Terror in the Alps?

*** UPDATE ***

The Telegraph headlines:

Several Germanwings flights cancelled after crew refused to fly

Pilots and cabin crew refused to fly over concerns the Germanwings flight 4U 9525 crash may have been linked to a repair to the nose-wheel landing doors…

Obviously the professionals whose lives are on the line appear to think this is a mechanical problem rather than terrorism…or at least that’s the public version of this refusal.

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An Airbus A320 passenger jet, Germanwings Flight 9525, crashed this morning in the French Alps after an unexplained eight-minute descent from 37,000 feet to below 6,000 feet. All 150 people onboard the aircraft are feared dead.

Here’s the report from The Guardian:

German Airbus A320 Plane Crashes in French Alps

All 150 passengers and crew on an Airbus A320 flying from Barcelona to Düsseldorf are believed dead after it rapidly lost height and began an as yet unexplained descent into a remote and mountainous area of southern France.

The chief executive of Lufthansa’s lowcost arm, Germanwings, said the aircraft reached its cruising height of 38,000ft at 10.45am, 44 minutes into the flight, and began the descent just a minute or two later. Contact was lost at 10.53am when the plane was at 6,000ft.

The dead are believed to include 45 Spanish and 67 German nationals. A school party of 16 German teenagers returning from an exchange trip to Spain were booked on the plane but school officials could not say if the group had boarded.


The French weather station said the meteorogical conditions were calm at the time of the accident and that the sky was “completely clear”, with almost no wind.

Given the multiple terror threats issued recently by Al Qaeda and the Islamic State, whenever a major jetliner crashes one immediately suspects that jihad may be involved. And, given the Western political propensity to deny and cover up any planned Islamic terror attack, one suspects that the evidence of jihad will emerge slowly, if ever.

The A320 is designed to cruise at 37,000 feet for optimum fuel usage. The fact that it began a controlled descent at full speed without making radio contact with air traffic controllers is peculiar, to say the least.

Our English correspondent Seneca III has been thinking along the same lines, and sent a succession of emails with his observations as various facts began to emerge:

A320 pilots association is saying crash was most likely caused by, quote, ‘pilot incapacitation’!

There were at least two Turks on the passenger list.

French air traffic controllers have reported that the aircraft did not initiate the Mayday call; they (ATC) did because they had lost touch with it (quote). No doubt they were watching its speed/altitude graph, calculating its “steep, controlled” rate of descent and failure to turn away towards the nearest airfield:

(Click to enlarge)

Look at that part of the tracks from about 0931 to 0937ish when the speed first began to drop off five minutes after the beginning of the descent stage and the rate of decent began to decrease until it levelled out at 0941 at approx 6500 feet, which is below clearance of the mountain range. Furthermore, I repeat ‘the aircraft kept on its course despite SOP’s requiring it to deviate to the nearest Airport’ (both to the South and West) under such circumstances.

Taking all of that into consideration together with the statement from the moderator of the A320 Pilots Association that the cause was almost certainly ‘pilot incapacitation’, and the presence of at least two Turks on the passenger list, the most pressing explanation is the one I suspect we will hear last from the Islamophiles that rule us.

I am waiting in a state of morbid fascination to hear if the names, ethnicity and religious predilections of the pilots are released and how long this release will take — this will happen quite quickly if there is no enrichment involved, but if it takes more than a couple of days we should have an answer to at least one of the unanswered questions.

Whatever, Hollande and Merkel must know, as will virtually every pilot in the Company and those listening from the same airspace at that time, so if it wasn’t ‘anything to do with Islam’ as usual then it can’t stay hidden for long. They will try of course, along with Cameron the rest of the European Bilderberger and Globalist traitors (every possible theory going will probably be used to explain the incapacitation of the pilots and will be peddled in the hope of muddying the waters) but there remains little doubt in my mind that if it is but even more ‘enrichment’ this will come out eventually and fall upon the ears of an increasingly angry and desperate public.

