Berlin 1921: The Avenger of the Armenians

The following article is an account of the convoluted history of Soghomon Tehlirian, a survivor of the Armenian Genocide who assassinated one of the architects of that genocide in Berlin in 1921. Many thanks to JLH for the translation from Der Tagsespiegel.

Soghomon Tehlirian and the Armenian Genocide of 1915: Revenge Six Years Later

Julia Prosinger April 20, 2015

Crime Scene Berlin, March 15, 1921: Hardenbergstrasse — An Armenian kills the architect of the 1915 genocide. The ending of his trial in Moabit is spectacular. The whole truth comes out later.

He sees the slaughterer of his parents taking a sunbath on the balcony. He sees him start his morning walk. He picks up his suitcase, puts on his hat, crosses Hardenberg Street. Their eyes meet briefly, then he shoots him in the back of the head with a nine-millimeter pistol. The dead man’s body splats on the sunny sidewalk on March 15, 1921.

Soghomon Tehlirian drops the weapon. He shouts: “I am an Armenian, He is a Turk. No harm to Germany.”

The dead man is Mehmet Talaat Pasha, guiding spirit of the Young Turk Committee, Interior Minister of the Ottoman Empire, Grand Vizier, and lately a guest of the Weimar Republic under a false name.

His killer is an Armenian avenger. And that is how the genocide whose hundredth anniversary Armenians are commemorating now came to Berlin in 1921; to the “Berlin suburb” of Charlottenburg, as The New York Times writes.

Passers-by crowd around the young man. One of them hits him on the head with a key-ring, another picks up a stick — the wound on the back of Tehlirian’s neck measure 20 centimeters. He runs down Fasanen Street with the police behind him.

The trial begins on June 2nd, in Moabit Provincial Court III, Criminal Division 6. The world is watching. And it is not only about the defendant’s guilt of a murder on German soil.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs senses this and urges the court to make haste. Germans have better things to do than become involved with the Armenians — a people no one knows. They are already quarreling with the Poles about Upper Silesia. And they must prevent anyone learning how deeply involved in the massacre they were.*

24-year-old Tehlirian faces the court, pale and calm. The newspapers write about his high cheekbones — sign of an intellectual, and about many “darkly attractive” people in the courtroom audience. Berlin has received telegrams from all over the world, urging that the young student be released.

“I killed him, but I am not a murderer,” Tehlirian says softly. Then he relates how he grew up in a well-to-do merchant family in Erzincan in the present northeast of Turkey. How his people, like many minorities in the Ottoman Empire, were repressed, and subject to repeated pogroms, most recently under Sultan Hamid. How in 1915, when the Young Turk Committee had overthrown the sultan and entered the First World War, his school was closed and then the order for deportation came.

“I would rather die than continue to describe that black day.” Faltering, Tehlirian tells of the rape of his sister, his brother’s split skull, the odor of the corpse of his other brother when he regained consciousness underneath it. In a few sentences, Tehlirian the perpetrator becomes Tehlirian the victim. Kurds give the weakened youth barley bread; starving, he escapes to Persia. Completely alone in the world, he finally reaches Berlin, to study mechanical engineering, and there he happens to see Talaat Pasha on the street.

That man, born 1874, who advanced from telegrapher to cunning statesman and cold strategist, who then overthrew the Sultan and continued his work of annihilation. That Talaat Pasha who had admitted to the German consul: “We want an Armenia without Armenians.” Who had signed a writ which contained the phrase: “The goal of annihilation is nothingness.”

It has become even quieter in the courtroom. Since that day, says the defendant, his murdered mother had repeatedly appeared to him and asked him to kill Talaat Pasha. He rented a room, Hardenbergstrasse 37, across from Talaat’s number 44, and shot him. “I felt a contentment in my heart. Still today, I am satisfied with what I did.”

