Rife with Rumor and Conjecture

OOPS…UPDATED with all links working now. Must have been those pesky leprechauns again. Later update: the photo of Prune Face.

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The Baron has gone into town to do our weekly shopping. I have been left with strict orders to stay out of trouble…

…Honest, all I was doing was a teeny little bit of weeding after I hung out the wash. Just the smallest bit. And now I can’t move my arm…

But one of our essayists sent these links so I thought I’d share them.

They all concern the karma surrounding our Senate Minority Leader, Harry Reid, known to some of us as Prune Face (because he never seems to smile much).

[Added by the Baron after he returned from the big city]

Our essayist opined:

I just read a summary on Breitbart of what Harry Reid has to fear from a new Attorney General if the Republicans win the presidential election. Of course, it depends on who that is, whether there will be any action or just a “dialogue.” But this is being given as an alternative reason for his retirement.

Reflecting on this made me return to my original reaction to his accident, and then to a history of accidents, shown below. Starting with the “exercise” accident, there are at least two descriptions of what happened and where. One in the gym and one in the bathroom, both — for someone who has done any exercising — borderline incredible. (See first story below)

A survey shortly after revealed that ca. 91% if those asked do not buy the story. (See fourth story)

Then there are the other accidents. His wife and daughter involved, sustaining bad but not life-threatening injuries when rear-ended in DC by a semi. Under investigation. (See second story)

Finally, his motorcade involved in a multi-car crash — no explanation of how or why from the state police. (See third story)

Considering his and his son’s involvement with shady characters of various sorts, foreign and domestic, I recall all those TV police serials where pressure is exerted by violence to exact obedience or silence. I love a good conspiracy theory.

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I have to agree with him. There are so many conspiracies floating about that it’s hard to choose. This one is all Americana, though. Las Vegas rumors, brass knuckles, car “accidents” – but wait, no guns. Not yet, anyway. I hope Harry doesn’t agree to any one-way rides to the desert outside of town. At least he has the comfort of money: if he makes it to his planned retirement next year, he’ll have his nice Senate pension and the five million dollars he managed to save from his Senate salary.

The links to these news reports are below the jump. I haven’t read them yet either. Probably just a bunch of malarkey made up by jealous Republicans.

If my arm were working well enough I’d put in an image of the bruised and battered, the Honorable Harry Reid. Sigh.

I will tell you, though, that I surely do believe Mr. Reid fell off his exercise equipment. See, that’s what comes of exercising. Especially in Las Vegas with your friendly local mobsters Boy Scouts. Don’t climb on that exercise machine, y’all. Lie back on the couch and pick up the TV clicker… or whatever they call that thing that changes the channels.

I stopped watching TV back when we had to walk up to the screen and hit buttons. That’s the only safe exercise there is.

Poor Harry.

7 thoughts on “Rife with Rumor and Conjecture

  1. Note: Third and fourth links are not working.

    Mr. Reid sure does seem to be accident prone…
    Here is one more, from May, 2011:
    Harry Reid Injured By Stationary Car (while jogging)

    “Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) dislocated his shoulder and suffered a bump to the forehead after slipping Wednesday morning while exercising in the rain. […]
    Reid fell after leaning with his hand on a wet parked car. His hand slipped and the leader tumbled to the ground.

    Another link with this description of 2011 incident:
    Reid dislocates his shoulder in fall during early morning run

    Reid fell after leaning with his hand on a wet parked car. His hand slipped and the leader tumbled to the ground.
    The fall left him with a contusion above the left eye.
    Reid, who was described as “joking all the way to the hospital,” did not address the Senate as usual Wednesday morning, but a spokesman said it was because he was attending an event for Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.).

    • They’re working now. It really helps if one puts the URL into the template. I was distracted…

      Thanks for the other “accidents”. He certainly is accident-prone. I wonder how the other Nevada senator gets along? Probably quite healthy…and obedient.

