Making It Worse, Not Better

Nigel Farage, the leader of UKIP, addresses the European Parliament on the proposal but forward by EC President Jean-Claude Juncker that an EU army be created to confront Russian expansionism in Ukraine.

Mr. Farage makes some good points about the EU’s track record during recent conflicts in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and Syria:

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18 thoughts on “Making It Worse, Not Better

  1. Farage is correct. The prospect of a EU armed force is really, really scary and a harbinger of fascism and Muslim control of Europe.

    It is the West and not the Muslims who brought Muslims into power and dominance in the West. It was NATO and the US who bombed the Serbians into submission when Bosnian Muslim militias attacked, and were defeated. It is the EU that mandates open borders between European countries, and it will undoubtedly be the EU who intervenes should the situation come to clashes between Muslims and Europeans…and the EU will take the side of the Muslims.

    What is worse, Russia is a powerful country with a disciplined, coherent army and nuclear weapons. Russia has civil defense and the West does not. It is sheer madness to provoke Russia, especially over the fascist government in west Ukraine. All Russia need to do is explode a nuclear device 50 miles above the ground, and the majority of Western communications will be wiped out. Why are we playing this dangerous game? The Ukraine is in the Russian vital sphere of interest, whereas, it’s part of the game for most of Europe.

    The question is, is it worth our resources to protect and defend our countries, our culture, and our way of life. I think the leaders of the US and England have replied with a resounding “no”. They wish to use our resources for the benefit of other countries, but neglect the fact that we need resources for basic protection, such as a viable civil defense program. Nothing is free, and by chasing fantasies of globalism, our governments neglect their primary responsibility: domestic security of their country.

    • A most coherent comment there RonaldB. I think we all need to realize that there is a group behind the US/EU agenda who will stop at nothing to impose their control over the entire planet, and even if the eventuality of pushing such an agenda brings about the next World War. Those who drive this agenda through the process of Globalization are without morals or any empathy at all for their own kind.

      They are almost beyond human.

      And they are in one word Evil, and they have evil intentions that has become institutionalized through the World Bank, The International Monetary Fund, The Council on Foreign Relations, The Trilateral Commission, The Bilderberg Group and the Bank of International Settlements – and that is not taking into account the alphabet soup of ‘intelligence agencies’ that do the above listed bidding and to which the United Nations parrots.

      Most folk believe that the Nazis and the Communists were eventually defeated, but nothing could be further from the truth because the Communists infiltrated all Western institutions during the early part of the 20th Century while the Nazis bought out our Banking, Financial, Military and Industrial institutions.

      When one can take on board that FACT then one may see in plain view why the EU/US are acting the way they now act.

  2. I usually agree with Mr. Farage however, we are not talking about Libya or Iraq here. We are talking about a border nation to the west, Romania. And I think they have every reason to be very concerned about an invasion by Russia.
    Having traveled to Romania about a decade ago, I can tell you that the populace was well happy to throw off the Soviet yoke. I don’t think they would want it again.

    • The question about an EU army is somewhat laughable. The EU can’t field an army because they are mostly pretend armies in their own right.
      I am reminded of my son’s remarks about the German army fleet; “you could eat off the floors because they have never deployed!”
      In other words, the Britts will defend the EU…. again.

      • Babs, Germany and Sweden still possess a military/industrial complex that would have no problem at all in equipping a EU combined military with up to date weaponry.

        Germany is the economic powerhouse of the EU – The Fourth Reich if you will.

        • Will the people actually fight? I don’t think so.
          Do you actually mean to tell me that Swedish men will fight? They can’t even pee standing up anymore…

          • “They can’t even pee standing up anymore…”


            Babs, lol

            I thought you were kidding or being rhetorical.

            I did a google search, and there is actually a strong feminist movement in Europe to make men sit instead of standing when urinating.

            And it’s not limited to Sweden, or even Europe.

