Out on Bail and Thinking About Killing a Priest

A Catholic church in Brampton, a suburb west of Toronto, was vandalized by a culturally enriched young fellow named Iqbal Hessan. Based on surveillance videos, Mr. Hessan damaged and desecrated St. Catherine of Siena church. And he also told police investigators that he wanted to kill a priest.

So what did the magistrate do? Why, he let the miscreant out on bail, of course!

Ezra Levant of TheRebel.media talks about the incident in the following clip:

Below is a news report about the reaction of the pastor at St. Catherine of Siena church:

Pastor at Vandalized Church ‘Surprised’ He Wasn’t Told of Threat Against Priests

Accused man out on bail

BRAMPTON — The pastor at St. Catherine of Siena church wants to know why police didn’t tell him that a Cooksville man who is out on bail after being accused of committing crimes that targeted his church had thoughts of killing or hurting a priest.

Father Camillo Lando said he is holding a meeting with his two priests today to “tell them to be careful” after hearing of the disturbing allegations that were revealed in Brampton court yesterday during the bail hearing for 22-year-old Iqbal Hessan.

Court heard that in his statements to police after his arrest this week, Hessan said he was thinking of killing or hurting a priest the night he’s alleged to have broken into the church.

“We should be aware of this,” Lando said. “If he is threatening us, why was he released? And why wouldn’t the police call to tell me he said these things.”

Peel police haven’t responded to a request for comment.

Hassan was released on bail yesterday afternoon by Justice of the Peace Gerry Manno after a lengthy bail hearing that lasted two days.

He has been charged with break, enter and commit indictable offence and five counts of mischief over $5,000 in connection with numerous incidents at St. Catherine of Siena Church over the last five weeks.

While questioning the accused man’s father, who is one of Hessan’s sureties, Crown prosecutor Ann Marie De Grace told the court Hessan said in his statement to Peel Regional Police after his arrest that he had plans to hurt a priest last month on the night he is accused of breaking into the church. Manno later said Hessan told police he was thinking of killing a priest.

Manno also questioned Hessan’s father on allegations that his son was upset at the church and “upset with Christian religion.”

Basir Hessan said his son was diagnosed with schizophrenia and that caused his anger and imbalance.

De Grace was opposed to Hessan’s release, saying the criminal allegations ‎against him are “troubling and very disturbing” and “shook up” a church and school community.

“We still have a segment of society that’s under the threat of Mr. Hessan,” she said.

Manno said the public has a great deal to be concerned about, including Hessan’s mental illness and the perception “of a young man with a Muslim upbringing attacking a Christian church.

Besides the simple property, many people would see this as an attack on their faith,” he said.

However, Manno said the safety of the public can be met with a plan that includes a psychiatric assessment and other court-imposed conditions. Hessan cannot come within 1,000 metres of the church or school, cannot come within 50 metres of a priest or minister, must be home by 10 p.m. and cannot attend any other church or school in the region.

Peel police meanwhile are consulting with the region’s Crown Attorney’s Office to determine whether to charge Hessan with hate crimes in connection with the vandalizing of a holy statue and the walls of the Catholic church.

The Criminal Code allows for the laying of hate crime offences under certain criteria, including the damaging of religious property where the motivation for the offence is bias, prejudice or hate based on religion, race, colour or national or ethnic origin.

If found guilty, an accused could face up to 10 years in jail.

Hessan’s lawyer, Adil Goraya, said he doesn’t believe there was any religious intent behind the actions.

“This is not a hate crime,” he said.

Hat tip: Vlad Tepes.

12 thoughts on “Out on Bail and Thinking About Killing a Priest

  1. Schizophrenia, huh? I wonder if his parents are also cousins? So even while suffering from schizophrenia, he didn’t forget his hatred of all things Christian.

  2. Quote: “So what did the magistrate do? Why, he let the miscreant out on bail, of course!”

    Perhaps it’s time to dress the magistrate in a cleric’s garb and force him to personally invite this ‘miscreant’ for a one on one meal of liver & fava beans with a nice chianti.

    • In Islam a Muslim may like to defend himself and that is in al-Qu’ran,which was part of what any Muslim can do. Thus! To believe in what a Muslim says is to leave oneself open to attacks, where there will be no punishment against them in the courts.

      There was an error in the story. St. Catherine of Siena Church is in the City of Mississauga, Ontario, not Brampton, Ontario.

