The Judenrein Future of Eurabia

The following opinion piece by Kurt Kotrschal was published last month in the Austrian daily Die Presse. Many thanks to JLH for the translation:

Is Europe Exchanging its Jews for Muslims?

Kurt Kotrschal (Print edition of Die Presse, February 24, 2015)

The renewed persecution of Jews in Europe is contrary to our central values, enlightened thinking and liberalism.

A preacher in Saudi Arabia announces that the earth is standing still. Here, masses of books are being given away, whose manipulative mix of science in the style of creationism attempts to prove that Charles Darwin was mistaken. For instance, “The Evolution Scam” by Turkish writer Adnan Oktar. “Wacky” is all you can say.

Now, the Islamic State is on a massive killing spree of “infidels” in the name of the above-mentioned author’s Islam, and he denies not only evolution, but the Holocaust. He is happily spreading the well-known theories of a Jewish-Freemasonry global conspiracy against Islam. And of course the American CIA arranged 9/11 itself so it would have an excuse for a western crusade against Islam. Unfortunately, such ridiculous ideas are believed by many Muslims all over the world, including in Europe.

The nucleus of every liberal-enlightened and democratic state is the separation of belief and knowledge, of religion and the state. This is alien to the Islamic system. To be sure, Islam is a part of Europe now, but many Muslims have not yet “arrived,” because they neither understand nor accept European fundamental principles. A little integration is not enough, especially since 70% of domestic imams reject and torpedo it. To really “arrive,” Islam must enlighten itself.

All across Europe, Islamic and radical right-wing scum are strangely allied in their belief in the worldwide Jewish conspiracy. So we shouldn’t be surprised that the persecution of Jews is hitting its stride again. The exodus from France is only the tip of the iceberg. Anti-Semitic insults and smears have long since become “normal” again — including in Austria. The threshold for physical violence is sinking steadily. Smug European citizens look the other way (in irritation?) — like that other time in Vienna when Jews were allowed to clean the streets with toothbrushes. And the oh-so-humane Left chants anti-Semitic mottos in their demonstrations against Israel, but say nothing about this new mega-scandal.

With the driving out and annihilation of Jews, Vienna lost its cultural and economic backbone, and the university its brilliant scientific reputation — probably one of the most long-lasting depredations of Nazi rule. That may sound like Semitophilia, but considering the lack of an Islamic cultural-scientific contribution to European civil society, it’s a simple statement of fact.

The renewed persecution of Jews in Europe is contrary to our central values, enlightened thinking and liberalism. It is an alarming symptom for a Europe in decline. In the face of our skepticism about whether freedom of speech will survive through insult, let’s forget for now whether we all “want to be Charlie.” But it is high time that we are all Jews. Je suis Juif. No If, And or But.

(Kurt Kotrschal is a zoologist at the University of Vienna and director of the Konrad-Lorenz Research Facility in Grünau.)

30 thoughts on “The Judenrein Future of Eurabia

  1. “The nucleus of every liberal-enlightened and democratic state is the separation of belief and knowledge, of religion and the state.”

    Please tell thatcto the liberal climate change worshipers who think we deniers deserve jail or death for not believing in their scam, er, religion!

    • Yes, sadly it was one of my countrymen, climate-scam artist David Suzuki who infamously said people should be imprisoned if they didn’t believe in man-made global warming.

      Of course, Suzuki, with four houses and several vehicles leaves virtually no carbon footprint!

    • Yes, separation of Church and State fails when faced with a political religion (poligion). So we end up being forced to accept the shibboleths of the socialist poligion; we are so brainwashed we cease to view ‘racism’, ‘equality’ and social justice’ with the skepticism they deserve.

      Darwin brought about the first rational challenge to the Judeo-Christian status quo, and the battle still rages, but who is going to bring about the first acceptable challenge to the ‘liberal’ (socialist poligion) status quo which is rapidly destroying all that we hold dear?

  2. The author of course fails to address why this happening – that Muslims have reached a sufficient number to impose their values on the rest of their host society without fear. And this wouldn’t have happened if Europe controlled their immigration, something that liberals like him supported until it bit his lot in their behinds.

    • Europe will have controlled this immigration when it becomes emigration.

  3. This is a good point. Importing a large number of anti-Semitic individuals while doing little or nothing to challenge their anti-semitism certainly has the same effect as an indirect attempt to expel all the Jewish people.

    Given that the Islamic world hasn’t made any significant contributions to science or culture for 800 years, this is guaranteed to be a net loss of talent and ability.

