Involuntary Confinement for “Islamophobia”

We posted briefly yesterday about the mayor of a French town who was “involuntarily confined” because of his public expressions of anti-Islamic sentiment. The following articles, which were originally published at Vlad Tepes in a slightly different form, provide a more detailed account. Many thanks to Sassy for the translations from AFP and Figaro.


Robert Chardon was hospitalized under the involuntary confinement provision.

Involuntary confinement applies to psychiatric issues as per French law (How French administration explains the involuntary confinement)

Robert Chardon was forcibly confined to hospital this Friday as per a third party request for reason of ‘incoherence of his statements’

Robert Chardon, the (Bouches-du-Rhône) UMP mayor who tweeted many times that Islam must be banned in France, was forcibly hospitalized this Friday.

Hospitalization was requested by someone close to him for reasons of ‘incoherent statements’. Robert Chardon, who is in cancer treatment, confirmed his statements and assured everyone his Twitter account had not been hacked.

“Absurd statements”

To say the least, the UMP vice-president (Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet) says that “she requested an ‘exclusion provision’” for his absurd statements which do not reflect in any way UMP values.

Nicolas Sarkozy also reacted through tweets on his Twitter account. He “condemns this proposal” from the mayor of the borough with a population of 8,000.

According to Robert Chardon, “anyone that practises Islam must be immediately returned to the border”. He is asking for an amendment to the Constitution to achieve his goal: “I am asking to abolish the legislation of 1905 and to proclaim the Republic favors Christian values.”

He wants to be a candidate for the regional and presidential elections.

Should the UMP party expel him, he says he will “set up a new party”.

Involuntary hospitalisation confinement

“I risk exclusion”, Robert Chardon acknowledges to AFP (Agence France Presse). “Should this be the case, I will set up a new political party,” confirms the elected official who wants to be a candidate for the regional and presidential elections.

As per AFP who cites a source close to Robert Chardon, he had been treated for some months for cancer and was forcibly hospitalised this Friday afternoon. This hospitalisation request was issued by “a third party as a result of his incoherent statements”.
Mr. Serge Gouteyron — Deputy Prefect of Aix — replied to La Provence that “Mr. Chardon was hospitalised as a consequence of his disease and no legal procedure was undertaken for forcible confinement in a psychiatric facility,” as stated by AFP. Contacted by Scan, the sub-prefect confirms this version of the story.

In a press release (communiqué), Robert Chardon’s First Deputy — Patricia Saez — assures everyone that Robert Chardon’s tweets “are clearly the result of his precarious health situation since the past few months. They do not reflect in any way Robert Chardon’s past opinions,” it is stated.

The First Deputy Mayor confirms that “the town is looking into all possible solutions to be implemented to end this situation while working with competent authorities to resolve the matter.”


On social media, Robert Chardon to the President of the Party: “The cult of Islam must be banned in France”. Before renewing his tweets re the ban, he sent it out to media such as BFM-TV or iTélé (translator’s note: both pro-Islam media).

“Offenders will take either the boat or the plane”

Called upon by many outraged Tweeters, the UMP mayor details his proposal. His wish is to amend the Constitution to prohibit the Islamic cult. “I abolish the 1905 Law and proclaim the Republic favors the practice of the Christian faith,” he adds.
Robert Chardon doesn’t hesitate to compare the situation to Louis XIV, who forbade Protestantism: “332 years after the revocation of the Edict of Nantes by Louis XIV, it is time for forbid Islam in France” — he writes as he explains that “our culture is Judeo-Christian. Those who contravene will leave either by boat or by plane […]. Islam is fine in the Maghreb”, he says.

A process of exclusion

This is not Robert Chardon’s first attempt at this. On Facebook, he’s been posting Islamophobic videos and messages since the past few days. Such as this image of the French flag with the message “Protect yourselves. Adopt a pig”.

The local opposition reacted promptly by requesting destitution of the elected official.

