The Motoons Come to Bornholm — Or Do They?

Bornholm is a Danish island in the Baltic south of Sweden, east of the rest of Denmark. Every year a political festival is held on the island, attracting representatives from various parties as well as ordinary citizens, who engage in informal political discussions.

This year’s event has been in the news because of the planned attendance of various “far right” politicians from all over Europe, including Geert Wilders of the PVV in the Netherlands. Yesterday the event became even more controversial when it was announced that a selection of Mohammed cartoons would be on display:

Mohammed Cartoons Coming to Denmark

Next month’s political festival on the island of Bornholm has already attracted Islam critics and nationalists — now it will also include the Mohammed drawings that were the target of a shooting in the US earlier this month.

The People’s Meeting (Folkemødet) on Bornholm grows more controversial by the day.

After the uproar surrounding the invitation to Dutch politician and prominent Islam critic Geert Wilders, it was announced that a host of European nationalists will attend at the invitation of the far-right Danes’ Party (Danskernes Parti).

But later yesterday it emerged that no Motoons will be allowed at Folkemødet after all. Many thanks to Liberty DK for the translation from Politiko, a slightly different version of which was published earlier at Vlad Tepes:

The people’s meeting must be held with words and arguments, not with deeply provocative drawings.

So says Mayor of Bornholm Regional Municipality, Winni Grosbøll (S), who flatly refuses to let the works from the recent “Draw the Prophet Mohammed” competition by the American Islam-critic Pamela Geller be exhibited at the political festival.

“The people’s meeting is about words and arguments. The drawings would completely short-circuit the debate. There is no reason to do that, and you can easily have discussions without doing so with pictures and drawings,” she says, calling it an unnecessary provocation:

“They do not belong here. They will have to find a gallery or an art exhibition that will show that sort of stuff,” she says.

The organizations “Stop the Islamisation of Denmark” (SIAD) and “Free Denmark” organized the political “Progress Party” tent at the public meeting, and wanted to include the drawings. Anders Gravers Pedersen, the head of SIAD, explains that they had intended to exhibit the drawings from Islam critic Pamela Geller’s competition. The competition was the victim of an attack in early May.

Two armed assassins, self-proclaimed Islamists allegedly linked to the Islamic State, were shot and killed as they tried to penetrate the venue in Garland, Texas.

Pamela Geller is known as a very vocal critic of Islam. She has, amongst other things, fought against the building of an Islamic cultural center near Ground Zero in New York. She has also accused President Barack Obama of being a secret Muslim who wants to destroy the United States.

Hat tip for The Local: Fjordman.

10 thoughts on “The Motoons Come to Bornholm — Or Do They?

  1. “[Pamela Geller] has also accused President Barack Obama of being a secret Muslim who wants to destroy the United States.”
    This is news to me. Why are her exact words not quoted, and their source cited?

    • I had posted a long reply that disappeared into the bowels of WordPress. Wasn’t important anyway.

      To sum up, you’d have to go thru her posts, maybe around ~2010ff to find the various references. Or her book may have similar statements.

      At any rate this snip you cite seems to be part of the block quote of that larger news piece which also mentions Anders Gravers of SIOD – “Stop the Islamization of Denmark”. There are or were a bunch of one or two people orgs called S.I.O._ SIOA (“America”) is part of Spencer and Geller’s umbrella foundation, the name of which has gotten away from me. It’t the one they used for their bus ads.

      Denmark’s SIOD is Anders and perhaps some of his associates; but there is much other work going on in Denmark besides and one hopes some mutual cooperation.

      I no longer remember the other SIO_ entities. I think Spencer and Geller own that SIO_ concept. I mean it may be copyrighted by now, or the URLs owned. Back in the mists of time some people who published at New English Review started out with it, but somehow it ended up with S&G.I don’t think the originals had done much with it. SIO_ is an excellent idea but one has to have people on the ground in each country willing to work on bringing it to reality. And in Europe, that’s lonely walk what with antifa waiting around every corner. IIRC, Anders Gravers was assaulted for his work.