    • Why should muslims try and contribute anything to humanity if they — by the help of their inherent koranic violence— can claim anything to be theirs, if you don’t agree there will be violence. Today they have gotten so lazy and aggressive that they don’t have even to tell others about their “remarkable achievements” . Academics, media, Traitor Class are doing their duty to present The cult of Beheading as a religion and their usurped lands and people as just another of the existing world civilization.
      What a perjury !

      Qur’an (5:51) – “O you who believe! do not take the Jews and the Christians for friends; they are friends of each other; and whoever amongst you takes them for a friend, then surely he is one of them; surely Allah does not guide the unjust people.”

      All western radically “democratic” countries have a law against “hate directed against identifiable people or groups.”

      But at the same time all these “refined, and civilized democracies” have another different sets of laws, enacted by their “democratic processes” that favor islam to avoid confrontation.

      Sweden cast away gods and supposedly embraced truth, reason, facts, scientific thinking.

      Do we really notice that in Scandinavian countries? Or do notice that allal replaced their empty headed, devious logic, multi culti and Somalism is their new religion, falsehoods and fantasies, lies and delusions are their daily diet.

      Are these shibboleths not even worse than believing in Immaculate Birth?

      Scandinavians, from whom we got our clues in upbringing children, athletics, sports ethics, morals, truths. We wanted to visit Malmo in the 70s, to watch real Swedes what kind of huge brains would achieve such feats. We wanted to see and touch one of them to get infected with those positive attitudes.
      Everything we heard about them was just the opposite in actuality. We find them empty-headed (less than 800 grams of sponge in the skull) , truth distorted beyond recognition. With lives steered by muslims, with pale creatures roaming lacking will, shy to do anything unless they know it is approved in advance by the thousands parasitical imams.
      Oh the laughing stock of muslims. What happened to your brains?

      Nobel Prizes are said to be distributed by “intellectuals who uncover intellectuals similar to themselves”.
      So they discovered that muslims countries and Somalia in particular have given the world a unique idea, loved by Scandinavians, and covers every science ( physics, chemistry, literature, . . . etc.) and benefits the whole world :

      IT IS ISLAM STUPID !!!!!!!!

  4. As bad as the situation is, one would at least expect Jews to be concerned with the problem. Unfortunately, the Jews, except for those directly in the line of fire, seem blind to the dangers to themselves posed by ascendant Muslims. They certainly are blind to the dangers posed to other Jews.

    “As Muslims and Jews, we have both experienced prejudice and intolerance because of our faith. The Jewish community has faced a history of persecution and hatred as a minority faith in the wider culture. Even though Muslims make up a sizable portion of the world population, within America and other places throughout the world, they have found themselves under attack as a minority community. In dealing with such prejudice and hatred, it is important to be able to understand the experiences of one another and come together to fight against the parallel evils of Islamophobia and anti-Semitism.”

    • Jews are very concerned, but, how do they show their concern? by emigrating to Israel? that is a bit radical for many, Israel is a hard place.

      They are not blind, just short on choices, and maybe would rather lay low than be moved on.

      Those Jews who prop up the current anti-Semitism/anti-Zionism dialogues get their words printed in the NYT and on Coast to Coast, those who support the CJ don’t, but they are active on the net. This distorts the picture.

      Israel fights back and the world hates them for it, after all, if Israel had just succumbed like the last time, there would be world peace. (and no Joos ;+)

    • Huh?
      Everywhere in the ‘west’, our muzzzies are imported, supported, comforted, coddled, housed, fed, and (very) well-paid to (NOT) work, but to reproduce.
      Our Jews should have it this bad.
      When the muzzzie scourge reaches 5-7% they start to fight, change our laws and take over–with lots of help from our Quislings in power. The West and its Jews must learn from this example, or be destroyed. This actually is civilization warfare, believe it or not.
      One can avoid reality. However, one cannot avoid the EFFECTS of avoiding reality.

  5. The poetic statement EUROPE DIED IN AUSCHWITZ by Sebastian Villar Rodriguez, originally published in Spanish in a Spanish magazine some ten years ago is still the best expression of this horror, even though no one knows who Villar Rordiguez is:

    “I was walking along Raval (Barcelona) when all of a sudden I
    understood that Europe died with Auschwitz.
    We assassinated 6 million Jews in order to end up bringing in 20
    million Muslims!

    We burnt in Auschwitz the culture, intelligence and power to create.
    We burnt the people of the world, the one who is proclaimed the
    chosen people of God.
    Because it is the people who gave to humanity the symbolic figures
    who were capable of changing history (Christ, Marx, Einstein,
    Freud…) and who is the origin of progress and wellbeing.

