“All Have to Go Back”

The following video from April 22 shows the beginning of Geert Wilders’ speech in the Dutch Parliament on the Mediterranean migrant crisis. Mr. Wilders was interrupted several times, and a vigorous argument ensued. The first five minutes of the exchange have been translated and subtitled, and the rest will be available soon.

Many thanks to Phlegm and Vederso for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:12   Speaker,
00:16   One million, ONE MILLION people are ready
00:20   to leave Libya for Europe in rickety boats,
00:24   the way to Europe via the sea.
00:28   They are the victims of merciless human traffickers,
00:33   and thousands are drowning. Men, women,
00:37   children. The terrible, shocking images people have seen already.
00:41   But Speaker, as long as hundreds of thousands
00:45   succeed in reaching Europe,
00:49   many others will calculate the risk and take the chance.
00:53   And the European Union…
00:57   only makes the problem bigger. Point 1 from the ten-point plan:
01:01   They say they will solve the problem by sending even more
01:05   ships – taxi-boats, patrol boats, close to the Libyan coast, not to
01:10   send back the migrants, but to bring them to Europe safely.
01:14   To pick them up, and BRING them to Europe.
01:19   Guarding our coast becomes only more complicated.
01:22   Our coast guard in reality is like a shuttle service that brings
01:26   more migrants to Europe.
01:29   (Interruption) Mr. Speaker. I hardly can believe it. What is Geert Wilders saying now? Is it better to let the people drown?
01:36   Those people who are in the Mediterranean Sea in rickety boats, we don’t have to save them?
01:39   Is that the solution?
01:41   (Wilders) If you have a little bit of patience, I will give my solution…
01:44   (Interrupter) I am asking you a question so I would like to hear an answer. (GW) Ill give you one.
01:46   (Interrupter) I have a question and I want an answer! (GW) You can stand there for hours, but I will give you my answer.
01:55   (Speaker giving procedure and rules) (GW) Let me continue.
02:11   I’ve already said Europe only makes the problem bigger. And Europe only makes the problem more serious,
02:15   and the stupidity has to stop.
02:19   And luckily, it’s already proven that it is possible. Look to Australia:
02:22   A civilized country, a Western country, that knows how to guard its borders.
02:28   Australia repatriates its refugees on safe boats back to their country of origin.
02:34   All of them. Without exception. “Push back” it’s called.
02:38   Boats with immigrants are stopped, and pushed back to the land where they come from.
02:46   And if those migrant boats are unsafe, Mr Speaker, because nobody wants those people to drown,
02:52   then they are replaced, Australia provides them with a safe boat.
02:57   But, back, BACK they will all go.
03:01   And what is the result, Mr. Speaker? The result is that fortune-seekers will not drown anymore…
03:07   Also those human traffickers don’t make money anymore.
03:12   The result is that the influx of immigrants will dry up.
03:17   Effectively, the human traffickers no longer enjoy success.
03:20   The people no longer drown, and Australia and if we echo them, Europe won’t get immigrants anymore.
03:27   (Interruption from Mme. Gersthuizen, Socialist Party, SP) In the hope that it now will please Mr. Wilders to answer;…
03:36   Hopefully Mr. Wilders is aware of [the news, it’s in all the newspapers] that many refugees depart from Libya…
03:40   I hope also that the PVV-group realizes the terrible stories these people bring along.
03:43   About the degrading circumstances these people had to live under, for sometimes weeks, sometimes months,
03:47   in Libya in sometimes degrading conditions and as Europe we surely cannot say; “Go back to a country…
03:51   …that is no more than a desert, back to a country where people the heads are chopped off on beaches…”
04:00   …Is that what PVV suggests here?
04:05   (Wilders) All have to go back, that’s my answer. All go back, without any distinction. (Gersthuizen is protesting)
04:08   Without discrimination. Without exception. (argues with Gersthuizen) All have to go back without exception.
04:18   And find a place in Libya on the beach or in North Africa where it is safe.
04:22   But I say Mr. Speaker to the (other party leaders) we can’t handle it. We in Europe can’t accept that many refugees…
04:30   We can’t handle so many immigrants. And if the leader of the SP, Mr. Speaker, is so concerned about people
04:37   drowning, then I say if we continue this way, people will keep on drowning.
04:43   Because everybody has the idea that by getting in these rickety boats they have a chance to reach Europe.
04:49   If we give the signal that we will safely deport them back, in a safe boat,
04:54   so that they will not drown, then they will not take the risk anymore and immigrants will not come anymore.
05:01   And that is the solution.

12 thoughts on ““All Have to Go Back”

  1. Wilders is right; this madness must stop & it is the only way even if it seems cruel. A recent article here on GoV showed that many are not natives of Libya but from sub-Saharan Africa & elsewhere. The smugglers are based in many countries & people smuggling is a multi million dollar business. Only by stopping the money trail for the smugglers can there be any chance of stopping these illegal immigrants.
    The situation here for Australia is that most of the boat people travelled to Indonesia, destroyed their papers & got on rickety boats from there, thanks to a lucrative business model run by smugglers including several ME immigrants to our country. Our Navy turns the boats back or loads the people into safe fully enclosed boats, which are escorted to Indonesian waters. Indonesia doesn’t like this as the immigrants become their problem but the numbers awaiting transit have diminished considerably, to Indonesia’s benefit also. Its a long time now since any boats have tried to cross.
    Unfortunately the opposition left wing parties currently hoping to be returned to government in the next election, want to end this policy.

  2. There is another kind of drowning that the leftist lunatics (but I repeat myself) engineer and that is the drowning of debate about the madness of encouraging mass immigration of centuries-old enemies and other primitives.

    This is engineered by duplicitous hysterics about third-world parasites who obviously understand that Western governments are capable of making ANY effort to get to and cross the Mediterranean a futile gesture.

