The Betrayal Papers — Part V of VI

NOTE: This essay is the fifth in a six-part series (it was originally planned to be five-part, but has been expanded) from the Qatar Awareness Campaign. Previously: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4.

Update: Due to a problem with the original document file, the end of this post was omitted. It has now been added at the bottom.

The Betrayal Papers: Part V — Who is Barack Hussein Obama?


The Betrayal Papers have thus far investigated and explained the Obama administration and their alliance with the international terrorist organization, the Muslim Brotherhood. The articles analyzed several aspects of White House policy, foreign and domestic, and compared them to the objectives of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Parts V and VI will explore the personal ties that bind Obama, as well as the progressive American left, to the Muslim Brotherhood.

This is a portrait of a conspiracy that has reached unprecedented heights of global control.

“A riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma”

Has there ever been a president whose personal history is so murky, so questionable, and so baffling? All one must do is recall the allegations, still open for debate and research, that checker Obama’s background. Laid out below are some of these allegations, not to be proved or disproved, but to remind the reader that Obama’s personal history is replete with question marks.

  • A 1991 promotional literary pamphlet featured a short biographical sketch of Obama, and claimed he was “born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii.”
  • What is his actual name? The only publicly available school record for Obama lists him as an Indonesian citizen named Barry Soetoro.
  • Moreover, on an immigration document from 1965, Obama’s mother included the name “Soebarkah” under Barack Hussein Obama. This is likely a name given to him by the Islamic cult of Subud, to which his mother proudly and openly belonged.
  • For a reason yet to be explained, Obama’s Social Security number begins with the prefix 042, which corresponds to Connecticut, a state in which Obama has never lived.
  • Regarding his academic records, recall that Obama attended three universities: Occidental College, Columbia University, and Harvard University (his admission to which coincides with a $25 million dollar donation from the Saudi’s to the Harvard Law School). His academic records with these three institutions have never been revealed, despite efforts by investigative reporters. The student body president at Columbia University during Obama’s time there, Wayne Allen Root (once the Libertarian Party Vice Presidential candidate), has stated publicly that he never met or even heard of Obama while at Columbia, and cannot find any classmates of his who remember him either. Root, like Obama, was a political science major.
  • While campaigning for President, candidate Obama presented himself as a “Professor” of Constitutional Law while at the University of Chicago. Yet this turned out to be untrue. In fact, he was a “Senior Lecturer,” a title and position significantly less prestigious than Professor.
  • Finally, the best known and most researched of these allegations is the issue of Obama’s birth certificate. From his days as a candidate in the Democrat primary, the place of Obama’s birth has been in contention. While Obama has insisted he was born in Honolulu, Hawaii in 1961, there are others who claim he was born in Mombasa, Kenya; there’s even a copy of his purported Kenyan birth certificate. Moreover, apparently trustworthy sources swear that the Long Form Birth Certificate is a forgery.

All these questions leave the investigator with only one choice: to define Obama not by his inconsistent biographical details, but by his associations and actions.

The Communist Prelude: Frank Marshall Davis, Obama’s Mentor

As documented extensively in Paul Kengor’s book The Communist, Davis ranks high among Obama’s early life influences. A literal card carrying member of the Communist Party USA (CPUSA), Davis was considered by the FBI an enemy of the state.

  • Frank Marshall Davis, a known Soviet Communist and admirer of Josef Stalin and Adolf Hitler, was a friend of Obama’s mother’s father, Stanley Dunham.
  • The Communist Davis lived in both Hawaii and in Chicago. He was Barack Obama’s mentor through the 1970s, until his departure for Occidental College in 1979.
  • Davis was also a pornographer. In his book Sex Rebel, he wrote excitedly about having sex with minors. Pedophilia was unusual for Communists of the era: Harry Hay, another Communist and associate of Davis, was reportedly an advocate of NAMBLA, the National Man-Boy Love Association.
  • In 1995, in a broadcast on Cambridge Municipal Television, Barack Obama described Davis as “a close friend of my maternal grandfather, a close friend of gramps” and “fairly a well-known poet.”

Irrespective of the publicly accepted, sanitized biography of young Obama, the historical facts establish that his primary political mentor was a Soviet Communist sex offender, introduced to him by his mother’s family.

