
22:50   by their names. Those who mow you down
22:54   with their cars are not mentally retarded.
22:58   Those who assassinated journalists
23:02   at Charlie Hebdo are not only
23:06   extremists who hate freedom of expression,
23:10   and the minority who do not represent
23:14   the majority does not care not to belong
23:18   to the majority because anyway
23:22   they don’t need the majority to get into power;
23:26   they only need to be allowed to take power.
23:30   And the majority, knowingly or not, does everything
23:34   to let them take power.
23:38   Let’s go a little further. Let’s analyse these
23:42   events. This famous march
23:46   which brought together in France and Paris
23:50   more than 1 million protesters, and in France even more,
23:54   and of course everyone is moved.
23:58   The Republic watches over us, we have no
24:02   worries, that’s it,
24:06   things are under control. Firstly,
24:10   before analysing what happened, just a little history.
24:14   Ah, suddenly France seems to wake up,
24:18   but after decades
24:22   during which France and Europe
24:26   planted the seeds of
24:30   lies in an earth of hypocrisy.
24:34   Did you expect anything other
24:39   than a harvest of death and terrorism?
24:43   What am I saying:
24:47   For decades
24:51   Europe has knelt before
24:55   Islam. Not Islam as “religion”,
24:59   but Islam as economic, political force,
25:03   whatever.
25:07   It’s already been decades that France
25:11   that Europe, through self-interest of course,
25:15   not for making them happy nor out of respect,
25:19   but it has been decades that Europe has been playing the card
25:23   of Islam, the Arab and the Muslim card.
25:27   Petrol etc.
25:31   For decades Europe
25:35   has hoped that showing its face
25:39   smiling and understanding,
25:43   always on the side of
25:47   those who serve the interests
25:51   of France or Europe. It’s been decades
25:55   that Europe has imagined earning
25:59   the kindness,
26:03   the respect of that world there,
26:07   and for decades Europe and France have been
26:11   making the same mistake: it’s not
26:15   by kneeling down before them
26:19   that you will gain respect and consideration.
26:23   Even if it is clear that
26:27   these genuflections are simply self-interest.
26:31   That’s perhaps even worse, because in their eyes,
26:35   if one kneels down before them
26:39   and smiles and makes whoopee and pirouettes,
26:43   even if it serves
26:47   your self-interest, but everything you gain
26:51   in exchange is totally disreputable,
26:55   held in total contempt. Because there is one thing
26:59   you don’t want to understand, that is that the West, including Israel,
27:03   because unfortunately we here in Israel are strongly influenced
27:07   by Western thought or malady – you want to
27:11   absolutely put into your head
27:15   that their world functions like yours,
27:19   that the Muslim mind resembles the mind
27:23   of the Christian. That Arabs react
27:27   and function like Westerners.
27:31   But what you have refused to understand for decades,
27:35   with them, they function
27:39   exactly inversely.
27:43   Try to understand this crazy mechanism of “I do one thing and they understand the complete opposite”.
27:47   Among us, if I do something one understands what I do. When I say
27:51   “one” everyone hears “one”, when I say “white” everyone understands “white” How come
27:55   when I say “one” they hear “two or zero” when I say “white” they hear “black”
27:59   or “green” or “blue”? How is it possible?
28:03   The answer is simple: you are so full of pride,
28:07   to believe that you know all, and to
28:11   dump your kind of thinking onto others, that you fail to realise
28:16   that you have bought the rope
28:20   by which you are about to hang yourself. These people
28:24   don’t think like you.
28:28   When you try to smile at them, to show
28:32   that you are on their side, that you kneel down in front of them, that
28:36   you have empathy, that you do everything to serve their interests,
28:40   all this with them
28:44   is understood in one word:
28:48   weakness, cowardice,
28:52   lack of dignity. They don’t understand
28:56   things the way you think they do.
29:00   “If we are on your side, be on our side.”
29:04   “If we are with you out of self-interest, at least be with us
29:08   out of self-interest.
29:12   This is a Western, a Christian discourse, it doesn’t work.
29:16   They don’t understand this.
29:20   They respect only strength, only courage, only grandeur,
29:24   only resolution. That civilisation
29:28   understands only the language of the strong.