    Then the West drowns under a hostile tide.

    Distraction is the Prime Directive. In the U.S. the sellout leftists (but I repeat myself) relentlesly push for “comprehensive” immigration “reform” as though the central problem is that immigration law is somehow incomplete and that tinkering with legal language is a substitute for enforcement.

  3. Let the “migrants” (AKA colonizing invaders and parasites) stay home and fix their own countries, as the Europeans did with their own countries.

    Until recently.

    When they began to lose their survival instincts, cultural identity, and basic sanity.

    Wilders is one of the last rational voices left on the continent.

    Go Geert!

  4. There is no logic to the argument against Geert. Firstly his opponents accuse him of wanting those “poor people” to drown. When he explains that Europe should do as the Aussies do and “push back” they then change their argument to an untrue, pathetic “they would be beheaded on the beaches”. Europe cannot accept every fortune seeker from around the globe.

    • >> Europe cannot accept every fortune seeker from around the globe. <<

      Alas, that is the number one objective of all major European “powers.”

  5. The Great Australian Experimental via kiwiblog


    It shows with very descriptively graphs that changes in Australian policies when clamp downs occurred with boat people and then the freeing up under another government, and now the turn around in people looking to come over when again a change in government.
    The number of boat people down and so importantly the number of drownings had for the moment gone to zero, with all this hardline policy.

    Really shows the value of what Gert Wilders is talking about.

    • Unfortunately the original source is behind a paywall.

      Still kiwiblog does summarize the article well and the 2 simple graphs really prove and show the point.

      The change is just about magical.
      I do wonder if the problem has gone to another easier target such as Europe US.

      A question in the future regarding safety in turning back, as interjected into GW’s speech.
      Could a “bridgehead” / greenzone / mandate be enforced with military rule, and with one of the rules of setting up is; no islam.
      Yeah I know politically from the European and wider West would seem laughable, but look, there will be millions of refugees more from the conflicts in Yemen, Syria, Nigeria, Sudan, Afghanistan, Pakistan etc. all mixed up with economic emigres.
      How much would it cost? To make an established area safe and to be better than refugee camps, where the people would be expected to work, and build their infrastructure, institutions and economy that will also help fund their defence.
      Their choice, and if they do not like it, then just move back over the border out of the “green zone” to there home country.

      I know politically I am dreaming, but areas such as that of Singapore, Hongkong, even Israel, though not exactly the same were established areas where they got on with life with a vision that they had to make it work and make a living.

      Just where to start with, maybe Libya,? I do not expect every bridge head to be a great success, but should allow the opportunity and be better than some of those “home countries”.

      Yes a problem whether the country where a bridge head is sought will relinquish it, or find that it may work well, like Hong kong did for China.

      The other part is to keep the UN out of the business of it. Simple martial law. South Korea sought of slipped under the raider for many years with its military government, and now has a culture that follows more in line with democracy.

      Any way thanks if you have read so far and like to keep the solutions workable as KISS

  6. Geert is absolutely right on. We never here of the 58 Islamic countries offering any of their fellow Muslims sanctuary besides Syria & Turkey. We all know about the tremendous wealth in Dubai & Saudi Arabia. These countries and Sheiks could charter passenger planes to rescue poverty stricken, assailam-seekers “in fear of their lives” from beheadings, famine and other atrocities. Yet these Arab countries get a free pass & refuse to help dark-skinned Muslims.

    Secondly, the West is criticized for advocating birth control in places like Somalia, Indonesia, Mogadishu. Yet these people continue to bear large numbers of children they (parents) cannot adequately feed or provide hope for the future. There are few job opportunities so they resort to priacy, human trafficking, and computer identity theft.

  7. Unfortunately, the circumstances in the Mediterranean dictate that a simple “push-back” program will not be cost-effective, it will not be affordable and it will not be effective. North Africans setting out to cross the Mediterranean are not Southeast Asians setting out across the Pacific. Even taking into account the hefty Islamic influence in the latter case, the situations are not at all the same.

    The North African migrants will keep setting out across the Mediterranean until they understand they have a significant chance of “losing” by doing so. Being towed (or taking a nice, clean, European-supplied boat) back to their departure point will not deter anyone from making the attempt, or repeating the attempt until they manage to drown themselves despite the best efforts of the coastal patrols of Europe. Even leaving out the already enacted potential for using migrants as human shields to hold off militarily-superior patrol boats with small arms, these operations will rapidly become costly and complicated for European nations, but will become even easier and cheaper for migrants. This may not off-set the decreased chance of success in a purely rational calculation, but the calculation is not entirely rational.

    The migrants who are intercepted must be made to suffer a loss of hope that they will EVER succeed merely by setting foot on European soil. That cannot be accomplished by a Mediterranean cruise back to their starting point. Yes, the punishment must be commensurate with Western values and the principles of justice, but there must be a real punishment. Ideally, one that could also accommodate the problem of migrants who are already in Europe.

    We all know that this is politically impossible, with those in power determined to abolish their inconveniently freedom-loving peoples. But anything less will not work.

    • There would be a cost to a “push back” program. Whatever the financial burden it would be less than having to allow third world immigrants into European cities where the burden they would place upon us is huge – even without taking into consideration cultural and security concerns.

      • Yes, it is absolutely essential that illegal migrants not be allowed into urban areas at all, which would make it impossible to track them. They must be confined to the camps, which as I have said before must be in areas which are not accessible to the general public. The only way out of the camps should be to accept deportation to some place willing to accept them. The camps must be strictly regulated and segregated by age and sex (and by religion and national origin too, if that becomes an issue). And the inmates absolutely must labor for their own support and to cover the costs they have imposed by their illegal migration.

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