Firing on Three Cylinders…

But this is a V-8!

As Dymphna reported last night, my friendly and helpful tech expert goes on vacation for a week starting today. I’ve devised a series of software work-arounds so that I can accomplish at least most of my routine tasks. I’m hoping to be able to limp along for the next week or so.

Although I haven’t been posting, Dymphna and Vlad have been keeping me up-to-date. I’ve been following the grim news from Kenya.

I’ll look at the material that’s backed up and decide which things to post first based on two criteria: (1) the importance of the topic, and (2) how quickly I can put the post together.

If all goes well, I’ll publish a news feed tonight. If not, Dymphna will post another woe-is-us notice.

4 thoughts on “Firing on Three Cylinders…

  1. Sorry to hear that your computer has decided to become a metaphor for society. Hopefully it will not be too difficult to return it to its former working condition soon.

  2. According to the photo you posted the wheels have come off your website. I could call AAA roadside assistance if that would be helpful. In the meantime, relax and enjoy pesach, it’s a Sabbath on which no customary work is to be done.

  3. Nice photo of an old Chevrolet, but Chevy didn’t have a V-8 until 1955. It may be 1923, but that’s a Chevrolet “bow tie” logo on the radiator.

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