Tell me who your friends are, and I’ll tell you who you are

George Soros

George Soros, aka György Schwartz, is the Hungarian-born billionaire investor and financier behind a tangled constellation of progressive front organizations. Among these front organizations are: The Open Society Foundation/Institute, ACORN, Think Progress, the Center for American Progress, Code Pink, Occupy Wall Street, National Council of La Raza, the Tides Foundation,, the New America Foundation, and the International Crisis Group. As one writer wrote succinctly in 2011, “Essentially, the entire leftist wing of the Democrat party, including the President can be tied to George Soros in some way.”

  • Soros was born in 1930 in Budapest, Hungary, to a Jewish family. He grew up in wartime Hungary and was an admitted Nazi collaborator who turned other Jews over to the Nazi authorities. To this day, he has stated that he has no remorse for his actions of turning in Jews to the Nazis and having their property confiscated. As Soros said to 60 Minutes reporter Steve Kroft it was “the happiest time of my life.”
  • Soros is a financial manipulator and breaker of currencies. In 1992, Soros crashed the British pound when he made a bet it would correct against the Deutschemark.
  • Soros has a history of using government influence for personal gain. In 1999, (Bill Clinton’s) Secretary of State Madeline Albright blocked a $500 million loan by the U.S. Import-Export Bank to the Russian oil company Tyumen. Tyumen planned to use this money to acquire one of Soros’ companies and a Siberian oil field, and apparently Soros felt his deal wasn’t sweet enough. A few months later, Albright did indeed approve the loan, but only after Soros was guaranteed additional protections for his interests at the expense of Tyumen.
  • This pattern repeated in 2009, when the U.S. Import-Export Bank announced a “preliminary commitment” to loan $2 billion to the Brazilian oil giant Petrobras. This caused the shares in the company to rise 27.9% from April 2009-August 2009 (the time of the announcement). Soros, a major shareholder in the company, profited handsomely.
  • In 2002, French authorities prosecuted Soros for insider trading. In 2012, the government of Russia issued an arrest warrant for Soros for violating Basel II financial regulations.
  • Obama’s foreign policy and the Arab Spring are intertwined with Soros interests. In 2008 the International Crisis Group (aka ICG, a Soros front), issued a paper that urged the Egyptian government to allow the Muslim Brotherhood to form a political party. Anyone with knowledge of the Muslim Brotherhood’s activities in Egypt from the 1940s onward, which include assassinations and terrorism, understands the necessity of the Egyptian government’s hard line on the terror group.
  • Interestingly, ICG is also home to Ambassador Thomas Pickering, the Obama administration’s lead investigator for Benghazi, as well as Robert Malley, who was recently appointed by Obama to a prominent position to lead Middle East policy, despite a history of connections to Hamas.
  • In a 2011 op-ed for the Washington Post, Soros himself referred to Israel — not Hamas — as the “stumbling block” in Middle East peace. In the same piece, Soros encouraged the Muslim Brotherhood to be given a seat at the table in Egyptian political life, and urged Obama to support the Arab Spring overthrow of ally Mubarak.

Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn

Of all the nefarious personal relationships of Barack Hussein Obama, the bloodthirsty couple of Bill Ayers and wife Bernadine Dohrn are the most unsettling. In the 1960s, Ayers and Dohrn were notorious radicals, anarchists, and terrorists — declared enemies of American society.

Ayers and Dohrn hosted a meet-and-greet and fundraiser for candidate Obama when he first ran for public office. Indeed, Obama’s political career was launched from the couple’s living room in Hyde Park.

