Shots Fired at the Mohammed Art Contest Event

Updates from Facebook (thanks Papa Whiskey):

Two subjects opened fire on a Garland Police officer. The two subjects who shot at the officer have been killed. The Muhammad Art Exhibit was going on at the time.

There are multiple reports that two explosives have been placed in the area of Curtis Caldwell Center. Businesses in the area have been evacuated. FBI Bomb Squad, Garland SWAT, and Rowlett SWAT are on location.

A law enforcement source confirms to me that two Middle Eastern men opened fire with semi-automatic weapons. At least one of the suspects had a hand grenade.

New tweet from WFAA-TV reporter:

“Overhearing Officer. ‘This was a direct attack, they (suspects) were ready to go.’”

Further update: People are filing back into the room, more than an hour later.

Update: More information here. More also at Breitbart (thanks, Vlad).

This is the live stream for Pamela Geller’s event in Texas. Shots fired outside the venue, possible explosives, police injured, suspects injured.

They’re locked down, moving to a more secure location in the building:

6 thoughts on “Shots Fired at the Mohammed Art Contest Event

  1. This is going to be a defining moment in the counter-jihad movement. The Western right will now have this moment as definitive proof that Muslims know that Robert Spencer speaks the truth about Islam.

  2. Report: 2 jihadists shot dead before they could kill an Infidel.
    obama in mourning; vows to renew push for gun control.
    If you think I’m fantasizing, just remember that he declared that the future must not belong to those who insult the profit mohammed.

  3. The future WILL belong to those who insult the pedophile psychopath false prophet of Islam!

    What the future will not belong to is backward barbaric evil cult of Islam.

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