A New Motoon Crisis

Pamela Geller and the Freedom Defense Initiative held an awards ceremony this evening for the Draw Muhammad Contest in Garland, Texas. The event was interrupted by gunshots, and two suspects wounded a policeman before being shot dead themselves. They reportedly carried explosives as well as automatic weapons.

Below are excerpts from the report in The Daily Mail, which includes some excellent photos. You’ll notice, however, that the Mail has fastidiously blacked out an easel holding one of the Motoons.

Two armed suspects believed to be carrying explosives have been shot dead after opening fire outside an anti-Muslim art exhibition in Dallas.

The pair were gunned down after shooting a officer in the leg outside the Curtis Culwell Center in Garland, Texas, during a ‘family event’ where caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad were being displayed.

The building and surrounding area was placed on lockdown by a SWAT team with hundreds of attendees still inside after multiple gunshots were heard.

No one was allowed to leave as surrounding businesses, including a Wal-Mart and Taco Bell, were evacuated as authorities searched for two more devices.

Two suspects pulled up in a vehicle with explosives, before getting out and firing at the officer, identified in local reports as Bruce Joiner.

He was taken to hospital in a stable condition and is expected to survive.

The attack unfolded shortly after Dutch member of parliament and leader of the far-right Party for Freedom, Geert Wilders, had delivered his keynote speech.

In 2009, he sparked controversy for showing a controversial film which linked the Koran to terrorism and has previously said the Netherlands is being taken over by a ‘tsunami of Islamisation’.

Pamela Geller, the organizer, told CBS 11 from inside the building: ‘I heard officers talking of possible explosions in backpacks and the car. There was talk of a grenade at the nearby Wal-Mart.’

The event was set up by the American Freedom Defense Initiative and had been described by opponents as an attack on Islam.

And get this:

The organizers believed they were exercising their freedom of expression.

They believed it. But was it true?

Were they simply practicing free expression, or were they slandering the prophet of Islam?

If the latter, then the future does not belong to them. Just ask our president (pbuh).

15 thoughts on “A New Motoon Crisis

    • I think that’s just event-organizer code for “no explicit depictions of child rape, please.” Though I have to say that the one using Lego figures was implicitly hilarious enough to be forgiven, in my opinion. But still not appropriate for children.

  1. These Motoons events need to be held every quarter; I nominated Washington DC, NYC, and Hollywood to round out the year!

    • Yep, we need to have as many of these as possible in as many places as possible.

  2. Just caught the BBC World Service report on this incident. As usual the BBC couldn’t resist a pro islamic hatchet job.

    Firstly, they persist in calling the islamic prophet THE prophet mohammed.

    Secondly, they stated that “depictions of the prophet mohammed are seen as blasphemous.

    Thirdly, they indulged in the leftist/islamic slander of referring to Geert Wilders as a “far right Dutch politician” – well they got half of it right.

    Fourthly, they then smeared the organisers by stating they had been designated a Hate Group.

    I, like much of the BBC’s audience, am a practising Christian. I know most of our prophets. There is none called mohammed. What would be wrong describing him as the “islamic prophet mohammed. Why also did they not say Depictions of the islamic prophet mohammed are seen BY MUSLIMS as blasphemous? It would have been more accurate but accuracy is no longer seen as a priority by the BBCs pro islamic far left proprietors.

  3. I don’t see the utility of such exercises. Do we object to Muslims because we find their belief that Mohammed should not be represented or be ridiculed offensive? Is that it?

    It persuades no possible new recruit to the counter jihad. The violence that has occurred is educational as to Muslim methods and attitudes but is a peripheral, even accidental byproduct. “Muslim(s) resort to violence” the next day’s headline will read and a big whoopdi doo on that.

    Also, is it helpful to refer to the Party for Freedom as “far-right”? That’s an appellation much beloved of the leftists propaganda organs used to locate National Socialism as far as possible from those lovable commies on the left and to tar other ” fellow” rightists in the process.

    Salvationist, conservative, right-of-center, rightist, right-wing, nationalist, or patriotic are more descriptive terms, I think.

  4. “One resident, Dorothy Brooks, said that the event was like shouting ‘fire!’ in a theater – an oft-cited example of freedom of speech taken too far.”

    She did not go on to mention that the theater turned out to actually be on fire. But that’s what we’re dealing with every time that people come out and say how horrible Islam is and adherents of the “religion of peace” respond by…demonstrating how horrible Islam is.

    • Chiu….right on…couldn’t agree more.
      Hollywood has no problem making movie after movie that bashes Christianity…and I’m not religious….but nobody can point out the hypocrisies of the religion of peace!

    • The “fire in a theatre” is a specific situation, where “free speech” may lead to a DIRECT loss of life – as there would be insufficient time to counter such an accusation, leading to a stampede of the people in the theatre, possibly leading to deaths or injury. How is such a scenario even comparable to a political opinion or, even more absurd, a cartoon?! On the contrary, the “fire in a theatre” argument is a pretext for leftists to argue that free speech is not always a good thing – when they disagree with that speech, that is… how often do you see the “fire in a theatre” argument trotted out when exhibits like Piss Christ are shown, and linked to by the New York Times?

      • The theater is on fire ! How much longer until people understand that we are in an existential fight here ?

  5. Excellent evening , great mo-toons & 2 martyrs…. allahu ackbar !!!!!!

  6. UKDailyMail is simply repeating the same mistakes the Jews of Europe made during the NAZI era.
    By obscuring the ‘offensive images’ and illustrating how to behave by not provoking, not making waves, and attempting to appease the Muslim population just as the Jews attempted to appease and make the Nazi’s like them in the hopes the Nazis would leave them alone. How’d that work out for the Jews?

  7. Surprised at the lack of comments at a direct assassination attempt against the foremost counter-jihadists. This is some pretty serious stuff.

    In any case, I view the abject failure of the jihadists as direct proof of God’s approval for the work Wilders and Spencer, and everyone else are doing. I’m not a particularly religious person, but when you are unscathed by a very serious attempt on your life, after the massacre at Charlie Hebdo, well, I have a hard time not drawing meaning from that.

    I imagine the “martyrs” are also very happy at their work. They accomplished nothing but further legitimising the counter-jihad, but surely Allah will furnish them with some virgins or whatever it is they want.

    May the brave and heroic police officer make a quick and full recovery.

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