A “Press Conference” in Sodom-on-the-Potomac

Videos of Geert Wilders’ press conference in Washington yesterday morning appear to be few. But trust the indefatigable Vlad Tepes to climb the walls and jump the rooftops in cyberspace to find whatever is out there, which is darned little:

This one put out by CAIR is a brief but sufficient snip that would serve as a template of Washington press conferences for the Counterjihad.

Congressional Representative Louie Gohmert had issued invitations for the press to interview Mr. Wilders on the day following the Japanese Prime minister’s speech to both chambers of the legislature. In other words, the fanfare was over; always a good chance to have a few more jornolists available to cover an event.

In the days leading up to Mr. Wilders’ visit to the Capitol the press had dutifully carried water published stories of vigorous attempts by both Democrat Muslim members of the House attempting to prevent Mr. Wilders from entering the country at all. These jornolists knew the pro-forma attacks on Wilders’ entry were simply grandstanding for the folks at home — the kind of blather which usually shows up in the local news but is omitted from national events. Yet the “bigots” (as Louie Gohmert calls the MSM press in this video) treated this non-event by the two politicians as if it were real news. As much as we’ve learned about corruption in Washington, all of us know how to decipher what’s happening there. The usual cui bono questions are in play.

The MSM appeared to have also ignored Rep. Gohmert’s invitation to that morning press conference. Some white European hater-politician? Yawn. They’re simply too ignorant of European culture to comprehend Mr. Wilders’ rumored mixed ethnicity. Nor would his need for round-the-clock protection from real haters be sufficient to make them show up to hear what he has to say. This foreigner was only of value before he got in — as a way to boost the two Muslim Democrats. But his own message? Meh.

There are several things to notice about the video:

  • The first is Rep. Gohmert’s evisceration of the press bigots. Masterful job-score one for the real people.
  • Then there is the evidence of Gohmert’s long service on a variety of House committees. Notice how deftly he handles the attempts to draw him out into verbal scuffles, his ability to slice the questions into short bites he was able to deftly parry.
  • Mr. Wilders’ long experience with hostile press and parliamentarians made his own performance impressive.
  • Then there was the ever-vigilant bodyguard to the side, constantly scanning the environment. He must have had a fellow guard on the other side, out of camera range.
  • Finally, notice the low-budget “essence of Counterjihad” about the whole experience: a rickety lectern from a Congressional sub-basement somewhere with all its previous logos ripped off; the paltry turnout of a few antagonist “Muslim press” people to persecute the speakers.

That’s us, folks. The people so far at the bottom of the pecking order in Washington that no mainstream or even would-be mainstream reporters showed up to ask questions.

The powerful, the protected, and the pusillanimous abound in that wretched hive of scum and villainy. Their greed and lust for power finally broke the system; now you can’t tell a Democrat from a Republican. There are a few shining counter-examples, Louie Gohmert being one.

If we all spent a week trying to come up with ten principled politicians in Washington, do you think our very own Sodom-on-the-Potomac would be spared? Can you name ten? That would be a good project for us and our readers: trawl the Halls to see if we can find a few honest, principled people inside the bubble. It wouldn’t even have to be limited to elected pols, our ten good people could come from any of the branches of government.

Hat tip for the video: Vlad Tepes

11 thoughts on “A “Press Conference” in Sodom-on-the-Potomac

  1. The Great Australian Experimental via kiwiblog


    It shows with very descriptively time scale graphs that changes in Australian policies when clamp downs occurred with boat people and then the freeing up under another government, and now the turn around in people looking to come over when again a change in government occurred in September 2013.
    The number of boat people went down and so importantly the number of drownings has so far this year gone to zero, with all this hardline policy.

    Really shows the value of what Gert Wilders is talking about.

    Unfortunately the original source is behind a paywall.
    Still kiwiblog does summarize the article well and the 2 simple graphs really show and prove the point.

    The change is just about magical.
    I do wonder if the problem has gone to another easier target such as Europe US.

    I had made this comment earlier on your post “All have to go back”, and I feel drawn to repeat as if backing up the quote that Gert Wilders says about Australia’s solution. So I hope you do not mind me repeating the above again.

    October 2009
    http://tinyurl.com/k5kz4vc from abc Australia
    Mr Abbott says Mr Rudd has undone what he says were effective policies to stop the influx of asylum seekers to Australia.
    “You see, John Howard found a problem and created a solution. Kevin Rudd found a solution and has now created a problem,” he said.

    And all thanks to Baron and Dymphna for work that they do and the back ground education for the rest of us on so many related issues !

  2. Over the past year I have had dialogue with three or four 20-25 year old kids that have been indoctrinated with multi cultural common purpose ideology through their education. They all totally embrace islam and are apologetic in the extreme in their dhimmifacation to islam. None of them are aware of the what is happening.
    I despair of their subjugation. The UK under 30’s have not a clue about islam and what is happening. They are in total denial of the growing threat.
    They are oblivious of shariah and how the insidious creep is affecting our so called democracy.
    Ed Miliband, the labour party leader has said that he will make islamophobia a crime. The end of freedom of speech. Deliberately courting the muslim vote. By next Friday the general election will be decided. If labour win on the back of the muslim vote which is pivotal in so many marginal constituencies, then we will be see more shariah being implemented.
    Pat Condell has been banging on about “Common Purpose” for months now.
    The under 30’s on the whole are totally screwed up, blindly following the Common Purpose ideology.
    The future of The UK looks bleak. I don’t want to be so pessimistic but it really is bad news.
    Parties like UKIP and Liberty GB are lambasted by the MSM. I really can’t see a positive outcome.

  3. Glad to see ‘gatesofvienna” back in service . Yes, Louis Gohmert is one of the very,very few that can be trusted in America. Geert Wilders is a great and brave man. He is a voice of reason in a crazy world. A few brave souls have saved the day many times. Hopefully, this can be done again. I like the phrase “Sodom on the Potomac”. Truer words were never spoken.

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