Tehlirian’s landlady describes him as polite and respectable. At night, he had played the mandolin and sung sad accompaniment. His friends report how shy he was with women at dancing lessons. His German tutor says he could never concentrate. There are five reports from experts. Does he have epilepsy or psychosomatic attacks when he thinks of his murdered family? Only one of them finds him not responsible.

Tehlirian’s strongest defense is not his illness, but Talaat Pasha’s past. The German Armenian expert Professor Johannes Lepsius is allowed to tell about that. The German public learns of: wounds doused in vinegar, body parts stuffed into mouths, starving infants thrown into the Euphrates by their mothers, which later runs red with Armenian blood, mass shootings, priests driven naked and tarred through villages, dogs and vultures feasting on clusters of corpses, skulls scattered along deserted paths, plundering of billions. Up to 1.4 million dead. “The facts are indisputable,” says Lepsius.

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Gates of Vienna News Feed 4/26/2015

Community activists in Baltimore staged a demonstration last night over Freddie Gray, a black man who was injured and died while in police custody. The protest turned violent and became a riot, and randomly chosen people (random except for the fact they were white) were attacked in businesses and on the street. Thousands of baseball fans were trapped for hours when the Orioles’ stadium at Camden Yards had to be locked down.

In other news, aftershocks continue in Nepal, with one temblor recorded at 6.7 on the Richter scale. More than 3,000 deaths have now been reported due to the earthquake.

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Islam Will Dominate

Below are excerpts, courtesy of MEMRI, from a speech given in 1994 by Dr. Mohammed Malkawi, who is said to be the founder of the Chicago franchise of Hizb ut-Tahrir. According to the notes accompanying the video:

Dr. Mohammed Malkawi, a.k.a. “Abu Talha,” said, during a speech delivered at the International Muslim Khilafah Conference, held at Wembley Arena in London in August 1994, that “Islam is a “supreme system” that “will not coexist in the same place as democracy.” “Islam is a system that Allah revealed to dominate all other religions,” he said.

Notice how clear and frank Dr. Malkawi is about what must happen to Western political and judicial structures: they must fall. They must give way to Islam. There will be no governance but Islamic governance. This must be the case, because Allah has decreed it so.

This is how things were in London twenty-one years ago. What are they like now?

Hat tip: Vlad Tepes.

Why Is This Not News?

The following report on the latest non-news from Southern Israel comes from a woman who calls herself BarnesA. She was referred to us by MC, who says: “BarnesA is a fellow Sderotian who, like me, sometimes rattles the keyboard.”

Why is this not news?
by BarnesA

Two days ago, as we were celebrating the close of the modern State of Israel’s 67th Independence Day, we heard the familiar click. The click that precedes the glorious recording in dulcet tones warning us that the green bandana’d banditos across the border, two miles away, have decided to send some fireworks of their own our way. (Mohammed coefficient 100%) .

So for the first time since December, we gathered our most precious belongings (most of whom were already in bed and fast asleep) and raced for our shelters. Here in Sderot, we did not hear the rocket fall. Two hours later we were blessed with the satisfying yet devastating sound of the IAF’s retribution on northern Gaza. I counted at least five large explosions, but now it is a little hard to recall.

Memories of last summer spend the night turning my brain like a pastry hook. Did we kill any children? Did they fire from a school, hospital, residential building? Needless to say, I did not sleep peacefully. To my utter and complete surprise, the rocket fire from Hamas-controlled Gaza, and the resulting reprisal from the IAF, went completely unreported in the international media.

Yemen, of course, is in the forefront of the news. The casualties are growing daily, just this year, the civilian deaths are estimated at between 550 and 1000, depending on the source. There were stories about the Islamic State and their very scriptural adherence to the commandments in the Qur’an, and about their take on the NHS, complete with a cheerful Australian doctor. Stories about Obama and Iran, the earthquake in Nepal, Gallipoli and the Armenian Genocide (take that, Erdogan!), various other tidbits, and of course the vital updates on whatever Kardashian is the centerpiece of the world today.

Nothing about the fact that rockets were fired from Hamas-controlled Gaza at my town on my Independence Day. Nothing.