I think I can hear the faint sound of survival drums growing ever louder, and sense the tenure of the enablers and defenders of the Religion of Peace growing shorter by the day.

Finally: Why has no aerial photo of the crash site been published — the weather is clear and dry? Also watch out for the ‘fly by wire malfunction’ meme for this still won’t explain why the pilots did not respond to the radio.

All of the above is informed speculation, based on scanty data. We need a lot more information.

According to Vlad, the radio news is now reporting that there was a bomb on board. But why a controlled descent after a bomb? Curiouser and curiouser.

This is very much an ongoing story. If new information comes in, I’ll add updates.

74 thoughts on “Terror in the Alps?

  1. I have a feeling this may drag on for weeks ,if it is malicious.
    The politicians such as Obama ,Merkel,Hollande may have to make serious descisions as with the delay over the Ukraine disaster.
    The flight pattern is remarkably similar to United 93 .American 11, or united 175 in the latter case no pilot contact was heard before the plane crash .
    A bomb doesn’t seem likely but the reluctance to name names and nationalities could indicate collaberation within the crew orpassengers

  2. “There were at least two Turks on the passenger list.”
    I think this remark, and this whole story, come to that, should be removed. It *IS* too early to speculate, and it devalues the excellent work GoV does to finger-point like this based on pure guesswork.

      • The Turks are just jealous -Isn’t their national airline called Turkey Airlines -just speculating.
        Air New Zealand used to be called Kiwi Airlines. A kiwi is a bird which cannot fly -grounded by evolution. Odd.

    • If it too early to speculate, then when? Speculation occurs before evidence. When there is evidence, it is no longer speculation. Furthermore, what do you think you get from the 24/7 newsrooms? Most of the time it is speculation.

      • NOT speculation. IMHO.

        It’s either the ‘party line’ as “agreed to”, or it’s disinformation.

    • So hej, we are not allowed to speculate?
      Given that we are in a war, a plane goes down in very suspicious circumstances and immediately you go into ‘dhimmi’ mode, as the ‘thought police’ (and Cameron, Hollande, Merkel et al) demand of us; it couldn’t be islam, (the enemy) or anyone connected to it, right? Right.

    • Yes, I agree. While there of course could be sabotage of some sort it just doesn’t seem to fit the terrorist profile. The point of terrorism is to terrorize people, and that is most effectively done by using methods where the intentional nature of them is immediately obvious.

    • Notice that The White House has come straight out and said it has nothing to do with terrorism. Big Time speculation. Yes, they could have waited.

    • hej, don’t worry. This could not possibly have anything to do with terrorism, because a White House spokesperson has stated same. (Sarcasm)

    • Crashed jet’s late takeoff was due to congestion
      via Yahoo…also on the plane:

      “… a woman who had got married in the town on Saturday and was moving to Duesseldorf with her Moroccan husband”…”In a statement on its website, La Llagosta town hall named the woman as Asmae Ouahhoud el Allaoui, 23. The husband’s name wasn’t made available.


      “Iran’s official IRNA news agency is reporting that the foreign ministry says two Iranian journalists died in the Germanwings plane crash.

      They were identified as Milad Hojatoleslami, who worked for semi-official Tasnim news agency and Hossein Javadi, a journalist at the Vatan-e-Emrouz daily.

      Thomas Winkelmann told reporters in Cologne on Wednesday that the list isn’t yet final because the company is still trying to contact relatives of 27 victims.

      There were two victims each from Australia, Argentina, Iran and Venezuela. One victim each came from Britain, the Netherlands, Colombia, Mexico, Japan, Denmark, Belgium and Israel.

      Winkelmann says in some cases victims’ nationality isn’t entirely clear, in part because of dual citizenship.

      The director of France’s aviation investigative agency says audio has been recovered from the cockpit recorder salvaged from the crash of the Germanwings plane in the Alps.

      Remi Jouty says the material includes sound and voices, and was extracted Wednesday afternoon from the mangled black box recovered from a mountainside.

      Jouty says it was too early to draw conclusions from the recording. The case of the second black box, the flight data recorder, has been found, but not its contents, French President Francois Hollande said minutes earlier.

