Sister Diana Beats State Dept Visa Vendetta

This is very good news:

Pressure from outraged Newsmax TV viewers and others has forced the State Department to reverse course and grant a visa allowing an Iraqi nun into the United States to speak out about “Christian genocide” in the Middle East, author Johnnie Moore revealed Friday on “Newsmax Prime.”

In an interview with host J.D. Hayworth, Moore credited Newsmax TV viewers with helping to put enormous pressure on the Obama administration to allow Dominican Sister Diana Momeka to come to Washington to talk about the persecution of Christians in her war-torn nation.

“Newsmax made the first call to contact government officials, and I’m absolutely convinced that we wouldn’t have seen the response that we saw had Newsmax not stepped up. I’m incredibly grateful for what you did,” Moore said.

There are more details at the link.

I hadn’t been able to find any further news on the fate of this visa vendetta, until I ran across an update on Twitter. Thanks to Ophidian Pilot for the news.

4 thoughts on “Sister Diana Beats State Dept Visa Vendetta

  1. It seems Obama has unashamedly embraced the Muslim ideology submission idea and not the Christian and other religions Love and Compassion idea. He of course never has to worry about an exit strategy.

  2. If I were this nun I might think long and hard about asking for asylum. Could she make more of an impact ginning up support and money in the west than the good she could do in the battle zone?
    I don’t know, but it is worth considering.

    • She has a teaching job in Kurdistan to which she is devoted. She belongs to an order of nuns there and is part of that community. She is also considered a charismatic teacher and would be sorely missed. The battle zone is her home; she fled it with other Christians. Wants to come here to raise awareness. IIRC, it was Trent Lott who heard her speak and pushed for her to come to raise money for their desperate needs and to speak to Congressional committees re the situation.

    • She’s too much of a leader for that. Her asking for asylum would be like a military officer running off and asking for asylum somewhere while his soldiers were fighting and his countrymen were getting slaughtered.

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