Of course, I am writing this for a captive audience. You may all be interested to know that the Kibbutzniks have started to talk again about the ‘strange noises day and night’ coming from under their homes, as the Hamas neglect the suffering of their electorate and funnel the world’s aid direct to the esteemed and holy project of earth removal. How proud the donors must be to know that the money that they gave to alleviate the very real and horrific suffering of the children of Gaza is being invested in the land in a very real and horrific way.

This, also, is not news.

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The Clintons Cash In

Peter Schweizer is making headlines with a book about the Bill ’n’ Hill money machine. Clinton Cash hasn’t even been released yet, but it’s already #1 on Amazon in “International and World Politics”, #1 in “Leadership”, and #2 in “Federal Government”.

And Hillary Clinton is already attacking it. Presumably the next moves against the author may include audits, smears in Clinton-friendly media outlets, damaging disinformation leaked to the press, and maybe a personal visit by well-muscled men wearing ill-fitting suits. Such tactics are, after all, the tried and true methods of conducting business in Clintonworld.

The new book tells us nothing really new about Bill and Hillary Clinton. Everyone who is paying attention knows by now how they get their money, and what they do in return for the largesse of their foreign “donors”. But the Clintons rely on the fact that the vast majority of Americans aren’t paying attention. They count on mass ignorance — plus Bill’s lovable grinning mug — to get them through lawsuits, bar hearings, grand jury investigations, elections, etc.

The latest batch of material, however, has provided some new smoking guns. The cloud of cordite fumes is large enough this time to attract the attention of the traditional Clinton lapdogs MSM outlets. Even The Washington Post has been forced to admit that the shenanigans revealed in Mr. Schweizer’s book show that the Clintons “skate close to the line” in their financial dealings.

The following discussion on the topic of Clinton money is from last Friday’s Sam Sorbo Radio Show, and features Diana West as a guest:

Below are excerpts from a Fox News article about the latest revelations:

Veteran defense lawyers see possible criminal inquiry for Clintons

With a sitting Democratic senator recently indicted on federal bribery and corruption charges, top criminal defense lawyers in the nation’s capital say Democratic presidential front runner Hillary Clinton could conceivably face similar scrutiny, amid mounting disclosures about the tangled finances of her family’s philanthropic foundation.

The new book “Clinton Cash” by Peter Schweizer, an investigative reporter affiliated with the right-leaning Hoover Institution, has unleashed a torrent of conflict-of-interest allegations relating to the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation and Hillary Clinton’s own conduct during her tenure, from 2009 to 2013, as secretary of state.

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Rescuing Moe

Spring Fundraiser 2015, Day Seven

Today is the final day of our quarterly fundraiser. This week has left me exhausted but gratified, what with new first-time donors checking in from exotic locales that include Utah, British Columbia, New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Australia. Sometime tomorrow I’ll post the wrap-up.

Tip jarFor readers who don’t know the drill, or weren’t paying attention during the first six days of this Fundraiser Octave, this is what Dymphna and I do to keep this website alive. And it’s not just the two of us — Gates of Vienna is a collective enterprise. Most of my time is spent in editing and administration, rather than writing posts. Our site depends on the contributions of numerous people to provide a broad range of material. Our collaborators send tips, translations, articles, essays, and images. The videographers and video editors, most notably Vlad Tepes, extend our reach into the all-important video field.

And we depend on the kindness of stranger to finance the whole shebang. Every quarter we make the pitch, and every quarter you all step up with your generous responses. For that we owe all of our readers a profound debt of gratitude.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

The theme of this week’s fundraiser has been “Stories”, and this morning’s tale features Moe, a large black and white cat who shared our living quarters for a number of years back in the early 2000s. Longtime readers will remember the role Moe played in “Dymphna and the Fig Tree of Doom”, when his plaintive meowing alerted me to the fact that Dymphna had fallen off a ladder while picking figs and couldn’t get up.