  • Bill Ayers’ father was Tom Ayers, President of Commonwealth Edison (the power company of Chicago) from 1964-1980, and Chairman from 1973-1980. The Ayers family was close to the corrupt Daley political machine and involved in various philanthropic causes, and Bill was a son of considerable privilege. The Ayers family connection to power production is important to note in connection with the Chicago Climate Exchange, which will be detailed in Part VI.
  • Despite his mainstream upbringing, Ayers gravitated to terrorism and revolution. In 1969, he, Dohrn, and other radicals founded the Weather Underground. From its inception until the early 1980s, this group of nihilist anarchists would claim responsibility for targets that included police, an R.O.T.C building, the home of a judge, New York City Police Headquarters, and The Pentagon.
  • Dorhn and Ayers lived for a time as fugitives together, and eventually married. But due to legal technicalities neither Ayers nor Dohrn ever served time for their crimes.
  • The couple has two sons. Both were, curiously, given Islamic names: Zayd and Malik.
  • Ayers has admitted not once, but twice that he is author of the Obama’s memoir, Dreams of my Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance, published in 1995.
  • On September 11, 2001, a review of an upcoming book by Bill Ayers appeared in the New York Times. In the memoir Fugitive Days, Ayers recounted his time on the lam. Wrote Ayers in the book, the lines which were reprinted in the Times the morning of September 11: “Everything was absolutely ideal on the day I bombed the Pentagon,” and “I feel we didn’t do enough.”
  • A few hours after that edition of New York Times hit newsstands on 9/11/2001, four planes were hijacked by Al Qaeda. Two of them brought down the World Trade Center. Another crashed in a field in Pennsylvania. And the other slammed into the Pentagon, once a target of Bill Ayers, scarring the symbol of American military might and killing 125 people.
  • Consider the psyche of Dohrn (from 1991-2013 a professor at Northwestern Law School) who, upon hearing of the horrific murder of actress Sharon Tate (where a fork was stuck into her nine-month pregnant belly) by psychopath Charles Manson’s gang, stated: “Dig it. First they killed those pigs and then they put a fork in pig Tate’s belly. Wild!” Dohrn then adopted the “fork salute” for the Weatherman.
  • Years after 9/11/2001, Dohrn and Ayers would openly associate with Islamic terrorists. First, in connection with the 2010 “Peace Flotilla,” a terrorist smuggling operation originating from Turkey that sought to arm Hamas in Gaza. The rabid couple’s attraction to terrorism was enabled by the Soros front group, Code Pink.
  • In 2011, Ayers and Dohrn teamed up with Code Pink once again when they crashed the revolution in Egypt’s Tahrir Square to help oust American and Israeli ally Hosni Mubarak. Reliving their youth, they pulled a page from their old playbook, teaching the protestors how to organize their very own “day of rage.”

Valerie Jarrett

No figure in the administration holds more sway over Barack Obama than his Senior Advisor, Valerie Jarrett. Officially in charge of the Offices of Public Engagement and Intergovernmental Affairs, her Twitter handle — vj44, as in “Valerie Jarrett, 44th President” — conveys a truer sense of her power. Yet not even one American voted for President Jarrett.

  • Valerie June Bowman Jarrett was born in Shiraz, Iran in 1956 to James and Barbara Taylor Bowman. An examination of Jarrett’s family is the key to understanding her influence in Chicago.
  • Jarrett’s father James, a Howard University graduate, was, at the time of her birth, working as a physician and geneticist in Iran. Her mother Barbara’s family is deeply connected to Chicago politics. Jarrett’s maternal grandfather was Robert Taylor, who was on the board of the Chicago Housing Authority, a municipal corporation. To this day the Robert Taylor Homes, a public housing project, bear his name.

  • A political appointment, Jarrett was not subjected to confirmation by the U.S. Senate. Yet according to every published account, it is she who is the true center of gravity in the administration. Ranging from healthcare “reform” to negotiating with terrorist Iran, the Senior Advisor, not the President, calls the shots at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
  • The few murmurings which have come out regarding Jarrett’s omnipresence in the White House have not been flattering. According to one former administration official, “It’s pretty toxic… She went to whatever meeting she wanted to go to—basically all of them—and then would go and whisper to the president. Or at least everyone believed she did. … People don’t trust the process. They think she’s a spy.”
  • Even Obama’s former Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, according to author Jonathan Alter, was “tired of being undermined by Valerie Jarrett” when he resigned from his position.
  • Given Jarrett’s political force in the capital, the media’s curiosity about Jarrett’s background, governing principles, ideological beliefs, and business dealings has been conspicuously lacking.
  • One of Robert Taylor’s (Jarrett’s grandfather) business partners was Rufus Cook. Rufus’s ex-wife, Ann, is a cousin of Jarrett’s. Cook is also a legal counsel for Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam, based out of Chicago. In 2007, the country was shocked when a video emerged that showed the pastor of Obama’s church, Reverend Wright of Trinity United Church of Christ, saying of September 11, 2001, “America’s chickens are coming home to roost.” This was a borrowed line, originally spoken by the Nation of Islam’s silver-tongued spokesman, Malcolm X, referring to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.
  • Indeed, TUCC’s Reverend Wright and NOI’s Louis Farrakhan are thick as thieves. In 1984, Wright and Farrakhan traveled together to Libya to meet the “Mad Dog of the Middle East,” Muammar Gaddafi.
  • Another Jarrett cousin is Antoinette “Toni” Cook Bush, daughter of Rufus and Ann. In 2013, Toni, a Chicago lawyer, was hired as the head lobbyist for News Corp, owner of Fox News. This is perhaps why Jarrett has been spotted dining with News Corp CEO, Australian Rupert Murdoch.
  • Jarrett’s family has direct connections to Obama’s Communist mentor, Frank Marshall Davis. Jarrett’s father in law, Vernon Jarrett, was a journalist who worked with Frank Marshall Davis Citizens’ Committee to Aid Packing-House Workers. In his younger years, explains Kengor, Vernon Jarrett “had been elected to the Illinois Council of American Youth for Democracy, the CPUSA youth wing.” Finally, Robert Taylor (mentioned above) was on the board of Chicago Civil Liberties Union with Frank Marshall Davis.

