In the Shop

Readers may remember that my trusty old computer was acting up last week, forcing me out of circulation for a couple of days. With the help of a friendly technician, I was able to use temporary work-arounds to return to more or less normal operations.

I mentioned last Thursday that the techie was going on vacation for a week. However, his plans changed, so I have the unexpected opportunity to take this machine to him today for further work. He will perform major surgery on it, gutting its gizzards and reaming out its retros. When it returns home in a couple of days it should be as good as new, if not better.

During its absence I will be posting less than usual. I’ll be able to use one of Dymphna’s machines to do some of my work, but the news feed will be put on hold. During my enforced idleness I’ll work on installing and configuring some of the elements of my Auxiliary Brain on her computer, with the long-term goal of being able to operate on that machine like I do on my own.

This is not quite a vacation, but it’s not business as usual, either.

Later, dudes and dudettes.

10 thoughts on “In the Shop

  1. We are not the State Department.

    Of course many some of our readers consider us a propaganda arm of Mossad, so if you don’t mind an Israeli visa…

  2. Visa? You don’t need no stinking visa! Just walk (no need to sneak) across the border.

      • That’s not necessary anymore. From what I hear you can walk in with anything including a Somali name and you’ll get counted as “Mexican”.

        Apparently all immigrants are now Mexican, even if they aren’t.

        • Some are Christians, quite fervently so – e.g., Our Lady of Guadalupe. It is a Spanish Catholicism, very different from the Italian/Irish/Polish Catholicism that dominates much of America (California and parts of Florida being exceptions).

          But there is also much animism in Central and South America once you’re off the beaten path…or the Shining Path, come to think of it.

          The biggest religion, though is drug worship. Involvement in drug production and sales is not always voluntary. The existence of mind-altering illegal substances creates in turn an immensely swollen cupidity amongst the makers and sellers. The result is a plague of destructive greed akin to those ancient biblical visitations of locusts.

          Drugs are too big and too evil not to create failed, contaminated political entities. Their harm is every bit as bad as nuclear fall-out. Long term, radiation may be safer. In other words, I’d rather be in Japan than Mexico.

          • And yet… If governments have no right (?) to restrict their citizens’ bearing arms, they surely have none to prevent their recreational use of mind-altering substances, assuming others are not endangered (as with alcohol and driving).

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