            I’ll put on my analytic cap, and give the psychoanalytic definition of “reaction formation”, of which this is a prime example:

            “In psychoanalytic theory, reaction formation (German: Reaktionsbildung) is a defensive process (defense mechanism) in which emotions and impulses which are anxiety-producing or perceived to be unacceptable are mastered by exaggeration (hypertrophy) of the directly opposing tendency.”


            In other words, feminists are extremely threatened by any display of male attributes, however indirect, and so go to extreme lengths to emphasize the powerless of males.

            By the way, it is my contention that left-wing feminists have as little to do with true rights for women as left-wing gay organizations have to do with true rights for gays.

            It is all about socialism and power, and the best route to socialism and power is to take away all power from the individual. This involves gun-control, free expression of opinions, self-employment, and any personal pride whatsoever, including pride in being male or female.

  3. A referendum was conducted in Crimea and the vast majority of people there who are Russian voted to secede–where’s the crime? At the same time one of Kiev’s attorneys (Natalia Poklonskaya) resigned, saying she couldn’t live in a country where blatant fascists and crooks walked the streets free, and travelled to Crimea where she offered her services and is now the Chief Prosecutor.

    As we all know, Russian separatists are fighting Ukrainians in the east of the country around Donetsk, where again, most of the people are Russian, and this is being held up as a reason to fear a war against Russia. While there are reasons for concern, why is Russia being mercilessly castigated, why are western countries uniformly backing Poroshenko and his crooks, and most of all why is so much attention being foisted on this ‘tempest in a teacup’; is it to divert attention from the real problem–the intentional ruin of European civilization by mass immigration from third world Islamic rabble who have been our enemies for nearly 1400 years who have no intention of integrating?

    • thank goodness that there are some voices for Donbass russian speakers. The use of Russian “aggression” is part of the West’s deception tactics to bend Russia in their Western liberal mindsets.

      Why on earth does the West insist on blindly supporting a group of crooks in Kiev, who are using Chechen jihadists along with Nazis, in scenes reminiscent of WW2 with the Bosnian, SS handschar & Albanian Skanderbeg? Is what an EU army would have to fight with? Shame.

      • People in the west don’t really know what’s going on in Ukraine specifically. People want their leaders to maintain global stability, and anyone who isn’t a leftist will expect that Putin will just do whatever he can get away with (pursue gain in a rational manner) just like any realist head of state.

        Obama is not a realist and seems to have no idea what’s actually required to maintain stability. Further, he seems to do his best to create instability (Arab spring, etc) because of some naive belief that it will result in some great “change” that will bring about some sort of happy globalist utopia where everyone is some sort of generic UN style neo-Marxist that doesn’t believe any traditional religion etc. and everything will be peaceful.

        People on the right think Obama is just an idiot living in fantasy land with no idea what different peoples regional concerns are, whereas people on the left blame Putin for not playing along with Obama’s glorious “hope and change” global agenda.

        Well of course Putin isn’t playing along with Obama because Obama has these idiot community organizer beliefs like conflicts happen just because people are angry and if everyone just sits down and clams down to talk it out then world peace will be achieved. It’s like he thinks countries are like irrational squabbling children that just need to calm their emotions and there are no real conflicts of interest to be resolved.

        So the naive leftists out there blame Putin for not being a nice kid on the playground like Obama. The rest of us know that Obama is an unrealistic idiot and that his lack of realism is resulting in decreased global stability.

        You can expect kindergarten teacher Hillary Clinton with her childish “reset button” to be at least as stupid, if not worse, should she get elected. There’s no telling what will happen when you get these unrealistic people with unrealistic “change for world peace” type ideas in positions of power. They think everyone is supposed to ignore their own interests in pursuit of some vague abstract goal.

  4. Unfortunately the EU does need an army, but what they need even more than that is an accountable EU government. Otherwise it’s just going to be another army controlled by a dictator. EU Nazi army anyone? Is nobody the least bit concerned about this?