Jarrett, who met Obama in 1991 and introduced him to Michelle, is a part of their family. Given her connections and power, is it any surprise that she recently said to The New York Times Magazine, “I intend to stay [in the White House] until the lights go off.”

Tony Rezko

Antoin “Tony” Rezko is the Chicago-based Syrian-American slumlord who arranged a corrupt deal for the Obama’s home. Rezko, who is currently serving a 10 1/2 year prison sentence and was known for influence peddling through bribery, crafted a special deal in which he loaned money to the Obamas and donated to their campaign organization … all while setting them up in a mansion in Hyde Park.

Nadhmi Auchi

The Iraqi operator Nadhmi Auchi is the rarefied sort of gentlemen you would normally come across in a spy novel. On the surface, Nadhmi Auchi is a business magnate, a dynamo philanthropist, and an honored citizen of many countries. As was explained by a former senior official of the Defense, State, and Commerce departments, John A. Shaw, Mr. Auchi made a name for himself as the international financier and arms dealer extraordinaire of Saddam Hussein. By 1980, Auchi was an asset of the British foreign intelligence service, MI6. (So multi-faceted is this billionaire mystery man that he has his own dedicated Wikileaks page.) Auchi and Tony Rezko were partners in real estate and pizza.

Rashid Khalidi and Edward Said

Rashid Khalidi is an anti-Semitic professor and historian of Palestine. Khalidi is currently the Edward Said Professor of Arab Studies at Columbia University. During their Chicago years, the Obamas were close friends with Khalidi and his wife, Mona. They were also friends with Edward Said, Khalidi’s mentor.

  • Throughout the 1970s, when Khalidi taught at the University of Beirut, he routinely spoke on behalf of Yasser Arafat’s terrorist Palestinian Liberation Organization.
  • The Obamas and Khalidis have been friends for decades. When in Chicago, the Obamas regularly dined with the Khalidis.
  • In 1998, the Obamas attended a banquet which featured Edward Said as the keynote speaker. Said, a Palestinian-American (now deceased), had long been a critic of the State of Israel, which he referred to as being in “illegal military occupation since 1967.”
  • In 2000, the Khalidis held a fundraiser for Obama when he was running for Congress. The following year, the Woods Foundation (where Obama served as a Board member) donated $40,000 to Mona Khalidi’s charity.
  • As one pro-Palestinian activist phrased it in 2008, when Obama’s views on Israel and Palestine were a subject of controversy: “I am confident that Barack Obama is more sympathetic to the position of ending the occupation than either of the other candidates.”

With the benefit of more than six years of hindsight, it is clear that Barack Hussein Obama (with the eager cooperation of Secretary of State John Kerry) has been the most anti-Israel, pro-Palestinian president in United States history.


A man does not become President of the United States without very high powered connections. Usually these connections are accumulated through a long career of public service, whether in the U.S. Congress, Executive, or on the state level. Obama rose to the Presidency after serving a scant four years in the U.S. Senate, two of which were spent running for President. Prior to that, he served an unremarkable seven years in the Illinois State Senate.

Before launching his political career in the living room of American anarchists, Obama was a community-organizing lawyer for progressive groups. Among them was ACORN, which was instrumental in creating the housing bubble.

With such little authentic biography available, we are forced to define Obama by his friends. They include financial and political manipulators and fixers, corrupt businessmen and international criminals, card-carrying Communists and FBI-identified enemies of the state, terrorists foreign and domestic, and their academic apologists.

Part VI will conclude The Betrayal Papers with a look at the various interconnected schemes of the above-named Obama associates.

The Betrayal Papers is a collaborative effort by the Coalition of Concerned Citizens, which includes:

39 thoughts on “The Betrayal Papers — Part V of VI

  1. Isn’t there a typo in the section on Davis? Instead of, “Pedophilia was unusual for Communists of the era,” shouldn’t it read, “Pedophilia was not unusual for Communists of the era?”

    • The success of the book Dialectic of Sex by Shulamith Firestone would suggest that pedophilia was common for American communists at least.

