Two-Tier Justice and the Suppression of Free Speech

Last November Tommy Robinson appeared at the Oxford Union, speaking and taking questions from the audience for more than an hour. The UAF and related groups were on hand outside the venue to protest the fact that a “racist” was being allowed to speak.

Below is an excerpt from the back-and-forth discussion at the Union. In it you’ll notice that Mr. Robinson feels severely constrained in his ability to answer the questions fully, due to the conditions imposed on him by his early release from prison:

The full-length video of Tommy Robinson’s appearance at the Oxford Union is available here.

Hat tip: Vlad Tepes.

20 thoughts on “Two-Tier Justice and the Suppression of Free Speech

  1. This is pathetic and ridiculous. Why you chaps in the UK still don’t have anything like the 1st amendment is beyond me. Is everyone in the UK still believing in the divine right of kings or something? Or is it now the divine right of leftist orthodoxy?

    I’m surprised there aren’t statues of Marx, Lenin, Stalin, and Mao all over the place.

    • The 1st amendment isn’t much help here either when the Marxists often run the state and local governments and the MSM is in cahoots with them. And then there are the sex and race based pressure groups.

      Say something in public about the sexually baroque and they don’t like it and find out your real name – your goose is cooked.

      Same thing in a school meeting. Speak out against some heinous Marxist bit of social engineering and you get walked out by a doughnut eating cop pulling down six plus figures to harass law abiding citizens.

      Do what Glen Beck did – a expose on Soros and Cultural Marxism and get kicked off Fox. Or Napolitano talking about various subjects that aren’t supposed to be mention on air even though he had one of the top rated shows on Fox – then vanishes. Or what Lou Dobbs did – talk about open borders, H1-B workers, how both parties colluded to rip apart the middle-class, Bush’s NAU and get fired.

      Heck I could go back to when Perot was fighting NAFTA and wasn’t allowed to buy air time on the major networks for his ads against it.

      The fact is the establishment doesn’t want anyone here to tap into the deep dissatisfaction running through the working and middle-class. Because they know what will happen to them if it’s released.

      As a result those who wish to speak out are relegated to books and blogs and even then have to retain a degree of anonymity to protect themselves against Leftist thugs trying to destroy their lives.

  2. Nimrod, You do not need statues of Marx, Lenin, Stalin and Mao all over the place when their diktats pervade every aspect of life in the UK and you can be sent to prison for speaking out against the leftist received wisdom.

    If UKIP do not win the UK election in May, there might well be a popular revolution. We must wait and see.

    • I truly hope for Civil War, so we can finally rid ourselves of the corrupt Satanic elite.

      • The Traitor Class will remain out of harm’s way, whatever war arrives at our doorsteps, and that will remain the status quo until the Traitors’ names are spoken of by all those who will be affected most by such calamity throughout their daily conversations.

  3. In theory at least, we have the 1688/89 Bill of Rights. However, while again in theory, it cannot be changed, it has been by successive politicians. Meanwhile, back in the real world, the sheep keep voting for the same old faces expecting something to be different this time. Yet another election coming up in May and lots of carrots being dangled. Promises that most people I am sure realise will not be kept. As we used to say here
    ” cheaper beer and bigger chips ” ( French Fries to you colonials across the water).

    In Scotland (they have their own laws), a man was arrested and put in prison for singing a football song. Honest ! In England, while campaigning in the 2014 Euro Elections, a man was arrested on Race Hate charges for quoting Winston Churchill.
    (” Islam is as dangerous in man as rabies in a dog ” ).

    Aux armes, citoyens !

  4. and also available with French sub titles. Has done the rounds of France lately. … French subtitled video of TR’s speech

  5. Tommy Robinson is a Briton who is prepared to accept other nationalities into his country providing those who enter abide by the very same rules that he lives by.

    In Britain today, there are different rules for different nationalities, and one only needs to read the Daily Mail to observe that. The most repressive rules are squarely aimed at the indigenous Briton, who, like Tommy, feels compelled to speak out against them because the repression is just so obvious as to be blatant in its application.

    But these rules are not legal in the true legal sense and are used by The Traitor Class within the guise of ‘human rights’ legislation which has come to usurp all Western Bills of Rights and Constitutions simply because the Traitor Class has been able to get away with the undermining of the law of the land without so much as a murmur of resistance to them – until now.