      Jouty says he couldn’t confirm that the case of the second black box had been recovered.

  3. Isn’t it time for the airlines to be publishing the names of the pilots of their flights at the point of departure, next to the flight information, so that the passengers have some idea of whose hands they are putting their lives in? A pilot is as important to the passengers on an airplane as a surgeon is to a patient undergoing surgery. Most of us know who the surgeon is before he cuts us open.

    • Just as Takuan Seiyo indicates below, travel by air involves many more individuals than a pilot, all of whom have critical access to the safety of each flight. The same holds true for the medical practice. This very dangerous ‘infiltration’ is unquestionably a very disconcerting fact of life now.

  4. This kind of thing, and much worse, is here to stay, and in most cases the powers that be will find a way to camouflage and obscure all ways to trace the disaster to their own, longtime and ongoing demographic treason.

    Just think who composes airplane maintenance and cleaning crews in Europe. Who will be increasingly loading and arming missiles on NATO planes, when (probably, at least) 12% of the French military is of African Muslim origin, and the Brits are frantically trying to recruit more than the current 4-5% of “minorities” in the military.

    20 years ago I almost got arrested at Heathrow by turban-wearing Sikh and Islamic-headrag-wrapped Airport Security because I wouldn’t yield my Alpine walking stick (I’d just been on a long hike) that they deemed a threat to the Boeing I was about to board. I haven’t set foot in Blighty since, but one cannot stop flying altogether…

    • Muslims should be forced to fly with their own kind, not mixed in with the general population. Enough of this mass killing of innocent men, women and children already!

      Passengers should be able to decide if they choose to put their lives in the hands of a Muslim pilot who might have decided today was the day he’d kill scores of Infidels for Allah!

      • Muslim only flights can still fly into skyscrapers…such a policy will not keep everyone safe from jihad.

      • It all started with Leila Kahlid and her PFLP (Peoples Front for the Liberation of Palestine) deciding to hijack a few large airliners back in the 70’s

        Muslims decided that it was appropriate to make a show of their quarrels with Israel by holding the rest of the world to ransom etc.

        And then they call us ‘Islamophobic’ – well I think we have cause to be seriously Islamophobic in its truest sense, and certainly not ‘irrationally’; and if moslems cannot behave sociably then they should be permanently grounded.

        • Nope, the whole airliner hijacking thing started with Arafat and the PLO before the Seven Day War. It just became more popular later because governments and airlines around the world stuck their heads in the sand about it.

      • No matter what you do muslim will sting you. If he turns into gold put him in your pocket, it will find something there to rip it off and get out.

        The west too naive to deal with satan.

    • TS brings up a important point, with most airlines today to save money, have often outsourced maintenance to the lowest bidder and that usually means the airlines have no idea who working on their planes. They have to trust the sub-contractor performed due diligence.

      I’ll give you a example, my brother who is a aircraft mechanic did some contracting work in the Netherlands about 15 years ago for a major European airline. He told me the workers brought in were from all over, including India and Africa. He also did work in Mexico and it was the same story.

      Now this was before 9/11. Today IMO it’s asking for trouble.

      When a company does this, it’s putting its jewels in the hands of strangers. Just like the way most major corporations have outsourced IT to Bombay contractors(really to a country where bribery is a way of life, that’s just dumb) to save a penny. Ever notice the raft of major medical and corporate hacks? This isn’t co-incidence, it’s happening because the companies cut corners and out-sourced critical elements that must be kept in house, especially when it comes to money and/or human life. But they won’t stop out-sourcing because it’s so lucrative for the executives in the companies that do it.

      I personally will not allow myself or my family members to be treated by Muslim doctors. I have found them to be untrustworthy and cruel. Nor will I patronize a Muslim owned store.

      That said, this accident reeks of coverup. There is a information blackout of sorts going on. No one is talking about the communication blackout(which is key). And what about the people on board, their cells should still have worked and been able to make calls. Why haven’t we heard anything about this aspect?