29:32   Not the one of love, of kindness,
29:36   of compassion, of pity, not even that of self-interest.
29:40   They only respect the strong.
29:44   And when they see that the West, especially the French,
29:48   start to make pirouettes and summersaults
29:52   and all forms of prostration,
29:56   even if they know that this is only
30:00   superficial, because
30:04   in the end everyone acts in their own interest,
30:08   but the difference is that the real Muslim
30:12   even in his self-interest he does not prostrate himself, he does not
30:16   lower his head, he does not make pirouettes
30:20   even in his own interest because Islam
30:24   venerates only the strong
30:28   and force, and he respects only the one who knows how to get respect.
30:32   so, little French, how are you seen?
30:36   what do you look like? You look
30:40   cowardly, weak; you have no more dignity
30:44   in their eyes. And the more you try
30:48   to serve their interests, the more you try to be on their side,
30:52   the more compassion and pity you have, the more they
30:56   spit in your face, the more they hate you, the more they will humiliate you
31:00   and the more you will be an object of contempt
31:04   in their eyes, because above all
31:08   they hate those without self respect,
31:12   they hate those who’ve lost their dignity,
31:16   they hate those who will sell
31:20   themselves to serve the interests,
31:24   those who have no more value than a can of petrol.
31:28   And you still don’t get it, it is you,
31:32   you, you, the different French governments who brought
31:37   death on your people. It’s you
31:41   who are preparing everything which has yet to happen,
31:45   because you have not understood, you the Europeans,
31:49   that you have sold your dignity for decades,
31:53   and that is why they will never ever
31:57   forgive you, because they will never
32:01   make peace nor negotiate with
32:05   a civilisation that has sold its dignity.
32:09   And this you will understand, but too late.
32:13   Instead of having learned it softly, calmly
32:17   in the schools, you will learn it
32:21   in the streets. Instead of
32:25   learning it in comfort, you will learn it under terror,
32:29   and that’s irreversible, because
32:33   your disease is already in the stage of death throes,
32:37   and you will be unable to escape. That’s probably why
32:41   the leaders lie to their people, because they know that the patient
32:45   is incurable, so they might as well continue to make them believe that they are madmen
32:49   driving the cars, might as well continue to make them believe
32:53   that only freedom of speech is in danger.
32:57   Might as well keep making them believe
33:01   they are better off and that we will come out of it.
33:05   Continue to put your people to sleep,
33:09   France, continue to sleep, never mind;
33:13   perhaps it’s better to die while asleep than awake.
33:17   Perhaps it hurts less, one is less aware of it.
33:21   I’d like to address another important fact:
33:25   this famous march, yes
33:29   grand march, I’m saying this sincerely,
33:33   but always the same window,
33:37   the same unacceptable window
33:41   which the majority did not analyse.
33:45   I’m not the only one who has seen this.
33:49   I was still in the US when in my inbox
33:53   several emails asked me to intervene,
33:57   to say something, asking me if one should go to this march or not.
34:01   As I have explained, technically and more deeply,
34:05   I did not want to take a position spontaneously,
34:09   but to those who asked me if they should go
34:13   I immediately said no, don’t go.
34:17   Nobody asked me why; those who asked me know me too well,
34:21   and understood my answer well and fast.
34:25   Why? Because at a demonstration where the leader
34:29   of the State of Israel accepts
34:33   finding himself a few meters
34:37   from the representative of the Palestinian Authority –
34:41   I think the message is so
34:46   enormous, the message,
34:50   the terrible message is so enormous,
34:54   that one needs to be of extreme bad faith,
34:58   unimaginable,
35:02   a total refusal to interpret
35:06   what this kind of situation
35:10   could signify,
35:14   a total refusal of interpretation
35:18   to still participate in this kind of demonstration; I explain:
35:22   What is Abbas doing over there?
35:26   What is he doing over there,
35:30   but what is the connection?
35:34   What is the connection. It’s Europe that is in danger today –
35:38   what is the connection? He is not even yet
35:42   an official Leader of State; what is he doing there?
35:46   Later we will try to understand what Benjamin Netanyahu
35:50   did there. But what is Abbas doing there?
