Mass Migration is Big Business

There are many news stories, endless narratives, about the situation of ‘asylum seekers’ who get into large dinghies and set sail from Tunisia to Italy. These rubber-sided, leaky vessels with their thin wooden bottoms are death traps. But still, the migrants pay their money, crowd in and set sail for Lampedusa.

Today the big news, carried by most of the MSM, was the killing of a dozen Christian refugees by fifteen Muslims. Fjordman sent this:

Italy Accused of Bringing in Islamist ‘Terrorists’ After Christians Thrown Into Sea

A dozen Christian asylum seekers drowned in the Mediterranean after they were thrown overboard by Muslim migrants in a furious row fueled by “religious hatred” on a smuggler boat sailing from Libya to Italy.

Conservative politicians accused the centre-Left government of Matteo Renzi of allowing “fundamentalists” into Italy and called for a blockade of the refugee boats.

“Intervention is now urgent because what has happened is extremely worrying,” said Maurizio Gasparri, a senator with Silvio Berlusconi’s Forza Italia party. “The Renzi government is bringing in Islamist fundamentalists and using Italian ships as taxis for potential jihadists.”

Ignazio La Russa, another centre-Right politician, said: “The government is not only bringing to its knees the social fabric of our cities (through immigration) but is allowing onto Italian soil fundamentalist terrorists.”

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Italy is indeed in trouble fiscally because of the migrants, but the superficial MSM is counting drops of water and telling us that their drops are an accurate reflection of the size of the sea.

There is real information out there, and I found some of it accidentally when searching Google Images for maps of the routes traveled from, say, Tunisia to Italy.

The first place I found was a site that isn’t current but is still full of information that provides you with information about the scope of the problem. In January, the blog “Migrants at Sea” reported on the statistics for 2014 [the emphases are mine]:

While roughly 170,000 migrants over the past 14 months have reached Italy or been rescued and brought to Italy, according to UNHCR and Eurostat figures, very few of them are applying for asylum in Italy. Eurostat data through November 2014 indicate approximately 25,200 asylum applications from all nationalities were filed in Italy during the first six months of 2014; the number increased to approximately 27,000 during the period July-November 2014.


According to Italian press reports, “[n]ew figures from the UN’s refugee agency showed 25,077 people applied for asylum in Italy during the first six months of 2014. The highest number in Europe was recorded in Germany, which received 77,109 applications, followed by France (54,131) and Sweden (38,792).

Notice that somehow these migrants are leaving Italy for the richer territories of Northern Europe. That doesn’t mean that Italy isn’t facing severe strain in having to take them in as they land. And Italy faces severe criticism from the rest of the EU for letting them get away.

There are other interesting stories on that page, featuring – for instance – huge numbers turned back by Turkey’s Coast Guard. But still they come. Reading just the increase in numbers of incidents gives one an idea of the masses of humanity involved. The smugglers are ever more agile in escaping if the authorities come near. Out of 524 incidents of capture by Turkey in 2014, involving over twelve thousand people, only 74 smugglers were charged.

The increase in numbers of captured migrants since they started keeping count in 2011 is 24-fold. And going up.

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As you know if you’ve ever gone puddle-jumping in the blogosphere, one site leads to another. Migrants at Sea (the site was maintained by a professor in Southern California) mentioned “Frontex” a few times so off I went, and came up with their reason for being, and a long explanation of how this Big Business of mass migration operates and is changing:

Frontex promotes, coordinates and develops European border management in line with the EU fundamental rights charter applying the concept of Integrated Border Management…

The Story:

Winter used to bring some respite for those agencies responsible for controlling Europe’s long Mediterranean borders. For each of the last ten years, irregular migration has slowed or even stopped in the run-up to Christmas, with the people smugglers largely confined to port by the rough seas. Not any more, it seems.

Since the launch on November 1st of Operation Triton, the Frontex-coordinated mission in the central Mediterranean, some 11,400 migrants have been rescued, about 10,000 of them in situations characterised as “distressed,” in 77 separate Search and Rescue incidents at sea. Although significantly smaller than the number recorded during the August peak — when some 28,000 migrants were detected on this route — this level of traffic is still unprecedented for wintertime. 2014 could be remembered as the year that people-smuggling by sea truly became a year-round business.