I posted an initial report the day it happened, and the follow-up is here. It’s hard to believe, but all of this happened almost ten years ago. So only really longtime readers — maybe Bill, HJH, and a handful of others — will remember it.

Dymphna and the future Baron had found Moe at a country crossroads when he was a half-grown stray. It was in the middle of a sleet storm, and the poor cat had a broken leg, so they brought him home. The future Baron bonded with him instantly, and named him Moe. The official name on his Social Security card was Moseley Moecat.

Moe was probably the sweetest cat we’ve ever owned. He was large and not very bright, but he was tractable, affectionate, and easygoing. He was prone to sudden bursts of funny antics and silliness, playing with shadows (or hallucinations) that no one else could see.

After he was neutered he developed an endocrine disorder, as so many male cats do after being fixed. He just kept getting bigger and bigger, despite Dymphna’s efforts to provide him with special food. With his black spots and huge girth, more than one person said he looked like a Gateway box. And that clove-shaped mark on his nose made him look especially goofy. But lovable — he was a lovable cat.

The following story took place more than a year before Dymphna’s fateful altercation with the fig tree, just after our annual summer party in June 2004. The crowd of visitors had driven Moe into hiding over the weekend, as was usually the case. But this time he didn’t return after all the alarming strangers had departed.

After four days had gone by, the future Baron and I went out looking for Moe. We checked his usual haunts — the collapsed chicken house at the edge of the woods was one of his favorite hiding places, but he wasn’t there. So we walked further into the woods.

Fifty yards or so in there was an abandoned well. It was hand-dug, about four feet across and maybe thirty feet deep. It was on the next-door property, not on ours, so I couldn’t fill it up, even if I had had earth-moving equipment. No one lived on the property, and the owner was far away, in another state. When the fB was little, his brothers and I had hauled a lot of junk wood out there and covered the mouth of the well thoroughly so that no one could fall in.

But we didn’t reckon on Moe.

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Gates of Vienna News Feed 4/25/2015

A major earthquake struck Nepal today, killing at least 1,300 people and reducing much of Kathmandu to rubble. The same quake caused an avalanche on Mt. Everest that killed at least ten climbers at a base camp.

In other news, three suicide bombers for the Islamic State struck a border crossing between Iraq and Jordan, killing at least four Iraqi border guards.

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And BHO? What of Him? That is in Our Hands…

Our Israeli correspondent MC returns with a meditation on Socialism, Atheism, Judaeo-Christianity, and the various theological and philosophical currents that created the behavioral sink known as Modernity.

And BHO? What of him? That is in our hands…
by MC

As I read about the John Doe raids in Wisconsin, I wonder at the deceit that we all have to live with in this day and age. The thing about Wisconsin is that a huge part of society sees these raids as necessary to control the ‘racism’ of conservatives. Because conservatives are ‘racist’, National Socialism may once more become popular.

We, as a society, have been inveigled into accepting this mantra as god’s own truth.

But whose god?

The answer here is, of course, any god but Yahweh, the Judeo-Christian God. But specifically the socialist god, i.e. man; but only in a very specific form. Not just any man will do, this man must firstly be male (feminism has no traction in these elevated humanist circles; it is a divisive dogma useful only to destroy the Judeo-Christian family) and well-connected, preferably from a known bloodline. He must have been privately educated and have the hereditary entry into the right circles. Alternatively, he must be stinking rich.

There is no altruism in this group. It is totally self-absorbed, but uses the illusion of ‘goodness and mercy’ to ensnare support by sending deceitful ‘virtue signals’ to those who have a passionate need to be seen to do and be ‘good’ (Lenin’s useful idiots). This group also pays its henchmen well, and it is these henchmen that the general public sees: smiling faces and benign words hiding ruthless ambitions and intentions. These are the guys that press the buttons of the human mincing machines.

At this time we are considering the various holocausts and genocides of modern history. These mass-murder events have changed our psyche; they have provided a backdrop to our notions of civilization. Many, many people are now atheists because of the question “how could god allow this to happen?”.

