Muzzled in Montreal

The following incident from Quebec is as bad as any “hate speech” case in Britain. The father who objected to Islamic instruction in school for his 8-year-old son was threatened with prosecution by the school board for an “Islamophobic” Facebook post — which he made as a private citizen, not as a public employee, or even a private-sector employee. Just an ordinary dad, exercising what he thought was his right to free speech.

To make his persecution even more ironic, the issue was an assignment in which his son was required to draw Mohammed.

Where’s the fatwa? Why wasn’t the school firebombed? Why didn’t the teacher have to change her name and go into hiding?

Many thanks to Sassy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:00   A new controversy linked to the course on Ethics and Religious Culture has erupted — Marie-Laurence — It’s this father
0:05   who doesn’t agree with the basics of Islam being taught to his child,
0:09   and the school board sent him a Letter of Formal Notice.
0:12   Exactly, the father received a Formal Notice directing him to remove a post from his Facebook page
0:16   that criticizes the Ethics and Religious Culture course. The school board threatened him
0:20   with possible legal action if he didn’t remove his comment.
0:23   The father removed it but nonetheless — Pierre — the father still disagrees with the content of the course.
0:30   [Father] It’s against my own religion. [TVA] Homework that could have passed off as a letter in the mail,
0:37   but because the son had to draw Mohammed, this father refused to sign the homework.
0:41   [Father] No other religion except Catholicism will be taught to my children.
0:44   I’ll start by teaching it well to my children and then, once in high school, they’ll be open-minded enough
0:51   to decide on their own. [TVA] It’s his 8-year old son, in 2nd grade at La Source d’Autray school
0:55   in Lanauraie, who came back with the homework last week.
1:00   The father is angry, and he posted on Facebook: “I left a note on the back
1:04   expressing my discontent about this s***ty religion,” he wrote.
1:08   His Facebook status was looked into. The school board sent a Letter of Formal Notice to the father
1:13   to remove the message. [Father] I saw that they looked into my Facebook searching… my private life.
1:20   And this makes me very upset… [TVA] The father complied. The school board replied
1:24   to TVA Nouvelles that all religions are being taught
1:27   and this course is a mandatory Education Department course.
1:30   According to this expert, both reactions are overblown.
1:34   For instance, he doesn’t attack any of the people; however his reaction is disproportionate in that
1:38   he falsely blames the school board, and the school board reacted too strongly by sending him
1:45   a Letter of Formal Notice for a comment that is quite harmless.
1:49   In 2008, the Ethics and Religious Culture course replaced the
1:53   courses on Morality and the Catechesis. It’s not the first time this course has been criticized, quite the contrary.
1:57   On March 19th, the Supreme Court ruled on the issue of
2:01   exempting Québec confessional schools from this course.
2:04   As for Mr. Maurice, he doesn’t exclude the possibility of suing the School Board.
2:08   Marie-Laurence Delainey, TVA Nouvelles, Montréal.

6 thoughts on “Muzzled in Montreal

  1. I hope he takes it to court on the grounds that it’s not a religion but a fascist political ideology.

    The stuff about drawing Mohammed doesn’t surprise me since this is exactly the stupid sort of thing that culturally illiterate “educators” tend to do when trying to teach kids about anything foreign. Here’s another great example:

    (2) ”Muslims” means” anyone or anything that surrenders itself to the true will of God”. It states by this definition , that everything in nature (trees, animals, plants, etc.) are ”muslims”.

    That’s exactly the kind of thing that some English teacher would come up with if she were projecting beliefs from American Transcendentalism onto some other religion without making any effort to figure out what the followers of that religion actually believe.

  2. Dark Ages ; Bright Ages

    Dark Ages for westerners started when the Traitor Class lost all commonsense, logic and morality and started to oppress their own indigenous people, and let be raped by jihadis.

    Bright Ages: Started roughly 50 years ago for islam. They were invited to their 57 countries to fan out all over the world. They gloat at how stupid we are to surrender out countries and turns ourselves into dhimmis.

  3. Free speech does not exist in any of the Western countries. The degree of free expression in the socialist EU collective, for example, is always subjected to what the state decides what is free or what isn’t.

  4. Last I heard no religion is allowed into school. Why is this religious cult or theocracy infiltrating the Quebec school system. There should be an investigation to see how this happened.

  5. No religion, none, should be taught in schools for the simple reason it is impossible to teach the entire truth – negatives and positives – of each ideology. Simple basics are worthless.

    This is particularly noteworthy in the case of Islam. Teaching that Mohamed was a great guy is misleading and outright dishonest.

    I agree with some above comments about ‘drawing’ Mohamed. This is blasphemy for many Muslims and death is the punishment. What the heck is wrong with these people?

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