    • It was more unusual then than it is now. At least, public endorsements of pedophilia were less usual then. I also suspect that the real incidence was also lower, regardless of what the elite of society claim, cultural inhibitions against certain kinds of behavior really do reduce their incidence.

      • Chui writes “…cultural inhibitions against certain kinds of behavior really do reduce their incidence.”

        Yes, indeed!!! But Communism is about undermining bourgeois values. Sexual perversion, particularly non-consensual, that is forced sexual experience such as group rape has been used to indoctrinate women into the inner group. Such behavior on the part of the “men” has two advantages: 1) free sex, 2) the prevention of the women’s (and men’s) return to previously inhibited behavior patterns. Let us read “inhibited” as “civilized.” All patterns of civilization need to be undermined for the Revolution to succeed.

        • I so deeply thinking about this that I almost forgot to approve it…I think you could apply this template to any kind of forced sexual experience – e.g., young boys.

          And it’s spreading to the outliers among women – e.g., union teachers with young males or females.

  2. Well. This is quite helpful to me, at least in some respects. From June through August 1992, I was absorbed in a U.C. Berkeley Latin Intensive (class from 9:00 to 4:30 each day; the equivalent of 3 semesters’ credit in 10 weeks). Contrary to Intensive recommendations, I *also* continued to work part-time due to financial necessity.

    I had absolutely no time for anything but Latin and work except for 9:00 to noon Sundays. In September of that year, my BIL endured the one-year anniversary of betrayal by his then-wife (mother of my two most loved nephews) and I worked in his office, available both for work and for lunch conversation if needed.

    The entire Breaking of the UK Pound Sterling thus escaped me, as did the name George Soros.

    Wow. So Mr. S stole from British taxpayers and the overall economy but now supports American leftist causes. Weird. The British were a generally left-oriented populace at the time (Thatcher’s policies were NOT popular with working-class Brits).

    It would be naive to ask, Why did he steal from the left-oriented Brits, only to give $ to WAY left-oriented Americans? ==> because the answer, of course, is that he wouldn’t have made all that money otherwise.

    What an immoral…well, if this is a G-rated or at least G-friendly site, my specific word in English isn’t admissible. Perhaps Yiddish will work? What a complete, unadulterated schmuck.

      • In France he is considered a criminal for his financial machinations. I guess we don’t have an extradition treaty with France for this rarefied level of crime.

        His whole life is a crime, including his help with rounding up his fellow Jews when he was a teenager right down to his assisting in the euthanasia of his own mother.

        This is truly a wicked person, fleecing pensioners and carrying on as though nothing had happened. Were he a conservative he’d definitely have felt the consequences.

        • I believe that Soros didn’t help to round up Jews, but he did collaborate by pointing out the to-be-confiscated property of Jews that had just been rounded up. BTW, in Hungary, Poland, Ukraine and probably elsewhere in that part of Europe, Soros mints antisemites by the minute or mobilizes further those who already are through the tunneling work of his foundations. He has much to do, too, with the destabilization, coup d’etat, anarchy and civil war in, and possibly WW III emanating from, the Ukraine.

          • He helped take their possessions as they were rounded up.

            Here’s a Human Events poll with facts on what he does and his ideas about himself, combined with what people think of him:

            He sees himself as a messianic figure, which follows from what you describe.He has his fingers in many pies too numerous to name. Just read the list of organizations he helps fund, including Tides, which is run by Teresa Heinz Kerry. A man who hates capitalism yet freely twists it to enrich himself…

            …He owns the fellow who was our district’s representative for one term, riding in on the coattails of Obama. And ended the career of a politician with real integrity. Virgil Goode was our congressman for many years and the Left could never prize him out of his seat until BHO.

            In our district Soros’ money was put to use to get out the vote for a know-nothing Yale grad attorney who worked for Soros’ “Open Society” org, doing odd jobs like “social media” – i.e., he started petitions on FaceBook. When we personally questioned this fellow, his ignorance about the Constitution was deep and scary. Somewhere there is a video interview with this guy in his Washington office (I’ve forgotten his name) in which he told someone from the Tea Party they needed to get rid of politicians like him…though he ran again. Boss’ orders. It was obvious he hated the whole thing. Tom Perriello, that’s it!

            When BHO hove into view, Soros shoveled seven billion to leftist extremists groups including ACORN.It was love at first sight when he saw Obama, but even with his money, Soros couldn’t defeat George Bush, though he made it “the central focus of my life” (paraphrase). One of the nicest things about Bush’s re-election was Soros’ impotence in the face of what he saw as a defeat. Ppl looked at John Kerry and said ‘no’.