Again the question arises, which god? Man has free will, and the bible tells us that in the Garden of Eden he, too, became a god.

Islam holds up a man, Mahomet, as perfection. He is a god in all but name. Communism and Nazism are intrinsically humanist, and between these cults can be spread the nearly the entirety of mass murder in the 20th century.

Yet it is these same ‘man’ cults which are increasingly dictating to us the terms of our daily lives. The rise of television has placed many millions of people who would not normally succumb to coercion propaganda in the direct firing line of subliminal lies. With a tame television empire, one no longer needs brown/black/red/green shirts, one just needs JR or Teletubbies. Peppa Pig’s father is an incompetent imbecile. TV gives us the inverted stereotype, moulded by our betters to fool us into thinking that such characters are the reality from cradle to grave and back.

So Islam becomes a religion of ‘peace’, Communism is ‘benign’ and ‘RIGHTist’ Nazism is the most dangerous force on the planet. Muslims are wise and friendly, Communists are intellectuals and conservatives are nasty ‘racists’ who only think about money and the economy.

So we have a picture language, carefully built over time, with the objective of reducing us to a willing and submissive slavery, incapable of any meaningful political thought or analysis.

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Steve and the Blacksnake

Spring Fundraiser 2015, Day Six

We’re barreling through this quarter’s fundraiser: here it is, Saturday already.

Dymphna and I have been at this routine for more than five years, but it still amazes me to watch it unfold every quarter. How is it possible to raise enough money in this manner to cover blogging expenses, much less have enough left over to live on? Yet we manage to do it, mostly, with some side work to fill in the gaps.

It seems strange, because just about every other journalistic enterprise — which is what this blog is — uses a business model that is totally different from this sort of crowdfunding. Unlike major commercial media outlets, which are funded entirely by advertisers, periodicals that offer political opinion usually publish under the umbrella of some sort of foundation, with subscriptions and advertising only covering part of their operating costs. Money trickles down from the endowment to the administrators, who set the editorial guidelines and pay the editors, writers, and production staff. A non-profit corporate structure, with management calling the tune.

Tip jarIn contrast, our quarterly blegs appeal directly to our readers, with no intervening layers of administrative bumf. Those who like what we do and feel moved to donate chip in, and there have been enough of y’all so far to allow us to barely scrape by.

It’s an improbable way to make a living, but somehow we manage to keep going. And even though we have to grind along at the edge of poverty most of the time, there is an uncommon satisfaction to the job: We have absolute editorial freedom.

There’s nobody out there who can threaten to cut off the money spigot if we fail to toe this or that editorial line. Except for our readers, of course, who can express their displeasure whenever they want to by neglecting to clink the tip cup on our sidebar.

This means that when a controversy like the recent one over Diana West and American Betrayal comes up, we’re not inhibited by the fear that our funding will dry up. In this particular case, quite the opposite was true. The vast majority of ordinary people seemed to agree with Ms. West (and not with the major “conservative” organs). In those situations our support actually increases when we stake out purportedly “extreme” positions.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

The theme of this week’s fundraiser is “Stories”, and this morning’s story involves an excursion into natural history.

I’ve been a reptile freak every since I was a little boy. We humans are born with an instinctual fear of snakes, but our natural aversive reaction can be overcome if we are made familiar with snakes and trained to handle them when we are very young.

That’s what happened to me. When I was four and five years old, we lived next door to a family with a boy who was much older than I was, and very dedicated to reptiles and amphibians. He introduced me to the joys of turtles, snakes, lizards, salamanders, frogs, and toads. And, most importantly, he taught me how to catch snakes.