      The thing is for sure, if it was a terrorist act, it will be hushed up. The airlines and especially the EU can’t handle this politically.

  5. This aircraft had an inspection yesterday. Did a ‘Mohammed’ not show up for work today?

  6. This incident is very odd and suspicious, but I’m not convinced that it’s terrorism-related without more information.

  7. I second hej’s comment – it’s too early to speculate on a terror attack. And that descent rate is typical for an Airbus aircraft, when their computers think the airspeed is too low, and they try to correct for stall. See here for a mention of another Lufthansa A320, which suffered from exactly this problem 4 months ago, and descended at 4,000 feet/min – around the same rate as on the graph above – except the pilot in that instance managed to override the computer… this is likely what was meant by “pilot incapacitation”.

    Previously, similar problems have happened many times, such as in the 2009 Air France A330 crash over the Atlantic.

    Hence this may well be more a combination of the Airbus on-board computer and iced-over pitot tubes, rather than any foul play.

    • You are right, absolutely. There is no ground for accusing Muslims without having proof. However, because of the engineered Muslim inflitration, whatever the causes of this or any other disaster, we can no longer be sure. This alone is a horrible side effect of the rulers’ madness.

      Think about another area of the same madness: Affirmative Action relative to American blacks. You go to a hospital for an operation: the last thing you see before passing out is a black doctor leaning over you with a scalpel. Is it “racist” to worry?

      Before Affirmative Action, yes it would have been. In fact, there are some stellar black physicians, e.g. Ben Carson. But Affirmative Action has totally destroyed the faith that one may have in the soundness and competence of any black professional — and it’s the fault not of me, the ‘racist,” but of the racemongoring, mad white liberals who engineered that “affirmative”policy.

      It’s the same with Muslims. Because some Western Muslims will use a postition of trust to harm their White host society, it’s legitimate to harbor an a priori suspicion in any such field where Muslims are or may be employed. There was no room for this before the elite’s demographic treason that brought the Muslims to Europe.

      • Yes, we cannot be sure – however what is there to indicate that this particular incident had something to do with the Religion of Peace?

        On the other hand, there’s plenty to indicate that this could be another in a long line of Airbus aircraft falling out of the sky, for no apparent reason.

        I appreciate the fact that we’re keeping all options open. However if we’re too decided, too early on the “Islamic” hypothesis, could there not also be a risk of giving leftists ammunition, to describe us as “blaming Muslims for everything”?

        That said, given the pilot’s lack of a Mayday signal, the longer the authorities and Germanwings keep his identity under wraps, the more any suspicion will grow…

        • The Islam terrorism theory will be dropped if they recover the black box with the recorded voices and hear the exchanges between pilot and navigator. Rescue personnel did get ONE black box, but we don’t know which one it is yet. The longer we wait to hear, the more suspicious it will appear to the average European.

          • The black box!!! In EU it means nothing. Hollande, Merkel . . . etc are not going to repeat what the box says verbatim. THEY will TELL the box what to say. Enlightenment and Reason are the prominent features of EU over the last 60 years.

          • Given they’ve already located 2 black boxes, it should surely only be a matter of time, before locating all of them?

            One thing that perhaps hasn’t been mentioned – this is an Airbus aircraft, suffering (on the face of it) from a type of incident that quite a few previous Airbus aircraft have suffered… the crash, meanwhile, is on French territory – the the country most involved with Airbus. Depending on the reason, a LOT of aircraft could potentially be grounded… so, could there be another simple reason for any cover-up – the potential economic impact on France? although I trust that the French investigators, government and public are honest and scrupulous enough to ensure that this doesn’t happen.

        • there’s plenty to indicate that this could be another in a long line of Airbus aircraft falling out of the sky

          Here’s a list of makes and models and “events” associated with them:


          There are many Airbus models, and the list is less than helpful since it conflates this A320 model with several others so who’s to know the actual record for the A320?

          Also, one would have to have the type of event, if it is as you say, “falling out of the sky for no apparent reason” is common rather than those strange weather happenings, or the dangers presented by take-offs and landings.