          • I have suspected for many years that Soros knew the location of the “lost Hungarian ” gold and treasure train that was hidden by those same Hungarian Nazis who confiscated the gold and treasure of the Jewish victims of the Nazis.

            I also suspect that he contracted with some former Brit military to take the contents of the train cars.
            To me that would explain how a poor Hungarian so -called refugee…uh ….immigrant became so wealthy not so long after he finished university in the UK.

            Just for “fun” I suspect the man is a devil! Gives me hope since I believe that in the end the DEVILS LOSE!

            His father was captured by the Czar’s Army in WWI and then set free by the commies. Stayed on 4 or 5 years I think to help the Bolsheviks set up a “govt.” His father was a “one worlder” and helped to create a universal language “Esperanto”.

            MANY of those who have riches and are selfish and evil will often stop at nothing to keep their treasure and to GAIN power and control of other people and their societies. That camel will not fit thru the eye of a black eyed pea….to paraphrase the Good Lord.

            GOD HELP US PLEASE!

          • I wonder of Soros has done lunch with Turkish billionaire schemer Fethullah Gulen… I think they’d find a lot in common.

        • There were Jewish-origin people who pointed the way for the Nazis to find “other” Jews in WWII. Some of them felt pressed to do so, but Soros is the only person I’ve seen quoted as saying he “has no remorse” for doing so. That’s a special kind of low-life…individual.

          Staggering. And evil.

  3. so this is the result of hate-birds when they nest together, may God have mercy on us and this country!

  4. This is an admirable project. As I read, I’ll try to contribute some snippets I’ve come by serendipitously.

    Re: “Wayne Allen Root (once the Libertarian Party Vice Presidential candidate), has stated publicly that he never met or even heard of Obama while at Columbia.”

    The Rev. James D. Manning, who runs Atlah Ministries in Harlem, is a homie ex-con who made good a long time ago. He calls the BHO person, in Harlem lingo for super-pimps, “The Long Legged Mack Daddy.”

    Manning has stated that in the years when BHO allegedly attended Columbia, he, Manning, ran one of those Black Community centers directly across from the entrance to the Columbia Univ. campus. He says that it’s impossible a black student was at Columbia at that time that didn’t stop by his center — yet he never once saw Obama there, nor heard his name. And here is Manning on Obama-the-Muslim:

    • Rev. Manning is a very entertaining fellow who has no use for Obama. Yes, his description of him as “a long-legged Mack Daddy” is delivered in most disapproving tones.

      I watched one of videos a few years ago in which he described his own experience of change; it was quite honest and moving.

      One of the few pieces of paper on an otherwise swept path of Obama’s past is some kind of student i.d. I haven’t seen it lately as it proclaimed him to be a foreign student. But there is no provenance for these odd bits that show up – mostly there are gaps and holes, as Manning describes here: where he wasn’t to be seen at all.

      • Manning is a remarkable man. He presents everything with the bark on, meaning “as is” and “do with it what you will.” I think he’s fearless and an absolute original.

    • One might argue that any president is a sock puppet to some extent, but Obama seems to be unique in that so many things point to him being an almost completely manufactured character with a very obvious handler operating the sock puppet.

      It’s all so ridiculous that you almost have to wonder if he is some sort of robot or a clone grown in a vat. Of course this can’t literally be true, but if it were possible then the situation surrounding the simulacrum would look very similar.

      • Obama has a face that appears to have had a great deal of facial re-arrangement. I half expect his face to slip down and a giant serpent face immerges. Scary , you bet!

        He is NOT who he says he is and those girls are NOT his. Hers but not his. There IS NO resemblance to him and those girls. NONE!

      • “It’s all so ridiculous ….” : Indeed, a word that keeps coming to my mind in connection with this episode in American politics as “absurd.”

        How absurd is it that someone so radically unsuited to the office of the presidency– ideologically, temperamentally, ethically, even intellectually — and with so many red flags in his background and his pronouncements, was sold to us as the savior of the country, the healer, the unifier, the leader of towering brilliance, the smartest person ever to be president.

        How absurd that someone who had a key part in causing the mortgage crisis, and then in blocking efforts to head it off, was hailed as the leader with the wisdom and moral courage to “turn the country around” after the “Bush wrecked the economy” [sic].

        How absurd that so many people who are accounted smart and savvy failed to see the glaring reality of Barack Obama, or to notice how much about him was kept carefully hidden. How absurd that all those who have paid attention to the facts all along are smeared as crazy conspiracy cultists, and of course racists.