    We must admit that Europe, by relaxing its borders and giving in
    under the pretext of tolerance to the values of a fallacious
    cultural relativism, opened it’s doors to 20 million Muslims, often
    illiterates and fanatics that we could meet, at best, in places
    such as Raval, the poorest of the nations and of the ghettos, and
    who are preparing the worst, such as the 9/11 and the Madrid
    bombing and who are lodged in apartment blocs provided by the social

    We also have exchanged culture with fanaticism, the capacity to
    create with the will to destroy, the wisdom with the superstition.
    We have exchanged the transcendental instinct of the Jews, who even
    under the worst possible conditions have always looked for a better
    peaceful world, for the suicide bomber. We have exchanged the pride
    of life for the fanatic obsession of death. Our death and that of our

    What a grave mistake that we made!”

    However, with respect to the suicide-by-Muslims I mourn more for Europe and for Christianity than I do for the Jewish people. The latter have been, in Europe as in the U.S., in the very vanguard of multiculturalism, “inclusiveness,” immigration to no end, “Abrahamic religions” ecumenism, one-sided rapprochement with the Muslims, and so on. They have done the same with American blacks, from the founding of the NAACP through “civil rights,” to electing the BHO person — yet the blacks are the most antisemitic segment of America.

    Ultimately, there is no escaping; one must drink the beer one has brewed. I do feel for the minority of Jews who are already paying the price for the stupidity and madness of their leaders and the majority of their compadres — but then where are their full-page ads in the New York Times, reading, “Not in our name.”

  6. P.S. The CNN report “UCLA student is latest victim of anti-Semitism on campus” that I’ve just read is a perfect example of what I posited above.

    Written by a Jewish professor and bemoaning the antisemitism at UCLA and at other American universities, the article manages to overlook all the sources and reasons for that antisemitism. Moreover, the author is absolutely blind to how American Jews themselves have caused that antisemitism by their fanatical support for inundating America with thirdworlders– a couple of million Muslims among them — donations and other support for politicians and causes that promote immigration, fanatical opposition to all forms of “discrimination,” political alliance with socialists and “minorities,” derisive dismissal of people who speak of “white interest,” support for ‘racism”-hunting institutions like ADL and SPLC, and so on.

  7. “All across Europe, Islamic and radical right-wing scum are strangely allied in their belief in the worldwide Jewish conspiracy”

    Surely this should be “radical left wing scum” After all, in the UK, anti-semitism and 9/11 conspiracy theories are almost exclusively the domain of UAF, the SWP, Socialist Unity etc, etc, etc. ie left wing scum not right wing scum. This is a sure sign that the right/left dichotemy has run its course and more sensible forms of political identity should be formulated.

    • I was thinking the same thing. I have friends and family on both sides of the political divide, and it seems only the leftists believe all that crap. The conservative righty types, such as myself, believe otherwise.

    • Peter, anyone who expresses a desire for or carries out acts of violence as a political measure is considered ‘right wing’ or ‘radical right wing’ throughout the West regardless of their political affiliations – it is the Collective Left’s ploy to blame all the previous violence caused via socialist policies throughout the 20th Century (read Hitler, etc,) on the political right – whatever that is!

  8. The biblical creation account is embraced by close to half the country. If approached with respect they are your natural allies. Way to go out of your way to alienate them.

  9. Sorry Mr Kotrschal maintaining the trope: “All across Europe, Islamic and radical right-wing scum are strangely allied in their belief in the worldwide Jewish conspiracy …”. This is 2015, not 1915, the number of radical right-wing scum who believe in a worldwide Jewish conspiracy is so tiny as to be utterly irrelevant.

    It is, rather, the mainstream left throughout the West and Europe in particular who ally with Islam in this regard.

    You come close to seeing the elephant in the room with:

    “And the oh-so-humane Left chants anti-Semitic mottos in their demonstrations against Israel, but say nothing about this new mega-scandal.”

    They don’t say anything about it because they are tacitly supportive of it. The Left just can’t bring themselves to be overt about it. Dumkopf!

  10. “Is Europe Exchanging its Jews for Muslims?”

    If it is, it certainly isn’t because white Europeans wanted the Muslims here. But the trouble they’ve caused continues to be a very useful way to take the freedoms of white Europeans:

    “This Model Law, drafted by leading European experts and legislators, and supported by the EMC, defines the limits of tolerance, which is the demand for security. … In the immediate term, intelligence-gathering and sharing across Europe must increase. It is now well known that all of the perpetrators of the attacks in Paris were on the radars of intelligence and police officials. The question of prevention must be readdressed, because the current paradigm is simply not working,” Dr. Kantor said. “Police and law enforcement also need to be strengthened. This includes actively enforcing laws against incitement and Islamophobic speech, and taking a firmer approach against those who promote hate and violence. Never before has Europe’s intellectual elite joined with the continent’s senior political leadership and top-legal experts within the same conference to genuinely address the very real threats faced by all Europe’s citizens. Now we must transfer these important words into real action,” Kantor said. No mention of stopping Muslim immigration here

    • People like Kantor are part of the problem, because in truth his recommendations are no more than a temporary measure which will fail and the Muslim threat will continue to grow and grow as more Muslims pour into Europe.