In a rapid adaptation of strategy that has become their hallmark, the smugglers have started using much larger boats. These are typically decommissioned freighters, up to 75m long, procured in the ports of south-eastern Turkey, notably Mersin: a departure point still connected by ferry to the Syrian port of Latakia, making it reachable for the tens of thousands of Syrians still fleeing the conflict in their country. The freighters, repaired and manned by crews sometimes hired from as far away as Russia, are piloted via Cyprus and Crete towards Italy, which remains the EU destination of choice for refugees from the Middle East.

“Scrap vessels are expensive and difficult to procure, but high demand makes this method profitable,” says Antonio Saccone, Head of Operational Analysis at Frontex. “It shows how powerful and sophisticated the smuggling networks have become. There is no doubt that the Mediterranean coasts are now in serious crisis.”

Syrian refugees are generally richer than Asian or sub-Saharan migrants, and are charged €6,000 each for the service in order to reach Mersin. This cost is often on top of the ‘fees’ they must pay to the militias controlling the border crossings on exit from Syria — often as much as 16g of gold per person. With freighters frequently filled with as many as 600 people, the profit for the smugglers runs into the millions.

A place on a freighter from Turkey costs at least three times the price of a ticket on the usual sea route from Libya. And yet the migrants are willing to pay. Travelling this way not only circumvents the considerable danger of capsizing in a small boat in rough seas: it also avoids having to go to Libya. The departure point of choice for facilitator networks in 2014, this increasingly lawless North African nation appears to have become too dangerous an operating environment even for the criminal gangs.

Thank you, President Obama. You have increased geometrically the suffering in the Middle East and North Africa. Uncountable deaths are on your head.

For all its advantages, though, the new route from Turkey is not without dangers. The engines of the old ships are often highly unreliable. In the last six weeks alone, one freighter has been found drifting near Cyprus; another was rescued 30 miles off Crete; still others, off the Italian coast. The danger of shipwreck is greatly increased by the smugglers’ habit of switching off the freighter’s AIS (the Automatic Identification System with which all boats over 300 tonnes, as well as all passenger ships, are equipped). The effect is to make the boat electronically invisible to the Italian search and rescue authorities — a stratagem that buys time for the smuggling crew to escape by fast launch and thus avoid arrest.

Frontex has discerned another worrying recent trend: some 30% of all migrants rescued at sea in September and October were picked up by civilian shipping — the vast majority of them, 52 incidents, off the coast of Libya. The smugglers have learned to time the departure of migrant boats so that they cross the paths of merchant ships heading for the EU. When a distress call is transmitted, the merchant ship, being the nearest, is obliged by international maritime law to go to the rescue — and then disembarks them at the next port of call.

The risk to life when transferring migrants between ships at sea is significant; and the merchant marine is of course far from happy. Operation Triton, however, cannot be expected to handle the migrant challenge alone. It has two aircraft and a helicopter at its disposal, two open sea patrol vessels, and four coastal ones: a fleet appropriate to its mandate, which is to control the EU’s borders, not to police 2.5million square kilometres of the Mediterranean. Triton’s budget, at €2.9m a month, is one third of what Italy were spending on Operation Mare Nostrum. That said, saving lives is always a priority for Frontex. “There is great suffering out there, among a great many vulnerable people,” says Gil Arias Fernandez, Frontex Executive Director “so of course we do whatever we can.” Christmas, it is safe to predict, will be no holiday for the border guards engaged in the central Mediterranean.

I have only touched the bare edges of this story (it’s been a hard day here at Schloss Bodissey what with plumbers and such) but my point in providing the few links and their stories is that the MSM is pretty well useless beyond its “if-it-bleeds-it-leads” attitude toward what is going on in the world. They excel at telling you when things blow up, but they are silent on follow-up.

For you and me the job becomes digging for information. These two instances happened because I was looking for maps. I may indeed search that way again for ongoing information. For example, what might a map of the area where the FBI chose to meet have provided in terms of information?

Mass immigration is here to stay. It will continue on particularly as our foreign “policy” is a hit-and-run affair leaving smashed bodies and lives behind. Let’s see what happens with Cuban boats in the coming months. Only ninety miles to freedom… unless Obama manages to kill those fleeing before they arrive. It may even be part of his arrangement with the Castro Company.

