A Morally Inverted Conversation

In an appearance yesterday on CNN, Pamela Geller referred to the blame-the-victim reaction of the American media to the Garland incident as a “a morally inverted conversation”.

On Megyn Kelly’s Fox News program, Robert Spencer discussed the same issue — the entirely predictable reaction of the talking heads to an attempted mass slaughter aimed at ordinary American citizens who were exercising their First Amendment rights:

Hat tip: Vlad Tepes.

7 thoughts on “A Morally Inverted Conversation

  1. Given Mr Spencer answered to “was unexpected or was it expected?” with “neither one or both.” it’s not hard to understand this event being seen as bait.

    But what it has done is baited the ruling class and its Soviet-Style Media into contradicting it’s policy of insisting that there is no Islamic link to terrorism. By them insisting that the event organizers “were asking for it” they totally expose their own lie. That lie further exposes either their cowardice towards Islam or their complicity with Islam, there is no other explanation for it.

    If it was bait, it worked. Not in drawing out the Jihadis, which was planned for with $10,000 in security; but in drawing out our “leaders” and their lapdog media into exposing themselves for what they are. Do it again. Harder.

    • I agree. It will be up to those with the deep pockets for that kind of “engagement” to arrange other baits and traps…If Mr. Wilders did not have his state-paid guards he would (a)have to go into hiding and (b) risk dying.

      Tommy Robinson is out there by himself, with only whatever associates who are willing to volunteer on guarding him (my best guess on how he’s stayed alive). But no one can save him from the UK’s soviet-style police.

      I think that’s why Ayaan Hirsi-Ali left: she hadn’t been in the Netherlands long enough to develop her own personal loyalty to her adopted country. And some of her more extreme ideas – like closing all religious schools – didn’t sit well with the public. Now that she is here, or the UK, or wherever she is, we don’t hear much.

      Geller has fought a much better fight against the encroachment of Islam than has A.H. Ali…

  2. It’s like saying “Of course you’re gonna get raped if you wear that tiny skirt!”

    So, according to them, our entire society needs to be put under a burka so the loonies around us will behave themselves.


  3. I don’t really know why nobody has pointed out, in one of these interviews, that according to the canonical biographies and Hadith that Mohammed had his critics assassinated and that’s why Muslims today still try to murder Mohammed’s critics.

    • I don’t think anyone can prove that claim particularly well, certainly there are several factors involved. I think it’s better to simply point out that he did, and that muslims doing so are in line with Mohammeds example, and that calling it un-islamic would be like calling the founder of islam un-islamic.


  4. As Geller wrote America failed the test. So-called Conservatives piled onto to attack her just like the Leftist hacks did. Trump, that offensive Islamic apologist Bill Donohue, Bill O’reilly, Laura Ingram(saw her on O’reilly today and she piled on Geller), Don Imus.

    It’s rather sickening and scary. On the bright side, she exposed a lot of frauds among the Conservative blowhard class, though O’reilly isn’t much more than a bully who shouts down his guests and a apologist for the status quo. OTOH it shows how little support the anti-jihadists have among the media and politicians – almost none. They are quite ready to throw us under the Sharia bus. Either out of fear or support of Islam.


    At least Pam has Megyn and Hannity on her side. Though Hannity better watch it or he’ll end up like Napolitano after he had on guests Murdoch and Ailes didn’t like.

  5. I’m wondering why they paid 10,000$ to the police for security? Do you have to pay for protection by the police?

    It’s interesting how the debate about provocation follows islamic violence. I could understand if it was local(national) or regional(continental), but it’s international/-continental. I don’t think it’s often you see something like that.


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