          • Time Magazine has published just such a safety list. The A320 is near the top the list for safety -extremely safe, and this is one of the reasons among others that Time finds loss of the aircraft strange.

          • yes, I should have emphasised the word “apparent”! The actual reasons were, I believe to do with frozen -over pitot tubes (AF447), strange actions by the computer (Air Asia Indonesia crash), and a combination of both (earlier incident with Lufthansa A320). There have been several other incidents of Airbuses stalling and/or descending in mid-flight, but where the pilot managed to get control back from the computer (which apparently, isn’t easy to do – in the Indonesia crash, the pilot reportedly pulled the fuse from the computer system to switch it off!).

            I guess we’ll have to wait and see with this crash. And hope all the data, including black box recordings and the name of the pilot, is released to the public.

  8. A 30-second or so overhead video with wobbly focus and poor sound (I think it’s in French) at NBC news: http://www.nbcnews.com/storyline/german-plane-crash/germanwings-passenger-plane-crashes-france-officials-n329076

    Overhead photos with somewhat better focus at Die Welt: http://www.welt.de/vermischtes/article138746842/Flug-4U9525-zerschellte-am-Berg.html

    Overhead video with French captions (no voiceover) from Le Monde: http://www.lemonde.fr/crash-germanwings/article/2015/03/24/crash-d-un-airbus-a320-de-germanwings-dans-la-region-de-barcelonnette_4600118_4600138.html

    Barcelona’s “El Pais” in English has several related articles with photos: http://elpais.com/elpais/inenglish.html

    As well as showing the crash site(s) over 2 km^2, these stories also include photos of the rescue/recovery staging area and of the related personnel beginning their climb to the crash site. Since I’m at 1254 Pacific hours right now, France is probably at 2054, or almost 9:00 at night. Probably dark and unable to proceed until tomorrow morning, approx. 2300 this evening at my house, 0700 in France.

    My *very first* reaction, before seeing the graph or anything, was “a hijacking.” That would surely cause the “incapacitation” of the pilot, and possibly the co-pilot/navigation officer.

    How very terrible for all those passengers and crew, their families, friends, and co-workers. The school which was expecting to receive 16 teens home will be devastated. This will be true regardless of the cause of the crash. But if it turns out to be jihad-related, the fury could take Europe–anywhere.

  9. When the US government announced that the airplane had crashed the first thing they said was that they had absolutely no idea what caused the crash. The second thing was that “terrorism has been ruled out.” If you don’t have any idea what happened how do you rule out terrorism? When the government makes a stupid comment like this about terrorism there’s about a 95% chance that it is terrorism. And when it turns out to be terrorism, it won’t have anything to do with “Islamic terrorism” even when all the perpetrators are named Muhammad.

    • Fuel would quickly burn off, especially in high speed crash where fuel would be dispersed by the impact

      As member of my local fire department witnessed an aircraft crash (or the
      effects after impact) of Lear 35 The aircraft would have been completely
      fragmented – metallioc confetti is often as it is described. Largest piece at
      crash site was at was 2 feet (60 cm) by 3 feet (90 cm) section of tail fin
      Rest as explained was “metallic confetti” scattered around

  10. You are never going to find out whether this is terror. Flying is too importsnt to everyone. People will freak out. Leaders will go to any extreme to prevent this economic sector from collapsing ( which it would if a few of these were proved jihad.) The decision on the coverup story line, I bet, was made many years ago. It’ll be like the Manhatten Project secret–kept.

    So it will be something like CO poisoning involving the entire crew or anoxia or cabin decompression or “who had the fish?”

    • Yep there is a distinct possibility we will never know the truth. The MSM is in full cover up mode in regards to a lot of things going on from the economy to ISIS and everything in between because it would make the ruling regimes of Europe look really bad.