    The usurpation of national law is slowly being exposed and will eventually be challenged and then corrected – in time.

    But the question must be asked – do we have the time left to us to wait?

    • In contemporary Britain The Spectator now refers to “the Race Industry” — in referring to professional monitors of behavior and association, whose livelihoods rely upon unearthing and prosecuting cases of discrimination and bias. Britain now has laws against openly prejudicial statements or actions — laws which might be beneficial if they were not applied only against Caucasians.

      This peculiarity in British justice has been explained to students as only fair, because Britain is dominated by Caucasians. And, it is argued, since Caucasians are responsible for the condition of the realm, only Caucasians should be prosecuted, fined, and jailed for discrimination. All Britain’s minorities, in other words, are victims by definition — and cannot be held guilty of violating the human rights of others, because whatever they do is done in reaction to a basically evil system.
      Otto Scott

      • Yes, you are correct, that is what now passes in the UK as a necessary preventative against adverse racist reactions by all those loony white folk – who also happen to be the native British.

        It is the colonization of the West by the Third World with the blessing of the Traitor Class who act through ‘human rights’ illegal laws which usurp the traditional law of the land that we must understand and how it works solely against the native in order to defeat it.

        I also note that the former Racial Equality Commissioner – Trevor (someone) has come out expressing dismay that what is now treated as being racist must be openly debated – what a surprise!

      • The “only prosecute Caucasians” thing is Marxist zero-sum conflict theory (also known as class warfare theory) in action.

        I wonder how many people would question this belief if they were aware of the Marxist origins of it? If every time this idea were expressed it started out with something like “the great Karl Marx taught us….” then perhaps there would be more skepticism.

  6. I have just sat and watched the entire video. While I understand that many of you will not have time to do this, I encourage as many of you as are able, to watch it in full.

    Tommy has been sneered at, mercilessly smeared and viciously slandered by a british (small letter intended) establishment which is not fit to lace his shoes. The media are worse than Pravda in the Soviet era and if the politicians have not been bribed with petro dollars, then they have been silenced by fear.

    I am so angry.

    • I watched the entire video and I didn’t think Tommy was sneered at.
      Yes, there were protesters outside but inside I think he was given a polite reception.
      During Q and A yes, he had to watch his words because of the lack of free speech in the UK which is an outrage but, I thought he handled it well.
      The larger question is how did the UK get to where it is today; that a man like Tommy Robinson can’t speak his mind at Oxford under penalty of imprisonment? Everyone in the UK should think about that.

    • Your comment reflects why I’ve taken to referring to MSM as SSM — Soviet-Style Media. And my intent is not as a smear. It is in the attempt to make it clear to all that heed Sun Tsu’s advice that we understand the nature of our enemy.

      And if your assessment that they’re worse than Pravda and Izvestia ever were, that means they’ve perfected the technique or that the general populace is dumber than were the Soviet subject.

      Dread the latter reason far more than the former.

  7. i’ve been an edl member since muslims raped, pimped,
    murdered & ground up charlene downs & fed her to the infidels from their take out . then collected half a million pounds or so
    due to police bungling .. or something

    watching kevin, tommy & the edl was the most exciting thing
    i have ever seen in my life. tommy became so good at debating,
    TV appearences & videos that he became a real danger to
    occupied britain. so they put their boots on his neck.
    the barron called it exactly for what it was at TR’s
    edl ‘resignation’ ..

    does it seem mind blowing that there are more edl people in prison for ‘affray’ at demos than there are muslim groomers in jail for
    destroying the lives of hundreds of thousands of female children.
    10,11,12,13, 14 year old children.

    • bob, this is down to British to apply justice at home. The EU does’n interfere in this, look at other EU countries who have no reports of such crimes. SO, it’s down in Britain pal, corruption is at your doorstep entrenched in the British system. I’m not an EU supporter.

  8. bob, corruption in entrenched in the British system, it’s not the EU that diktates how courts should treat crimes in the UK. This is why no other EU country reports any of these crimes. It is the British system that tolerated them. I am not pro-EU either.

  9. TommyRobinsonnhas always been steadfast. It is th British government who have lied about him. He is a patriot. History will’telll. BBC NOW THY ARE IN TROUBELE. .

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