The Intolerance of Islam for Everything That is Not Islamic

Toon Van Dijk is a council member for the Party for Freedom (Partij voor de Vrijheid, PVV) in Almere, a city in the Netherlands. The video below shows a meeting on March 6, when Mr. Van Dijk expressed some forthright (and politically incorrect) opinions about Islam in the Netherlands.

Many thanks to Vederso for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:00   Madam Speaker, thank you very much. In January, the number of fatalities due to Islam was 3,998.
0:08   These people were killed by jihadist attacks in 28 countries.
0:12   Another 2,261 people were injured as a result of Islamic violence.
0:18   That means that when we’re done here tonight with this discussion another eight people
0:22   will have been victims of Islamic terror.
0:25   Even closer to home almost weekly we witness Islamic violence.
0:29   On March 1 a young woman in Season Neighborhood was robbed by two Moroccans,
0:33   kicked and beaten. I read nothing about it in the agenda.
0:38   The PVV contends that the authors of this agenda have completely disregarded that
0:42   the attacks in Paris and Copenhagen were targeted against Jews.
0:47   Apparently these leftist groups choose to look away when it comes to forthright Islamic anti-Semitism
0:52   that demands real victims, and to focus on Muslims, claiming that they are the victims.
0:59   Interruption by Mayor Jorritsma-Lebbink (ex-secretary): Mr. Van Dijk,
1:04   you connect this beating by these Moroccan boys of this woman immediately to Islam.
1:10   I forcefully should want to fight this (opinion).
1:13   I dare to say almost for sure; These boys should come to the mosque more often.
1:17   Maybe they would not do it.
1:26   So, be careful not to connect this to religion. That’s not the case here.
1:31   There is no systematic threat to Muslims. One can speak of a systematic, global threat
1:36   to everyone and everything that is not Islamic.
1:41   The attack by the petitioners is qualified in Paris as a “polarizing event”.
1:46   A month after another horrific Islamist attack on the free West in which 17 people were killed,
1:51   this Muslim atrocity is downplayed by the petitioners and framed as a “polarizing event”.
1:58   And SP, D66 and PvdA (leftist parties) lift their fingers and say that we should
2:02   especially be worried about the threat that Muslims feel.
2:05   Madam Speaker, the fact is that synagogues and Jewish schools today have Jersey barriers
2:09   and police guards in front of their doors.
2:12   Fact is that Jewish newspapers are now being delivered in unmarked envelopes.
2:16   Fact is that Jews in this country can no longer safely walk the streets wearing a yarmulke.
2:21   What is real is that gays, due to Islamic intolerance, cannot openly show their love.
2:26   What is real is that for 10 years the Islam-critic Geert Wilders has been unable to live without protection.
2:32   And fact is Madam Speaker, that teaching about the Holocaust is made difficult by Muslims
2:36   who find it all just bulls***.
2:39   The cause of all this is not the intolerance of Dutch. No, it is the intolerance of Islam
2:43   for everything that is not Islamic.
2:47   Concerning that intolerance we cannot be tolerant.
2:50   As Ayaan Hirsi Ali said: Tolerance of intolerance is cowardice.
2:55   While we’re talking, the Facebook page of the mosque in Almere Buiten (district)
2:59   adores the imam of the Grand Mosque in Mecca.
3:02   He is placed on a pedestal.
3:05   This man has called Jews ‘pigs, monkeys and scum of the earth’.
3:09   Facing that kind of intolerance we must be intolerant.
3:12   Against this we must act.
3:14   Against this we have to say, ‘one time more and your mosque will be closed.’
3:18   The question of the authors of the agenda is therefore in the opinion of the PVV fundamentally wrong.
3:24   The question that must be asked is, how can we ensure that Jews, Christians, Hindus,
3:29   atheists, Muslims and ex-Muslims to feel free and unthreatened.
3:33   Then, according to the PVV, there is but one answer possible, namely to stop Islam.
3:39   Only when there is no Islam will cohesion return to our country.

5 thoughts on “The Intolerance of Islam for Everything That is Not Islamic

  1. “Tolerance of intolerance is cowardice.”

    Yes, exactly. Time to crack down on this religion of submission to barbarity, brutality, and perversion.

    • I agree, but you know it isn’t going to happen–yet, anyway. Things are going to have to get much worse before the people rise up.

      Look at what is happening in any and all countries in Europe; if the atrocities happening right now had happened 40 years ago people would have risen up, but not now, people have become inured and actually accept what is happening as normal.

      Imagine what it will be like in another 30 years!

      • It won’t take 30 years, more like 5 at the most. Why? Because of the supine nature of the Western elites, they have a bottomless tolerance for Muslim thuggery in the West.

        This acceptance of Muslim thuggery serves only to incite Muslims to engage in more violence because they see such passivity as signs of Allah’s approval for their actions.

        The success of ISIS also fuels their need for violent acts as well.

        It would not surprise me in the least to see Europe suffer a Mumbai style attack within the next few years along with much increased violence against Jews as well.

  2. Why oh why can’t UKIP’s two MPs find the courage to say this sort of thing in the House of Commons? Yes, there would be uproar – but support for UKIP would soar.

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