No News Feed…Again

Second verse same as the first, a little bit louder and a little bit worse.

After several days of remote repair and work-arounds the Baron’s computer is still giving him software problems.

His computer repair guy is going on vacation tomorrow morning with his family and will not be available for a week.

There will be no news feed tonight. Meanwhile he will continue to attempt to fix the problems and asks for your patience.

6 thoughts on “No News Feed…Again

  1. Anyone who responds impatiently has lost all perspective on this. We are indebted to you. We owe you support in all ways we can provide it; and, if we believe in prayer, prayers. Happy Easter to you both and to all your loved ones.

    • Thank you. We are blessed with a fine technician whose only flaw was a pre-arranged family vacation. So our emergency could have been timed better. However, he’s left the B with some paths thru the transpired feces, paths which the Baron is even now trekking along, carrying all his hand-built programs and gizmos and jerry-rigged short-cuts. Then he will decamp to the desk top a VERY generous reader sent us a few years ago, one we have been saving for this eventuality.

      The patchwork of Microsoft bits and pieces that are *really* good he has been cobbling together and writing programs for/with lo! these many years. He designed them for his own specific needs…I don’t even pretend to understand them. A good example is his Rube Goldberg NoozFeed operation. When he wrote the first iteration of that thing, it was simple enough for me to use. Back then I could keep up the news while he was gone – it was even kind of fun. But then as the numbers of tips increased, he had to do several re-writes to keep up, and then more to handle his eye problems. Now that Nooz is miles past my ability to interface with it.

      Thus he has to kind of dismantle it and bring it down to our “new” machine – a Windows 7 Asus – and recalibrate it… to give you some idea of the dimensions of this: every single character on the keyboard is dedicated to some kind of short-cut needed for documents, or images, or transcriptions…or whatever else he does. He’s taken to calling this “The Great Migration”…he knew it would have to happen sometime but had hoped it would be at his discretion.

      Ah well…given the dimensions of the work involved, it could only have happened when it HAD to.

      • The paths through the transpired feces
        Are littered with slimies and greasies
        But with hearts full of song
        We still hobble along
        On some cobbled-up cyber-prostheses!

        Knew there had to be a limerick there!

  2. You never know with computers. The next “fix” you try may do the trick but in any case isn’t today Good Friday? And Easter weekend?

    Speaking for myself this site is marvelous and I visit daily, even if I don’t comment.

    Happy Easter to you all!

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