Obliterating the Jahiliyyah

Islamic theology and law refer to the time preceding Islam as the jahiliyyah, the age of ignorance. Everything that existed before Islam is worthless; none of it is worth saving. In fact, all evidence of the jahiliyyah is offensive to Allah, and must be destroyed. That’s why the Islamic State burned the library in Mosul. That’s why the Taliban blew up the Bamiyan Buddhas in Afghanistan.

In the following video, in his last speech at the European Parliament, the late Professor Hans Jansen discussed the propensity of Islam for violent destruction of everything that came before it. It’s a reminder of the stature of Prof. Jansen, and how much our movement has lost by his untimely demise.

Many thanks to H. Numan for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:05   … Professor Jansen …
0:09   In the year 832 AD, the then-caliph of Baghdad visited Egypt and ordered his troops
0:24   To demolish the Great Pyramid of Giza.
0:27   After months, the efforts of his soldiers were in vain. The damage was negligible.
0:32   The attempts to destroy this pre-Islamic monument
0:37   were therefore discontinued.
0:40   This illustrates the way Islam tries to demolish all visual reminders of anything preceding it.
0:50   Islam always does that —
0:51   Now, just now, in Northern Iraq and Northern Syria.
0:54   In the case of genocide it denies the genocide.
1:00   In the case of jihad it eradicates anything that reminds the victims of jihad.
1:05   I therefore want the commission and anyone listening not merely to remember those victims,
1:10   but try to prevent the same fate happening to Europe.
1:22   For the enemy is already within our gates.

6 thoughts on “Obliterating the Jahiliyyah

  1. Does anyone else have a better reason why Islam is taking out historic markers of history all across the lands that Islam controls? Is it going to take the blowing up of the pyramids or the burning, once again, of the Alexandria library for our political elites to get a clue?
    I am so sick and tired of our western elites turning a blind eye to ancient artifacts that belong to all humanity being obliterated by Islam.
    I used to think well, at least the good coming out of the pillage of British imperialism is that they have locked safe antiquities of the middle east. Now I think it is only a matter of time before these repositories are over run by Islamic crazies invited into the British milieu…
    I can see 50 years hence a thriller movie about how to move civilizational antiquities out of Britain as the Muslim hordes attempt to destroy them.

  2. I was at sea for the last 8 days without any internet.
    I checked my fav. website Gov just now and find that my friend mr Hans Jansen has died during my days at sea.

    I take pride in the fact that i can say: This man was my friend! I laught with Hans and we sat down at dinner tables, parties and so on. That great man learned me all there is to know about JIM. I have lost a dear friend and mentor..

    Rip Hans.

  3. There are two aspects to Jihad/Jahiliyyah. One is the removal of all signs of any civilisation and culture that preceeded Islam.

    Prof Jans Hansen also states: In the case of Jihad, it eradicates everything that reminds the victims of Jihad.

    The second is removal of any sign or trace of how the first was achieved.

    This is precisely what Turkey has been doing regarding the Armenian genocide, and what the descendents of the victims of Jihad have been made to endure throughout history. India is a classic case.

    Thankfully, Armenians are not letting Turkey get away with it, despite the efforts of our dhimmi elite.

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