No Hate-Imams in The Netherlands

Geert Wilders staged a protest today at an Islamic conference in Utrecht. Here’s the report from the PVV:

Geert Wilders opposes Islamic conference, wants speakers banned

The leader of the Dutch Party for Freedom (PVV) Geert Wilders protested outside of a building in the Dutch city of Utrecht on Thursday, where an Islamic conference was taking place.

Wilders held a banner stating “No Hate-Imams in The Netherlands,” whilst making a statement that they “should not be allowed to come here to this beautiful city and preach their message of Islamic hate.”

Two other members of parliament were also with the PVV politician at the time. Some counter-protesters turned up later after Wilders had already left.

The video below is from

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this clip (parts of which are in English) to LiveLeak:

3 thoughts on “No Hate-Imams in The Netherlands

  1. Only Geert Wilders deserve the Title Hon. in frint of his name:

    The Right honorable Geert Wilders.

    He loves his society, country, Europe and humanity. Hey Norway: humanists must love indigenous people as much as Somalis. LOve must not be blind. Truth must be supreme not silly naive childish sentimentalities.

  2. Only by finding the courage of Mr. Wildres can the west advance in a peaceful manner. Islam is incapable of peace in any sense of the word where human rights comes first.
    Islam must be recognized as the human cancer that it is.

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