The Dawn Chorus in Nyköping

The Swedish town of Nyköping, south of Stockholm, has been in the news a lot recently with bomb threats, fatal bombings, arrests for planting bombs, and other forms of cultural enrichment.

Now a native Swede (“Old Swede”?) has been acquitted for remarking on the asininity (in the original sense of the word) of the dawn adhan in Nyköping. Didn’t the judge know that his cultural insensitivity would be sure to enrage the town’s New Swedes, and possibly incite them to avenge the insult against the honor of their prophet?

The following text is based on a machine translation from Fria Tider that was posted earlier at Vlad Tepes:

HMF accused acquitted by the court — comparing “Allahu akbar” with donkey with stomach pain

A 38-year-old man was acquitted yesterday at Nyköping District Court after being charged with hate speech for having compared a crowd of Muslim fundamentalists who chanted “Allahu akbar” to a donkey with stomach pain.

“It is not normal to wake up to the sound of a donkey whose stomach hurts” — so wrote the newly-awoken man on Facebook last summer after he was woken in the morning by a Muslim outdoor prayer service in Nyköping, where a large number of Muslim fundamentalists stood and chanted “Allahu Akbar” through a speaker system.

After many Muslims felt offended by this comment, the prosecutor decided to prosecute the man for his political opinion in a crime of “hate speech”.

Yesterday came the verdict in the man’s case, and Nyköping District Court chose to acquit him of criminal charges. The court does not believe that the man mocked religion of Islam without a religious manifestation, something that then is permitted. [I couldn’t straighten this last sentence out; reader adjustments are welcomed.]

After he wrote the post on Facebook, the 38-year old was threatened, and among other things police have been called out to protect him from menacing Muslims.

Do chanting Muslims sound like a donkey who has a stomach ache? Judge for yourself:

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video (no subtitles, but fairly self-explanatory):

10 thoughts on “The Dawn Chorus in Nyköping

  1. Some swedish woman is commentating: “Its Eid, like our christmas. There we have the men, and behind them are the women. It’s fantastic.” she reports right from feministan. I would say “[rear entry]istan”.

  2. A more accurate translation of “allah hu akbar” would be “Satan is Great”. It at least ought to be translated accurately.

    Too bad you Europeans never got anything like the 1st amendment and a judicial system that would support it. Now you are paying the price for this historical mistake.

  3. The so-called perpetrator was well within his rights to criticise this bunch of chanting loonies, particularly if they were doing it early in the morning. It does sound like a mass braying of donkies. It also sounds as though they are singing “allah is a winker” (misprint). Have they been infiltrated by the EDL?

  4. No conviction without a proven religious connotation? Which would seem appropriate given that the persecuted ‘suspect’ did not mention Islam per se but a common chant thereof often associated with ‘agitated’ Muslims.

    The judge in this case used his/her discretion of ‘beyond a reasonable doubt’ as his/her escape clause from what one would otherwise describe, and in more saner times, as a complete farce and misuse of the justice system.

  5. Stomach pains? I’ve heard of Sharia, but maybe they just have diarrhea. In any case, I think that Europe needs an enema and they should stick it where it belongs: in Sweden.

  6. In business, bad ideas are penalized by financial ruin. We need to have some system to penalize bureaucrats and policy folks who have pushed bad ideas upon the population, as in this case the mixing of incompatible cultures. When their ideas are found to be unworkable or harmful, income or wealth should be subtracted from their lives just as it was subtracted from their victims lives. E.g. go back to the people who have pushed for cultural enrichment and cause them to be penniless in their old age, leaving enough so that they have 1200 calories a day whilst wearing old T-shirts and shorts.

  7. The CRY of the fascistic monks:

    “Allahu(=God) SATAN(evidenced, secretived) akbar(is bigger)!” (than God Father)
    “Allahu(=God) SATAN(evidenced, secretived) akbar(is bigger)!” (than God Father)

    The ANTI-religion of the ANTI-christ. – Since the year 105.

  8. Yet, if this were the worst thing about them I wouldn’t complain. But this terrible noise on top of everything else is intolerable.

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