30 thoughts on “Mass Migration is Big Business

  1. Watching the BBC last night on this issue astounded me. Illegal migrants are called ‘migrants’ hoping for a better life but what is really remarkable is the matter of fact way it is declared that none will be going back the way they came.
    This is it like it or lump it. The new europe where anyone can come by any means and if you say different then your an inhumane racist.
    Well we will all see what is inhumane about civil war.The people who support this cannot see past their Guardian or their own front door.

    • I watched it as well. The BBC line was quite simple – these “poor” oppressed people must be helped. Question is how did they raise the £$6k or whatever if they are so poor? One guy said his aim was to go to Oxford University. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if, whatever his intellectual ability, he will be admitted to Oxford, housed and fed, and without the need for student loans. He will be feted thereby encouraging a whole load of other wannabees.
      Seems to me that blockading the North African and Turkish coast would be both cheaper and more effective.
      The US managed that, with only sailing ships far from home, to beat the Barbary (muslim) pirates.
      I also fully agree that Italy and Malta shouldn’t be shouldering the financial burden alone. (and Spain with its 2 colonies)

    • Meanwhile, in America we hear nothing about these incidents.

      We’re too busy making sure gay people get cake.

      • No, we’re hearing them but you have to be in the proper auditory space for them to register. If you’re surrounded by leftist media with their fingers in their ears yelling, “we can’t hear you” – no you won’t hear it. But there *are* European groups making plans. They aren’t foolish enough to advertise them, though. Would you?

  2. Historically speaking, mass movements of people have caused mayhem from ancient times, and most have ended in civil strife as indiginous populations try to stem the endless tides of incomers and their predations on the victim societies, on might well think what Geronimo must have thought as his people’s traditional way of life was changed beyond recognition.

    We have the power to resist the slow strangulation of our culture, but we have lost the will to defend it. We abhor violence to the extent that we would rather succumb than stand our ground.

    Last summer, Hamas violated all the international norms by firing missiles at my home, on the other hand, Israel was severely criticized for defending my home; the West cannot have it both ways. Its smug (left wing) self-righteousness dooms it (and us with it) to annihilation. When the barbarians are at the gate, you either sharpen your sword and fight, or pay the tribute; wives, daughters, sons, gold, food etc.

    • This is rapidly escalating.

      It will be interesting to see how far they can stretch the rubber band before it snaps. Who will blink first?

      • Blink? Vas is blink? Surely you mean ‘crack’. (OK maybe ‘explode’ or ‘implode’)

  3. The EU is complicit is people-trafficking when it insists that member states must receive, feed, clothe and house these trafficked invaders, who include Islamic State jihadis.
    The media present it as Italy’s problem, but it is also Britain’s, Germany’s, France’s and so on. Lampedusa is the border of the whole EU.
    The exponents of the Coudenhove-Kalergi plan to mongrelize white Europeans into a Eurasian-Negroid mixed race must be pleased with progress. The Coudenhove-Kalergi prize has been awarded to Angela Merkel and Herman van Rompuy.

    • I have no idea what the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan is, but it is obvious that the EU isn’t happy with what’s happening. That’s why they want Italy to be the old woman in the shoe…

      No, the media do NOT present it as Italy’s problem; the media point out that Italy CAN’T do it and also provide us with word pictures of the EC wringing its hands and saying it doesn’t know what to do…my complaint in that post is that the media looks at each incident but doesn’t provide a larger picture. It’s Chinese water-torture, one drip of a story at a time until the literate world gets used to the fact.

      “Mongrelization” is not the point, unless you count rape as a means to that goal. If these people weren’t being driven out by war and chaos, they’d be glad to stay home. But it’s mostly single males being tossed out and trying to survive…India and China have many millions of single males.But due to geography, they’re not leaving home in the same numbers as those in MENA, nor would they be able to pay all that money to get out of Dodge.

      Chaos and lawlessness isn’t conspiracy. But a large part of this is the IQ problem of the hater in the White House. He is doing the same thing to the U.S.

      • Hi Dymphna –

        I also didn’t know about Coudenhove-Kalergi, up until recently. It turns out though that he was an early proponent of multi-kulti and even a “mongrel race”, even in the 1920s. Given that the Coudenhove-Kalergi prize is a big thing among the European “elite”, it seems he is quite notable. More about him here:

        Btw, it seems he also was not that keen on all aspects of the Religion of Peace… but perhaps he didn’t consider that the “cultural enrichers” also shared his goal of a “mongrel race” – but with the mongrel children inheriting all the traits of the “Enrichers”, along with a deep hatred of the Western culture of their own mothers?