The technique is fairly simple. When you see a snake in the underbrush and want to catch it, you don’t go about it directly. You look around and find two sturdy sticks, each about two feet long, one for each hand. If possible, the one held in the right hand should have a slight bend or branch at the end, to make it easier to pin the snake’s head. The stick in the left hand is used as a feint, to wave in front of the snake’s head while the other stick is brought slowly up behind him. The unsuspecting snake keeps his eyes on the waving stick, and maybe even strikes at it. When the moment is right, the second stick is brought suddenly and firmly down just behind the snake’s head, pinning him to the ground. Drop the second stick, grasp the neck and the back of his head, and then you can pick the snake up and let him coil around your arm.

I love to do this. I’ve caught hundreds of snakes this way, ranging from little garter snakes and grass snakes, all the way up to the biggest blacksnakes, which are the largest specimens in this part of the country. And I haven’t been bitten by a snake since I was nine or ten years old.

I haven’t done as much snake-hunting since I grew up, but if I happen upon a blacksnake and don’t have anything better to do, I’ll catch him just for the pleasure of holding him for a few minutes, and then let him go. I don’t attempt to catch copperheads, although I’m sure I could if necessary. I’m not afraid of poisonous snakes, but I treat them with prudent respect — I know the consequences of a copperhead bite.

The main characters in the following story are my stepson Steve and a large blacksnake — or, more properly, a black rat snake. Black rat snakes can grow to eight feet or so in length, and it’s not uncommon to find five- or six-foot specimens. When they’re that big, they’re surprisingly heavy. The experienced snake-handler has to be prepared to heft up quite a load of wriggling reptile when he grabs one of those.

The incident in question took place one summer in the early 1980s when Steve was about fourteen. He still lived with his father in those days, and used to come to visit us during the summers. Over the previous winter he had shot up, and was now quite a bit taller than I was, 75% of it in the legs. Definitely no longer a little kid.

I took him down to the river one hot August afternoon to swim at the little beach by the public boat ramp. It was a popular swimming spot in those days, and families from the surrounding area would come down to fish, swim, and picnic.

Steve and I were in the shade at the back of the beach, just below a grove of trees on the bank, when we heard someone yelling in fright. A couple of grown men tore out of the grove shouting that there was a snake in there!

A digression is necessary at this point to explain the relationship that country people have with snakes…

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Gates of Vienna News Feed 4/24/2015

Italian police carried out raids against Islamic terrorist networks in several provinces today. The networks were said to be affiliated with Al Qaeda. Among their alleged terror targets was the Vatican, which they planned to bomb.

In other news, Mona Sahlin, the Swedish national coordinator against violent extremism, says that half of Sweden’s municipalities have failed to establish adequate “dialogue” with imams who administer mosques within their jurisdiction.

To see the headlines and the articles, click “Continue reading” below.

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The Camp of the Saints meets Eurabia

In his latest essay, Fjordman discusses the ongoing and accelerating “migrant” crisis in the Mediterranean.

The Camp of the Saints meets Eurabia
by Fjordman

Since the Industrial Revolution began a couple of centuries ago, the world has witnessed a rapid population growth of billions of people. This is unprecedented in the history of our species. The population explosion is still going on in many parts of the global South, especially Africa and the Islamic world. Combined with modern means of cheap mass transportation, this has triggered the largest and fastest migration waves in human history. People’s smuggling has become a huge international industry. Many illegal immigrants travel by land. Some use boats.

Boats have been crossing the Mediterranean Sea for years, loaded with migrants from Africa and the Middle East headed for Europe. Yet things have escalated dramatically. In April 2015 several shipwrecks with illegal immigrants on board, causing hundreds of deaths, brought this issue to the forefront of Western news.

On April 22, 2015 the head of the African Union said quick solutions to the migrant crisis in the Mediterranean do not exist. “If people don’t have livelihoods at all, they are not going to sit and die of hunger, they are going to look for greener pastures,” Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma told reporters in Brussels. She was visiting representatives of the European Union (EU). Her comments followed a meeting with EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker where the two discussed migration and human traffickers. Dlamini-Zuma, the ex-wife of South African President Jacob Zuma, comes from a country plagued by violent clashes between local blacks and recent immigrants from other parts of Africa. The white minority is also constantly at risk of violent attacks. Yet when many Africans today lack livelihoods, even food or water, perhaps it is not a good idea for Africans to double their numbers. That is what current estimates predict that they will do in the coming 35 years.