    • But surely it cannot be called terrorism unless someone or some group owns up as the perpetrator? What would be the point of not claiming “credit” for the cruel deed? Also if for example Islamic State is responsible how can leaders of Western Democracies suppress the idea.
      Apart from terrorism there is also the possibility of those amoral nerd hackers -you know, like those geeks who claim they can make an old geezer dance by playing around with his pacemaker.

    • Hence the consistent, persistent and immediate declaration made uniformly by authorities around the Western hemisphere at every suspected terror event. Despite facts have yet to be determined, authorities are always certain each event is…”not related to terror”, in that it cannot/will not be legitimized as a(n) (Islamic) terror event at all costs.

  11. The nose-wheel doors don’t quite add up. Certainly wouldn’t require a dramatic descent to 6,000 ft. The area around the landing gear is not pressurized, so even if they malfunction, there’s no need to drop other than drag if the gear happens to deploy. My guess is that issue is a separate thing they are concerned over.

  12. @Baron Bodissey

    I have seen a couple of aerial photos of the crash site, so authorities are definitely not hiding that data. I admit, a controlled descent without any radio contact is really odd.
    I’d say they should check for any trained pilots on the passengers list.

  13. it had deviated from it`s course to the east [ marsalli and Toulouse ] with in it`s sights ??????????? delayed 30 minutes before take off ?????? 8 minute desent with no distress signal ??????

  14. Read “Inside Soviet Military Intelligence”. Don’t forget what is going on in Europe right now

  15. Guardian: Voices heard on recorder from cockpit of Germanwings plane crash
    The Airbus A320 that ploughed into an Alpine mountain flew “right to the end”, the investigators said, and did not explode mid-flight. It also appeared not to have suffered a sudden drop in pressure.
    “We have an audio file we can use,” Rémi Jouty, a BEA spokesperson said.

    The task of the investigators in the first instance is “a job … of understanding the sounds, the alarms, the voices, to attribute the voices to different people,” he added.

    “The crash zone is two hectares, which is big but not massive. We are combing the site and we will find the flight data recorder, which is built to resist a severe crash. I am confident we will find out what happened.”

  16. The repeated computer failures of the autopilot system would make an excellent cover for what appears to have been a deliberate act according to the flight monitor of airspeed and altitude.

    • No. The locked cockpit door and radio silence from the cockpit and passengers is a dead giveaway something deliberate occurred.

      Look, when the passengers saw the pilot pounding on the door, it must have set off a panic among the plane’s passengers and people ought to have been calling on their cell phones to their loved ones or even the authorities. Yet no relative has come forward, they should have if they could call out. My guess the loon in the cockpit turned off the entire comm system.

      Add to this the refusal to release the ID of the pilots.

      Like I said earlier it reeks of a cover up.

      That said, the Airbus has it’s issues, but it’s not a flying death trap like some are portraying it. Statistically it is a very safe plane.

      • Yep, at this point it seems like it must be deliberate. For it not to be, we’d have to believe a guy who’s name is probably Mohammed something (otherwise they’d release the name) just happened to just after the other pilot left the cockpit:

        – set the autopilot to descend or the autopilot failed
        – had a heart attack or something

        If the guy in the cockpit just went unconscious, the plane wouldn’t have descended. So it’s either deliberate or an incredibly unlikely coincidence where the autopilot fails just as the only person in the cockpit just happens to have a medical emergency.

    • Not now, no, if it is true that a pilot was locked out. That changes things. So speculate away, folks. But how come this news comes to us via the NYT, and not a French/German/Spanish news service? How come the Americans get these bits of vital information first?

  17. Looking like a case of SJS similar to Egypt Air flight 990 in 1999 and possibly the Malaysian Air crash last year. Have the nationalities of the pilots been reported? If not, that omission alone raises suspicions.
    BTW, are all the commenters on the NYT web site stupid? One said that it couldn’t be terrorism b/c no one has claimed responsibility, while another averred that we’ll probably never learn why the plane crashed.

  18. There are no names available for the pilots…
    Anywhere I can find

    All other pilots info, recently, has been available in moments.

