Jihad With a Latin Rhythm

As everyone knows by now, most propaganda videos released by the Islamic State feature a particular style of musical accompaniment. Jihad vocalists chant rousing martial verses in harmony while their comrades advance through the rubble of destroyed towns, blow up shrines, shoot mushrikun, and behead infidels. This genre is commonly known as “Butchershop Quartet”.

Vlad Tepes noticed that the vocal accompaniment for a recent ISIS video was different in style from the usual chants, having a distinctly Latin rhythm. He was inspired to borrow the vocal track and some of the footage from it, and then augment the result with additional material to make a new hybrid form in a south-of-the-border style.

Note: A new craze called “unexpected jihad” has recently appeared on YouTube — do a video search on the phrase, and you’ll find lots of examples. The trick is to take an unpleasant moment of shock or discomfort — say, a little boy falling off his tricycle — and add ISIS flags, Butchershop Quartet, and other standard material from jihad videos, in order to make it appear that the mujahideen are taking credit for and celebrating whatever bad thing just happened to an infidel.

Vlad deliberately reversed this process in his production, taking a jihad video and turning it into an unexpectedly swish, campy Latin musical moment:

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  1. What the crap is he yelling about?
    What are they blowing up?
    What the crap are they singing about?

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