Jihad in Spain and Syria

The following news report from Spain is disturbing in more ways than one. It’s not just that young “Spaniards” are being actively being recruited for the jihad in the Middle East — which is bad enough — but also the fact that the Spanish police are dressed like ISIS executioners, with black masks that resemble those of the mujahideen.

Islam-like behavior is creeping in everywhere. The Mafia in Sicily is a venerable example. Now mentally ill pilots commit suicide by plane while murdering hundreds of innocent people.

There are also sharia-like limits on our free speech. We are now compelled to hold our tongues like Muslims, otherwise it’s ghiba. From Reliance of the Traveller, Book R. “Holding one’s Tongue”, § 2.0, “Slander (Ghiba),” r2.2:

Slander (ghiba) means to mention anything concerning a person that he would dislike…

The same rule has become the binding standard in our speech codes, even where Islam is not involved. Islamic ideas and practices have infected all spheres of life in the West, and most people are utterly unaware of what is happening.

Anyway… Many thanks to Fausta for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:06   The four members of this family, arrested, leaving their home,
00:10   escorted by the Guardia Civil, and each placed in a car
00:13   and will be taken to another registry
00:16   very near this location.
00:20   This operation, carried out by the Guardia Civil,
00:22   started at dawn, and, as we mentioned, four members of the same family:
00:26   the parents, and both sixteen-year-old sons,
00:32   [identical] twin brothers, who allegedly were heading to Syria to contact
00:37   ISIS members. The sixteen-year-olds
00:43   dropped out of school in Badalona
00:46   in the past year and
00:49   headed to Morocco to study the Koran. Now they’re back, and
00:53   as we said, they were about to leave Spain and
00:56   travel to Syria, with their parents’ full consent.
01:00   Additionally, they had contacted
01:03   ISIS recruiters, and their mother was one of the people
01:06   encouraging this process of radicalization.
01:09   Also, we also learned that the two boys
01:13   had an older brother who died last year
01:18   on the Syria-Iraq border where he had gone since he
01:22   belonged to an IS network.

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9 thoughts on “Jihad in Spain and Syria

  1. Polish “counter-terror” police have been dressed similarly. Precisely to avoid “repercussions” from the mafia-style people they sometimes arrest…

  2. Spaniards The sons of stupidity…. your are as stupid as the rest of Europe. Why do you prevent them from going? What are they doing in Spain in the first place?

    Oh you don’t want them to go to Syria, you want them to struggle there and do the jihad to recover Spain from the infidels.

    Was Europe always stupid like this?

    • Pretty much which is why their best people all emigrated to all parts of the world in the last 500 years. Glad my ancestors from Germany, Scotland and England left when they could.

      The Jews will leave Europe soon for the last time or at least or until the Muslims are marginalized and/or destroyed.

  3. Don’t special operations police in many countries have to wear masks for physical and identity protection? In this case, it seems quite sensible – we can’t have jihadis knowing exactly who is arresting their buddies.

    • I understand that this is a necessary reaction to the threat of Islamic murder. The formation of the mafia in Sicily was probably also a necessary reaction to the Islamic conquest of the island.

      There are other similar examples. Sub specie aeternitatis, our society may be undergoing a process that makes it more and more like Islam, as happened to the Sicilians and the Iberians. It seems an inevitability.

      And it may well be necessary, but it is also unutterably sad.

      • I’ve noticed the same thing. When threatened the natural response is to get tough. The real question is though, will the response be limited to real threats like jihadis or will it turn toward everyone with “threatening” ideas? How low will the threshold get for what constitutes a threat and to whom?

        So if the tea party is branded an “extremist group” while Islam is the “religion of peace”, what happens when people figure out the religion of peace is really the religion of terrorism? Does the tea party suddenly become even worse? That would seem to be the problem.

  4. Does anyone know why some countries try to prevent the creeps who want to kill people from leaving the country? The first time I saw that I thought WHAT? Let them go, just don’t ever let them back in again. That would be much more sensible in my view.

    There are a lot of people who need their heads examined, but if the doctors are the same then nothing will happen. The insanity will continue.

  5. If I had a kid in the Armed Forces I’d be saying “kill them”..They have declared themselves to be the enemy..Why should we have to pay for their incarceration and lawyers fees to keep them alive only to be released at a much too soon later date? Kill them anyway..They are not of us..They hate us..They got caught..Too bad so sad..

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