A Nice Safe Motoon

Here’s a general-purpose blasphemy-free Mohammed cartoon:

The line of pink visible through the crack in the screen suggests that Mr. Pbuh is in fact naked. Do you think that merits a death fatwa?

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  1. The draw Mohammed events are wasted time and effort. They do not advance our counter jihad as public opinion sharply divides. Much better would be a poster party

    • Draw Mohammed events are a waste of time and effort as public opinion sharply divides here with perhaps a majority against us. No good. Better would be something like a poster party with a contest as to who could make the best banner with slogans such as “Men and Women are Equal.” Putting up such posters/banners would force Muslims to attack, to tear them down, to whine that they have been offended. Or pictures of dogs: “Man’s Best Friend.” Or “Stoning Helpless Women to Death is Barbaric.” With Muslims forced to attack equality, dogs, criticism of stoning, etc., the public gets a better idea of what Islam is all about.

      • I agree the emphasis on Mohammed is a distraction. I also think it trvializes the Islamic threat. Suppose the quaint Muslim practice of killing “fellow” citizens were not a danger. What would the point of drawing Mohammed be? We can privately draw Mohammed but Muslims don’t like it? That’s just the Serrano case.

        If you factor back in the certainty of a violent Muslim response, you’ve still only got proof that Lone Ranger Muslims are a problem. Just like the Sandy Hook fool. Was he representative of Christian civilization?

        The Muslim swears falsely when he swears to uphold the Constitution as shariah forbids that. Focusing on the impossibility of a Muslim’s being a loyal citizen is a lot better than fooling around with cartoons.

        • Just like the Sandy Hook fool. Was he representative of Christian civilization?

          He is/was sadly representative of modern culture’s ruin of its young men. So is Breivik and all the other lone shooters, beheaders, slayers and social misfits from age 16-28 (the period when the brain is finishing its final neural connections and when the susceptible ones, kind of socially strange to begin with, retreat in despair to the comfort of video games). The fact that they are mostly male doesn’t mean that females don’t carry the genetic components but it takes more of it to push a female over the edge…


          Obviously car insurance actuaries know this; that’s why they charge you so much if you let your boy drive the car. The magic age for insurance companies? Twenty-five.

          Though I’ve come across no retrospective studies that look at the parental DNA of these troubled boys, or whether or not the boys are from intact, non-divorced families, I’ll bet is it puts more stress on a vulnerable child, male or female. Also, my guess is that both mother’s and father’s DNA is askew at some level which makes their boy less “robust” – the word that study uses. The often heard canard about the over-medication of boys may be based on a real-life difference in behavior.

          I’d love to see a study that looked at birth order for these kids, their environment, the level of state daycare, nutrition, exposure to the fast-cut TV programs for kids, etc. In other words, every single difference between what these kids experience and what went on in their grandparents’ worlds, including how often they move or change residences.

          We need to build a coherent understanding of what goes wrong and why. For one – and only one – example, after years of plastic being used in baby bottles, toys, etc., finally it is now understood that the BPA in plastic used in baby bottles and toys and water-proof fabrics is an endocrine disruptor. When I first suggested this to the head of a food science department at a college famous for this area of study, he was dismissive about “lay people’s opinions”.

          Same goes for fluoride and bromide. Used in breads, these two elements take up the receptors in the thyroid gland usually reserved for iodine. So thyroid tests come out normal, but…

          We need more forensic psychiatrists/psychologists/biologists who are willing to devote time and effort into what would be longitudinal projects. Ain’t nobody gonna pay for it though: no big bucks at the end because there will be no magic-bullet pharmaceutical “cure”. Instead, there will be lots of findings about modern materials, common medications used by pregnant women, the overuse of wireless gizmos around the brains of growing organisms, the harm genetically modified grains does to the modern diet and the myriad ways it deforms otherwise normal appetites, etc, etc., ad nauseam.

          For example, they’ve found that U.S. rice is higher in arsenic than that of other countries (hey, what about China, country of frankenfood). But they don’t tell us what was done to the soil previously, before it was used for growing rice – which would clue us in on how to avoid the problem [one way to get rid of arsenic is to soak raw rice in acidified water – lemon or vinegar – for 48 hours before draining, rinsing well, and cooking]. Rice is a favorite cereal for babies. As is gmo corn found in snack food, not to mention the soy levels in everything, or the amazing numbers of processed foods, including meat, that contain high fructose corn syrup or soy – another disruptor that skews appetite levels via the complexity of the endocrine system and the sensitivity of the neurochemical actions in the brain…just go through the inner aisles of grocery stores and try to find foods of any kind that have no gmo grains or soy or HFCS. It took me forever to locate a plain jar of horseradish. “Clean” mayo doesn’t exist – though the advantage of commercial mayo is that it’s VERY stable.

