Sunday Night Video Roundup

Here’s another batch of videos that have accumulated over the last few days, all due to tips from Vlad Tepes.

First, four buses were burned in Copenhagen, after pro-Palestinian ads were removed from their sides:

A recent SNL sketch, “Picture Perfect” — Draw Muhammad in a game show:

Ezra Levant discusses the AP tweet to the effect that Pamela Geller said she had no regrets about holding an event that resulted in two deaths:

Bosch Fawstin Talks to Brian Lilley of about the Draw Muhammad contest, the terror attack, and his apostasy from Islam:

3 thoughts on “Sunday Night Video Roundup

  1. You know, I thought SNL really nailed it on this one.
    The entire media is ashamed to say that the Islamic political ideology, religion, is making serious inroads into our culture.
    Do you think that 20 years ago this skit would have had the impact that it does today? Most would have dismissed it as racial bigotry.
    Now, it has been demonstrated that push back to Islam is a real threat.
    By real I mean that any push back in the name of our culture is now met with threats of bodily harm.
    There isn’t really a lot more to say about the cartoon/free speech festival that Ms. Geller orchestrated.
    If you do what we tell you to do, we will not try to kill you. Coming to a
    community near you…
    I think Mark Steyn has quite an illustrative post up:
    “Stay quiet and you’ll be okay:” Those were Mohammed Atta’s words to his passengers on 9/11. And they’re what all the nice respectable types are telling us now.”

  2. The only way to draw Mohammad is with flies.

    If elephant dung was good enough for the Madonna then blowflies are fine for the prophet.

    Arrange flypaper in this pattern near a manure pile


    and let nature fill in the blanks.

  3. There are at least a dozen things wrong typically with mainstream news coverage of Garland, and Islam in general. But something that never fails to irritate the heck out of me – and also to disturb and worry me – is their casual and frequent use of “the Prophet Mohammed”. To quote Mark Steyn, “he’s not my prophet, just some dead bloke.”

    It’s subtle things like this which speak to our society’s dangerous and seemingly steady surrender to, or at least acceptance of, Islam and its toxicity. We are *not* an Islamic state and Mohammed it *not* our prophet. Got that CNN? Good – I’m glad we cleared that up….

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