35:54   My friends, the message is so cruel
35:58   and so horrid that, frankly,
36:02   I feel ill.
36:06   I nearly fell.
36:10   I feel sick.
36:14   I can hardly say it, I kick my health
36:18   saying it, so much I don’t want to say it, it’s a danger for my health.
36:22   So much, I swear I feel ill saying it.
36:26   What message? But the message is simple.
36:30   Here, at home, in France,
36:34   here in Europe, it is terrorism
36:38   understood, it is only terrorism against freedom of speech,
36:42   of course. Here it’s terrorism
36:46   but against the Jews in Israel, they are not terrorists,
36:50   they are liberators,
36:54   and so that there is no doubt,
36:58   here at home in Israel it’s the Muslims, over there it’s
37:02   the Muslims. Here at home it’s the Muslims over there it’s the Muslims
37:06   referring themselves openly to the Koran
37:10   and to the religion
37:14   of Islam, and at your home, in France it’s
37:18   terrorists who openly refer themselves to the Koran and their religion of Islam.
37:22   So, the bridge… perhaps
37:26   the analogy is a (..?…) If here in Israel
37:30   they are real terrorists, nasty, not nice, so perhaps
37:34   at your place in France also… ahh, no no no no no
37:38   no no no !! Here (France) these are nasty terrorists
37:42   at your place, in Israel, they are liberators,
37:46   even if they do the same thing, even if they speak to
37:50   the same god, invoke the same prophet,
37:54   study the same work: in Israel they are
37:58   liberators; they have the right, the duty to do it,
38:02   and let them continue to do it,
38:06   and to show it to the whole world we can all kick the bucket.
38:10   The world couldn’t care less, they only demonstrate when it happens over there
38:14   in France; one asks Abbas to come urgently,
38:18   even though he has nothing to do over there,
38:22   one asks him to come so that the message remains strong
38:26   “those who kill the Jews in Israel are liberators, not terrorists.”
38:30   My friends,
38:34   it is at the moment of this demonstration (you hear?),
38:38   record it, keep it, because it will come out
38:43   in the near future: The day Abbas
38:47   participated in this demonstration, the French government
38:51   signed by their own hand that the terrorist attacks will continue.
38:55   Yes, you said that
38:59   those who run us down with their cars are liberators;
39:03   in France they are the mentally ill.
39:07   We had the “liberators”; you had your “mentally ill” who
39:11   run down your people. You said that
39:15   the Palestinians had a duty to IMPOSE their peace
39:19   according to their conditions, you
39:23   had Charlie Hebdo, you asked Abbas
39:27   to demonstrate with you to make the entire world understand,
39:31   especially the Jews, that “you just snuff it in Israel”,
39:35   because in Israel they are not terrorists but liberators.
39:39   I prefer to say nothing regarding the continuation of events in France
39:43   You continue to kiss arse
39:47   you continue the very French politics
39:51   of the grand prostitute,
39:55   because for decades France has been
39:59   the grand prostitute who gives herself to the highest bidder.
40:03   You will see how they will treat you,
40:07   you the prostitute, you will see how Islam considers
40:11   prostitutes, it’s exactly the contrary
40:15   which you will reap. But let
40:19   the events come. You know, I remember
40:23   an intervention of mine in summer, when it was the beginning of the beginning,
40:27   when one started to know that there were 2 or 3
40:31   4, 5, 10 French, 4, 3, 5, 10
40:35   English who had joined ISIS
40:39   at that moment (it’s on record).
40:43   Your leaders lie to you; there are already thousands,
40:47   but they don’t tell you. Look at what I said
40:51   when no-one said it yet: “They lie to you”;
40:55   there are already thousands. We had to wait
40:59   only a few weeks, 1 or 2 months maximum until
41:03   governments said “yes it’s true, there are thousands…”
41:07   of French, there are thousands of English, there are thousands of Europeans
41:11   who joined ISIS in Syria and Iraq. You want me to tell you something?
41:15   If they owned up to “thousands”, listen to me, there are tens of thousands.
41:19   The total collapse
41:23   of the politics of assimilation in France.