16 thoughts on “Involuntary Confinement for “Islamophobia”

  1. “The cult of Islam must be banned in France”

    Well, this does not need a lot of brains to conclude that either islam in Europe or indigenous people. Europeans tried to sleep, to nod, to tolerate, to ignore, to appease, to pretend civilized, to look the other way, to praise and deny instead of blame and rebuke and tell the truth about islam. But islam seems not to appreciate these attitudes. Followers of islam consider all these attitudes cowardly, and actually expected from faithless infidels, and conducive and helpful, to achieve their universally declared and known goal: invasion and suppression of others, as with any peoples they conquered before. Islam has a magical, mesmerizing spell on their stupid enemies, namely rendering them helpless to resist. Just look at the Europe, USA, Aussie: paralyzed, made powerless and unable to function unless they consult their masters: the imams and muslim associations that are in the thousands.

    Only one in France is telling the truth about islam, and one in Holland, one or two in USA, one in Norway, one or two in Britain. Bravo! What happened to the people of honour and nobility with principles: Put your money where resistance to islam is inevitable: Islam makes it inevitable.
    Because in the west people are half asleep or keenly in romantic love with this unprecedented new comer the religion of alleged peace and eternal whining.
    Did someone talk about “clash of civilizations” ? We did not want to believe that.
    But day by day the dots are being connected and the picture is becoming clearer to the comatose.

  2. The Treason Class resorts to ever more ridiculous, dishonest, and cowardly ways to suppress free speech, speech that is blindingly honest and accurate. Just as socialism must ever resort to higher taxation and other burdens on productive people so must multiculturalism attack free speech so that the absurdity of bringing third-world primitives to the nation cannot be noticed.

    It is revolting to see these loathsome officials so terrified of truth. The staged array of political “leaders” in France after the Charlie Hebdo attack should become the iconic image of European betrayal and hypocrisy.

  3. Wow, how old school Soviet of the French authorities. When someone irritates the elite and yet brakes no law, they simply concoct a reason why the poor soul needs “mental health treatment” at state expense no less.

    That said, this should scare the living daylights out of folks. It’s scope will invariably be enlarged to encompass more and more expressions the state does not like. And so liberty dies.

    Worse, other states like GB and the U.S. are undoubtedly looking at this. If the French people tolerate it, expect within a few years for it to be adopted elsewhere.

    • My exact thoughts! Old school Soviet Union tactics. To dare speak disagreement with the party line is insanity in their world!

  4. Jesus Christ preserve us! Have we really sunk so low?

    As many a Russian dissident could empathise- “Normality” has become the new insanity.

    The same is happening here in UK. This process of Mob anger displayed on Twitter and all the other disgusting “social media” is part of the process of the same becoming Moslem.

    “We are Borg”, “We are the Collective”, “We will assimililate”, “Resistance is futile”…

    “We are Liberal”, We are the Collective”, “We will Islamate”, “Resistance is futile”….

    God help us!

  5. If we can separate Islam the ‘religion’ from Islam the ‘aggressive political movement’ then we can maybe tolerate Islam. Of course, this is impossible because the two are seamless and totally interconnected. So there is only one real alternative which is as Robert Chardon is brave enough to sacrifice his life achievements to make apparent.

    If he has terminal cancer then he has nothing much to lose, so the only alternative is to lock him up. Is this not what happened to Tommy Robinson as well?

    We have to understand that our Feudal Lords and therefore ‘betters’ want it this way and we must submit to their higher wisdom or be punished. Thinking for oneself is not allowed in the brave new Europe.

  6. Baron thank you for this synthesis. Robert Chardon posted his statements on may 14th. Hospitalization was announced on May 15th. The time seems a little short to make a «  serious  » medical diagnosis and to initiate legal action for an involuntary confinement. The mayor was in office, so his cancer did not prevent him from working and yet in less than 24 hours he was hospitalized without his consent.