    • Sorry,

      Rev Manning might be remarkable, but I hold no candle to anything he says. I have no desire to oppress or even segregate gays or lesbians, and I don’t believe Fox News and the tea party to be conscious tools of the left and the encroachment of sharia law.

      • Why “Sorry” as a sentence? Are we to infer this as an apology to someone else for holding your own opinion?

        You’re entitled to disagree with anyone and while I in turn disagree with your decision to throw out the baby with the bathwater, it’s still your right.

        I like Rev. Manning because despite some of his views I don’t agree with, he’s still a solid voice of opposition to an evident and open evil. His views on people and organizations are not why I find his voice to have value. As a kind-of member of the Tea Party I will continue to pick out the nuggets in the sand-sifting pan everyone has to use while searching for gold.

        The rigidity of the Left causes them to conveniently reject the good enough in search of the perfect. Of course they don’t mind ignoring the huge wrongs staring them in the face if the object of their adoration says all the right things about the socialist programs they fervently believe will redeem us all.

        So Rev Manning “might be remarkable” but that doesn’t count bec he holds views on gays and Fox News and the Tea Party that you find offensive?? Sheesh.

        We posted a two minute segment of useful rhetoric spoken by a sexual predator because what he had to say was the truth about a great evil, and he said it in a way that made people see the process rather than focus on the content. Those two minutes dont mean he’s of good character. But his character – and many of his political views with which I disagree – don’t take away from that two minute explanation.

        You go to war with the truths you have, wherever you find them.

  5. The section on Soros neglects the part he played in triggering the Asian Financial Crisis of the late ’90.
    Whilst there were a lot of structural problems there it was Soros’ manipulation of the finance markets that was the actual trigger, and he made a killing by taking a short position on their currencies.

  6. all this reminds me of a movie called ” The Mandchurian Candidate”.
    Like in ” Wag The Dog”, Hollywood seemed to be ahead of time.

  7. I actually have a friend, Vasos P. of NYC, who did know BHO at Columbia, where Vasos was also a PolySci major in Zbignev’s course with BHO.

    • So, give us more information than the “friend of a friend” angle, at the moment you have the status of a troll, paid by the WH to sow doubt and confusion. He must have left traces somewhere, let your friend point them out……

    • And maybe Vasos P noticed whether he was an American student or a foreign one? There seems to be some doubt on that score.

      It is known that BHO went to Pakistan with his roommate, right?

    • Thanks, Bill. There are few better historians than Dr. Hanson, and perhaps none who have the personal breadth he possesses due to his deep sense of place and home.

      He says of Obama:

      Reminiscent of college naïfs with dorm-room posters of Che Guevara, Obama mythologizes about the underappreciated multicultural “Other” that did everything from fuel the Western Renaissance and Enlightenment to critique Christian excesses during the Inquisition. In truth, what he delivers is only a smoother and more refined version of Al Sharpton’s incoherent historical riff on “astrology” and “Greek homos.” Obama refuses to concede that Islam can become a catalyst for radical killers and terrorists, and he has a starry-eyed crush on those who strike anti-Western poses and have turned their societies upside down on behalf of the proverbial people.

      Well, Barry did pick up that tripe early, right at his momma’s knee. She, too, had a “starry-eyed crush on those who strike anti-Western poses”. I doubt her Indonesian husband was as anti-American as the sniffy mid-Western “anthropologist”. Come to think of it, to what extent is Obama’s shallow sneer due to to his mother’s reading of Margaret Mead’s fake “field work” or Ruth Benedict’s favorable renderings of ethical relativism? For the latter, anthropology was a good place to hide. I don’t know about the rest of the west, but the foundations of anthropology in American academia were/are second-rate.

      Hanson dissects each of Obama’s foreign policy stupidities and then ends with:

      In some sense, Obama views the rest of the world in the same way as he views America: a rigged order in which the oppressed who speak truth to power are systematically mischaracterized and alienated — and in need of an empathetic voice on the side of overdue revolutionary accounting.

      The chief danger in Obama’s romantic view of revolutionary societies is that nothing in their histories suggests that these regimes will ever cease aggression or adopt internal reforms. Cuba will still stir up revolution in Latin America and ally itself with anti-American regimes. Iran will still subsidize Hezbollah and Hamas — and, soon, in the fashion of a nuclear power. Turkey will still try to carve out Mediterranean and Middle Eastern influence at someone else’s expense and destroy secular traditions. And one-election, one-time Islamic movements will still attempt to set up theocracies the moment they snatch power. And at no point does Obama ever empathize with thousands of dissidents rotting in Cuban and Palestinian jails, or homosexuals and feminists persecuted in Iran or journalists in Turkey.