    The problem is that smaller countries seem to have a tendency to just rely on larger countries for their military defense. Then they do stuff like scale back their own militaries and turn them into jobs programs. After that they get arrogant about how anti-military and non violent they are while expecting others to do the killing in their own defense.

    An EU army is probably the only way to make sure that all the good Marxists in Europe are doing their “fair share”. Without a better system of government accountability behind it though, expect it to get turned against the people of Europe more than anyone else.

  5. Seven ‘Swedish’ men have been charged for robbing a goldsmiths in Oslo last year in carefully planned heist which saw them speed away with 1.4m kroners worth of jewellery. The gang, allegedly led by a 23-year-old Swedish citizen of ‘Iranian’ origin, struck Sheikh Enterprises in Oslo’s ‘immigrant-heavy’ Grønland district in broad daylight, keeping employees and customers at bay with an AK-47 machine gun.

  6. What a fantastic speech. Correct and resonant on every level. Churchillian humour.
    I hope he wins in Thanet. The European Parliament will be glad to see the back of him but will worry he makes bigger waves in Westminster.
    The best and most inspiring political communicator in my lifetime, that’s 60 years.

    Some might not realise the significance of the “who do you think you are kidding Mr Juncker?”

    It’s a parody of a song from “Dad’s Army” a UK comedy that ran for 9 years from 1968. Bud Flanagan was the singer.

    Very witty and clever by Nigel. He also writes his own speeches, not speeches but a bullet list that he then expands and orates upon. Unlike the the UK main party leaders who rely on spin teams, speech writers and teleprompters.

  7. I think it would be a good idea for Christians to use the Bible verses which offer evidence
    the Bible was prepared to get in the last word against anyone who attempts to steal authority away from the murdered men of the Bible. The author of the Qu’ran is up for review for stealing authority from John the Baptist since his Biblical quotes were eliminated in the Qu’ran and replaced by something contrary to what he said in the Bible. This would show the Bible holds an ultimate edge over the Qu’ran. And it would produce
    evidence God will intervene someday and we are not just relying on ourselves and politics to save us.

    • I think you should stop the [behavior I disparage] and at least attempt to make some sort of rational argument if there’s something here you disagree with.

      This assumption that everyone who isn’t an orthodox leftist is some sort of fundamentalist Christian subjectivist is ridiculous. Just because you’re a radical subjectivist doesn’t mean everyone else is.

  8. The footage of Farage’s speech shows the babelism that is the E.U. and its parliament; can you imagine what the translation costs alone are for this behemoth?
    Every spoken and written word has to be translated into all the languages of the member states.
    The parliament itself can make no changes to the legislation it votes on, it is put before it from the (unelected) European Commission to be rubber stamped. It is then legally binding on the member states without the need for them to enact it into law via the parliaments in their own countries.
    The only reason Britain was allowed to join the Common Market (as it then was) was to allow access for European trawlers to our fishing grounds, which were then some of the richest in the world – though not now unsurprisingly.
    The E.U. has been a disaster for Britain and is one of the main factors causing the corrosion of our nation and society.
    A clever speech by Farage; he is tough as old boots (he’ll need to be in these coming weeks), he’s funny and he can think on his feet. I like him as a politician and agree with 95% of what UKIP stands for: but he is far too soft on Islam.

  9. I agree with his views on the EU actions in the Middle East, but Farage is simply wrong about Russia and Ukraine when he implicates the EU. It was not the EU that provoked Russia, but the Ukrainian people, in their desire to be part of the democratic West, in their rejection of a leader who was seen as a corrupt Russian stooge. It is deceitful Putinesque propaganda to call the popular uprising in Ukraine a Western plot, a lie that Farage shamelessly retails.
    The US had a lot of politicians like Farage on the eve of WWII. They were the ones who told us to stay out of it when Hitler controlled Europe and Britain stood alone: the America First crowd. He needs to learn a thing or two from his own country’s past and the trials it went through from unsympathetic people like himself.

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