      One could state with some degree of certainty that the Kantors of the world are quite comfortable with replacing Jews and Westerners with Muslims.

      In another time his ilk would be called traitors.

  11. Ironic that the West, for fear of a “new holocaust” of muslims, abjectly fails to control them in any meaningful way but allows them to persecute Jews anew.

    • Deeply ironic.

      In Sweden, Germany and the Netherlands in particular, suppression of criticism of the Islamization of those countries anchors its “morality” in the gruesome episode of the Nazi persecution of the Jews 1933-45.

      If I were a Jewish community leader I’d say: okay lets make a deal, we’ll make no further public mention of the Holocaust if you stop mawkishly invoking it, ie usurping and misappropriating our legacy of communal suffering, to justify the continued importation of a religious- demographic cohort (which would love to bring about a second Holocaust) into this country.

  12. TAKUAN SEIYO–Sometime in 2011, an old and valued colleague and I encountered each other on the steps of the local post office. He told me of the “terrible things my relatives in Israel are saying about Obama. What’s their problem?” So I told him at length. He was, as always, polite, but I am sure that he voted the same party-line ticket in 2012.

    JULIUS O’ MALLEY–Yes, I assumed some astute reader would descend on that inconsistency. My only explanation is that this is a longtime leftie who still only “sees the beam in his neighbor’s eye, and can’t quite grasp the mote in his own.”

  13. “The latter have been, in Europe as in the U.S., in the very vanguard of multiculturalism, “inclusiveness,” immigration to no end, “Abrahamic religions” ecumenism, one-sided rapprochement with the Muslims, and so on. They have done the same with American blacks, from the founding of the NAACP through “civil rights,” to electing the BHO person — yet the blacks are the most antisemitic segment of America.”

    As I see it, there are two main reasons for this misguided, stupid approach:
    1. Liberal Jews think that since Jews have always been the persecuted minority, Jews have a moral obligation make sure that other groups don’t suffer the same fate.
    2. Liberal Jews think that this approach will help to insure their own safety as well as the safety of these other minorities.

    I know, I know. Talk about stupid idealism and wishful thinking. This is the “If-we’re-nice-to-them-they-will-be-nice-to-us” approach. Doesn’t work with many/most of the Blacks and certainly has no chance of working with Muslims.

    • This is only really true of Jews in America, in Europe there are too few Jews left to hold any serious opinion. My Jewish contacts in UK, those who have not assimilated into the socialist poligion, are very aware of their danger. There have been low profile security guards on Synagogues for many years and all Jewish events are guarded in some way. The assimilated ‘Jews’ do not go to these events of course.

      When a ‘Christian’ becomes a Communist/Atheist he becomes exactly that, when a Jew converts to a socialist poligion he remains a Jew, Marx was of Jewish extraction, but was from a Christian family, how long does it take for a second or third generation atheist to lose his or her ‘Jewish’ label?

      There is a huge gulf between Jews who have remained true to their Toraic roots and those who have adopted political religions. But the latter have a much higher media and political profile, especially in the U.S.A., and many see in them the epitome of Judaism. In Israel it is different, Israeli Jews vote for Conservatives like Bibi! they are fed up with betrayals by the left.

      • MC,

        I have called you on this blind spot before. You are mistaking your Jewish religious views with a socio-biological reality.

        A Basque or an Icelander remains Basque or Icelander irrespective of what church he attends, or whether he attends one at all, and no matter in which country he actually resides. So does the Jew. Jews are, and are widely perceived as, a distinct race or gene pool. Their political or religious creed does not after all alter the structure of their DNA.

        If you want to make the point that religious Jews are less liberal and less suicidally misguided than secular Jews, that’s a valid point, but then the same distinction applies to white Christians v. white seculars.

  14. This is not really a surprise.
    IMHO, if the Nazis had won, the results would have looked exactly like the EU – dictatorial, bureaucratic, and tolerating no dissent.

    • No concentration camps as yet, but come they will if the EU is not toppled and European nations can start rebuilding as nation states.

  15. Baron and Dymphna, I’ve been trying to send this and it apparently has not gone through to the GoV site. If it did, please excuse and delete and repeats.

    Takuan said:
    “Jews are, and are widely perceived as, a distinct race or gene pool. Their political or religious creed does not after all alter the structure of their DNA.”

    Apparently it’s not so cut and dried:

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