      The only distinction between these illiberal movements and the unromantic Putin’s Russia is their more wily professions of revolutionary fervor, which apparently have fooled or captivated the Obama administration.

      Fooling Obama is child’s play; he was ‘captivated’ a long time ago.

        • Ah well. Stuff happens. We post what we’re given but we don’t/can’t check everything. It may not work now but it did then since I quoted from it, IIRC. Maybe those who love Hanson’s work (and they are legion, with good reason) could provide a corrected link.

          I hate to tell you, RonaldB, but it’s bad karma to point out mistakes w/o also providing at the same time, their solution. Takes a little work, though.

          I have seen the term “ankle-biting” used to describe some of the complaints about Diana West’s tour de force. I think your response to the Betrayal Papers could possibly be placed in that category.

  8. Here’s a YouTube video that tells you anything you want to know about why Obama’s birth certificate posted on the WH web site is a forgery: link.

    The key mistake of Obama is having published a birth certificate that is a document that was constructed in layers. A photograph taken by a digital camera takes a picture that is but one layer. A photo (image) of a document created by a document scanner does the same.

    However, a document with the word “c t” on one layer and the letter “a” precisely positioned between the “c” and the “t” on another layer is a forged document purporting to show the word “cat.” With certain software the two layers can be separated from each other. Without out it, the two layers look like one image and the layers cannot be detected.

    Obama’s published document has something like eight layers.

    On the matter of the authorship of BHO’s books, Jack Cashill’s substantive analysis of the similarity of the language used therein and known examples of Ayers’s writing should be recognized.

  9. Recently re-read “None Dare Call It Conspiracy” from the 70’s and found it eerily truer than ever. Highly recommended.

    • I found it on Amazon – an update by the author from the early 90s and still seems to be selling.

      None Dare Call It Treason – 25 Years Later by Stormer, John A. (1992) Mass Market Paperback

      The blurb on the page says:

      In this 25th anniversary edition of None Dare Call It Treason, John Stormer asks: “Are the changes in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union for real? or could they be apart of a cleverly executed long range plan designed to disarm the United States while providing the Russians with economic aid they desperately need to bail out their collapsed economy?” As a 30-year student of the world communist movement, John Stormer has the credentials to ask and answer those questions. Stormer’s original None Dare Call It Treason documented how leftists of various persuasions have dominated America’s schools, churches, press, labor unions and State Department for 70 years as they murdered 100-million people and enslaved other billions. These leftists – and their disciples – maintain their power bases and influence in America’s basic institutions today. To prevent them from piling new tragedies on top of old – and to insure that traditional American freedoms are not traded away for socialist dreams or new communist deceptions – Americans must realize what has happened in the past and why. None Dare Call It Treason – 25 Years Later is the tool for awakening and educating Americans so they thwart leftist plans for entangling the United States in a “new world order.”

      I agree we need to learn what has happened and why but when that happens we will be picking through the shards. The hostile reception to Diana West’s carefully researched book about the undermining of America that began (more or less) with the New Deal speaks volumes about the pull on all of us by what the Baron has termed Planet X. The hostility against her work continues today and one of the weirdest things about the work of her many detractors is their free admission to having never read the book.

      The Islamic Communist in the White House has already traded traditions for treachery. And he doesn’t care that you know. He is becoming more openly belligerent about our destruction and no longer has to keep up any facade about wishing America well. No doubt he will endorse Hillary if she wins the nomination since they are cut from the same cloth. Saul Alinsky-ites whose dream it has been to destroy the middle class, that hateful group of traditionally-minded Americans.

      There’s a Communist mayor in New York City, too. In fact, they’re so open about it now that you don’t risk being called “McCarthyite” for telling the truth about our thoroughly modern Marxists.

      However, I disagree with Stormer that this Communism has anything to do with Russia’s plans. These are home-grown academic Marxists. No secret cells, no skulking around. These guys are proud of their roots, of their red diapers.

    • The Baron pointed out I got the book wrong. So here is the correction:

      None Dare Call It Conspiracy

      It’s available in paperback, or for free reading in the Kindle book group.

      There are almost 200 reviews, the latest from a few weeks ago:

      …to those who are wondering if this book is worth reading I offer you this….it has changed me.
      I am glad to here the truth of things, but equally as broken hearted to learn the truth of things!
      Read it for your self.

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