I wrote on my bilingual Twitter account that what is happening now in the Mediterranean is an invasion. This statement proved very controversial in certain circles. One Swedish columnist presented me as “the mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik’s ideological ally” and a “Nazi.”

I admit that the term “invasion” is provocative, but sometimes you need to be provocative to get a response. An invasion does not always have to happen with tanks.

The Nazis wanted more Lebensraum for Germans. This was seen as evil, and other Europeans fought them. Why are they now supposed to meekly accept more Lebensraum for Nigerians, Somalis, Arabs or Pakistanis in Europe? Despite their flaws, the Germans have at the very least shown themselves capable of maintaining a science-based industrial economy. That is not the case with Nigerians or Somalis.

Consider this simple fact: Demographers believe that the global human population exceeded one billion people for the first time around the year 1800 AD. This was during the early stages of the Industrial Revolution. It took all of humanity hundreds of thousands of years to reach that level. Demographers now estimate that Africa alone can increase its population by one billion people or more in the coming 30 years. A single continent in just three decades can thus add to the global population more than the entire human race did in hundreds of thousands of years before the Industrial Revolution. That puts the current population explosion into perspective.

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The Ongoing Catastrophe That is Swedish Immigration Policy

As mentioned a few days ago, last Friday The Finns Party hosted an election event at the public library in Turku, Finland. In addition to Jussi Halla-aho, Kent Ekeroth was one of the featured speaker. Mr. Ekeroth is a member of the Sweden Democrats, the only major immigration-critical party in Sweden.

The Finns Party did well in last weekend’s elections — they came in second — and the Sweden Democrats are now polling at 20% in Sweden.

Below is the talk given by Kent Ekeroth at The Finns’ event. In it he discusses the magnitude of Third-World immigration into Sweden, and its cultural and financial impact on the country. Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

Andrew Bostom on the Armenian Genocide

Dr. Andrew Bostom discussed the Armenian Genocide today on the Sam Sorbo radio show. As part of his discussion, Dr. Bostom pointed out the nature of the genocide as that of a jihad — that the Armenian Christians were massacred because they were gavurs, infidels.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

Remembering the Armenian Genocide

Today is the one hundredth anniversary of April 24, 1915, which is generally considered to mark the beginning of the genocide against the Armenian people carried out by the Ottoman Turks. The greatest massacres occurred during 1915, but the killing went on for years. The slaughter even continued after the end of the Great War, during the euphemistically described period of “population transfers”, notably the massacres of Greeks and surviving Armenians during the Great Fire of Smyrna in 1922.

For the past few weeks the Turks have been ratcheting up their usual rhetoric in advance of the anniversary, decrying the “racism” of anyone who refers to the events of 1915 as a genocide, and charging those Turks who so characterize the actions of the Ottoman State with “insulting Turkishness”, the all-purpose crime used to silence discussion of Turkish atrocities past and present.

Surprisingly, some of the European countries that have formerly held their tongues are now breaking ranks and declaring publicly that the massacre of Armenians during the Great War was a genocide. In the past week Germany, Austria, and the European Parliament have become “insulters of Turkishness”, and Pope Francis has made headlines and angered the Turkish government with his public utterances about the genocide.

The following is a brief documentary by the Genocide Education Project about what happened to the Armenians in 1915. Warning: some of the images and descriptions in this clip are disturbing:

Below are excerpts from a series of recent news stories that discuss the Armenian Genocide. First, from France24:

Turkish PM Says Genocide Recognition is ‘European Racism’

Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu on Friday angrily condemned the European Parliament for adopting a resolution urging Turkey to recognise the mass killings of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire as genocide, saying it was a sign of growing “racism” in Europe.

Speaking to reporters in Ankara, Davutoglu said such statement ignored the suffering of Muslim Turks in World War I and risked inciting hatred towards other non-Christian religious groups.