          But maybe my concern is misplaced given the increasingly lower birth rates we’re seeing. Are they at all a function of the modern diet? It may be a moot question before too much longer.

      • >”Better would be something like a poster party with a contest as to who could make the best banner with slogans such as “Men and Women are Equal.” Putting up such posters/banners would force Muslims to attack, to tear them down, to whine that they have been offended.”

        Better yet, so that thousands or tens of thousands of people see the posters, rather than just dozens or hundreds, why not organize a campaign to raise money and put the posters on the sides of big city busses?

        Even better yet, if metropolitan transit authorities refuse to carry the posters, then get a law firm of really sharp 1st Amendment attorneys to sue each of the transit authorities in turn and force the authorities to carry them.

        Then, when you win each case, wire services will write (congratulatory, neutral, or outraged – doesn’t much matter) articles about the victory, carrying images of the posters themselves, which will be picked up by newspapers, broadcasters, and internet sites all over the world. This will result in the message on the posters being seen by millions of people, worldwide, including, crucially, in countries where it would not ordinarily be legal to publish such messages.

        And your thousands of dollars of investment in paid advertising in a few targeted cities thereby gets expanded into millions of dollars in free coverage in domestic and international news reports.

        But someone has already thought of that idea. In fact, has not just had the idea, but actually implemented it, with exactly the results I have described above.

        That person is none other than Pamela Geller, also known as the chief organizer of the Garland, Texas, Draw Muhammad Competition.

        The cartoon competition was just one of many irons she has in the fire of counter-jihad.

        It was targeted narrowly to capture and play off the worldwide attention generated by January’s specific attack on Charlie Hebdo, and the outrage over the anti-free speech Islamic event, featuring jihad-linked speakers, the took place immediately afterward in the Garland venue.

        Charlie Hebdo was known by everyone. The outrage over the Garland conference in January was only widely known due the tireless efforts of Ms. Geller, Robert Spencer, and a few others in the counter jihad community, with special emphasis on her.

  2. Would a dot on a blank sheet of paper with the caption “Do you see Mohammed?” be regarded as forbidden by the perpetually offended?

  3. While I agree with ferociousmouse in that posters stating ” Men and Women are Equal ” would be great, the idea that it is OK in Islam to kill because of a cartoon has to be hammered home to the public. I don’t think any publicity was given to Garland here in the UK (I could be wrong – I won’t read the censored press here) but it should be. No doubt our wonderful Home Secretary Theresa May would have condemned any publicity on the grounds of ” not conducive to the public good “. We still have what are called ” D Notices ” effectively banning newspapers from printing that which is deemed ” sensitive ” or ” not conducive etc etc “. Plus of course, MI5 and Special Branch which tend to “lean” on possible miscreants. After stating my feeling that the planning permission for a mosque ( converted pub) in my town of King’s Lynn, I was visited by two officers of Special Branch. Preserve your First Amendment my American friends. It is precious.

    • That’s a long, long, red thread in England, isn’t it, Mr. Warden? All the way back to those troublesome dissenters who sailed off to the “New” World. But it may be the extremely high death rate of those two wars in the first half of the 20th century that ruined England? There was also a fairly rapid egress of surviving males post- WWII, after Churchill was booted out and replaced with a welfare state. People were so traumatized they *needed* socialism to recover. No one told them that socialism kills curiosity and original thinking.

      If you’ve read any of Nevil Shute’s novels that compared grey, cold and hungry England with the wild, sunny and hopeful Australia you get as much information as any text book.

      A great bio about him: http://www.nevilshute.org/boycalled.php Supposedly a children’s story.

  4. The line of pink may not mean that he is naked at all, but has merely put on Aisha’s clothing, without which the revelations do not come to him (The Sahih Collection of al-Bukhari, Chapter 66; XXX; The Excellence of Aisha 3564 )

    • Good question. If you read the workbook, “Reliance of The Traveler”, you’d see how incredibly difficult it is to be a “devout” Muslim. You wouldn’t have time for anything else but all those rules…from which you’re excused if you’re out and about killing infidels. Dying in the service of Allah is the ONLY guarantee of heaven. Otherwise, you’re never sure you won’t be in hell. And you could find yourself next to Mohammed for all we know. After all, he didn’t die whilst out on a crusade caravan robbery.

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