“The Historical Error of the Crusades Is That They Came Too Late”

Magdi Allam is an Egyptian-born member of the European Parliament for Italy. He is an apostate from Islam who converted to Roman Catholicism and was baptized during the Vatican’s 2008 Easter Vigil service in St. Peter’s Basilica, presided over by Pope Benedict XVI.

He was a featured speaker at the Brussels Conference in July 2012.

Mr. Allam gave the following talk a few days ago in Bagno a Ripoli in Florence, during a conference organized by the Northern League in Tuscany. Many thanks to Par0 for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:02   Therefore when I also hear the Pope talk of Islam as if it were a real religion,
0:14   talk of the Koran as if it were a holy book, of Mohammed as a prophet,
0:21   I tell him with great clarity, that he who legitimises Islam delegitimises Christianity.
0:31   When I hear some Europeans, Westerners, who turn to such a point of evil
0:45   arrive at justifying and legitimising the atrocities of terrorism saying for example:
0:53   “But we Christians have also committed all sorts of terrible things with the Crusades”,
0:58   I want to remind them that the Crusades began in 1050;
1:03   Mohammed died in 632, therefore four centuries after,
1:11   and four centuries later the Muslims had already invaded the whole Mediterranean,
1:15   had already subjugated the whole Mediterranean.
1:19   therefore the historical error of the Crusades is that they came too late;
1:25   we needed to intervene beforehand,
1:32   and it is the error we are committing now, and in Florence you have the president of
1:37   UCOII (Union of Islamic Communities and organisations in Italy), AnIzzedin Elzir,
1:45   who is an extremely, how can I put it, sly character, extremely astute,
1:51   those are the people who reassure us, saying:
2:00   “We will never put bombs in our homes, even more we will help
2:04   find out who are the ones who want to place the bombs,
2:10   but on condition that you recognise us as the sole references and representatives of Muslims in Italy,
2:21   you concede/permit us always more mosques and koranic schools,
2:26   always more Islamic financial assistance, more centres for education and information,
2:33   Islamic movements and parties.” That, together with the demographic aspect,
2:37   will finish with the rise to power of the Muslims by entirely democratic means.

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  1. In today’s Christians and Buddhists , you find no defenders/polemicists let alone attackers. As Chinese Buddhist, our history shows ancient Buddhist city-states were all short-lived, in that Buddhists have always over-emphasized impermanence and the streaming of three lives in which we seek our self-deliverance.

    • It isn’t just Chinese Buddhists that notice this problem. I used to be much more supportive of Buddhism but the even the historical Buddha himself asked people to think in terms of the consequences of belief. When I look at what has happened in Buddhist countries, it seems that Buddhism is much better than Islam but not as good as other things like modern Christianity at encouraging long term stability and prosperity.

      The Buddha himself said that knowledge of the Buddha-dhamma (natural laws of the “awakening” phenomenon) would only last 500 years, and I suspect that the phenomenon that he was talking about can’t be propagated simply by scriptures because a significant amount of the information is encoded as unstated “cultural” assumptions which no longer exist. This is part of why Buddhism is mistaken for American Transcendentalism or Marxism in the U.S., and mistaken for Daoism or Confucianism, etc, in China.

      Siddhartha Gotama wasn’t trying to reform or engineer society anyway. He was, even from just a materialist point of view, a super genius psychologist and not a social engineer.

  2. Why must the whole world feel sorry the muslims? What is so special about this religious group?

    • Islam is the ‘new’ Nazism, but trying to conquer the world by deceit instead of confrontation. The confrontation stage did not work; Tours, Vienna, Lepanto, Barbary Pirates and Omdurman saw to that. But somehow our ‘wonderful’ leaders are falling for the lure of ‘the religion of peace’ (or is it the religion of bribery and corruption?) and would rather not connect the dots.

      Islam uses its (accidental) oil wealth to lubricate the greed of the West and to use that influence undermine everything that made the West strong, just ask where the Carter Foundation gets its wealth for example, and worse, ask what is the quid pro quo?