  4. Italy must no longer provide rescue services. All smugglers boats with refugees must not be allowed to Italy. Send them back. If they are in danger of sinking, the refugees made their choices and paid their money. Bring life jackets and shark repellent. Europe and Italy can not afford thos level of illegal imigration. But a generous welfare system attracts them. Shut down the generous welfare system for refugees and the boats will stop comming. All refugees must go into detainment camps until they can be identified 100%. Rent out Guantanamo and use it to house them until they are 100% identified. THis way they do not toch Italian or EU soil. Soon the flow will stop when they see no benefit. Keep food supplies to a subsistence level minimal creature comfor,ts water, heat amd food thats it.

    • The only country doing that is Turkey. The rest have tasked Italy with the job of rescuing them and keeping them. Read the rhetoric…as a condition of being in the EU, Italy has to agree to rescue them and feed them and put them up. Only that hasn’t happened. The bigwigs in Brussels demand that they be kept in Italy, but the illegal aliens don’t agree. As I said in the post:

      While roughly 170,000 migrants over the past 14 months have reached Italy or been rescued and brought to Italy, according to UNHCR and Eurostat figures, very few of them are applying for asylum in Italy. Eurostat data through November 2014 indicate approximately 25,200 asylum applications from all nationalities were filed in Italy during the first six months of 2014; the number increased to approximately 27,000 during the period July-November 2014.


      According to Italian press reports, “[n]ew figures from the UN’s refugee agency showed 25,077 people applied for asylum in Italy during the first six months of 2014. The highest number in Europe was recorded in Germany, which received 77,109 applications, followed by France (54,131) and Sweden (38,792).”

      Go to the URL to see what the Turkish Coast Guard does with those trying to come in via the Aegean Sea. They agree with you.
      So while your orders make common sense, to whom are you giving them? And who will carry out your commands about what they MUST do?

      Are YOU going to send them back?
      Are YOU setting out with shark repellent and life jackets? Plan on 170,00 of each for the next six months.
      Are YOU going to shut down the welfare system already in place?
      Are YOU going to provide the ships to move 170,000 people across the world?
      Are YOU going to build the housing at Gitmo to put those people in?

      Unless *you* can do all these things, there is little point issuing orders. The people who read this website are already singing in the choir. You might try telling Obama to do these things – it is his foreign policy that has so sharply increased the numbers…see what one incompetent man with a wrecking-ball and a hatred of Europe can do?

      • RE Obama’s foreign policy – Please see this video, from 3 March 2011:

        In short – A former Israeli IDF officer claiming he has information on a 3-point plan by Obama…

        1) To destabilise the North African regimes, and allow a Muslim Brotherhood takeover

        2) As a result of the resulting instability in North Africa, millions of Muslims will want to emigrate to Europe and America – meaning eventually a Muslim majority in Europe and the USA.

        3) For the Muslim Brotherhood to then be able to annihilate Israel.

        Only the 3rd part of this plan hasn’t worked so well – in spite of the USA’s more hostile attitude to Egypt. (could this be why Obama’s suddenly changed to backing Iran?). But do you not agree that what’s happened since this video was released more or less corresponds with the first 2 points?

  5. These immigrants are all male of fighting age with a clear destination in mind. In Australia they used to arrive without passports.

    Is anybody awake?

  6. Hey dumb Europeans; if they’re throwing members of their own race overboard because they are Christian, what do you think they are ultimately going to do to you ?

    • Hey dumb all western countries. This is going to be an even bigger nightmare for the USA and Canada – both of which are seriously embedding workplace violents apace?

      • I imagine there would be no shortage of volunteer patriots from across the world would join you. Pent up rage and frustration about taxation without representation. The current situation is very Chinese. As dripping water and mutiple thousands of cuts.

      • You wish. So do I.

        I never met a more obedient, tolerant people than the Dutch. So what are y’all gonna do? Raise your voice?

        • One of my friends is working on a documentairy about the invasion. “Refugees” should be given a safe haven in the area. That way the invasion of Holland stops and the “problem” will be solved.