  19. Another hint that authorities are considering the possibility this event was terror related…
    “Philip Baum, an aviation security expert, said that residents of Schengen countries could board flights using only national identity cards rather than passports, which could have added to the uncertainty.”

  20. who can guarantee that it were not once again the insurgents in Donbas with their BUG missile. Show the picture, now two rockets are missing!!!

  21. Guys i know everyone on here loves to bash muslims and call them terrorists as soon as one of these poor [redacted]-> souls farts but what if it was the other way around?

    What if the media-blackout is caused because “they” try to generate evidence for it being the mooselimbs fault while it was just an accident? This seems to me being more a case of lets wait a few more days for hype to build and then tell’em it was “terrorism” than it actually being it.

    • Given the increasing numbers of people who are being Islamicided, given England’s experience with 7/11 and America’s with 9/11, Fort Hood, and various random workplace extremism – e.g., the beheading in Oklahoma…given those things, plus the endless announcements of violence and the insanity of the Iranian leaders and Erdogan’s announcement a few months ago that jihad is the way of Islam…well, whenever massive numbers of people die under mysterious circumstances, then Islam will be fingered as a suspect.

      There is little evidence that the MSM pushes the Islam button. If anything, they try to avoid doing that since they don’t want the wrath of their governments breathing fire in the pressroom…unless you’re talking about the Russian-paid press; then the story might be different. That’s a convenience for Russia under Putin.

  22. Germanwings co-pilot had 630 hours flying time via: News24

    Frankfurt – The co-pilot of the Germanwings jet that crashed in the French Alps was on the job since September 2013 and had 630 hours of flying experience, the parent company, German flag carrier Lufthansa, said on Thursday.

    The co-pilot “was First Officer at Germanwings since September 2013,” a Lufthansa spokesperson told AFP.

    Prior to that, he had been trained as a pilot at Lufthansa Flight Training in the northern German city of Bremen and had 630 hours of flying experience under his belt.

    By comparison, the plane’s pilot had more than 10 years experience and 6 000 hours of experience flying the Airbus A320 model, Lufthansa revealed previously.

    UKMirror: Germanwings plane crash: Did pilot deliberately smash aircraft into mountain in mass murder-suicide?
    09:46, 26 March 2015 By Steve Robson

    Experts say evidence of another pilot knocking on the door, and the lack of distress call, points towards an intentional nosedive

    Mr Wilson [an Australian pilot] said if the pilot did ‘block’ emergency access to the cockpit, then this will be confirmed by the black box data recorder.

    “The cockpit voice recorder is very sensitive,” he said.

    Experts say evidence of another pilot knocking on the door, and the lack of distress call, points towards an intentional nosedive

    Aviation experts say evidence suggests the Germanwings plane crash which left 150 dead could have been the result of a tragic pilot murder-suicide.

    It emerged overnight that the A320 voice recorder apparently reveals one of the pilots unable to re-enter the cockpit and trying to “smash the door down” before the crash.

    It has also been confirmed that no emergency distress signal was emitted during the plane’s eight-minute descent from 38,000ft into the French Alps.

    Aviation expert Ewan Wilson says the evidence so far points to a “very unique event”.

    He confirmed that the cockpit can be accessed with an emergency code if the pilot is incapacitated.

    But if the pilot inside was conscious, it is possible to repeatedly ‘block’ access.

    He said: “If the pilot was conscious in the cockpit, he could keep overriding the emergency code.

    “If the pilot inside was incapacitated, the door should open.

    “If someone wants to, they can block it. It’s a purposeful design feature – for example, if they think the person trying to get in is under duress.”

    “The Germanwings plane made a really deep, but controlled, descent and communicated with nobody.

    “What would cause a pilot to put an aircraft in a nosedive?

    “I think we can rule out depressurization or a fire because there was no declaration of an emergency.

    “If we can believe the reports that there was a pilot trying to get back in but was unsuccessful, then we really do have a nefarious event on our hands.”

    An Australian pilot told the Sydney Morning Herald backed claims that a pilot could stop his colleague accessing the cockpit if he reacts quickly enough.

