Geert Wilders’ Response to the Garland Attack: More Motoons!

Geert Wilders, the leader of the Party for Freedom (Partij voor de Vrijheid, PVV) in the Netherlands, was a guest yesterday on Sean Hannity’s show on Fox News. Not surprisingly, the main topic of conversation was the Muhammad Cartoon contest earlier this month, at which Mr. Wilders was the keynote speaker.

Notice the clips of Bill Maher speaking out in defense of Pamela Geller and the artists who drew Mohammed cartoons. Mr. Maher is a staunch lefty, yet he sounds like one of us when discussing this topic. This is a sign of the blurring of the old boundaries between “left” and “right” — there are numerous so-called conservatives whose pronouncements on the Garland attack are indistinguishable from those of Chris Matthews. The real divide is between the cynics and cowards who would submit to Islam on the one hand, and principled defenders of liberty and the First Amendment on the other.

It’s refreshing to see Geert Wilders airing the truth about Islam on so prominent a prime-time venue as Fox News:

26 thoughts on “Geert Wilders’ Response to the Garland Attack: More Motoons!

  1. It’s great to see Geert (and in earlier recent shows) Pamela on Fox; hopefully they will become more regular contributors.

    As to the blurring or left and right, we are seeing that play out in Congress, with the RINO GOP aiding and abetting Obamacare, a Nuclear Iran, Obamatrade, you name it. I think we really need a 3rd party in the USA.

  2. I propose an international “Islam awareness, and free speech day” every year. It should be held on September 11th.

    I can be celebrated with Mohammad cartoons, Koran bacon roasting, Koran shoot outs at local gun clubs, and Koran burning events.

    Imagine if you could get 200 US gun clubs to celebrate “Islam awareness, and free speech day” by wraping Korans in bacon and using them for skeet practice.

    Everyone should record the action and put it on YouTube – under the title “free speech”.

    The cult of Islam needs a big poke in the eye.

    • or Osama bin Laden instead of Porky Pig who says, “That’s Allah Folks!”

      • That’s a good one. Can they come after you for copyright? How about the haram Porky with a turban + what you said.

        • I wanted to do that to KTLA news in Los Angeles after 911 so badly I could taste it. At the time they were owned by Warner Bros. I could not find a way to get access even though I had a good idea as to how to do it. Oh well, it would have told the truth in an unforgettable manner. Howz bout that as a mo’toon?
          That’s all folks! !

    • I agree with your contention that Islam needs continual poking, but probably not with your methods.

      Why can’t we observe our 9/11 Memorial Day with hot dogs and American flags and fireworks. A mini-July 4th.

      And cartoons…those *would* be fun. But when it moves over to deliberate desecration instead of poking, I become uncomfortable. Our 2nd amendment folks would put themselves at risk for a trivial reason. Bacon- wrapped Korans are mean-spirited. Cartoons are fun and a long, long tradition in the West.

      I think you’re on to something here, though. When we observe 9/11 we must include some reference to the ideology that caused it.

      • Dymphna, as Sun Szu observed; ‘when your enemy is quick to temper, than irritate him’. And as Churchill has written regarding the behaviour of the Mohammedans, ‘…..they are either at your throat or at your feet’.

        Islam understands that when the infidel holds the upper hand against the Muslim then subservience to the infidel will suffice until Islam finds a way to overcome the infidel’s hold over Islam.

        And please do not be offended by my comment as it is a simple observation of one of the rules that governs Islam within infidel lands and Bob Smith is, in my humble opinion, spot on.

      • Rather than ‘desecrating’ Korans I would rather de-sacralize the Koran by pointing out, whether in cartoons or more serious media, that the Koran by its very existence flouts the teachings of Qutham, whether or not he was a prophet.

        There is no real ambiguity on this point, as Mohammad, Qutham taught that the revelations should neither be written nor codified, he himself spread variant recitations of his teachings and instructed his followers to refrain from correcting each other or enforcing one version over another. This is too well attested in Islamic tradition to be ignored or denied.

        • Mohammed was illiterate; he hated his scholarly neighbors, the Jews. Since his ‘revealed’ religion was based on the auditory hallucinations he had, perhaps due to an occipital lesion, there could have been little continuity in them except an ever-increasing bloody-mindedness.

          • I think that is possible but a point which can be disputed reasonably…whatever else Koranic Islam has achieved, it certainly has eliminated a lot of the historical record which might have been used to clarify who Qutham really was.

            In a more pragmatic vein, even if it were absolutely proven from unimpeachable primary evidence that Qutham was just a delusional madman, it is necessary to Western Civilization that people have the right to protest against such a characterization. We need to force Muslims to admit to what cannot be protected within the bounds of free speech. We need to make them try to defend what is indefensible.

            We need to drive a wedge between the ‘stealth’ Jihad and the sword Jihad, such that one cannot continue to support the other.

            The illegitimacy of the Koran, as provable from Islamic tradition itself, is the point of such a wedge. It doesn’t matter that it is a small point…point’s are supposed to be small. But if we can clarify that the Koran is contrary to peaceful Islam, and that accepting the authority of the Koran is intrinsically a call to systematic violence, then we can make advocacy of the Koran an overtly criminal act, not protected free speech.