          The public in Holland is already bombarded with info about the invaders. Many of them lying about their reasons to “flee”. We see invaders getting a permit to stay in the Netherlands and right after that taking a “vacation” in Irak.

          So a good first step is to bombard the public with info about the invaders and their helpers.

    • Europeans aren’t any “dumber” than you are. What do you think “they” are “ultimately going to do to you” when your area is overrun. The time for name-calling and less-than-useful taunts is past.

      Anymore comments of this kind will be deleted.

      • Sorry. I did not mean to imply that Americans are any better. After all look who we elected president.

  7. Trey Gowdy has demanded an explanation from the State Dept. about Syrian Muslims being dumped in his home district. Problem is this is only on a few internet sites. Until this makes it to NBC, ABC, CBS, (and I don’t think it has cleared FOX yet) hope that this issue is raised and raised seriously in the Republican debates with numbers of “migrants” across the U.S. provided completely it won’t matter. Question to be asked of course is why are these people Muslims and not Christians? Also why aren’t these people put in escape poof camps in the desert (hey they are Middle Easterners) where they are taught principals of American society including non discrimination against various groups including Christians, Jews, Hindus, gays, etc. and base any move to any city on passing civic tests, non discrimination tests, etc. If not, let them sit until they will volunteer to go back to Syria.
    As for those so called “liberals” who will pout about this, let them go and teach courses on freedom, etc. Don’t trust those libs? Me neither, let Christian fundamentalists only grade the tests and interview prospective city dwellers. This process should take a minimum of what, 5 years before anyone can move out.

    This would be a winner with the American public. Let’s hear Hillary propose Syrian Muslims to Iowa or New Hampshire or South Carolina.

    Let me hear a big “Amen Brother.”

    • I understand your anger but I don’t think anyone would support those proposals, not even Mr. Gowdy.

      You’d make walking targets of Christian “fundamentalists” even if you could get them to agree to your project…I mean, have you ever even met one??

      Those “migrants” won’t ever “volunteer” to go back to Syria. Look at what they are leaving and you’ll understand why they will live, procreate and die in those camps, just as Palestinians have done for generations. America hasn’t forgiven herself for what she did to American Japanese – and it was quite unconstitutional – no one has the heart to institute something like this.

      Oh wait. You’re being facetious. Darn, you fooled me.

      When I got to the part about Hillary proposing this to Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina…and looked at the commenter address – all right, I owe you one, Mr. Big City. I will have to think of something appropriate…

      “Amen” indeed. Try your proposal on some Brooklynites.

      This reminds me of a proposal my brother-in-law once suggested re the problem of nuclear waste: we could get rid of nuclear waste by putting it in bags, leaving a plastic bag here, a plastic bag there, throughout the various boroughs of New York City. He swore no one would notice because it looked to him like large piles of trash weren’t removed anyway – the radioactive stuff would kind of blend in. I think he was as serious as you are being here.

      You almost got me.

      No, the American people would NOT like what you suggest. Start an oline petition – say, on FaceBook. When you have a thousand signatures (a drop in the bucket) then perhaps I can say you judged the zeitgeist correctly. But from here, methinks I hear the screaming now.Besides, FaceBook would close you down in a New York minute – which is about 15 seconds of regular-people’s time.

      Hillary, even though she has officially declared her candidacy is continuing to take in foreign donations from the biggies who are supporting the chaos…

      Whatever the opposite of AMEN is, that’s what you’re hearing from me.

  8. Australia has shown how to resolve the boat invasion problem.
    18 months ago we started to tow the boats back. When the smugglers started to scuttle their boats, we bought cheap large orange enclosed life boats with engines and towed back the people in those, close to the indonesian coast With just enough fuel to get to land.
    We went from several boat a week, sometimes a day, to none for the past 12 months, from hundreds of drownings a year to none.

    The solution is trivially easy, if your governments actually wanted to stop this.
    Why they don’t ?
    I honestly don’t know.

    • This is great. I’d read about it some time ago.

      One reason it works is that Australia is…Australia. You have not lost the *majority* of your alpha males through two world wars.
      Second reason: you reached agreement – contentious agreement, but nonetheless – on a course of action. You are not indebted to other nations and have to ask for anything.
      Third reason: the national WILL to do this…which could be arising in Italy, though they are debt-ridden and scared.
      Fourth reason: the smugglers are not firing on the boats towing the “immigrants” back.