      BTW, he *is* retiring. I wonder if the race to replace him will be lively. I think the Chinese ought to offer a candidate. After all they own all those solar panels Harry sold ’em…their interest is certainly just as vested as other influential groups.

  2. I can contribute here a little excerpt from an essay I published in 2007 under the edifying title: “When 535 Foxes Raid the Pantry”:

    “To complement this troika of hereditary oligarchs we offer the case of Senator Harry Reid – a true man of the people, son of a miner from a small Nevada town, and a pol in the grand tradition of poldom. Or, to repeat key Democratic Congressman John P. Murtha’s answer http://chicagoray.com/anderson.pdf when the ABSCAM “Arab potentate” impersonator offered him $50,000 in cash: “Now, I won’t say, you know, if you made me an offer, maybe I would change my mind some day. But that was after he said, All right. How much money we talking about?”

    As his website proclaims, Senator Reid’s life is one that is built on values. Looking for evidence of those values we find that, as per a 2003 Los Angeles Times disclosure, Mr. Reid’s sons and son-in-law have built major careers by lobbying his office. In 2002, Reid had introduced a bill that would provide vast benefits to Clark County real estate developers and to corporations that were paying hundreds of thousands of dollars in lobbying fees to the Reid sons’ Nevada law firms. As relayed in Congresspedia, http://www.sourcewatch.org/index.php?title=Harry_Reid#Record_and_controversies Howard Hughes Corp. paid Mr. Reid’s son-in-law $300,000 in lobbying fees and received in return a provision allowing the company to acquire 998 acres of federal land for development in the exploding Las Vegas metropolitan area.

    Senator Reid also did the bidding of the convictetd lobbyist Jack Abramoff. Mr. Reid has acknowledged receiving $61,000 from Abramoff’s clients, and he repeatedly “collected donations” around the time of each action he took to help Abramoff’s clients. He has steadfastly refused to return these “donations,” claiming that Abramoff is “a Republican scandal.”
    From 2002 to 2006, Mr. Reid often used his influence in the Senate to help his friend, Harvey Whittemore, obtain government land for development in Nevada. Mr. Reid pushed for the land rights to be given to Whittemore for free. As the project advanced, the nifty Senator received tens of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from Whittemore. As Congresspedia notes, The relationship between the two goes even deeper. Reid’s son, Leif Reid, is Whittemore’s personal lawyer and has represented the developer throughout the Coyote Springs project.
    This is merely business as usual, and it doesn’t merit much further discussion. Suffice to say that Congresspedia itemizes other values-laden activities of the the U.S. Senate Majority Leader, such as the 1998 – 2004 Improper reporting of land deal, and a 2005 $18 million Earmark for a bridge near personal land. http://www.sourcewatch.org/index.php?title=Harry_Reid#Earmark_for_a_bridge_near_personal_land.”

  3. CROOKS! Just common crooks , liars and thieves get it all MONEy!!!! LAND!!!! BIG PENSIONS!!! HONORS!!

    And thank heavens…. BLACK EYES and dislocated shoulders!

  4. Perhaps someone with some forensic or medical experience in a trauma center could chime in here, but I’m just betting that the number of people who manage to fall off of something in their bathroom or gym and end up with both broken ribs, broken facial bones, and facial bruises that look as though they were inflicted by multiple blows with different trajectories is ZERO.

    Perhaps the MythBusters could do an episode?

    I’m not sure exactly what’s going on here but forgive me if I have a hard time believing that this “has nothing to do with Las Vegas”.

  5. What did you go to Las Vegas to see? A Harry Reid blown in the wind? Just a hairy reed in the marsh around Lake Mead? What did you come out to the desert to see?

  6. Here’s one that demolishes the “bathroom exercise equipment” excuse:


    Powerline has been all over this:


    And Ace has a good post today on the rubber band issue. Sorry, no link.

    This one is *NOT* to be missed:



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