The European Parliament on Wednesday agreed a resolution urging Turkey to use the centenary of the 1915 tragedy to “recognise the Armenian genocide” and help promote reconciliation between the two peoples.

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Mufti of Ankara: Pope Acknowledging Armenian Genocide Will Hasten Hagia Sophia’s Becoming Mosque Again

Turkish political parties (with one exception) released a joint statement against the European Parliament’s ‘genocide’ vote on the mass killings of Anatolian Armenians during World War I.

At the same time, Mefail Hizli, the mufti of Ankara, spoke out against Pope Francis for his use of the word ‘genocide’ in connection with the mass slaughter of Armenians, saying that the pontiff’s remarks will accelerate the rededication of Istanbul’s Saint Sophia Basilica as a mosque.

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Armenian Genocide: Turkish Politicians Criticise the EU; Mufti Reacts to Pope’s Words Threatening to Turn Saint Sophia Into a Mosque

Erdogan’s moderate Islamist party as well as the Kemalist and right wing nationalist parties issue a statement slamming the European parliament as “partial” and “intolerant”. For the mufti of Ankara, Pope Francis’ statement was “extremely spectacular.” For the first time in 85 years, a passage from the Qur’an was recited at Saint Sophia. A symposium during Holy Birth Week was held in Istanbul on “The Prophet and Cohabitation Ethics and Law”.

Ankara (AsiaNews) – Turkish political parties (with one exception) released a joint statement against the European Parliament’s ‘genocide’ vote on the mass killings of Anatolian Armenians during World War I.

At the same time, Mefail Hizli, the mufti of Ankara, spoke out against Pope Francis for his use of the word ‘genocide’ in connection with the mass slaughter of Armenians, saying that the pontiff’s remarks will accelerate the rededication of Istanbul’s Saint Sophia Basilica as a mosque.

On Wednesday, the European parliament passed the motion on the Armenian genocide. Calling on Ankara to acknowledge the event, it urged Turkey and Armenia to use the occasion of the centenary of the genocide to establish diplomatic relations.

Turkey’s ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP), as well as the main opposition parties, the Republican People’s Party (CHP) and the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP), yesterday released a joint statement “harshly condemning the partial approach” of the European Parliament, which backed a motion calling the mass killings of Anatolian Armenians during World War I a “genocide.”

The statement condemned the parliament’s “partial” approach as against “the idea of peace, toleration and building of a common future.”

“Despite our objections, the European Parliament prefers to deepen the problem and gap between our two societies . . . and prevent impartial and scientific research of the issue,” said the joint statement.

Only the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) abstained from signing the declaration, calling the reaction against the pope by Erdogan and the other parties as childish. Instead, “The government should found a truth and reconciliation commission in order to face the past,” HDP Co-Chair Selahattin Demirtas.

For his part, the Mufti of Ankara Hizli Mefail said, “The statement that the Catholic world’s spiritual leader pope delivered three days ago, saying Armenians had been subjected to a genocide, is extremely spectacular”.

In his view, the pope’s statement reflects “a modern colour of the crusader wars launched in these lands for centuries.”

“Frankly, I believe that the pope’s remarks will only accelerate the process for Hagia Sophia to be re-opened for [Muslim] worship”.

The latter echoes other voices who, in recent years, have called for Saint Sophia Basilica to be turned into a mosque.

Following the city’s conquest by the Ottomans in 1453, the church was used as a mosque. This lasted until the authorities of Turkey’s new Republic reopened it in 1935 as a museum.

Last Friday, for the first time in 85 years, a Muslim cleric recited the Qur’an in Hagia Sophia.

A passage from the Qur’an was recited late on April 10 at a ceremony at the basilica to mark the opening of a new exhibition titled ‘Love of the Prophet’ as part of this year’s Holy Birth Week. This includes a symposium that opened today on “The Prophet and Cohabitation Ethics and Law”.

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