      It’s not easy, nor is it trivial in old Europe.
      America and Canada are too large, too diffuse, and too politically correct to allow it. Though in America there is a groundswell of opposition. Which is why the military is suddenly “training” in our towns – just practice of course – to let us know what happens if we get unruly.

      Sixth reason: Your civil service and public sector unions are not filled with Islamic infiltrators and Communist members. Does ANY city in Oz have a Communist mayor?

      Yes. IF OUR GOVERNMENTS WANTED TO STOP THIS. Italy’s does but for the opposite view, look at Sweden. Norway invited them in for some exotic color.

      Australia was formed under very hard circumstances within almost living memory. The descendants of those people don’t suffer fools gladly – except their own fools.

      Look how long the carbon tax misery lasted in Oz. Here, we don’t even get to vote on it – our EPA has decided what will be.

      China will treat Oz with respect because it’s been earned. Eventually, NZ may catch up with you.

  9. It’s clear what measures must be taken. Australia has proved the efficacy of simple, humane, non-lethal, firm measures that “send a message.” No one has to beat his chest or nuke Mecca. Just say “no” and go to work.

    Right now tea cups will fall from bloodless hands and hankies flutter upon moist brows at the assertion that it’s an invasion by primitive welfare parasites who loath the West and will turn surviving natives into slaves when majorities switch.

    It is war and only a teeny toony minority knows it. It is a monstrous, intentional betrayal as well, such as doomed the Spartans at Thermopylae.

    Accordingly, let us await what Solzhenitsyn warned us of — the pitiless crowbar of events.

    Alternatively, think of two tectonic plates pressing on each other with increasing pressure at the interface. There will be a cataclysmic shift and a bloody reckoning is guaranteed by the long-delayed failure to take simple steps of avoidance and mitigation. Massive irrational, insensible forces will soon come into play.

  10. World Migration Day

    In 5 months ( Jan-May 2015 ), some 50,000 migrants from North Africa , crossed Mediterranean Sea in rickety boats, to land on shores of Italy
    That is some 10,000 per month ( soon reaching 100,000 per month ? )
    Irrespective of EU countries’ decision to admit only 20,000 per year , by 2020 this figure could reach 1 MILLION per month !
    Why this huge migration ?

    Apparent reasons :

    > ISIL is terrorizing Syria / Iraq
    > Boko Haram are doing the same in Nigeria
    > Houthies are following both in Yemen
    > Libya is facing a civil war
    > North and South Sudans are at war
    > Tunisia is boiling with massive unrest
    > Taliban is rearing its ugly head in Afghanistan
    > Egypt is simmering with angst against Muslim Brotherhood
    > Pakistan is becoming terrorists’ training ground
    > Turkey / Lebanon / Jordan are getting overrun with refugees
    > All over Mid-East , Shias and Sunnis are fighting
    In short , most of African and Mid-East countries are exploding with local wars , under Europe’s soft underbelly and porous right borders

    Real reasons :

    Millions of citizens of these countries are facing unemployment and consequent starvation ( when not getting killed by terrorists )
    It is no different with migrants from Bangladesh and Myanmar trying to find shelter in Indonesia / Philippines / Australia / Thailand

    Closer At Home :

    Of entire World’s 800 million ” mal-nourished ” ( euphemism for ” starving ” ) people , 200 million are in India
    Only , instead of calling them ” Starving ” people , we choose to call them , ” Naxalites / Maoists ” etc !
    We fail to realize that there can be no political solution to ” Starvation ” !
    Where can they migrate ? There is no ” Promised Land ” on India’s borders !

    Solution ?

    Since no developed country wants to admit migrants from poor countries , let UNO declare , Antarctica as ” United States of Migrants ” – USM
    And fix quotas of migrants that each poor country can dispatch to USM each year ( roughly in proportion to ” Starving ” population of each poor country )
    Then contribute funds for creating settlements in Antarctica ( – in any case , due to Global Warming , ice-shelves are melting and soon Antarctica will become habitable ) .

    For the rich countries , this would be the most , economically and socially viable solution

    Let a beginning be made by declaring 27 June , as

    ” World Migration Day ”

    hemen parekh
    09 June 2015

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