      Why must we feel sorry for muslims? So that our elites can wallow in a cornucopia of free muslim cash, that’s why……

      • Islam is more like communism. Nazism recognised the nation state, the concept of ethnic communities (you can argue elsewhere how they treated different groups), communism sought to blend everyone together.
        The soviet state is the caliphate, all peoples are one, only the state religion is accepted.
        It’s hardly surprising that as the West becomes more socialist, more communist, it’s leadership finds common ground with islam.

    • Their supremacy lays in their violence and their violence begets their supremacy. Their mandate to tell everyone what to do is divine and refusal is blasphemous. As slaves to Allah’s will, no choice is permitted. Allahu Akbar.

  3. This will not turn out well. Sooner or later, we will have to fight and subdue them all over again. It depends on when our stupido leaders finally open their eyes and see the truth and open their noses and smell the coffee. I hope it is within my lifetime as I would like to die knowing my children and grandchildren can live in a peaceful and free America.

    • I keep telling our readers to stop worrying because there is a global break coming right about 2050. There will be a world-wide population implosion. Things will change radically and for some that change will be an improvement. There’s no way to know what the chaos will produce.

      The book by Sir Gregory Copley (scroll down the sidebar) “UNcivilization” describes what others are predicting too. People get mad at his book because it’s descriptive, he doesn’t offer any ready-made solution. David Goldman, on the other hand, says Americans with children and Orthodox Jews (children again) will do okay.

      How Civilizations Die: (And Why Islam Is Dying Too)

      He has more prescriptions for the coming implosion. Like, marry and start having children and make sure you marry into a religious family because they have the intellectual/cultural tools for survival. His ideas make us hyper-individual Americans and the hyper-sophisticated Europeans angry.

      BTW, the Chinese are addressing the problem: they lifted the draconian rules about one-child families. Another central command plan that failed.

  4. P.S.
    I’ve been reading more and more about Islam — most horrible religion in the world, that I know of — I suppose there might be others, but I am not aware of them.

    • Maybe the hashishim (=”assassins”)? Oops, I forgot, they were an offshoot of islam.

    • No, I don’t think there is a more harmful culture or religion. And, again, I go back to its fatal flaw: the way it permits infants and children to be used as sexual objects. That is a cruel ignorance with profound consequences. Children carry their unvoiced memory in their bodies. We are embodied spirits; our “spirit” begins and ends in the body.

      I urge everyone to read this book by Bessel van der Kolk, an American psychiatrist who has been treating childhood trauma for at least thirty years now

      The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma

      When I first ran across him years ago, he was describing the lasting effects of trauma on any child’s body and made the claim that, due to the various chemicals chronically released in trauma, the epidemic of heart disease in American adults was due to unknown or unacknowledged trauma before the age of 14. If that trauma is not processed and metabolized then it becomes a chronic sore. We become heartsore.

      Interestingly, many people angrily reject the idea. We have to stay defensively loyal to those on whom our life depends. All too often the trauma is buried but the loyalty becomes even more pronounced. I saw this phenomenon repeatedly when I worked with battered women and children.

      The trauma is sometimes so pervasive that it cannot be healed so the victim has to build ways to work around it so that those physiological responses – mostly chronic releases of neurochemical/hormonal responses via the HPA axis:


      Now there is a political move to “normalize” pedophilia and take it out of the DSM-V, the diagnostic book the mental health care field uses to classify disorders. When that happens, we will be one step closer Islamic life.

      • BTW, in Chinese culture, which certainly has its own set of problems, children are benignly treated until the age of two are so. That gives kids a break. Of course that is offset by often harsh demands after that age. But at least children get that two year cushion.

      • It might be more correct to say islamocommnist life. The affinity that the neo-Marxist left has for Islam suggests to me that some sort of synthesis is going on. This may seem impossible, but both of these groups seem to have an unlimited tolerance for contradictions and hypocrisy. So imagine a crazy future where fatwas are issued based on progressive scientism using a few cherry picked scriptural justifications. Sort of like the Holy Roman Empire being neither roman nor holy, the Scientific Muslim empire would be neither scientific nor Muslim. But it would be about absolute totalitarian control of its population.

  5. ww3 has already stated cause by satanic islam.now is time for everybody to buy weapons and be ready.the west should deport this [epithets] back to the desert and de- islamise europe. there is plenty of oil and gas outside arabia

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