Look the Other Way, You Racist!

Culture-enrichers throughout the West are adept at gaming the system in their host countries. Wherever there is mass immigration into white countries, there are immigrants lined up waiting to grab government handouts, taking from their naïve hosts whatever they can get, by fraudulent means if necessary.

The following investigative report from Channel 7 in Australia reveals a perfect child care scam — perfect for the culture-enrichers, that is. Dishonest companies (run at least in part by immigrants) take massive quantities of money and pay it out to people who watch other people’s kids, while other people get paid to watch theirs. That is, all these people have well-paying full-time jobs watching each other’s kids. Furthermore, the companies that issue fraudulent qualifying “certificates” to the caregivers are the same ones that receive the government money to pay for the child care.

When exposed, the immigrants know exactly how to press the right politically correct buttons with white people: they call the TV crew “racists”.

What a great system!

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

Hat tip: Liam1304.

8 thoughts on “Look the Other Way, You Racist!

  1. The Internal Revenue Service sent $46.3 million dollars in tax refunds to one address in Atlanta, according to a 2012 Treasury Inspector General audit

    Illegal Aliens Claim BILLIONS in Fraudulent IRS Child Tax Credits

    Government officials aiding and abetting these crimes should be held accountable, yet, due to political correctness their criminal activities go unpunished.

  2. They used to say an economy could not work by people taking in each other’s laundry. With enough govt money thrown about anything is possible.

  3. My first thought is that the officials involved ought to be embarrassed by engaging in a scam engineered by people who are so stupid, they can barely squeeze out one-word replies to questions.

    My second thought is that the whistle-blower is concerned with the safety and well-being of kids who are being cared for by their own scamming parents. In other words, not only are the sub-intelligent people abusing their own children, but she wants to throw even more money at them.

    My third thought is that we are being set up in the US to receive these same people under exactly the same circumstances: a government conspiracy to dump sub-intelligent immigrants on different communities, and spread the money around so thick and so diffuse that nobody has any interest at all in tracking it.

    • “My third thought is that we are being set up in the US to receive these same people ”
      Unlike ethnic cleansing, which is carried out by foreign armies during war, ethnic replacement is the tactic used by the Democrats and their leftist supervisors to replace the current European-American majority with a “more malleable Third World population.”
      Michael Savage

      • There are way too many variables to be able to predict the future. I’ve quit listening to Henny-Penny apocalyptic forecasts from both sides of the room. I like to read non-reactive descriptions of what *could* happen. David Goldman’s book, and Sir Gregory Copley’s (his is on the sidebar) both present cogent reasons for the coming demographic implosion. That will be a real crimp, but I don’t think it is of necessity a catastrophe. Unless you don’t like change…

        • If you like the change to mean America is no longer a country where the rights of the individual are respected and protected, then the change should be acceptable to you. That certainly isn’t the ind of change – “transformation” – that I would wish for or accept.

          Being comfortable with _certain_ changes is not the same as being comfortable with _any_ change possible. A change where America becomes a majority of illegal immigrants from Mexico and Central America in the Southwest and California, and a majority of muslims and muslima in the East and Mid-West, with their votes over-ruling anything beyond a welfare state and non-functional economy _would_ be a catastrophe for those of us who still wish to live in a Constitutional Republic.

  4. I have Australian friends who are so politically correct and anti-Abbott that they would probably complain if Abbott tried to do anything about this!

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