41:27   Total, there is no greater failure,
41:31   but they will never tell you this, they do not want you to panic, they do not want to tell you
41:35   the truth that if you walk the streets of France you don’t know any longer who
41:39   you will meet today. And you don’t even know
41:43   if you can enter a shop, a café, visit the Eiffel Tower or the Arc de Triomphe,
41:47   because they will not warn you when they
41:51   know that it will blow up, they will continue to put you to sleep,
41:55   because, anyway, it’s too late, so as I said,
41:59   unfortunately today’s politics is: better to die while asleep
42:04   than die while awake, because in any case we will die.
42:08   There is no turning back
42:12   it has been too long, too long,
42:16   that European politics has been a politics of prostitution.
42:20   Hoping for better days, but the
42:24   prostitute will be stoned to death by those
42:28   whom she thought to seduce, and by those
42:32   of whom she thought she was being loved.
42:36   You will see. Now, the presence
42:40   of our head of state at such a demonstration
42:44   is horrible, it’s unforgivable,
42:48   it’s unacceptable. I’m not privy to his little secrets,
42:52   to know if he knew at whose side he was going to demonstrate.
42:56   You understand, of course, that it’s not the personage
43:00   who disturbs me by his presence, it’s the message
43:04   which Europe and especially the French Government wanted to spread via
43:08   his presence or thanks to his presence. What did our (leader)
43:12   do over there. Well,
43:16   sincerely I am so disgusted, so disappointed, so
43:20   shocked as, I think, are thousands
43:24   of Jews in the world, especially Israeli Jews,
43:28   that…I don’t know…I have no answer.
43:32   I have no answer.
43:36   Is this disease so grave that even here,
43:40   where it was to be expected the least, one sees the ravages
43:44   this disease? I don’t know.
43:48   I can only tell you it’s disgusting, sickening,
43:52   it’s abject. I can tell you
43:56   I certainly will revise my position during the next elections
44:00   here in Israel, lest we get an explanation
44:04   so evident, so strong, so acceptable
44:08   that publicly I will present my excuses publicly.
44:12   But as I would be very surprised if we get an explanation, as several days have passed since,
44:16   and we have still no explanation regarding his presence in France.
44:20   I think that many, like myself, will revise their vote
44:24   in March
44:28   because being spat in the face like that
44:32   will remain painful for a long time, and very difficult
44:36   to clean up. However,
44:40   I would, if I dare conclude,
44:44   if a conclusion is possible.
44:48   I think, my friends,
44:52   the situation is very, very grave,
44:56   as I have repeated in my different courses for some time.
45:00   We are on the brink of a great catastrophe,
45:04   and it’s not very Jewish to speak
45:08   like this, even less Hasidic, but it’s more grave
45:12   and criminal to continue to sleep and to
45:16   maintain the sleep. I would like to address
45:20   myself to the Jews of France and Europe.
45:24   Unfortunately, I think that
45:28   in the not too distant future the Jews of America and elsewhere will have to be addressed, also.
45:32   For the moment let’s address the Jews of France,
45:36   especially of France and Europe: Stop your sleep.
45:40   we are at this moment in a period that
45:44   is in every point identical with the period of the 1920s or 1930s
45:48   in Europe.
45:52   I hesitate, but you know
45:56   France, a certain France, has already shown
46:00   that she can also be a collaborator. You know
46:04   the majority of French Jews
46:08   in 1939-45 were arrested by the French police,
46:12   not by the Nazi police.
46:17   Collaboration is a French fact,
46:21   and very French. Don’t trust
46:25   your government, who promise you that the Republic
46:29   will take care
46:33   of its citizens. Don’t trust them, because
46:37   those who don’t even use the historical memory
46:41   to protect themselves,
46:45   what could wake them up? Europe, the world
46:49   has sold us already once; France more specifically
46:53   has sold us already once;
46:57   she will make no present to us the next time,
47:01   no present. And the Republic
47:05   certainly will protect her citizens, but
47:09   you know during difficult moments, they are all citizens except
47:13   the Jews. And France has already proven this.
47:17   My maternal grandfather was a soldier,
47:21   a French soldier decorated in the war 1914-18;
47:25   he was even wounded during that war,
47:29   but, when the French police came to arrest him, and he showed
47:33   his decoration, they told him: “Dirty Jew, shut up.”
