“Islam Venerates Only the Strong”

The following clip is an excerpt from a longer talk by Haim Dynovisz, a French-speaking rabbi who now lives in Israel. He made the video last January, a few days after the Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris.

In this excerpt he explains the mindset of Muslims, which is not like that of Westerners. Western leaders make the repeated mistake of being conciliatory in their attempts to appease Islam. Their actions make them appear weak, and only provoke contempt. The more they “reach out” to the Islamic world, the more violence and aggression is directed towards the West.

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Transcript (based on the times in the original full-length video):

23:38   Let’s go a little further. Let’s analyse these
23:42   events. This famous march
23:46   which brought together in France and Paris
23:50   more than 1 million protesters, and in France even more,
23:54   and of course everyone is moved.
23:58   The Republic watches over us, we have no
24:02   worries, that’s it,
24:06   things are under control. Firstly,
24:10   before analysing what happened, just a little history.
24:14   Ah, suddenly France seems to wake up,
24:18   but after decades
24:22   during which France and Europe
24:26   planted the seeds of
24:30   lies in an earth of hypocrisy.
24:34   Did you expect anything other
24:39   than a harvest of death and terrorism?
24:43   What am I saying:
24:47   For decades
24:51   Europe has knelt before
24:55   Islam. Not Islam as “religion”,
24:59   but Islam as economic, political force,
25:03   whatever.
25:07   It’s already been decades that France
25:11   that Europe, through self-interest of course,
25:15   not for making them happy nor out of respect,
25:19   but it has been decades that Europe has been playing the card
25:23   of Islam, the Arab and the Muslim card.
25:27   Petrol etc.
25:31   For decades Europe
25:35   has hoped that showing its face
25:39   smiling and understanding,
25:43   always on the side of
25:47   those who serve the interests
25:51   of France or Europe. It’s been decades
25:55   that Europe has imagined earning
25:59   the kindness,
26:03   the respect of that world there,
26:07   and for decades Europe and France have been
26:11   making the same mistake: it’s not
26:15   by kneeling down before them
26:19   that you will gain respect and consideration.
26:23   Even if it is clear that
26:27   these genuflections are simply self-interest.
26:31   That’s perhaps even worse, because in their eyes,
26:35   if one kneels down before them
26:39   and smiles and makes whoopee and pirouettes,
26:43   even if it serves
26:47   your self-interest, but everything you gain
26:51   in exchange is totally disreputable,
26:55   held in total contempt. Because there is one thing
26:59   you don’t want to understand, that is that the West, including Israel,
27:03   because unfortunately we here in Israel are strongly influenced
27:07   by Western thought or malady – you want to
27:11   absolutely put into your head
27:15   that their world functions like yours,
27:19   that the Muslim mind resembles the mind
27:23   of the Christian. That Arabs react
27:27   and function like Westerners.
27:31   But what you have refused to understand for decades,
27:35   with them, they function
27:39   exactly inversely.
27:43   Try to understand this crazy mechanism of “I do one thing and they understand the complete opposite”.
27:47   Among us, if I do something one understands what I do. When I say
27:51   “one” everyone hears “one”, when I say “white” everyone understands “white” How come
27:55   when I say “one” they hear “two or zero” when I say “white” they hear “black”
27:59   or “green” or “blue”? How is it possible?
28:03   The answer is simple: you are so full of pride,
28:07   to believe that you know all, and to
28:11   dump your kind of thinking onto others, that you fail to realise
28:16   that you have bought the rope
28:20   by which you are about to hang yourself. These people
28:24   don’t think like you.
28:28   When you try to smile at them, to show
28:32   that you are on their side, that you kneel down in front of them, that
28:36   you have empathy, that you do everything to serve their interests,
28:40   all this with them
28:44   is understood in one word:
28:48   weakness, cowardice,
28:52   lack of dignity. They don’t understand
28:56   things the way you think they do.
29:00   “If we are on your side, be on our side.”
29:04   “If we are with you out of self-interest, at least be with us
29:08   out of self-interest.
29:12   This is a Western, a Christian discourse, it doesn’t work.
29:16   They don’t understand this.
29:20   They respect only strength, only courage, only grandeur,
29:24   only resolution. That civilisation
29:28   understands only the language of the strong.
29:32   Not the one of love, of kindness,
29:36   of compassion, of pity, not even that of self-interest.
29:40   They only respect the strong.
29:44   And when they see that the West, especially the French,
29:48   start to make pirouettes and summersaults
29:52   and all forms of prostration,
29:56   even if they know that this is only
30:00   superficial, because
30:04   in the end everyone acts in their own interest,
30:08   but the difference is that the real Muslim
30:12   even in his self-interest he does not prostrate himself, he does not
30:16   lower his head, he does not make pirouettes
30:20   even in his own interest because Islam
30:24   venerates only the strong
30:28   and force, and he respects only the one who knows how to get respect.
30:32   so, little French, how are you seen?
30:36   what do you look like? You look
30:40   cowardly, weak; you have no more dignity
30:44   in their eyes. And the more you try
30:48   to serve their interests, the more you try to be on their side,
30:52   the more compassion and pity you have, the more they
30:56   spit in your face, the more they hate you, the more they will humiliate you
31:00   and the more you will be an object of contempt
31:04   in their eyes, because above all
31:08   they hate those without self respect,
31:12   they hate those who’ve lost their dignity,
31:16   they hate those who will sell
31:20   themselves to serve the interests,
31:24   those who have no more value than a can of petrol.
31:28   And you still don’t get it, it is you,
31:32   you, you, the different French governments who brought
31:37   death on your people. It’s you
31:41   who are preparing everything which has yet to happen,
31:45   because you have not understood, you the Europeans,
31:49   that you have sold your dignity for decades,
31:53   and that is why they will never ever
31:57   forgive you, because they will never
32:01   make peace nor negotiate with
32:05   a civilisation that has sold its dignity.
32:09   And this you will understand, but too late.
32:13   Instead of having learned it softly, calmly
32:17   in the schools, you will learn it
32:21   in the streets. Instead of
32:25   learning it in comfort, you will learn it under terror,
32:29   and that’s irreversible, because
32:33   your disease is already in the stage of death throes,
32:37   and you will be unable to escape. That’s probably why
32:41   the leaders lie to their people, because they know that the patient
32:45   is incurable, so they might as well continue to make them believe that they are madmen
32:49   driving the cars, might as well continue to make them believe
32:53   that only freedom of speech is in danger.
32:57   Might as well keep making them believe
33:01   they are better off and that we will come out of it.
33:05   Continue to put your people to sleep,
33:09   France, continue to sleep, never mind;
33:13   perhaps it’s better to die while asleep than awake.
33:17   Perhaps it hurts less, one is less aware of it.