    “If the person on the other side of the door says ‘no’, you can’t get in,” the Australian pilot said

    Mr Wilson said if the pilot did ‘block’ emergency access to the cockpit, then this will be confirmed by the black box data recorder.

    “The cockpit voice recorder is very sensitive,” he said.

    “It not only picks up conversation between the pilots and other aircraft but sounds within the cockpit.

    “You would be able to hear a pilot getting up and leaving and then knocking on the door.

    “The flight data recorder would record anyone entering the emergency code to enter the cockpit and if it was denied.

    We have just been able to extract a useable audio data file,” said investigator Remi Jouty.

    “We have not yet been able to study and to establish an exact timing for all the sounds and words heard on this file.”

    Jouty expected the first basic analysis in “a matter of days” but warned this read-out could be subject to errors and that more work would be needed for a full interpretation.

    Although he said “words” had been heard on the tape, Jouty would not confirm whether that meant the Airbus A320’s pilots were conscious and he gave no details of the recordings.

    … teams were looking for the flight data recorder which holds key technical information such as pressure altitude, airspeed, heading, acceleration and the time radio transmissions were made by the crew.
    The casing of the flight data recorder has been found but not the device itself.

  23. Nationalities of the crew and of the passengers is important. When information began to flow they said there were people from Turkey… afterwards they were never mentioned again. A Moroccan male traveling with family whose name was not disclosed, 3 Iranian journailsts. And an American, Yvonne Selke, who worked for US government National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency,” which coordinates satellite-based mapping for the Pentagon. Some tweets suggest one of the pilots was Muslim… Perhaps the one inside the cabin, who may have locked out the other pilot. All European leaders as well as Obama rushed to rapidly deny any criminal, sabotage or terrorist case as the cause of the crash when the investigation barely began. Interesting…!
    The pilots panic… Pilots refused to fly after the crash. Maybe they have some privileged information that German Wings or Lufthansa are not disclosing to the media and general public. Afterwards those pilots have covered many times that same route. It is not because they are not well trained, but because they fear the same fate as the obliterated plane. This could be the same case as the disappeared flight from Malaysia airlines which had on board several qualified high tech engineers who worked for a US based company that developed technology to make airplanes invisible to the radar.
    The official version for German Wings plane crash is just unbelievable.

  24. UKTelegraph: What happened on the flight deck of doomed German Wings aircraft – Q&A

    It has emerged that one of the pilots on board the German Wings airbus was locked out of the cockpit. Here we examine how this could have happened and why safety procedures seem to have failed.

    Also noted in comments at InfidelBloggersAlliance, by AlwaysOnWatch:
    Demographics of Bremen


    Police closed first IS Mosque in Germany Raid in Bremen: Police closes for the first time IS mosque in Germany

  25. By this time in most crashes, we know who the pilots are. We know their full names, their families, where they went to school and what they last had for breakfast. Here we know nothing. There is only one reason this information would be withheld at this late. Its release would be inconvenient.

  26. Heavy.com: Andreas Lubitz: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

    Andreas Lubitz was the co-pilot of Germanwings flight 9525 who reportedly intentionally crashed the plane into the French Alps and killed all 150 people on board.

    Here’s what you need to know:

    1. He Was German

    Lubitz, 28, was German national from Montabaur, Germany.

    2. He joined Germanwings in September 2013.

    3. He had 630-hours logged as a co-pilot.

    4. He allegedly locked the pilot out of the cockpit when the pilot went to use the restroom.

    5. He can be heard calmly breathing on the blackbox as flight 9525 descended and crashed into the French Alps.

  27. Is it still too early? – something very very strange appears to have happened but the WH and EU KNOW that it is not terrorist related (did the Beltway Oracle speak to them?).

    So we lock up the cockpit to evade deadly hijackers, and now we seem to suffer from deadly pilots, locked in up front with absolute control…..

  28. Does anybody know if anybody has taken responsibility for the crash? Now that Google is aligned with the White House they are probably blocking certain information. This is a terrible tragedy.

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