Convert or Die!

Mayor Bart De Wever of Antwerp has been threatened with death if he does not convert to Islam. His response? To hire a bodyguard.

But he’s the mayor, for crying out loud! You’d think he could send an armed police battalion to roust all the usual suspects out of certain culturally enriched neighborhoods. He could then make sure that they fully understood their status in his city, and keep them on their best behavior — or else.

But this is Europe we’re talking about, and that’s not how they do things in Modern Multicultural Belgium…

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

There’s more at Vlad’s place.


00:16   Bart De Wever confirms
00:20   that he is the object of renewed death threats.
00:24   On VTM, the mayor of Antwerp
00:28   and President of N-VA confirmed that he was under close protection.
00:32   I read in a police report that someone
00:36   had posted a threatening letter to ‘Handschoenmarkt’ in Antwerp.
00:40   The letter stated in French that I would be executed if
00:44   I did not convert to Islam. I will not do this, and we will assess
00:48   the gravity of the facts. The Coordination Unit for Threats Analysis
00:52   is screening the level of the threat; in my case
00:56   I benefit of a close personal protection. This is not one’s choice,
01:00   one just has to live with it.

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11 thoughts on “Convert or Die!

  1. No doubt we’re going to hear that Mr. de Wever is to blame because he “provoked” Muslims somehow. I just wonder what it is that counts as “provocation” to justify these perfectly reasonable and understandable death threats this time. I’m guessing that he didn’t organize a Mohammed cartoon contest, make any movies that provoke “spontaneous demonstrations” that just happen to involve both direct and mortar fire, or write a book critical of Islam. So what has the bar for Muslim terrorist threats been lowered to this time?

    • This is what Muslims do. They (muslims) should not be allowed to take up residence in any non Muslim country. We are becoming victims in our own right by letting the dis ease spread.

      • I know that, but the neo-Marxist media doesn’t. They assume anyone making death threats must have been treated unfairly somehow. So I’m wondering exactly what they’re going to use as a means of blaming the mayor for the death threats against him.

  2. Yeah, live with it. That goes for all western Europe. For fifty years you have consistently voted for this. Your stupidity. Your cowardice. Your fault. Live with it.

    • Obviously where you live the Muslim ‘problem’ was just another challenge and dealt with in short order. Please share your know how.

      • This “Anonymous” vs. “Anonymous” is confusing. Please, both of you choose two different consistent nics so that conversations make sense to others.

  3. “Convert or die”, if only Eurabians had the intestinal fortitude to apply those words to muslims.

    Oh sorry, not PC! “Convert to Christianity or be deported”. Better?

  4. I’m really losing hope. The real problem is our fair concept of justice: everyone is innocent until proven guilty. And they will only be ‘proven guilty’ once the atrocities have been done. Until then, every immigrant is presumed innocent as a newborn.

    This has been a great western strength, but it will also be our demise. We’re too nice and too fair.

    Pre-judging a whole religious group as dangerous is totally beyond the west. The only possible hope might be if islam was recognised as a dangerous political group, rather than hiding under the cover of ‘religion’. But I don’t see that happening.

    • The strength of the West was justice based on individual accountability for personal actions, not collective guilt of whites and group rights of minorities (nor the reverse, either).

      The rise of collectivism is the inevitable tendency resulting from the general mental limitations of the human race in dealing with civilization, in which a typical person has to be able to interact beneficially with far more people than it is possible for the human brain to individually know. This is accomplished largely by geographic separation into groups with extensive common interests and history, but where such separation fails the result is war based on distinguishable national characteristics. Usually one side is more guilty of starting it, and typically it takes decades of hostile actions or an immediate and undeniable imminent threat before a full mobilization and formal declarations are achieved.

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