5 thoughts on ““Islam Venerates Only the Strong”

  1. Hello,

    this reminds me of Nicolai Sennels: “Report from the therapy room: Why are Muslims more violent and criminal?”
    found at

    or when he was interviewed by Jaimie Glazov

    The most important Point is:

    It turned out that my Muslim clients saw the use of aggression as an accepted and even often expected behaviour in conflicts. If a person does not become aggressive when criticised or insecure, it is seen as a sign of weakness and lack of ability to defend oneself and one’s honour. In Muslim culture it is expected that one is willing to sacrifice one’s personal safety to protect one’s group or whatever one represents. If a member of the group is not able to do so, there will immediately be sown doubts as to whether that member can be trusted as a useful defender of the family, ethnic group, religion, territory, etc.

    I can only support what he said. A friend of mine works as an anti-Aggression Trainer and he said that we in the western world have evolved beyond violence.

    Reminds me of the Eloi in the Time machine and the nice Society in Zardoz.

    Both were exterminated.

    Too much civilization is lethal.

    • I was quite impressed with Nicolai Sennels when I first read his essay on New English Review. Having studied family systems theories for a long time, looking at his template allowed me to put the tribal equation into a perspective I hadn’t had before. It’s a darn shame his book isn’t out in English since the work is all there in Danish. But like most Danes, he writes in Danglish so he’d need heavy editing of the language. NOT of his ideas, though.

      A friend of mine works as an anti-Aggression Trainer and he said that we in the western world have evolved beyond violence.

      I disagree strongly with your friend re our “evolution”. How much psychoimmunoneurology has this anti-Aggression trainer studied?? Or has he/she looked at the HPA axis cascade which can destroy the human being it’s trying to save? How about the effects of chronic childhood-derived PTSD?? It will eventually affect every single organ in any person or animal subjected to constant stress. As M.C. in Sderot pointed out, even the dogs in Sderot have PTSD…one of the ‘best’ ways to be sure that HPA cascade continues even when the aggressor isn’t present is to make the attacks intermittent and without any predictable intervals. That is the worst torture of all.

      Westerners’ brains aren’t any different than they were 500 years ago. We still live with the in-born wiring of a “Fight or Flight response. With the high level of abuse children encounter now, you’d have to add “Freeze” to the other two reactions, i.e., learned helplessness.

      And especially has Islam used that to its advantage. Remember when Obama said (paraphrase), “If he brings a knife to the fight, you bring a gun”. Pure Islam. Or pure Chicago community organizer.

      We have NOT evolved beyond violence but when the opponent outweighs us, out numbers us, and has better weapons then we will suffer.

      Tell your friend to get a copy of John Ciardi’s translation of Dante’s “Divine Comedy” and carefully read the second book:


      I have often thought that Islam was founded on envy – like Cain, Mohammed suffered from murderous envy.


  2. Brilliant speech by the rabbi. Should be shared widely.

  3. The problem with this is that the people I know who most need to understand this are the ones who will refuse to watch it.

  4. Excellent. Just excellent.

    Every single word he says, is true. And it was all clear to see decades ago – for those who were awake.

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