47:37   You are but a (?), get out! Yes it’s
47:41   the past, I hope that those who continue
47:45   to think it’s the past will not need to
47:49   remember the past when they are already in the trains which will take them to wherever,
47:53   because it’s unavoidable.
47:57   Europe and especially France will do nothing
48:01   to protect her Jews in the moment where she herself
48:05   has the knife at her throat. The first ones
48:09   she will sell will be the Jews. It’s more than certain,
48:13   and one does not have to be a prophet to know it. History
48:17   will repeat itself, because History already repeats itself.
48:21   Politically,
48:25   the worst enemy of the Jews in the world,
48:29   politically speaking, it’s France.
48:33   Very little is needed for it to get down to
48:37   much larger levels of the population,
48:41   and who knows what the next stages are?
48:45   Jews of France and Jews of Europe: leave before it’s too late.
48:49   Don’t be taken for a ride,
48:53   don’t be misled, stop sleeping.
48:57   Of all the difficulties, the one to come to Israel will be
49:01   the easiest of all.
49:05   And one that very quickly will be transformed in a true
49:09   success. But the other difficulties which wait for you,
49:13   if you stay will end in the trains
49:17   and in death. Don’t listen any longer
49:21   to those who promise you a better future.
49:25   I would like to conclude by addressing myself to
49:29   the Jewish community leaders
49:33   in France and elsewhere, to those responsible for the communities
49:37   to the Rabbis: How much longer
49:41   will you hold your communities hostage?
49:45   How much longer will you lie to them? Until when
49:49   will you continue to be, knowingly or not,
49:54   associated with
50:02   what is happening and will happen?
50:06   Until when? Until when?
50:10   Your duty as Rabbi, as community leader,
50:14   is to set an example, to prepare for your arrival here
50:18   with all your communities. And you have
50:22   the capacity and the means to do this.
50:26   You no longer have the right to silence,
50:30   or worse, to lie. Silence when you don’t take a position,
50:34   or to lie when you make believe to your community that all will go well.
50:38   No, all will go very badly.
50:42   And if you don’t realise this, it’s even worse.
50:46   Then you are not a community leader who has to be capable
50:50   of seeing the long term. And long term, not to say
50:54   medium term, or unfortunately short term
50:58   You must take your communities and come here.
51:02   Europe doesn’t want her Jews any longer.
51:06   France does not want her Jews any longer, even if the official discourse is different.
51:10   France does nothing to protect her Jews, she will
51:14   do nothing once the knife is even closer to her throat.
51:18   France will do nothing, so leave!
51:22   Leave while you still can. Don’t be like those Jews who
51:26   remained in Europe in the thirties,
51:30   in 1935. Be like those
51:34   who left when it was still possible.
51:38   Stop your folly to believe that 3500
51:42   years of suffering and oppression – and you still believe
51:46   that… but when will you wake up?
51:50   Today you have a country, you have a state, you have the possibility
51:54   today to lift up your head and to know at least
51:58   why you fight, why you put yourself in danger, and even why you might
52:02   die perhaps, but at least with dignity,
52:06   as a man, not as
52:10   a coward, not as a weakling
52:14   not as an exile, sick of this disease of exile
52:18   from which he will not heal. Leave before
52:22   it’s too late.

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  1. People, the lights are going out! The cassandras are shouting the warnings. Most won’t heed them. Instead you hear from the superficially learned “it will never happen again.” Meanwhile the wise say that the only lesson we learn from history is that we learn nothing from history.

  2. Nobody can learn anything useful from history as it is normally written and marketed.

    Perhaps 95% of histories are written by leader worshipping yellow journalists who lie both by omission and by fabricating as much history as they can get away with, whilst at the same time ensuring that whatever fables they cook up conform to the official line as determined by the dominant political cult of the day.

    A person who can examine historical evidence realistically, such as Diana West, is too rare a phenomenon.

    That is why we learn nothing useful from history.

  3. Just watched the full 45min video. Absolutely dynamite.

  4. How accurate- how sad… They’ll have to learn on the streets what we already know.

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