    My opinion is that something was already pending. The case made against him is solely about his statements on Islam  : there is no mention of his mayor management or his conduct at work. It is disturbing, and sadly most people hopes that the mayor is really insane rather than see the truth  : criticize Islam today leads you to be socially destroyed when it is not physically.

    As an atheist, I am against the idea of privileging a particular cult (as desired by Robert Chardon), the problem is that the media and politicians are sending this message: criticism of Islam is prohibited. I say death to Islam.

  7. I am pretty sure there are others in France who share the mayor’s views. Evidently there is no freedom of speech in France and when the people finally wake up to see they are being crushed by Muslim “culture” it will be too late. This applies to all of Europe as well as England. And perhaps us as well?

    • I’m pretty sure there are millions in France who agree with Robert Chardon, perhaps tens of millions would agree if given the freedom to express themselves. With this old school Soviet style incarceration – who’d have oddsed that this sort of thing could and would happen in France in 2015 – fewer will be willing to freely express themselves. Brigitte Bardot got off lightly!

  8. Funny how dying of cancer makes someone unafraid to tell the truth.

    A man with nothing to lose is truly dangerous to the status quo. I bet they will eventually silence him with threats against his family.

    Here’s hoping he’s an unmarried, childless, orphan so he can go out kicking and screaming and yelling truth in style. 😉

  9. I am beleaguered of the term “Islamophobia”. It implies we fear them. I think we should destroy them

    • By “beleaguered” do you mean “puzzled”? or do you mean “feeling besieged”? says:

      beleaguer. v. 1580s, from Dutch or Low German belegeren “to besiege,” from be- “around” (see be-) + legeren “to camp,” from leger “bed, camp, army, lair,” from Proto-Germanic *leg-raz-, from PIE *legh-to- “lie” (see lie (v.2)). A word from the Flemish Wars (cf. Swedish belägra, Dutch belegeren “besiege,” German Belagerung “siege”). Spelling influenced by league. Related: Beleaguered ; beleaguering.

      As you probably know, Iran began using the word back in the ’80s, perhaps whilst they still had the American embassy hostages. Wis-guy Americans picked it up as a joke and ppl even used it on buttons with images of John Sobieski. Now the OSCE is trying mightily to get the joke banned by the UN as hate-speech. The OSCE has long been infiltrated by the Muslim Brohood.

      BTW, if ever there were a good example of a bureaucracy the world no longer needs, it’s the OSCE. But the West ignores it at its peril. They create endless, useless bumpf which gets channeled to various orgs like the UN.

      This grease machine even has “observers” come to the US to monitor our elections:

      After a group of thirteen Democratic United States senators petitioned Secretary of State Colin Powell to have foreign election monitors oversee the 2004 presidential election, the State Department acquiesced, and President George W. Bush invited the OSCE to do so.

  10. Its funny how people are islamophobic now a days. Even Atheists who have nothing to do with religion are becoming islamophobic.

    Truth is scary. Truth is hard to accept. The more people are realizing truth about meaning of life are either converting to Islam or becoming islamophobic. We do not really care how meaningless you spend your entire life all we need is the liberty to practice our own religion like you practice yours (most of islamophobics don’t even follow half of their own beliefs/ religion).

    I think they should let Robert Chardon go. His mental illness can not be cured and doesn’t affect civilized people anyway. Muslims around the world laugh at Islamophobics over their need for hustle for no reason. Ever seen a puppy barking at a dog while the dog quietly watches or ignores?

    It is not our fault you people can’t take truth

  11. Phillip, yes, the term should be Islamonausea not Islamophobia. Most people are just sick of the constant demands for special treatment.
    Moslem, You have always had the right to practice your religion. That right ends when you demand that non-muslims follow the rules of your religion, and kill people over it.
    Yes, this has happened in the PAST with other religions, but islam is the only current belief that still practices primitive barbarism such as death for gays and apostates. Can you explain this in a rational manner?

  12. Oh. And for your final question. Yes, the little un-housebroken puppy of islam will be very sad when the big dog finally takes notice of the irritating little puppy. Have a good day.

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