Thirty For Freedom, Hundreds of Antifas, Uncountably Many Police

Every Monday evening the Danish anti-Islamization group For Frihed (For Freedom) stages a walk in Copenhagen. And every Monday the “anti-fascists” come out and try to do violence against the “racists” of For Freedom. There are now at least six times as many antifas as For Freedom marchers, and an indefinite but very large number of police.

Below is a Danish TV news report about last Monday’s march in Copenhagen. Many thanks to Liberty DK for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling.

Note: the TV reporter made a mistake when saying that “most” of the arrests were of counter-demonstrators. Thus far ALL arrests have been of counter-demonstrators; none of the For Freedom marchers have been arrested. Nicolai Sennels was able to have this error corrected in later broadcasts.


00:17   Demonstrations like this draw on police resources.
00:23   Police in riot gear are present every Monday to secure the peace.
00:29   Since January the group For Freedom (For Frihed), previously known as PEGIDA, has demonstrated against
00:35   Islamisation. The demonstration attracts a growing number of aggressive counter-demonstrators,
00:41   and requires a large number of police to prevent confrontation. Police in riot gear were at Axel Torv last evening
00:47   for the 17th Monday in a row. We use relatively many policemen and we have done that for quite some time.
00:53   And that can be felt. Since January the anti-Islamification group For Freedom, the earlier PEGIDA, demonstrated every week
00:59   by walking through Copenhagen. They started with several hundred but are now only about 30.
01:05   Each time, the demonstration has been met by counter-demonstrators. They have, by contrast, not lost in numbers.
01:11   Yesterday they were 200. More and more counter-demonstrators are present and they are becoming more and more aggressive.
01:18   So it is becoming more and more difficult for us to handle the situation with dialogue police, which we prefer,
01:24   so in future there will be more police in riot gear that we will see at the demonstration.
01:30   The police will not, for tactical reasons, disclose the number of police, but as we can see it is a large number.
01:36   Would there be as many police present if it was only the For Freedom demonstration that was there?
01:42   No there would only be about two officers present to walk with them. More and more counter-demonstrators attempt to get close by coming out from cafés and alleyways
01:48   when the demonstration walks by. They make noise, shout, and use whistles.
01:54   They block or throw eggs or water-balloons. Nicolai Sennels, as foreman for For Freedom, has
02:00   gone in the front every time. The police do a really good job to protect our peaceful and legal demonstration.
02:06   In the start, the counter-demonstration was organized by Copenhagen for Multiculturalism and reported to the police.
02:12   This gave the police the possibility to separate the two groups. Today the counter-demonstration is a motley group that does not register their counter-demonstration.
02:18   We have today talked to the spokesman of those who call themselves “here is the rebellion” and who, according to themselves,
02:24   only disturb with whistles and shouting. What do you think about that it is you who are causing police resources to be used and not the original demonstration?
02:30   It is not who are choosing to use police resources. We just want to make it hard for these people,
02:36   PEGIDA racists. But should it cost so much in police resources? It makes it so that people see a conflict instead of
02:42   seeing some people trying to make hate against Muslims into something normal.
02:48   You have relatively few demonstrators left, is it worth it using so many police officers on that? Apparently it is, but we
02:54   have to remember that the police are not present because of us, the police are present because of those who are trying to attack us.
03:00   But could you find another way to communicate your message? Naw…we walk peacefully with our legal demonstration.
03:06   Yesterday 5 were arrested and 35 charged, primarily counter-demonstrators. The police will in future hit back even harder.
03:12   We try to charge them for everything we can because it gets worse and worse every Monday so have to do something.
03:18   The counter-demonstrations say that they will continue their protest as long as For Frihed (For Freedom)
03:24   continue their demonstrations.

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