Geert Wilders’ Brief Taste of Freedom and Oops

The Baron and I got our wires crossed today.

When he goes away overnight, he usually leaves a post ready to auto-publish in the afternoon to inform everyone he’s away and that’s why there is no News Feed. That’s the usual and customary procedure.

However, he ran out of time and asked me to do the honors…except that I didn’t understand him: I thought his was done and I’d explain further in the comments after the post went up. Never thought to check if his was actually in the drafts…duh.

He “was away from his desk” because he went to Washington to meet with Geert Wilders, along with a number of other workers in the Counterjihad field. Mr. Wilders’ primary mission was to attend the speech by the Japanese Prime Minister, given to both Chambers of Congress and invited guests. Afterwards, he talked with a small group of people, of whom the Baron was one.

The Baron can tell you about it tomorrow, but he wanted me to pass on this amusing incident: Mr. Wilders’ body guards were not permitted in the chambers and had to wait outside for him. He also had to surrender his cellphone to his staff before going in. So he was essentially on his own, but escorted by the two Congressmen who’d invited him.

Once the speech was over, people were milling about on the floor and after spending time talking to a number of politicians Mr Wilders found himself outside the chamber and in unfamiliar territory. He walked around, looking for someone or something that could lead him back to his people. Then he suddenly realized that he was alone in a crowd, totally without anyone else around who knew who he was or anyone who was charged with his safety. He said it felt wonderful to walk in the Spring air, calm and peaceful.

I don’t know how he finally found his guards and keepers again, but when the Baron saw him, Wilders was radiant: for the first time in ten years, on an beautiful April day, he had been free to walk among other people as an anonymous stranger.

He will no doubt recall that brief experience for a very long time to come. I told the Baron that as he looked back, the sacrifice he has made will perhaps strike more deeply on occasion.

16 thoughts on “Geert Wilders’ Brief Taste of Freedom and Oops

      • Definitely deserves its own push. As in Twitter’s use of the hashtag to define or push a trend:


        Yep, it sings…or whinges.

  1. That brought a smile to my face, a tear to my eye and a lump in my throat. One day our day will come.

  2. I hope history is kind to Mr Wilders, but I suppose that will depend on which ideology ultimately wins; the individual and freedom or the collectivism of islam and/or socialism.

    • Only one side CAN endure long enough to have a real history.

      History will certainly be favorably disposed to Geert Wilders…if there be a history kept at all.

  3. Dymphna, I pray that Mr. Wilder’s got some real peace out of that moment. A thing we all take for granted. He has done so much for the rest of us; given so much up. I hope that the Baron will have some really good interviews & insight from his meeting with Mr. Wilders.

  4. “…Wilders was radiant: for the first time in ten years, on an beautiful April day, he had been free to walk among other people as an anonymous stranger. ” -Dymphna

    Only in America…”land of the free, home of the brave.”

  5. A small but huge moment for Geert..Talk about ‘enjoying the moment’.. Stephen Harper’s birthday today..56..Just sayin’..Hope the Schloss is brimming with flora..For a change!

    • Oh my! It’s just beautiful. The deciduous magnolia is done just as the rhododendrons are opening. All the azaleas are in bloom, and the pansies & johnny jump-ups line the walkway.

      Out back, lily-of-the-valley and blue flag (ajuga) are intertwined. A pink bush with arching branches is just about to bloom. Can’t remember now what it is, though I do remember I found it at an end-of-season sale for two dollars.

      When things dry out a bit I plan to move some bee balm (monarda) to front a large bed of iris and accompany the pink cone flower currently there. Got 2 days of humane weather and then it will be 86F – a tiny bit too warm too soon to make a good transplant experience.

      Oh, and the white clematis is in bloom already, before it even finished getting a good grip on the porch railing. I do like clematis, even though it gets strange maladies sometimes…and suddenly, when I wasn’t looking, the cranesbill is sending out runners like it thinks it’s a strawberry. The viburnum was sold as a bush but it keeps telling me it’s a tree. A tree with root damage evidently, since it keeps sending up suckers at its base.

      The other day we had to get rid of some tent caterpillars. The B climbed the ladder with the stick and wrapped their sticky webs around it. I would then pull them off and drop them into straw and burn…maybe next year I’ll remember dormant oil in time…

      The false indigo has put out buds. The Japanese iris are awakening. The wild strawberries are in full bloom…ah Spring.

  6. A true hero who has given so much for the freedoms that we take for granted,let us not forget his family to,who have had to live under 24 hour armed guard,such is the threat from mohamadism good honest people are no longer safe in our own countries,so to Mr Wilders i salute you sir,and hopefully our people will band together someday and remove this threat,and these people who strive to terroize anyone and everyone who speaks out against their supremacist agenda. Scottish soldier

  7. Wonderful to hear that The Baron was on hand to meet a dedicated freedom fighter.
    Look forward to his report.

  8. What inspiration!

    I loved this. I hope Geert eventually receives the honor that is due him and that we eventually manage to cow the barbarians enough that they either assimilate or go back to their country of birth where they may be more comfortable.

    In these days, there is no logical reason for such a backward religion to even exist. Many people do not think Catholics should exist, but they do not tend toward bombs and weapons.

    As to who wins, I dearly and fervently hope it is us individuals and lovers of freedom — of religion, of thought.

    God bless everyone here.

  9. I wish I could have encountered Geert that day to tell him that I recognize his sacrifice,
    and admire him enormously. I’m gratified, too, that he had a taste, however small, of American freedom. I grew up near Capitol Hill, and larked about there with my friends during Summer days so long ago. I could just picture him smiling and relaxed, gazing at the beauty of the stately historic buildings and landscapes. Come back often, Geert. You’re always welcome here.

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