  3. muslims have a tendency to plead mental illness when they are caught implementing their religious mandate. What is less understandable is why they are always dealt with leniently. I hope God protects the Priests and the local community from these devil worshippers.

    • There are many reasons for muslims to have free pass, awesome treatment, and indulgence:
      1. Because we are nice civilized people. Civilized people who live only in western democracies must always, day and night, 7/24/ 365 treat muslims with kid glove.

      2. Because western governments are abjectly, cadly, lowly, stupidly, afraid of muslims. A 12-year old muslim can rout a legion of western armed cowards.

      3. Schizophrenia …. A great relief for the police, judges. … etc. Now they have a great scientific excuse to hold in front of their black ugly faces to rely on. This way they can cover their abject inaction, reluctance to confront muslims, and their retreat, running like tremblimg mice with their tail between their trembling legs.

      4. If they punish muslims, they might not get more muslim immigrants. Or the country might be accused of not being democratic. . . since democracy’s ultimate goal is to import millions of muslims and surrender the “democracy” to Calliphitism.

      5. Don’t doubt the wisdom behind the release of the criminal who wants to kill a priest: These people are democratically elected: The best people. So they know things we don’t know. They are not like Russians: These elected officials have the the “democracy’s” interest in mind. They are not like dictators.

      6. Let’s go partying: Don’t worry ; be happy as long as we have elections that’s enough to ensure our safety and the world’s.

      7. Any criminal muslim in the future will conveniently be diagnosed with schizophrenia, shitophrena, crapophrenia, for sure.

      Import huge numbers of muslims, then be afraid of them. Then import more. Oh jellyfish : why did you have so many wars in Europe” WWI, WWII, and all others. Was Europe too small for you ? How come it is roomy for millions of muslims and other millions who are waiting to be imported over the next 100 years.

      Ah there was no room for the industrious, hard-working Jews? Jews who gave us the laws, the laws that we do not obey.

      Ooops no. In 10 years something big threat will happen and will stop immigration to the Old Whore. Something will happen…. Elect them to destroy us. What a democracy?

      Democracy … the best system. . . except that it is the worst if the officials are unconscionable, jellyfish and abject cowards.

      • The explanation for the behavior of the Western mainstream reflects an incoherent, yet madly logical, mélange of two factors:

        1) a semi-conscious fear of Muslims

        2) a conscious (albeit irrational) fear of ourselves as white “racists” who will naturally devolve into a “backlash” against Brown People (aka, Muslims).

        • How “semi” is that fear, Hesperado? Especially for those living in Muslim areas?

          The more this nonsense goes on, the more robust is my pushback against ANYONE daring to tell me I’m racist – the nerve in deciding for me what my bigotries are. I can’t write out what my reply is, but it has to do with eating unappetizing remnants and then kicking the bucket. I’ve lost all patience with these disturbers of the peace. A pox on all of them. I have more black friends than they have white friends so let them stay in their ghettoes shouting epithets. Dumb as doorstops.

          As for my blanket dislikes, feminism is among them. So is aggressive atheism. I’m tired of being told what I think or believe by both groups. The intellectual hubris is by now deeply tedious and tiresome and oh-so-predictable. Those folks need to get a life. Oh yeah, and those weatherists like Obama. They need to talk about something they actually know. I’d probably listen to BHO talk about golf but not much else.

          • Dymphna:

            Here is a short piece about how the journalists in Sweden who are most heavily pushing the multikulti narrative live in homogeneous white neighborhoods:


            I’ve been to Sodermalm, the part of Stockholm mentioned, and it is indeed overrun with white, liberal, hipsters. Oh sure, there are some token Indians behind the counter of a 7-11 and some nice Asian restaurants, but that’s the extent of multikulti that’s allowed on their home turf.

            To me this is the textbook definition of what is known as a, “limousine liberal.”

          • The fear of Muslims is semi-conscious for the PC MC mainstream, which constantly tries to suppress that fear in ongoing Denial — hence the “semi”.

  4. ‘Diagnosed with schizophrenia’ is exactly what relatives told the Culver City and Santa Monica Police Departments and according to local newspaper reports this standard excuse was accepted when our Sharia compliant border crossers desecrated churches and statues across west Los Angeles. Now of course as Muslims become more confident of a free pass it can happen in any state.

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