      Being small and without access to that wealth, GoV has to rely on long-term, under-the-radar team building through a network of anonymous ppl who are willing to work for nothing beyond our high regard. That means no career tracks in our counterjihad pushback. We work happily at the margins, glad to have the famous people on the same side.

      I especially admire what the PEGIDA movement has done as it has caught fire in other cities. It makes me wonder what causes something to take off and fire people’s hope and imaginations. In today’s world, it probably has to be non-hierarchical and distributed…but the Baron does the heavy math lifting. I’ll leave that to him.

    • I think that the term “accused” is questionable. Geller has a brain and a spine, so obviously she recognizes that Barack Obama is a taqiyya practicing Muslim, and that he his repeatedly and openly stated ambition is to obliterate the foundational principles of the United States of America. But she is not in the habit of directly addressing Obama, even as a rhetorical device, so I don’t know that she’s ever accused him so much as simply stated obvious facts for the record.

  2. This is total cowardice, but I can understand that. Few people have the [manly equipment] to risk facing a crazed muslamic beheader, especially in a place that outlaws guns or CCW. By the way, is there any way to get those cartoons before they are burned down by the PC brigade?

  3. We need to stop calling every recognition that Muslims are willing to murder people over cartoons “cowardice” and start having a constructive conversation about how to respond to the very real and obvious fact that a criminal conspiracy to murder people who don’t submit to the diktats of the Koran.

    Yes, it is cowardly when people pretend that there is any other reason not to show the Motoon’s than the very real concern that Muslims will respond by murdering people and that the national governments of the Western world have abdicated any responsibility for taking action to avert or deter such murders. And that is what appears to be the case from the short snippet of this Mayor’s statements on the issue.

    But we need to admit that there is a legitimate cause for concern before we can make the case that Koranic Islam must be treated as a murderous criminal conspiracy. And we must make that case if we are to effectively oppose Koranic Islam. We need to recognize that the threat of death does impose limits on our freedom, and we are NOT free to show Motoons when the government will effectively permit Muslims to murder us for it.

    Western national governments have basically declared that Motoons are a crime punishable by death…even if they usually outsource the actual executions to the ‘Muslim sector’ (though my own execution was handled by the uniformed agents of the government, albeit rather sloppily and less-effectually).

    We need to recognize that before we can protest it. We need to protest it before we can fight it. We must fight it before we can change it.

    • “But we need to admit that there is a legitimate cause for concern before we can make the case that Koranic Islam must be treated as a murderous criminal conspiracy.”

      Oh yes. Western governments have laws against hate crimes, hate books, and hate libels, against “identifiable groups” . . . etc. They can’t bring themselves to admit that we have a clear case of hate crime. Instead, those who point out what the Hate Book states are accused of hate crime.
      Are we not luck to have such a democracy!
      No wonder clear-eyed invaders hate such a destructive cult.

    • Private events with private security. Not legally possible in every country, but should be done anywhere that it is possible.

    • Excellent synopsis of needing intelligent discourse & proposed action. If we are to have honest, constructive conversation about Islam, it must begin with undeniable fact the Koran contains violent, pro-death, satanic verses about killing, beheading “infidels”. Unlike Christianity, the religion of Islam has not evolved beyond the 7th century. Nor has there been any reformation. Because of its inability to evolve, promote human rights, and the universally accepted “Golden Rule” – the Koran should be outlawed in Western civilization.

  4. I suspect that a lot of what we call ‘cowardice’ is also sheer laziness (and greed).

    Why bother? Its easier (and cheaper) just to submit.

    The object of the exercise is to make a pot of money for the Bornholm community and its leaders, not to pay it all out again on expensive security – there are limits you know.

    The counter is to move the venue to somewhere where there is actually respect for freedom and not for profit.

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