            See, the problem with Mo-toons is that they unite, rather than dividing, ‘stealth’ Jihad and sword Jihad. That doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t support absolutely the freedom of speech denigrating Mohammad, it just means that such speech isn’t really part of an effective defense of itself. If we are to defend freedom of speech, we need to do more than just speak, and we have to do it without diminishing the freedom of any speech.

    • ” The cult of Islam needs a big poke in the eye”

      Poking, motoons, drawings, . . . etc. Do not help in the long run. The problem is not with islam. They were confined in their 57 countries. The problems started when the west suddenly discovered that they can’t function without importing millions of muslims, not even Ireland, who could not tolerate each other but both could tolerate islam and muslims.

      Importing muslims and supporting them establish their caliphate in the western countries is the issue. Perverted minds and decisions of the western “democracies” is the fatal disease. Muslims will do, if permitted, to do what they are instructed by crap allah to do: invade and rule other countries of dar-al-harb. Why is it so difficult for the western mind to understand even simple axioms.

      • The sudden discovery is not something that the people made: they were never consulted. It was made by the governing elites, the ones with the oil-rich contacts.

      • The whole demographic folly which assumed that falling birthrates was ‘problematic’ was a false, even tendentious assumption.

        Birthrates fell because governments across Europe and the US made it difficult and expensive for westerners to have children.

        They over-emphasized the difficulties and dangers of childbirth, and removed tax breaks for children and stay at home mums. By 1980 most families could not afford to be ‘single income’.

        Highly educated Judeo-Christian children from cohesive families, when grownup, are the one major threat to the desire of cultural Marxists to recreate their feudal system.

        Communism is not revolutionary, it is the most totally reactionary process the world has known, its desire, carefully wrapped in fine words, is to take society back 1000 years.

        And Islam, still little changed from its seventh century roots can assist, Shariah law is organically grown Marxism.

        • With falling birthrates, whose taxes pay for the pensions and healthcare, MC? Younger immigrants’, that’s whose- but of course only those who are willing to assimilate and work.

    • Using bacon directly would be a waste of good meat.
      Saturating the demon tomes in bacon grease and using them as targets or as fuel for torches to light pig roasts on the other hand….

  3. Go Geert! Many toes need to be trodden on regarding the elephant in the room that many still refuse to notice – keep stomping on those toes! And good to see Bill Maher acknowledging what many commentators dodge.

  4. As a fan of Sean Hannity, I wish he had not so rudely interrupted Geert Wilders every time Geert was trying to make a point. We can see Hannity all the time, but having Geert Wilders, a man who lives under heavy security and death threats every day of his life, I feel Hannity should have shut up and let a real hero speak.

    • That’s why I don’t watch those talking heads. They all need etiquette lessons.The interruptions – incessant and annoying – trigger my anxiety and I click off. Or used to. Now I don’t even try.

      • I also could have done without his showmanship at the end of the interview. He ended this interview in the same way as he had concluded his interview with Pamela Geller: “Are you willing to die for this cause?” (or words to that effect.) Aside from the insensitivity of such a question, it just struck me as being rather silly: obviously they are willing to die for this cause and obviously they would rather not.

        Anyway, despite my criticisms, I respect Sean Hannity for taking the position that he has on the issue of free speech, and for having both Wilders and Geller on as guests. And I thought that it was a good interview. I’m glad that you decided to post it.

      • That’s also why I don’t like his show that much. The problem is that he’s too used to dealing with people like Anjem Choudry who ignore questions and try to use the airtime to rant about anything other than the questions he is asked. Seems like Hanity doesn’t know how to go into non-hostile interview mode.

  5. We should be terraforming Mars.

    Instead we’re battling 7th century retrograde imbeciles.

    All because none of the Western leaders- with the exception of Wilders- has the brains or [manly generative equipment] to say the obvious: THE KORAN IS THE PLAYBOOK OF A MALIGNANT DEATH CULT.

    Mohammad is just Hitler with a henna-dyed beard instead of a stolen Charlie Chaplin moustache.

    (One of the reasons Chaplin made “The Great Dictator” was to mock the psychotic weasel who pilfered his world-famous trademark.)

  6. Go Geert go!

    I’m glad he brought up the “example of Mohammad” issue, and pointed out that if someone today did the same things that Mohammad did in the 7th century then he would be indicted on war crime charges. This seems to be the discussion that no Muslims want to have, yet it’s a critically important discussion to have if Muslims want Islam to be viewed as anything other than a serious problem.

    This refusal to discuss such things is the real nut that needs to be cracked. If it takes Mohammad cartoon exhibits to do that then so be it.

    • The Middle East is riddled with Islamic ‘War Crimes’ but the ICC is not there to police the Middle East, it is only there to undermine Christianity in Europe and its peripheries. Why would the PLO/PA, purveyor of atrocity and ‘war crimes’ to the world, want affiliation to the ICC? Because the ICC is only interested in non-muslim war crimes.

  7. Maher is no dummy, he realizes what will happen if we continue to demur to Muslim demands on controlling free speech – Hollywood’s goose will be cooked.

    Still we’re losing. Many subjects are now forbidden as a matter of public discourse. When Geert tried to speak in Florida, he was declined by the Florida GOP who wimped out. Fear still rules.

    I have no doubt should Geller decide to do another contest that she will find it very difficult to rent a venue for it and police to guard it. TPTB may not be able to silence her, but they will chop of her public access.

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